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– So, we can all agree that “Demon Slayer” is just one big JoJo’s reference, right? Demons are basically vampires, and Total Concentration
breathing is basically Hamon. And plus, they both have Pillars! But Tanjiro and the gang are
seriously behind the times. I mean, Tanjiro and Inosuke haven’t even seen a train before, let alone Stando Powah! Felt like that was kind of bad. Well, we saved them the trouble and gave them their very own Stands. Tanjiro’s a man on a mission to turn his sister,
Nezuko, back into a human. But in order to do that, he’s gotta kick a lot of demon (boinging). Like, in a gentle way. Think of him as the Marie
Kondo of the demon world. Does this creepy rattling
murderer fill me with joy? Nah, decapitated. But even when he kills demons, his ultimate goal is to set them free. Which is why I think he’d have
a Stand with healing powers. And that’s not unheard of! I mean, Josuke’s Crazy
Diamond could heal people and even repair broken objects. Tanjiro’s Stand, TLC,
would be a lot like that, except it wouldn’t have
to punch things first. If anything, it would be
closer to the healing abilities of Giorno Giovanna’s
Stand, Gold Experience. My boy. TLC draws from Tanjiro’s water style. Just like Gaara kept sand
in a gourd on his back, Tanjiro carries TLC in a barrel. After carrying Nezuko for so
long, a Stand is no big deal. This watery Stand is able
to rapidly heal injuries and cure sickness by swaddling them. It’s like every hug is
a rejuvenating bath. Like, if Tanjiro found Zenitsu when he was turning into a spider, his Stand could have just
healed him on the spot. Unfortunately, even TLC can’t
turn Nezuko back into a human, not yet at least. Is that the requiem? Is that requiem of Stands? Are we like, are you sayin’, we can’t talk about it here but, like, plug for future video. Even though Tanjiro’s kind-hearted, he has no reservations
about killing some demons. However, he does determine
how he kills them. Remember when Tanjiro used
Breath of the Water Fifth Style, Blessed Rain After the Drought? Just like that, TLC can kill
or incapacitate its enemies without any pain at all using
its special move, No Scrubs. – [Adrian] Ha! Oh my God, I love that. – No scrubs.
– Do you know that song? – No, I don’t. (Adrian humming) (vocalizing) – That’s a banger! Yeah, yeah, I like that. I like that, I like that. The Stand surrounds the
victim’s head in water, giving them a sense of
peace as they drown. Yeah, it’s a little dark, but they don’t feel any sense of panic. But not every enemy is so lucky. Tanjiro has a powerful sense of smell, so TLC also needs a good nose too. And that’s how it
determines whether or not to have mercy on its opponents. It can literally smell evil intentions. It’s basically like if the
Menacing kanji were stink lines. If TLC catches even the
slightest whiff of Menacing, then Tanjiro knows not to hold back. When TLC’s move Waterfalls is activated, its water can be used like a power washer to scrub away even the
toughest demon scum. And then like, that’s an advertisement. Water away even the
toughest of demon scum. Yeah, like, we scrub these away. For the record, we have seen
Tanjiro use a fire ability, but that might be something
we save for TLC Requiem. In the meantime, let’s go on
to Tanjiro’s sister, Nezuko. So, we’ve only seen a glimpse of Nezuko’s power so far
in the Demon Slayer anime. She can ignite her blood, change her size, and can apparently play
on a pro soccer team. Still, even though she’s a demon, she cares for Tanjiro and
all humans like her family. I mean, Urokodaki hypnotized
her to be like that, but at this point I’m
just splitting hairs. Our undisputed best girl
already has demon powers, and her Stand ability, Family Stone, is the natural extension of them. Nezuko may have retained
many human qualities, but her Stand puts her
demonic strength on display. Y’all remember the
Angelo stone from Part 4? Yeah, it’s that, but
with an anime girl face because I know what you people want. And it’s disgusting. – [Adrian] I hope that
doesn’t come off as, like, super hateful.
