Learn the Alphabet with Jungkook

Learn the Alphabet with Jungkook

A is for… JK : Animal Style Burger // SG : yeahh B is for… Because… RM : because?… Start stage… My heart… Boom Boom C is for… Charlie Puthss Churros… Yeah D is for… Dance King J-Hope man! E is for… *jungkook singing euphoria like the true god he is omfg* F is for… FINALLY!!! G is for… Good Morning ^.^ H is for… Hawt Sauce I is for… I’LL HOLD YOU DOowWnN!! I’M ON MY WAAAAUUUUYYYYYYY J is for… Justin Seagull K is for… (tori) Kelly L is for… Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go!! M is for… Mic Drop N is for… Nothing Like Us Nothing.. Like Us O is for… Oh Man, Holy Shiet!! *jin dies* P is for… Pardon? RM : heuhe Q is for… (be) Quiet R is for… JK & Jin : run, Run, RUN S is for… Stream, String, Streamer (go stream fake love) T is for… To be my music video U is for… Uhhh… I know movie but I dunno movie name V is for… Vanilla Shake W is for… What’s poppin’? JM : hehe X is for… super e X citing Y is for… he’s Youtuber! Z is for… *sleepy kookie* SG : *wtf* Subscribe to JoseOchoaTV for more BTS and Kpop content!! english subtitles by; michelle sila

100 thoughts on “Learn the Alphabet with Jungkook”

  1. I’d be the smartest Teacher l: E is for…. Me: Euphoria!!! Teacher: J is for … Me: Justin seagull!!!!

  2. So my brother is 4 years old and he's going to school now. My mom told me to teach him the basics like reading, counting numbers and of course the alphabet. He hates watching abc, or some learning videos so I let him watch this kind of videos since he also likes bts, especially kookie. AND HE ACTUALLY REMEMBER THEM😂

  3. If they would have put for O jungkook saying “oh my god” that would be the icing on the cake

  4. OMG I DIED WHEN E CAME….. HIS VOICE IS JUST PERFECT!!!!!! And i just don't understand bc while he sounds like that , i sound like a screaming donkey while I'm singing.. But he has got the voice of an ANGEL !! We love you Jungkook!!!!!!!!

  5. Charlie PUSS…


    I’m so immature 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    I love him so much omg 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  6. Me before video: yeyy bts

  7. 0:40 how the hell does he still sound like an angel when he doesn’t even attempt to sing well and was tryna be funny??🥵💕💕

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