Laperal White House GHOSTS! | Most HAUNTED House in the Philippines

Laperal White House GHOSTS! | Most HAUNTED House in the Philippines

The Laperal White House is one of the most
haunted places in the Philippines. Hi Cryptkeepers thank you for tuning in to Amy’s Crypt today I have a really exciting episode for you because this is one that
so many people have requested for my channel so many of you have asked me to
go to this place to talk about this place it’s actually really crazy and I’m
finally doing it so shout out to all of my Filipino viewers out there this one
is for you this is a location located in the Philippines for anybody watching who
hasn’t heard about this haunted house before I think you guys are in for a
treat as well because a lot of the stories and the history associated with
this place are just really out there like you just it’s so intense and I
can’t wait to share it with you all so let’s jump right into talking about the
Laperal White House in back year of the Philippines so if you ask anyone in
Baguio about this haunted house I guarantee you they will know about it
it’s a place that strikes fear into the hearts of many and it is seriously
notorious for all of the legends that surround it and possibly being cursed
particularly cursed for the family who built the house and lived within it the
existence of this mansion came about in the 1920s when a well-to-do family, the
Laperals, built this house as their summer getaway and of course it’s in
Baguio which is like the summer capital of the Philippines as its climate is a
lot cooler being up in the mountains so Don Roberto Laperal and his wife
Donna Victoria moved their large white young family over to the house of really
excited to own this place to have it built it was going to be a place where
their family could come to retreat and just have a great time what they didn’t
anticipate or expect was the death that was going to come along with owning this
property particularly a lot of the death that happened within their own
now the lapell white house certainly saw a lot of misfortune and death associated
with the apparel family but there’s more to this places history the house was
actually seized during World War two by the Japanese who used it as a temporary
garrison and there are a lot of stories and tales of the torture and executions
beheadings all sorts of crazy things that happen within this property during
the time that Japanese occupied it now there are a lot of tales that suggest
the lapels were in this house at the time the Japanese took over ownership of
it and that they were actually you know tortured and murdered by the Japanese
but these just aren’t true so the Laperals did flee and they made
their way out of Baguio during the war they did later return to the house but
I’m sure you can imagine a lot of the nasty deeds that happened in this house
as a temporary garrison held by the Japanese and these unfortunate events
have certainly fought to have bought extra paranormal activity and hauntings
into the property I do just want to focus on the apparel family for now
though and just talk about some of the misfortune that they saw from living
here the first story I will talk about is perhaps the most tragic and that
talks about the daughter of this family who was just three-and-a-half years old
now she was actually being overseen by a nanny who was supposed to be taking care
of her and this young child actually walked out the front door following her
nanny now the nanny had a little bit of a lapse in her concentration
she kind of took her eyes off of the small child for just a split second and
as kids do this little girl went off to explore yet wandered on to the busy road
that runs right in front of the pair of white house and she was actually hit by
a car and died there on the ever since this little girl’s spirit is
thought to have been trapped at the property and there are a lot of people
who have sighted this little girl she’s even been photographed on the front
stairs of the property and this is typically where she is usually seen now
this tragic story doesn’t just end there with the little girl as you can imagine
this nanny was really guilt and grief-stricken over this event I know
that I certainly would be and just a few short weeks later she actually took her
own life within the house she so she committed suicide in one of the upstairs
attic rooms now the spirit of the nanny is also fought to 12 at the house and
she’s almost looked at as maybe a guardian to the spirit of his little
girl and quite often she is cited at the same time as this little girl’s spirit
means in fact the photo of the little girl has been captured on the front
stairs you can actually kind of see if someone’s standing behind the little
girl who many people believe is her nanny now if you think that that a
horrible event could be the worst thing to happen to this family and things just
couldn’t get worse you’d be wrong a lot of Laperals died in or
around this house in various ways so the first set of deaths I’ll talk to is
actually that of twin brothers so the first young man was actually murdered in
Manila and his twin brother was so
grief-stricken over this murder that his death also followed closely after he is
said to have committed suicide at the Laperal White House in his bedroom so
that’s just boy even more spiritual energy into this property we also have
another of the Lapera boy as this one very young
said to have died on the property by drowning in the swimming pool the
swimming pool I believe has since been removed out from the house now we move
on to the sisters or the daughters of The Laperals one is said to have died
in hospital the other is said to have died actually on a route to them Laperal
White Houses said that she was coming to the house to hold like a graduation type
celebration for herself and she actually died in a car accident on the way up to
the house all of her friends and herself died in the car at the time of impact
and I mean the roads leading up to back eyo because it is in the mountains are
really really treacherous so they won is definitely easy to understand now the
parents obviously suffered a great deal losing so many of their children but
they also passed away in relation to the house so the mother or the wife of the
family she actually passed away in the 1950s inside her bedroom of a heart
attack her husband Don Roberto didn’t die too soon after
it said that he was so over this house there were so many dark memories death