– Naw, it’s a meme. It’s a meme, it’s a joke. Don’t get mad or flame me in the comments. My self-esteem is very low. Family Stone isn’t just a meme for a new generation of Jojo’s fans, it’s also an (boinging) kicking machine. Nezuko carries this bound
Stand with her at all times. So it’s convenient that Family Stone can alter its size just like Nezuko! It can be as small as a pebble
you’d put in your pocket, or as large as a Thwomp. It can also transform at will, so if you pick up the
Family Stone in pebble form, you might find yourself
trapped under a giant boulder. It works sort of like
Koichi’s Echoes Act Three. If it’s lucky, Family Stone can pin down even the scrappiest enemy through sheer force of gravity. But ah, Family Stone’s
abilities don’t stop there. It can use Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art and produces explosive
blood if Nezuko squeezes it. The smaller Family Stone
is when Nezuko squeezes it, the less blood it produces. But like Nezuko, Family
Stone can’t hurt humans, which is both a blessing and a curse. There are a lot of humans out there who deserve to be trapped under a giant, anime girl-looking stone. In fact, there are a lot of humans who would pay good money
for that privilege. Not me, I promise. Still, Nezuko has some of
Tanjiro’s good boy energy, so she and her Stand are dedicated to taking out demons exclusively. Nezuko and Tanjiro can even combine their best girl and good boy energies for a devastating team-up. When Nezuko squeezes
blood from Family Stone, she can only really splash
it at her opponents. But, because it doesn’t hurt humans, the blood from her Stand can
actually mix with TLC’s water without hurting Tanjiro. With explosive demon blood
swirling inside of it, TLC becomes that much more powerful. Aside from not being able to hurt humans, Family Stone’s most obvious weakness is that it’s a bound Stand. Nezuko needs to be near it to get the most out of its powers. Thankfully, the stone
is always drawn to her, so even if they get separated, her Stand will always find
its way back to Nezuko. It’s like how Rolling Stone would just randomly appear in Part Five. It has a mind of its own. Nezuko and Tanjiro make a powerful duo, but they’ve got another
member of their squad who’s a little less intimidating. Well, until he activates his Stand. So Zenitsu is usually too
afraid to fight his own battles, so a Stand is perfect for him! It seems he’s only willing
to fight on two conditions. One, he passes out from fear and his subconscious takes over. And two, when there’s a chance
to even come near a girl. Like, when he first saw Nezuko, that’s the most aggressive
Zenitsu has probably ever been. And he was suddenly real fired up for rehabilitation training once he found out there were girls there. From the get-go you can probably guess that Zenitsu has a long range Stand. Anything to avoid danger, right? While Zenitsu is hiding
under a blanket somewhere, his Stand, Thunder Road, is zipping around like lightning. Actually, it’s a lot like Red
Hot Chili Pepper from Part 4. Thing is, Thunder Road doesn’t
need sources of electricity to stay in the action. That would be a pretty
crippling ability in, you know, Japan’s Taisho period. Zenitsu’s Stand can just fly around on its little sparrow wings. Zenitsu’s Stand is pretty weak, and will avoid combat if it can help it. However, just like Zenitsu, if it spots the opportunity
to show off for a girl, then it will get supercharged! Those puny sparrow wings explode into the glorious golden
wings of an eagle, and everything from the
Stand’s speed to its power gets a massive boost. Like, if Zenitsu was in Passione, the Boss would have had his
daughter back in a heartbeat. He would just have to send Zenitsu in, and he’d catch Trish no problem. That’s thanks to the real way his Stand uses electricity, to paralyze his opponents. Usually with a kiss. If Thunder Road plants one on its foe, they’ll get a shock to their system and be rendered completely immobilized. It doesn’t have to be in it’s
supercharged state, either. Thunder Road can pick its
opponents off one by one, swooping in, landing a kiss, and thunder clapping and
flashing out of there before anyone can lay a finger on it. As powerful as it can be, Thunder Road has a few notable weaknesses. I mean, it is Zenitsu’s Stand, right? The most obvious one is the whole “I’m too afraid to fight” thing. Up against Bucciarati’s crew, Zenitsu could probably hold his own as long as Trish was there. But he’s got zero chance
if he’s squaring up against the bros of
the Stardust Crusaders. All dudes. He has to heavily rely
on hit-and-run tactics, and even that has its risks. When Thunder Road attacks, there’s always a bright flash
and a loud, thundering boom. It’s constantly giving away its position, so stealth isn’t really in the cards. Maybe that will give
Zenitsu the nudge he needs to stand and fight once in a while. – [Adirna] Ah, I get it. Stand. – Ah, you ruined it. (Adrian laughing) Thanks. – [Adrian] You don’t need
to put that in, Jacob. Don’t put that in. – Put it in.
