Luigi Number One – Super Stick Bros

Luigi Number One – Super Stick Bros

Help me beat Bowser and save Princess Peach Next Welcome to McDonald’s What can I get for you? Our menu is over there sir And could you hurry the f**k up I wanna get outta here It’s ok Just pick something please No f**cking way Super Mario! OMG, do that thing! Bitch I was not talking to you I was talking to red What can I get for you handsome Pizza Pie Oh honey We don’t have Pizza Pie Get your ass to the back of the line I’m serving red One-a burger Will that be all for you today honey? Great! That’s $10.00 Oh greens buying!? Ok Well give me on second And i’ll be back with your food Here you go honey Thank you so much Byeeee Bye bye Could I please have a- Woah woah woah woah Hold up! I’mma stop you right there First of all we are all out of food We’re gonna close soon And red was the last customer And I wanna get OUTTA here!!! As soon as f**king possible So you either pay up Or I will call the cops on your ass You’ve got two choices honey OH MY GOD!!! I’m-a so sorry Hee hee I got it Lets-a share the trophy Here we go! Super Mario Brothers!

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  1. 痾阿瓦歐˙ㄨㄛㄘ˙ㄝ˙ㄩㄙˊㄔㄐˊㄙㄐㄑ˙ㄨㄞㄨㄘㄗㄑ˙ㄘ˙ㄘㄜㄠㄨ˙ㄘㄚㄜㄕㄚㄜㄞㄜㄠㄞㄛㄚㄟㄢㄟㄟㄟㄛㄛㄛㄟㄛㄣㄟㄠㄢㄠㄠㄟㄟㄢㄟㄢㄟㄟㄜㄟㄣㄦㄣㄦㄣㄢㄟㄟㄟㄞㄛㄟㄟㄟㄨ˙ㄔㄓㄓㄑˋㄗㄙㄕㄐㄔˉㄩˉㄩㄩˉㄜㄝˊㄑˊㄑㄑ今日陳隨ㄙㄙㄧㄩ˙ㄘㄧㄞㄟㄞㄟㄛㄧ˙ㄔㄔˊㄘˊㄘㄗㄘˊㄙㄗㄛㄧ˙ㄧㄚㄛㄟㄥㄟㄠㄢㄜㄞㄥㄧㄨㄚㄘㄗㄘ˙ㄨㄧㄧㄡㄟㄡㄟㄖㄗㄡㄟㄡㄛㄡㄟㄡ

  2. 2:47 that's true because in Super Mario Bros, Luigi jumps higher and runs faster, whereas Mario just kicks bowsers butt.

  3. I Thing Mc'Donald's Cashier Luigi Was Get Angry And Coin is jumped get cashier up and metal and get speed killing

  4. 3:53
    MCL: Next.
    MCL: Welcome to MC What I can get for you.
    L: Hmmm..
    MCL: Our menu over there. Can You just hurry fu*k I want get off here.
    L: Oh Sorry.
    mcl: It ok. Just pick something pls.
    L: Ok. Hmm.
    M: hello!
    MCL: no fu*k way. Super Mario? Omg! Do You like me?
    M: Hm? Oh! Itsa me, Mario! Yahoo!
    L: I'm luigi num-
    MLC: BLITCH IM NOT TALKING YOU. IM WAS TALKING RED. What can I get for you handsome?
    L: Oh?
    M: Pizza pie!
    MCL: Oh honey, We don't have pizza pie.
    L: Oh yea. I would li-
    MCL: (seriously talking doesn't know) I'm serving red.
    M: Mh!
    L: Yahhh!?
    (M pass through L then close his mouth)
    M: 1 of Burger!
    MCL: Hmph. (click) And will that be out for you today honey?
    M: Hmmm. Yes!
    MCL: Great! That's will be $10.
    M: Luigi.
    MCL: Oh we expire?
    L: M-
    M: Hmph.
    MCL: Ok. Give me 1 second and I'll be back with your food.
    M: Oh.
    L: Grrr! (Kick M)
    M: Oho- ….
    (M Throw Fork at L)
    L: Mam-
    (M Knock back L stronger)
    L: Yahh!
    M: Yagh.
    (L throw fork at M then grab and throw back)
    M: Oh! Yeash!
    L: owah!
    MCL: Here you go honey.
    M: Thank you so much! Hmm.. Oh oh!
    MCL: Bye!
    M: Bye bye!
    L: Ohh ohh. (Pull out fork) Owowo! (Place fork) Good I msiah have-
    MCL: Woahwoahwoah hold on. Imma stop right you there.
    L: Sighh.
    MCL: First through we are all out of food. We are gonna close soon and red was the last customer. And now GET OFF HERE! AND SON BEEP SO YOU HAVE PAY UP OR I WILL CALL COP UP. Your gonna choose
    choice honey.
    (L triggered then throw some coins)
    MCL: OH MY MAM!!!!! (Dead)
    L: Oh no…
    MCL: Arguhhhh….
    L: (woosh) MARIOO!!
    MCL: Urghhhh…
    Me: Here is translate. M = Mario, L = Luigi, MCL = Mcdonald Lady
    So. I hope you like it and love!

  5. luigi needs love too
    and im quite happy mario is having a hard time getting love from others through youtube,he is used as the puppet in every animation,a simple toy that suffers through just for our amusement
    luigi on the other hand,he wants love too,so why not include him? why not show him,idk,a trophy? maybe something to make him feel he is number one? he was always player 2,the second banana and that must stop,luigi is my favorite and i cant stand seeing him suffer as player 2 for NOTHING,he might be just player 2,but he can more than that
    after all,he does have some feelings and advatages.
    gtg,bye ppl.

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