Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Homura Akemi Character Story 1-3 English Sub

Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Homura Akemi Character Story 1-3 English Sub

Kyubey:Now Madoka Kaname. Kyubey:What do you wish for in return for that soul? Madoka:I…. Madoka:I want to erase all witches before they are born. Madoka:All witches of all universes, past and future, with this hand Madoka:This is my prayer my wish… Madoka:Now grant me this, Incubator! Homura:This place is…. [The Universe is being reorganized according to the new laws brought by Madoka] Yes, the universe is about to be reborn The existence of a girl named Madoka Kaname, a proof that she lived in this world All in return Homura:This isn’t a joke. Homura:This is worse than dying…. Madoka:[No,no. Homura-chan] Madoka:Now I can see all of the past and future. Madoka:That universe might have once existed Madoka:Every universe that might be possible someday Madoka:So I knew everything in a lot of time. Madoka:Everything Homura-chan worked hard for me. Madoka:…While crying many times and taking a lot of wounds. Madoka:Still for me… Madoka:Thank you Homura-chan Madoka:You were my best friend… Homura:Madoka don’t go! Madoka:Someday we will meet again Homura-chan Madoka:Until then.. just a little farewell Homura:MADOKAAAA! Homura:Mmm… Kyubey:Looks like you woke up Homura:(Incubator..!) Kyubey::(You don’t have to be vigilant) Kyubey:I’m not going to be against you. Kyubey:No power to interfere with the way the universe work. Kyubey:But I can only see how the universe is being reorganized. Homura:The new universe is Homura:You haven’t been born yet. Kyubey:Yes, as I said before. Kyubey:Base on a new law brought by Madoka. Kyubey:Right now,the universe is about to be reborn. Kyubey:Once this process is over. Kyubey:You and I will be members of a new universe. Kyubey:At that time, we were observing what we observed. Kyubey:I’ll forget everything. Homura:But you want to see it>Kyubey:It’s not what I wanted. It’s what I got involved with. Kyubey:But it’s definitely interesting Kyubey:The moment the universe is rewritten is not something that can be witnessed many times. Homura:(Several spheres of light… if they float, they disappear) Homura:This ball is something? Kyubey:I don’t even know Homura:(The moment you touch the ball of light…) Homura:(A nostalgic sight…) Homura:This is… Homura: a dream? Madoka:Call me Madoka Kaname. Madoka ok. Homura:Eh, such… Madoka:I’m good with it. Madoka:May I call you Homura-chan? Kyubey:They are magical girls. Kyubey:Witch hunters. Madoka:It’s a secret to everyone in the class. Madoka:Then, let’s go. Madoka:What can stop Walpurgisnacht ? Madoka:I’m the only one. Homura:No! Homura:You can’t defeat it alone. Homura:Even Kaname-san will die! Madoka:Still I’m a magical girl. Madoka:I have to protect everyone. Madoka:[Goodbye, Homura-chan] Madoka[Take care] Homura:why… Homura:Rather than help me…. Homura:You… Kyubey:Is that word true? Homura Akemi? Homura:Any wish can be fulfilled by contracting with you? Kyubey:Yes, you seem to have that qualification. Kyubey:Please tell me. Kyubey:How do you make your Soul Gem shine? Homura:I…. Homura:I want to meet Kaname-san again. Homura:I want to be me who protects her, not me who is protected by her. Kyubey:[..The contract is complete] Kyubey:What’s up Kyubey:You’ve been silent for a long time. Homura:I was looking at memories of the past. Kyubey:…Memory? Homura:The moment you touch one of the spheres of light. Homura:It was difficult to remember the time I passed in the past? Kyubey:Time passed by… Kyubey:Indeed, you have walked across several parallel worlds. Kyubey:You were a retrograde time. Homura:That’s right Homura:I became a magical girl, praying only for saving Madoka. Homura:And I went back and forth the same times many times. Homura:Now all I saw is the beginning. Homura:In your words, the first memory of the “world” Kyubey:Hm.. interesting Homura:Now all I saw is the beginning. Homura:In your words, the first memory of the “world” Kyubey:Hm.. interesting Kyubey:I’m worried Kyubey:These countless balls of light