– No! – Put it in now. Everyone needs to know that
he’s like the worst here. So Tanjiro fights for his sister, Zenitsu fights only if he has to, but Inosuke fights to test his strength. He acts and eats like a caveman, basically because he is one. His original mother abandoned him, leaving him to survive
up in the mountains. Inosuke trained himself to
become a powerful warrio– Wario! Inosuke trained himself to
become a powerful warrior, but he always feels the
need to prove his abilities, both to himself and others. Unlike his fellow Demon Slayers, Inosuke’s Stand, Pork Soda, is about raw, brute strength. There isn’t much tact
to his fighting style. Inosuke just charges in with his Stand to overpower his opponents. Obviously, Pork Soda
is a close-range Stand, but it uses that close-range
to its advantage. Instead of only throwing
punches and kicks, Inosuke’s Stand is an
out-and-out grappler. In his fight with Tanjiro, he basically swung around him
and tossed him to the ground. And with Inosuke’s flexibility, his Stand can wrap itself
around its opponents joints, locking them into position. Also, Pork Soda is gonna be shorter than your regular Stand
’cause Inosuke fights low. Also, he has a Napoleon complex. So I think that tracks. Putting someone in a
full-nelson is bad enough, but Pork Soda doesn’t stop there. The Stand’s arms and legs are serrated, just like the chips in Inosuke’s swords. So, getting grappled by this thing would be like being
wrapped in barbed wire. But it gets even worse. Inosuke thrives on encouragement. If his opponent lets on that
they’re losing and in pain, Pork Soda gets a boost in confidence and clutches them even tighter. Of course, this only
works if Inosuke can get close to his foe. You could try running and hiding, but Pork Soda can use
echolocation to find you. It’s a lot like Inosuke’s
Spatial Awareness technique. But instead of concentrating and feeling the vibrations
of the air like Inosuke, Pork Soda lets out a
colossal disgusting belch. As the sound of the belch
travels through the air, Inosuke gets a read on
everything moving around. Think Aerosmith, but more disgusting. Close-range Stands all have
that two meter weakness, but Inosuke’s comes with a
whole other set of problems. See, Inosuke’s fighting
spirit is so strong, that he’ll lose control of Pork Soda if its bloodthirst outpaces his own. Like actual boars, Pork Soda
can’t stop once it’s enraged, so even if Inosuke is
on the verge of death, his Stand will keep fighting
with reckless abandon. So I’ve been talking all about the Demon Slayer Corps members, but we’ve been leaving the demons totally defenseless themselves, so we’re gonna give Stands to them. Specifically, the super
creepy spider dude, Rui. We only got to see Rui in
action for a little bit. Even then, he had his family doing a lot of the fighting for him. Sure, he had a change of
heart in his final moments, literally, as he was dying. But as long as he was a demon, he was cold, cruel and sadistic. He would surround himself
with fellow demons to fill the hole in his heart, and just as quickly destroy
them if they defied him. So, spiders are Rui’s
thing, so you know his Stand is gonna have all kinds of spider powers. Cradle of Filth can spin
tons of razor sharp web that can slice Rui’s enemies to ribbons. And just like Rui’s Blood Demon Art, his Stand can trap
enemies in a cage of webs with no way to escape. But Cradle of Filth only
fights as a last resort. The true power of this Stand is that it can create a small
group of spider thralls. Rui can turn normal demons into spider-like creatures like him, so his Stand can do the same thing! It just takes a little longer. Not all the webs that
Cradle of Filth makes are deadly razor wire. The Stand can leave webs that trap enemies and keep them alive. From there, the enemy
gets wrapped into a pod like the one Rui’s sister used. But instead of just getting
melted away by acid, the victim hatches from the pod, reborn as a member of Rui’s spider family. Their abilities stay the same, but their appearance completely changes. Like, picture Kakyoin with a disgusting spider
face like Rui’s dad. Rui’s pod puppets will
completely do his bidding, but will still have
