Illustrator Tutorial: Flat Illustration Character Design

Illustrator Tutorial: Flat Illustration Character Design

What is up designers, in today’s tutorial
we’ll create this flat character illustration from scratch using
illustrator CC. To make things more interesting I won’t start with a sketch
so let’s jump right into Illustrator where you can create a square document,
you know what I’m going to the next go to View, disable Snap to pixel take on
the pen tool and start with the eyes since that’s the first thing we’re gonna
do. We’ll only need an outline for that let’s choose the ten point rounded
brush which is in the default brushes panel, try to keep this as simple as
possible, clicking and dragging allows you to adjust the curvature of the path,
if you want to deselect hit V and click outside, the character we’re doing is a
girl that wears glasses so the eyes are very important
don’t worry about adding too many details, the facial features which
includes the eyes, nose and mouth should be defined by simple lines. I want
to mention this video celebrates one year since I started doing tutorials so I
want to take the chance to thank every single person that hit the like button,
comment and subscribe honestly you guys are the reason I do this and I really
hope that these tutorials help you, so back to the tutorial, with the rim of the
glasses selected make sure to click on the Reflect tool, put a point on the far
right and while holding down the Alt key make a duplicate of that rim, the face
outline you’re seeing is there just to give some perspective we will need to
create a new one in a bit; as always if you want to download the vector
illustration for free and try to follow along with what I’m doing the link is in
the description of this video. Always try to exaggerate things, even if the glasses
were kind of big, try to make them bigger. For the face start with kind of an oval
shape and slant the path that’s at the top of it, then do the hair I have no idea what
shape this is but it’s kind of wavy, right click on it and send it to the
back once we’re done. Play around by assigning different shades of gray to
each shape you can then take the smooth tool and go over the paths that are
curved to make them look even better. Here and there give the character some
personality, in this case I’m adding a hair not at the top and avoid making the
details of the face very symmetrical, if you’ll notice those elements are a bit
skewed. I would like for the bottom part of the hair to have the same angle as the
face, so I’ll draw a path and make it bigger,
don’t forget to hit the shift and alt key at the same time to keep the same angle move it down a bit did you find a spot
that looks good. Using the direct selection tool move
those anchors down a bit and this way when you will select both the line and
the hair you’ll be able to remove the bottom part using the shape builder tool,
let’s find it in the toolbar panel select it and while holding down the Alt
key remove that part. To balance things out I suggest creating a shape that
looks like a shirt in this case a simple triangle but, it can be an oval shape as
well, it’s up to you. I’m trying to make this flat illustration a bit more
interesting by adding sharp corners next to wavy ones,
that’s why I’ll add these weird shapes in the background. It’s finally time to add
some colors you can start with some basic ones that are in the swatches
panel and adjust them until you’re happy. For this illustration try to limit
yourself to just a couple of colors and since I’m Romanian those colors will be
red yellow and blue, if you like to use this color scheme I’ll share it along
with the vector files and you can find all of those in the description of this
video, save those colors in the swatches panel and now I can assign them to the
eyes and to the nose. I kind of forgot about the ear so make sure to select
it and using the eyedropper tool sample the white that’s next to it, switch colors
around till you find a good balance and add any element you might think of in
this case a simple pin on the right hand side and I think we’re ready to see the
final result and how we actually got here. We started off with the pen tool
and drew the facial features, we then define the shape of the face and the
hair, we added the background shape and finished it off by assigning colors to
those shapes. Hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you did don’t forget to hit the
like button and subscribe for more, thank you again for being part of this amazing
community of creatives, until next time take care, bye!

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