that disappear when floating. Kyubey:Can you see the memories of another world when you touch another ball? Homura:Alright let’s do it. Kyubey:Madoka, who was really transformed Kyubey:No way to defeat Walpurgisnacht with a single shot. Homura:Repeat… I repeat as many times. Homura:This time…. Homura:I will settle it! Kyubey:…How was it? Did you see anything? Homura:Each time you touch a light sphere. Homura:It was difficult to remember one world. Kyubey:Each was a different parallel world event. Homura:That kind of thing. Kyubey:So that’s it.. Kyubey:Each one of these spheres of light. Kyubey:Does each correspond to memory of one world? Homura:Where is the lost light sphere? Kyubey:Now the whole universe is reorganized. Kyubey:Probably every time one ball of light goes out. Kyubey:One old world with Madoka Kaname. Kyubey:I’m reborn in a new world. Kyubey:To the “world without witches” brought by her wish. Homura:(A big ball is approaching here?) Homura:(This too.. is the memory of the world I passed by?) Homura:This memory is Homura:I have to tell… Homura:Everyone is to trusting of Kyubey. Homura:Yes,this is a memory of sadness that I will never forget. Homura:The nightmare began by telling everyone the cruel truth. Homura:That the “witches” who are enemies of magical girl are the end of the magical girl…. Sayaka:…You know what. Sayaka:What is Kyubey benefiting from lying? Homura:That is… Sayaka:He want to inject something strange into us? Sayaka:There’s No way. Sayaka:I guess it”s not actually that guy or guru. Homura:Oh,no! Homura:Nobody believed my words Homura:Until Madoka’s best friend Sayaka Miki becomes a witch… Kyoko:W-Who are you? What did you do to Sayaka? Madoka:Sayaka-chan,stop it.. please, remember! Madoka:This is something Sayaka-chan must have hated! Homura:Sorry,Miki-san *gun shot*(Mami kills Kyoko) Homura:Tomoe-san… Mami:If soul gems give birth to witches, everyone must die! Mami:Neither you nor me. Homura:S-Stop it Homura:The girls who knew the truth hurt each other with magical girls. Homura:Tomoe Mami’s hand,Kyoko Sakura is Madoka’s hand, Mami Tomoe is buried. Homura:And Madoka who survived and the evil witch who stood in front of me. Homura:The Name is… Homura:Walpurgisnacht Madoka:We’re done. Madoka:That’s why. Madoka:Homura-chan you can return to the past right? Madoka:Don’t let it end this way again. Madoka:You said you could change history. Homura:..Yes Madoka:Save the stupid me before I get tricked by Kyubey. Madoka:Would you please help me. Homura:After this, Madoka emits and listens to another request Homura:I Shot Madoka Kyubey:It was a long dream. Homura:It’s a nightmare. Kyubey:Is that something that you experinced and happened in the parallel world? Homura:Yeah Homura:In a way, it might have been a decisive event. Homura:(Do not rely on anyone anymore) Homura(I will clean up all the witches alone) Homura:(And this time) Homura:(I will end Walpurgisnacht with these hands) Homura:(For example…) Homura:(No matter what time you go) Homura:(Everything has changed since that tragedy) Homura:(I repeated the same time many times to fulfill Madoka’s promise) Homura:(Still the difference between Walpurgisnacht and her power is overwhelming.) Homura:(Other than saving Madoka) Homura:(I can’t afford to worry) Kyubey:What are you thinking? Homura:The magical girls I couldn’t save. Kyubey:Hm.. Homura:Mami Tomoe. One of the first magical girls I met. Homura:Life saver who helped me trapped in the barrier of the witch. Homura:(I don’t have magical weapons like the other magical girls) Homura:(Protect Madoka… just a magic shield brought by that wish) Homura:(The power of the shield is to stop the “time operation” time and go back in time) Homura:(You can’t beat the witch just by stopping the time) Homura:(That gave me hints on how to fight with guns and bombs) Homura:(That person Mami Tomoe…) Homura:(Yes, that person for me and for Madoka) Homura:(She was a very important benefactor) Homura:(But to those who believed that the activities of the magical girl were correct) Homura:(To tell the truth) Homura:Sayaka Miki… Madoka’s best friend. Homura:An