full cognitive function and the use of their Stands. They’re basically hypnotized into thinking protecting Rui is the best thing that they can do in their life. Kind of like how Dio turned
Kakyoin and Polnareff into honorary vampires with
those little flesh pods. And freeing people from Rui’s
control is just as simple. Simple, not easy. You’d still have to deal with Spider-Kakyoin’s Hierophant Green. And no one can deflect the Emerald Splash. And oh yeah, that’s assuming
you’re strong enough to survive the transformations. Stand users will get the little flesh pod, but regular Joes like you and me will just turn into mindless,
bloodthirsty spider zombies, like those creepy little heads
Zenitsu had to deal with. Those were (bonging) weird. The flesh pods are a mild weakness, but Cradle of Filth would struggle against more perceptive opponents. You can’t get caught in a trap if you already know it’s there, right? Well, at least Rui’s Stand
can use its razor webs to pressure enemies into his trap if they don’t get caught
in his web from the get-go. And I am now fearful, because I think I just
made him too powerful. So next, let’s talk about Shinobu. Shinobu isn’t strong enough to decapitate a demon on her own. She’s still more than
capable of destroying them. She compensates for her lack of strength with a special Wisteria
poison on her sword. Shinobu knows more than poison, though. She knows a ton about medicine in general. She even saved Zenitsu
from turning into a spider! On the surface, she’s
kind and compassionate, until a demon crosses her path. In that case, she’s absolutely ruthless, and even enjoys torturing them. Just like Rui loves his spiders, Shinobu loves her butterflies. Her Stand, Toxic, has
beautiful butterfly wings that it uses to fly. It can gracefully float around, or it can dart through the
air at blistering speeds. As the Insect Pillar,
Shinobu is the fastest. Her pharmaceutical knowledge is closely tied to her fighting style, so her Stand is able to
deliver all kinds of toxins. For one thing, Toxic is always surrounded
by an ominous cloud of gas. It’s like a prettier version
of Purple Haze from Part 5. If an enemy inhales the gas, it will sting their eyes and throat, making them an easy target for Toxic’s main form
of attack, its needles. Toxic has what looks
like a hypodermic needle on the ends of its fingers. When it stabs an opponent with a needle, it quickly releases a poison
into its blood stream. Different fingers have
different medicines inside that have varying effects. Some fingers deliver a deadly toxin that works like the
Wisteria poison on demons. It starts corroding them
from the inside out. Others can immobilize enemies
with a paralyzing toxin. But Shinobu’s not all bad. Other fingers are able to heal her allies with a rejuvenating medicine. It’s kind of like how
Kurapika’s finger chains all have different powers
in “Hunter Hunter.” The Stand already sounds super powerful, but it does have a glaring weakness. Toxic’s poisons don’t
immediately take effect. But here’s where Shinobu’s
sadism comes into play. Just like her, her Stand
has two different faces. One is kind and warm and the other is twisted and horrifying. We got to see how
terrifying Shinobu can be when she tortured the Spider Sister. Toxic switches to its terrible face to scare its enemies and
raise their heart rate. It can even disappear into its own smoke and jump back out for a surprise attack. When the victim’s heart beats faster, the poison works its way
through their body more rapidly. You would need nerves of steel
to fight against this Stand. So, Jotaro won’t have too many problems. He could even use Star
Platinum to stop his heart just like he did in his fight against Dio. But for everyone else,
probably not the best matchup. We’ve only seen one season
of “Demon Slayer” so far, so I know there’s plenty
more Stands to be made. Like, what about Giyu Tomioka, or the big bad Kibutsuji Muzan? Even the main characters
have some room to grow, so maybe we’ll get a few Requiems? Anyway, those are the Stands we made, but what would y’all do? Let me know in the comments. I’m Curt, this is “Get in the Robot.” It’s comfy in here.

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