and misfortune that was linked to this house in his family he said to himself I
need to get rid of it I need to sell this property but it said as he decided
this he walked out the front steps and as he got to the bottom he collapsed
and then died himself on the property so of everything that’s happened at the
Laperal White House you can quite easily see why many people say that it is
haunted so we have the spirits of a lot of the lapels themselves the whole
family seems to own this place we also have ghosts left over from those
who were tortured and executed by the Japanese within the house at the time of
World War two and then finally people also say that there is a Japanese
soldier that hangs out on the top floors of this house to some of the paranormal
activity that is said to occur here obviously I very touched on apparition
sightings we also have poltergeist activity things are said to move around
in here there’s also some darker stories of these entities actually physically
touching or attacking people while I was in the Philippines I was actually lucky
enough to be taken around by one of my friends anton who runs a pioneer city
fright towards and you guys probably remember him from my old diplomat video
if you haven’t i’m gonna link it below so you guys can go and watch that now
antoine is great and i highly recommend if you are in Baguio go check out pine
city fright tours i’m linking them below too because if you are into the spooky
side of things you’re into ghosts and the dark history that goes with them you
definitely need to check out his tours they are amazing now he took us to a
pair of white house and he did tell us a couple of the stories about it he also
recounted one instance in particular where one of the guests actually got
scratched as they were going through the Laperal
now I believe I have some footage of conversation that we had about that
particular scratch so I’m gonna play that for you guys right now back in 2015
we used to take people to this place called the labyrinth house we actually
used to be able to go inside back when it’s open to the public we could
actually extend the hours up to 7:30 and evening and we would conduct tours
inside the house and I think we’ll around the rooms understand this the
history of the house and so on so forth I hear this dish normally shows up and
while we were there there is this one situation where I had a guest mine I
tried to explain to them that provided that before we even enter the house just
not to focus on the ghosts don’t cut it impersonate the goal is to kind of do it
in conciliatory ridiculous just yeah why I don’t make a lot of no instance based
some kind of respect to the dead and there was one guest who basically was
not listening what Iowa State I know I asked politely
to please stop and then there’s one situation where we
went all the way home to those which were convinced would be and where it’s
all of it to top their floor and then from there there’s one situation starts
like it’s a pain for some reason thinks that’s you know there’s something
happened to him so I take a look I get my flashlight at that point it’s like I
notice he appreciates what his friends – much like he was saying one of the
ghosts of the owner of the house and that’s basically a nice version of what
he was doing yeah basically being really disrespectful yes so I hope that you you guys are
found that interesting unfortunately at this time no one is allowed inside the
lapell White House it makes me very very sad and I definitely did try to go in
there I swung by many many times I actually stayed at the teacher’s camp
which is also a notorious haunted place with impact year oh I have a double
episode coming very very soon on that so if you guys are interested in seeing the
Teacher’s Camp please let me know in the comments but I did swing pass to the
para white house a number of times and I tried to cross paths with the security
god that looks after the house unfortunately I did not see them one
thing that is a little bit creepy that I did see though I was walking up to the
house one day and there was a little girl sitting on
the front stairs now I don’t believe that she was a ghost I think that it was
definitely a living little girl one thing that was a red flag that kind
of gave them away for me where she was sitting there playing on an iPad so
unless these ghosts have kind of you know got ahold of some advanced
technology I don’t think that she was a ghost I actually believed that she was
the daughter of maybe they can’t take her or someone that was you know just
dropping by to check on the property the future of the Laperal White House I
believe is unclear right now so no one’s allowed in at the moment unfortunately
Anton has been cut off from taking tour groups free so I don’t think anyone’s
entered the property in quite some time I have heard rumors that it may be built
up into like a hotel kind of complex Baguio is quite a large tourist
destination in the Philippines I’m not sure how that would go over with the
ghosts and it might be a very interesting yeah if they already seem a
little bit disgruntled from you know certain people coming free I wonder what
it’d be like as a hotel now I do apologize that I couldn’t make it inside
the house I still hope that you guys enjoyed the footage and the photos that
I collected from outside of the White House it’s place that I am intrigued by
and I would love to investigate it was one of the main places that I wanted to
go and do and check out lies in the Philippines but unfortunately these
things just don’t always work out but in saying that if anyone can get me inside
for whatever reason you know someone who knows someone then please get in contact
with me because I would freaking I would love to I mean I really plan to come
back to the Philippines one day anyway I love it over there
but that would maybe make me get there a little bit quicker I would be on a plane
flying to the Philippines to investigate the White House like in a second now if
you guys did enjoy this video please remember to Like comment share and
subscribe that all really does help me out if you want to do a little bit more
reading on the Laperal White House or any of them other haunted places I
visited in the world or in the Philippines then head to I write blog articles for all of the places that is it you guys can also
keep up with me @amyscrypt on Facebook Twitter and Instagram always
posting on social media but thanks for watching Cryptkeepers until next time

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