irreplaceable companion who always encouraged Madoka and became an ally. Homura:A gentle child who couldn’t help miracles because of her childhood friend. Homura:Couldn’t you really save her..?) Homura:(Sooner or later she would have wished for a miracle) Homura:(But the world around her who became a magical girl) Homura:(Too cruel) Homura:(I couldn’t find anything to save her…) Homura:Kyoko Sakura a magical girl from Kazamino Homura:She has already received a big reward for the miracle. Homura:There was enough strength to try to catch the reality. Homura:( we set up a joint front) Homura:(With the plan to strike down Walpurgisnacht) Homura:(Because I thought I could fight) Homura:(But she kept secret in that strength) Homura:(Had not lost purity) Homura:(Leaving despair Sayaka Miki as it is) Homura:(She couldn’t…) Kyubey:Do you regret it? Homura:What? Kyubey:That they weren’t saved Homura:No Homura:Magical girls are always saved. Homura:By the light of hope, Madoka Homura:Ah… Homura:(The light that sorrowful world fades away…) Kyubey:With the wish of Madoka, the world. Kyubey:It seems to have rewritten into a world without witches. Kyubey:Is salvation brought to their destiny? Homura:That’s right Homura:Their prayers never end in despair. Homura:Because that’s Madoka’s wish Homura:No Matter how many times I repeat my feelings won’t change. Kyubey:Hmm…? Homura:That light… Kyubey:There is only one sphere that emits unstable light. Homura:(Where are you…?) Homura:A Witch Barrier? Homura:A mysterious place like a mirror house Homura:This is a dream…? Homura:A huge soul gem is here…! Homura:A vision of my Soul Gem? Homura:My pressence…. Homura:Inhaled. Homura:I went in to Homura:The Memory of “Me” that I do not know of. Madoka:Eh? Kamihama city? Homura:Yeah, I’ve been there. Madoka:There are several times! I’ve been with Mami… Madoka:Homura, do you want to go to Kamihama? Homura:Eh? Well Yeah Madoka:Ji Homura:Hey!? What!? Kaname-san? Madoka:Homura-chan… You’re hiding something from me. Homura:Oh, I’m not hiding anything Madoka:No, I know your absolutely hiding something. Homura:Uuu… Homura:You know.. there are things that I care about a little bit. Madoka:Are you worried? What is it? Homura:In Kamihama city, there seems to be a special phenomenon that has not happened in Mitakihara. Mami:I’m against you going. Madoka:Mami-san? Mami:I just happen to see your both talking about Kamihama Mami:I was surprised… Mami:Alright? Both of you? Mami:Never go to Kamihama city. Madoka:Danger..? Homura:What do you mean..? Homura:(Madoka And I….!) Homura:(Exactly what were they talking about?) Homura:(Kamihama…) Homura:(A city I had no memories of. I went to it though, it should have been my memory) Homura:(A Special phenomenon is happening there…?) Homura:(Apparently, this memory…) Homura:(It’s not my past) Homura:My consciousness is locked in a mirrrored barrier. Homura:A time axis that I do not know.. I was watching another memory of another parallel world that I did not know Homura:What I see is another “Me” memory. Homura:There,Madoka has already become a magical girl. Homura:Nevertheless, “Me” in this world. Homura:If you go to Kamihama city, you may find a way to save Madoka it seems. Homura:Why is Kamihama dangerous?… Mami:First of all.. there’s a witch in addition to the witch. Homura:There are Uwazas? Uwazas? Madoka:It feels like it is transmitted from person to person… is it a city legend of that kind of rumor? Mami:Yes,in Kamihama… the Uwazas exist in form. Mami:Just like a witch. Madoka:Uwazas form…? Homura:[So I…] Homura:[I’m going to start with the Uwazas first] Homura:Oh, Tomoe-san Mami:What happened Ban bi-san Homura:Um,Please let me help Mami:Help..Kamihama? Homura:If you say that Kamihama is a dangerous place, please let me help a little. Madoka:Homura-chan! Mami:No,it’s to early for you. Homura:But I really want to go! Mami:I’m troubled… Akemi-san is surprisingly stubborn. Madoka:Mami-san I want to go too. Mami-san dangerous eyes only. Mami:Even Kaname-san…. Mami:…..Oh Mami:It can’t be helped,okay Madoka:eh! Homura:Really? Homura:(A enemy different from a witch “Uwazas”) Homura:(It seems like unknown phenomena are happening in Kamihama) Homura:(If that so..) Homura:(Those who become magical girls will eventually become witches) Homura:(To overturn it) Homura:(Madoka prayed for her existence) Homura:(Making a miracle comparable to that) Homura:(…Can’t be done) Homura:I went to Kamihama Homura:The memory of another “Me” continues… Homura:Kaname-san Madoka:Homura-chan Yachiyo:I’m surprised that they are friends. Iroha:There is such a coincidence Iroha:I wonder if we have blended into the radio waves… Madoka:The rumors are amazing. Madoka:It’s true that is really going to happen. Homura:Yeah,I can’t believe… Homura:Has Tamaki-san had such experience before? Iroha:That’s right,but for the first time this mysterious space. Alina:Shall we eat all these people Alina:During this time,I was troubled by a Ribbon person. Alina:It’s a bad mood for Alina. Madoka:What a ribbon.. No way, Mami-san? Alina:Oh… her name was something like that.. Alina:You’re a friend of that Ribbon one? Madoka:That’s right…! Alina:Oh Alina is super Lucky! aLINA:I can return the favor accumulated with that ribbon person friends. Madoka:What’s this? Homura:Ka-Kaname-san Alina:Now,Let’s party♪ Homura:(What is that power?) Homura:In this world I met Iroha Tamaki & Yachiyo Nanami and worked together as magical girls Homura:The Magical girl salvation-The Wings of Magius Organization Homura:Then, following the mystery of the power that resembles a witch called “Doppel” that appears when the magical girl’s soul gem become cloudy. Homura:(The magical girl who was hostile) Homura:(Even after the soul gem is dyed black) Homura:(She kept the appearance of a magical girl) Homura:(This will help Madoka magical girl salvation) Homura:(Is it a key?) Homura:(Doppel… an unknown power) Homura:(It seems like a phenomenon related to the secrets of Soul Gems and Witches) Homura:(“Me” in this world and this time axis also) Homura:(Is trying to save Madoka from the destiny of despair) Homura:(Probably unlike me) Homura:(Searching for a way to save a magical girl without becoming a witch…) Madoka & Iroha:Go!! *rumor noise* Homura:Futaba-san can you hold my hands? Sana-Y-Y-Yes! Sana:Eh, my surroundings are stopped. Homura:I stopped time with my magic. Homura:Now we can beat it! Sana:But I… Homura:I think it’s useless if you’re not Futaba-san Sana:that’s right Sana:I have to put it on. Sana:I am a bully Sana:Yaaaaa… Sana:Yaaaaa… Homura:(what is “me” doing?) Homura:(I was trying to help a magical girl other than Madoka) Homura:(…Wasted time) Homura:(Probably “I” headed to Kamihama) Homura:(While helping with magical girls i don’t know) Homura:Maybe she wants to find a way to save) Homura:(But…) Homura:(That’s the way I once failed) Homura:(While doing this..) Homura:(Walpurgis is approaching every night) Homura:(At that time, Madoka went to protect the important people to her) Homura:(She would eventually confront with Walpurgis Night) Homura:(I can’t save Madoka unless I beat her before that.) Homura:(I don’t have time to detour to help other magical girls) Homura:(That’s why I decided to fight alone) Homura:(I’m on another timeline I don’t know) Homura:(In search of the salvation of the magical girl, I went over to the city called Kamihama City) Homura:(Trying to save Madoka differently than me) Homura:(…However) Homura:(I can’t change my fate in that way) Sayaka:Hey Hey! This it it! Sayaka:Protective kit joint!!! Sayaka:Sorry! I won’t hit you! *witch noise* Sayaka:There is a gap!.. Homura! Homura:Yes,I’ll go Yeah!! *Witch noise* Homura:Kaname-san finish it Madoka:Leave it to me! Madoka:Yaaaa! Madoka:And I came out… Homura:Thank you. Sayaka:I was really saved. Sayaka:But it was surprising that you came to help. Kyoko:I didn’t come to help. Kyoko:Just before I got the information. Kyoko:I just wanted to share the information I got at Kamihama. Sayaka:That’s so bad but… Sayaka:What is Walpurgisnacht? Kyoko:It’s a witch. Sayaka:eh… Madoka:I don’t know the details, but I’ve heard from Mami. Madoka:They have the power to break down one of the cities. Sayaka:No matter how much the city