Korean Alphabet – Learn to Read and Write Korean #4 – Hangul Basic Consonants 1: ㄱ,ㅋ,ㅎ

Korean Alphabet – Learn to Read and Write Korean #4 – Hangul Basic Consonants 1: ㄱ,ㅋ,ㅎ

english Koreanclass101.com Hana Hana Hangul Amy or Aimee idk HI everybody! I’m AMY Welcome to Hana Hana Hangul and Korean class 101.com THE FASTEST, EASIEST, and most fun way to learn Hangul The Korean Alphabet 🙂 And in this lesson? You’ll begin to add the constant to 10 vowels you already learned By the end you’ll be able to read and write 40 different syllables Which will unlock many more Korean words. Ready for your first consonants. Here it is Kiok When making syllables

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  2. After these few lessons I learned so much from these simple lessons BTW who's a army who came to learn Korean for BTS

  3. ok so im having an issue here do i have to keep revising to know what the words that i learnt mean or is there a way to know what they mean im confused

  4. I don’t know if I am understanding this correctly but I think I got the difference between ㄱ and ㅋ.
    ㄱ is pronounced more like “g” (like you would pronounce g in the word “going”)
    ㅋ is pronounced more like “k”

    I hope this made some sense, it is easier to explain in Serbian since the letters are pronounced differently..

  5. I'm interesting in Korea writing…I'm starting to learn…thank you Hana Hana Hangul…and Amy..the way you teaching us is very clear …thank a lot…🙏🙏🙏

  6. Vowels
    ㅣ- eeh
    ㅏ- ahh
    ㅓ- auh
    ㅕ- yauh
    ㅑ- yahh
    ㅗ – oh
    ㅜ – ooh
    ㅛ – yoh
    ㅠ – yooh

    ㅇ- eehyoung
    ㅋ – kiok (k)
    ㄱ – giok/kkiok (g/kk) Probably "G"
    ㅎ – heeyuh (h)

  7. In just four lessons I went from nothing to; what, say what, what was that, eh? The fastest and easiest way to get confused… brain fart 😫😪😭 I am so Dumb Dumb. I need to Kill This Love for K-pop. I want to be A Good Boy but I'm a Bad Boy. Gee, I need to take it Day By Day so can Get It or I'm gonna Cry Cry.

  8. I came back here because these videos helped me to learn the Korean alphabet and now my Korean is pretty okay ^^"
    but when I came here last 2:23 the letters sounded exactly the same to me
    now that I'm used to them they sound so different!

  9. If you're having trouble hearing the difference between 기 and 키, it's the same difference between the "k" sounds in "key" and "ski". If you place your hand over your mouth and say "key" and "ski" repeatedly you'll also feel the difference too.

  10. So in the end it must be "vacation I'm going" ;-; where is "on" and why order is revered 😭😭

  11. Hi Guys I love your series. but the guy who speaks in the background, he seems like a sheep bleating… pls replace those ugly sounds with something nicer.

  12. I take Spanish class and I’m literally shortening the amount of studying so I can study Korean, idk why it’s just really fun to learn another language. Don’t worry it’s not like I study Spanish at home anyway teehee

  13. do not speak too fast, it is really hard to understand you for me because you are going so much fast. i am really interested about korean language and i want to learn as much as possible but just that you should speak slower at the time of explaining the sounds of each vowel or letter. i really enjoy watching your classes. thanks.

  14. On this word (3:47) "ㄱ" makes a "G" sound, but on this word (3:58) "ㄱ" makes a "K" sound… Someone please explain this black magic…

  15. for the people who are confused between the first two consonants
    its not that confusing. its basicaly k and kh.

  16. So I may be mistaken
    But I believe the difference between
    거 겨 가 갸 그 고 교 구 규
    커 켜 카 캬 크 코 쿄 쿠 큐
    Is the way you say the k (ㄱ/ㅋ)

  17. Amazing lessons.
    Just give 1-2 seconds gap for us to guess the pronunciations. I didnt even get time to pause the video to guess the pronunciations.
    Other than that, great way to teach hangul.
    Already speaking the language. 😀

  18. okay…. this 'lets-learn-something-new-for-sake-of-BTS-&-all-other-KDramas-&-things' game is getting harder than I thought lol…. Now my only goal is turning to learn Korean to at least decode what she's saying while leaving at the end of the video lol. XD

  19. Thank you so much! It's very helpful
    Plz tell me why in the word yogiyo, the first learnt consonant is pronounced as gi rather than ghi

  20. Knowing Hindi helped me differentiate between ㄱ and ㅋ, ख and क (Hindi consonantes)
    Hindi too has 12 vowels and 29+8 Consonants)
    Ya I'm not exactly good at explaining so pls don't ask about the 29+8 Consonants thing

  21. Listen here, I know you came here to learn Korean because you thought it'd be cool and maybe you could brag about it to your friends.
    How do i know this? Well, because your not alone!

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