Jupiter Transits Capricorn 2020

Jupiter Transits Capricorn 2020

namaste and welcome to Pramanik
Astrology Channel i’m your host Prasad Mahajani in this video we are going to
talk about the transit of Jupiter from Sagittarius to the Capricorn in March
2024 all assonance and moon sign so keep watching jupiter is going to transit into the
sign of Caprica into the back shut off with Raja by the way Jupiter gets
debilitated into the sign of Capricorn then what is the significance of this
transit this transit is happening in the sign of Capricorn but if you look at the
previous transit of the Jupiter the w day today Jupiter that is Jupiter in
Capricorn twelve years back maybe around 2008 it wasn’t the same what is so
special about this transit during this transit Jupiter will conjunct its Lord
the law of the Capricorn Saturn and that here is the thing about
Jupiter and Saturn anytime anytime when you are expecting any new person or any
new creation in your life be it your husband or wife coming into your life
like marriage or maybe if you want to create a company if you want to create a
brand if you want to create something if you are looking for child so anytime
when you are expecting something new in your life you have to have the favorable
transits of these two planets you always have to look for it now you can you have
an exercise go to your horoscope and check your chart and when you have a
favorable transit of these two planets note down the events that happen during
that and comment down below so this transit of Jupiter is special it will
conjunct its lore and when it gets the conjunction of the Lord the debilitation
gets cancelled the debilitation of the Jupiter gets cancelled because it will
conjunct its Lord there are many rules of the cancellation
of the debilitation if you want to know more about it we have made a video on
each one garage oak so this time it won’t be the debilitated Jupiter it will
be well dignified Jupiter I would say okay so this is happening in the
nakshatra of petra Shara dr. Shara is a nakshatra which is into
the sign of Capricorn and the symbolism with this nakshatra or the key words
about these nakshatra is the final victory dr. Shara is the final victory
of the things which we started in Peru were Bhadrapada more about that in some
other video but with Terra Shara is the final victory and when you have these
two important planets coming into the sign of Capricorn this brings in the
positive change in everybody’s life because now Jupiter is not W debtor is
well dignified and Saturn is in its own side and both these planets are in this
nakshatra of the Tasha and utter ishara nakshatra is all about doing something
concrete in life more so tenth house also has the significant and
characteristics of the tenth house which is about work career public life shining
at your workplace so this Jupiter and Saturn conjunction
is going to help you bring in concrete positive changes in your life so
wherever you have the sign of Capricorn in your life
according to your ascenders that area you will feel the difference you will
feel the positive concrete development which is maybe at times a life-changing
development because this is so big sometimes we have Saturn in the
Capricorn Jupiter is somewhere else not even an aspect in Capricorn
sometimes we have Jupiter in the Capricorn and the Lord of the Capricorn
is somewhere else and you know it’s not that powerful as a
transient but this time it’s big so let’s find out what it means for all the
accidents quickly it is not a thorough analysis we have already discussed that
into the different video or when it entered into the sign of Sagittarius
because this transit is only for the three months on the 1st of July this
Jupiter will come back to the sign of Sagittarius retrograde and again in
November it will go to the sign of Capricorn we’ll talk about that later
when maybe during October number will make a separate video on that so right
now Jupiter is into the Capricorn for 3 months so let’s talk about all the
assonance and moon site for 80’s it is happening into the 10th house 10
thousands the house of your career so you will feel the positive huge changes
in your career you maybe want that shift in the career you are looking for a
promotion or maybe you are looking for some change in your work area you will
be blessed with that change right now and this this conjunction will work in
axis like it’s into the sign of Capricorn and it will aspect the sign of
cancer Jupiter and Saturn have their own special aspects but the seventh house
aspect will be focused on because Jupiter will also be expecting the
seventh house itself and Saturn will also be aspect in
the seventh house from itself so wherever you have the sign of Capricorn
in your chart you you will feel that positive constructive change in your
life and wherever you have the sign of cancer you’ll feel the same change in
that area as well so for Aries it’s the tenth and fourth house for Taurus
ascendant it’s the ninth and the third house so you might get a chance to
travel or you may get a chance to follow certain religious practice or something
some sort of change in your ideology or maybe your religious beliefs are the
things which you believed earlier that might also change for good during this
time for Gemini ascendant it’s happening into the eight thousand second house so
this is the best time to talk about inheritance there will be a constructive
positive change with respect to the inheritance as if you have any disputes
going on this is the time for the positive things in fear of you regarding
the inheritance for cancer ascendant for cancer ascendant now it’s happening into
the one seven axis that Jupiter and Saturn will be traveling through the
seventh hour so those who are looking for marriage or those who want to get
married this is the best time this is the best time to look for the partners
more so the axis will be seven points so either you will work on yourself to
improve your personality or the physical body the literal transformation and the
other people like marriage partner business partner so you will feel the
positivity in this axis for Lea resonant for Leo ascendant it will be happening
into the twelfth house and six in the 6th house you will have the
Jupiter and Saturn conjunction 6000 repetitive work it is one of the opera
houses which grows with time and it is also about your routine it is also about
your job and redundant repetitive work it is also the house of underprivileged
people it is the house of your pets house of diseases arguments delays loans
dates all these can be seen with the 6000 now when the Jupiter and Saturn
goes into the sixth house while transiting it can bring in the positive
side for the sixth house likey if you are looking for a loan you’ll get an
approval for the loan if you want to repay the loan it will give you an
opportunity to repay the loan if you’re looking for any foreign opportunity you
might also get some foreign opportunities at your workplace as well
because from 6000 to Pretoria suspecting the 10th house 12,000 second house and
is blessing all three houses which is the house of career the house of foreign
travels and the second house of again the earning of money so it is going to
boost your income during this time so for Kenya lagna for consonant or virgo
ascendant this is going to happen in the fifth and eleventh house 15 11th house
are the primarily the houses of wealth along with the second and ninth and
fifth the house of for Virgo ascendant or cannulate now
this conjunction or transit is happening from the fifth house so it will be up
impacting the fifth house and the eleventh house axis this is the axis of
wealth eleventh house is the house of gates and fifth house is also one of the
luxury houses along with one five and nine so now that Jupiter and Saturn are
coming into the fifth house of the horoscope and this brings in new
opportunities which might bring in money for you new opportunities which will
bring in love for you which you are looking for long time okay if you look
if you’re looking for children and now you’re getting the Jupiter and Saturn
transit into the fifth house this is a positive side for those who are looking
for it for Libra this this conjunction and this one that is happening into the
fourth house and the tenth house the fourth house we have fourth house of
the Libra ascendant will be that Caprican as Anand and Capricorn in the
fourth house it will make you invest into your home you might redevelop your
home or you might change something in your home which is positive like you
want to renovate your home it is not like the fourth house house Rahu tranzit
wherein you will be doing fan settings but these are the necessary things and
these can be the huge renovation in your house and fourth house premises or it
can be just a new house as well both the planets Jupiter and Saturn are expecting
the 10,000 hora scope so this might give them an opportunity
in their workplace as well for Scorpius ended this conjunction of Saturn and
Jupiter is happening into the third house third house is the house of
yourself effort is the house of the communication of your marketing of
advertisement communication written communication your hobbies all these
things can be seen with third house and when you have this positive transit into
your third house it shows your ideas will now be well received by the people
your marketing campaigns will succeed and your communication will improve and
you will communicate your ideas effectively during this time
Sagittarius as I mean for Sagittarius ascendant this transit is in their
second house second house is the house of gains and now the Saturn and Jupiter
in the second house gives you an opportunity to earn money gives you an
opportunity to bring in changes into your resources to enhance your resources
to earn more money Capricorn now the sign of Capricorn it’s into the first
sign Jupiter and Saturn are transiting from their first house like first sign
this brings in the change the positive and constructive change in your physical
body you will transform your body during this 3 months if you want to change your
body any effort taken during this 3 months will give you good results in the
long term because it’s Saturn whatever you do it will help you get in long run
Aquarius ascendant for Aquarius ascendant this is happening in the 12th
house 12th house is all misunderstood as bad house because it is
the house of expenses and losses but more than that twelve thousand also the
house of spirituality house of being alone house of hospitals twelfth house
is second to xi and xi to the second so it’s the dentist hunt to the lowest on
and love a son to the Dallas time so it is huge and it is also the house of
foreign things in life now you have this conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter
transiting from the $12,000 scope now this will bring in the positive changes
with respect to any foreign assignments if you are into any spiritual practice
this period will help you to be more disciplined and you will have more
insights more spiritual insights during this period this is also expecting the
sixth house of your work so you can expect the foreign involvement or any
opportunity abroad during this time Pisces ascendant for Pisces ascendant
this transit is happening into the eleventh house in eleven thousand you
have Saturn and Jupiter Jupiter is the lagna Lord for the Pisces ascendant and
Saturn is the lava Sun Lord for the prices as well now it is conjunct into
the eleventh house eleventh house is the house of gains so during this period the
Pisces ascendant people will gain a lot whatever they are doing during this
period it will give them huge gains and sustainable gains sustainable growth and
gains during this time if you are Pisces ascent
and he is also expecting the fifth house of children so if you are looking for
the children this is the best time for you so yes this was the quick analysis
for all the ascendance of the transit of Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn in
March 2020 as much as I could hold grasp and share with you guys what to watch
next if you are new to my channel go and watch how to get started to do it the
astrology or how do the retrograde planets affect or you can start your
journey with Rahu Ketu through houses playlists or planets through houses
playlists or rising sides and ascendant playlists or just go to the playlist and
start exploring the fascinating world of Vedic Astrology sending you tons of
positive energy if you have any question add me on instagram @ pramana cast Rolla
ji I read all the names and I try to reply to almost all the names I read all
the comments and I also try to reply to almost all the comments so if you have
any question add your questions to the comment section as well
sending you tons of positive energies sending your high vibrations see you in
the next videos love and peace

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  2. Sir, for sagittarius ascendant Jupiter transits in 2nd house and and its going to aspect 10th house with its 9th aspect…
    Is it create any new job opportunity?

  3. Sir my Vedic ascendant is aries , moon in Sagittarius and sun in Capricorn
    My western astrology ascendant is Taurus moon in Capricorn and sun in Aquarius

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    Taurus: 7:31
    Gemini: 8:02
    Cancer: 8:32
    Leo: 9:15
    Virgo: 10:49
    Libra: 12:22
    Scorpio: 13:30
    Sagittarius : 14:15
    Capricorn : 14:45
    Aquarius : 15:34
    Pisces: 17:07

  5. Is it create job opportunity for virgo ascendant Aquarius rashi????? I am preparing for banking job. I have jupiter in 4th house and mars venus in 10th house in birth chart.

  6. As usual nice and crisp analysis. For Taurus ascendant can we expect some positivity in getting higher education ?

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