is…. Kyoko:It’s not an exaggeration. Homura:(Sayaka Miki and Kyoko Sakura also joined…) Homura:(With the magical girls in Kamihama) Homura:(I was deeply involved and built a cooperative relationship) Homura:(“Me” in this world…) Homura:(With me trying to save Madoka without relying on anyone) Homura:(I’m sure they are on a different path that can be called contrasting.) Homura:(But…) Homura:(The memory of “Me” on another time axis) Homura:(Why did you look like me now?) Homura:Since when were you there? Kyubey:From the beginning Kyubey:I was wrapped in a huge light with you. Homura:..To get into dreams of others. Homura:It’s really bad taste. Kyubey:I see, is this inside your conscious space? Homura:Call it your liking, you’re not watching anything. Kyubey:Yup Kyubey:I was just trapped in this strange space. Kyubey:If it’s ok Kyubey:I want you to explain what you saw. Homura:The answer is surely hidden somewhere Kyubey:So that’s it Kyubey:The memory of another”You” who walked another time axis. Homura:Yeah, definitely Kyubey:Hmmm.. it’s Kyubey:Your consciousness in another world Kyubey:I think it’s the result of resonance through some path. Homura:Such a thing is possible? Kyubey:There is a possibility. Kyubey:I’m on a different path now but it’s the same for you as well. Homura:Why did that happen at this barrier? Kyubey:I don’t even know it. Kyubey:Maybe this strange barrier connects that world with other worlds. Kyubey:It may be a singular point Homura:So.. Kyubey:Another thing I do not know Kyubey:You and I headed to Kamihama city. “You” Kyubey:It’s about where they split into separate entities. Homura:I have no idea. Kyubey:Can’t you “remember”? Homura:What do you mean? Kyubey:If the resonance between you another “You” is strong. Kyubey:What happen before the world you just saw. Kyubey: “Remember” by your own will Kyubey:I think you can do it. Kyubey:That way,you and the other “Your way Kyubey:It may be possible to identify the branch point that has become a split. Homura:Back in the memory of another “Me” Homura:Do you want to bring out memories of the world before that? Kyubey:That’s it Homura:I wonder if it works… Homura:Go through the thread of memory. Homura:Another “Me” became a magical girl, until the beginning Kyubey:Please tell me. Kyubey:What kind of prayer will you make your Soul Gem shine? Homura:I…. Homura:I want to start over with Kaname-san Homura:I want to be me who protects her,not me who is protected by her. Kyubey:[…The contract is complete] Homura:(… I remembered without difficulty) Homura:(It’s nothing different from my own memory) Homura:(At this time, the road has not yet been divided) Homura:(I am going back for the first time after this) Homura:I should have tried to save Madoka…) Homura:(Let’s remember the rest) Madoka:uuuuu aguu! Homura:What Wrong!? Hey Kaname-san get a hold of yourself. Homura:(Ka-Kanme’s Soul Gem….) Homura:(The witch..!?) Madoka:AAAAAH!! Homura:(It exactly the same so far) Homura:(Madoka who ran out of magic against Walpurgisnacht) Homura:(She became a witch in front of me) Homura:(The existence of a magical girl is the “egg” of a witch before evil.) Homura:(I think I have to tell everyone this truth) Homura:(I went back in time…) Homura:I have to tell… Homura:Everyone is being tricked by Kyubey! Homura:Oh… But.. Homura:What I mean… Homura:Please believe in me, you might not understand now. Homura:(Here it is!) Homura(What separates me from the other “Me” in a way) Homura:(The lord of memories did not tell anyone the truth at this time..) Kyubey:Did you know anything? Homura:eh Homura:(I’m satisfied with this) Homura:(Kamihama City “Homura Akemi”..) Mami:If Soul Gem gives birth to a witch.. everyone must die. Mami:Neither you nor me Homura:Stop it Madoka:Save the stupid me before being tricked by Kyubey Madoka:Would you please help me. Homura:That “Me” is not that tragedy.(The events where Mami kills Kyoko and Sayaka a witch.) Kyubey:….Hm Kyubey:A miserable ending where magical girls scramble for life. Homura:Yeah… Homura:That made me decide not to rely on anyone. Kyubey:But the other “You” has never experienced that tragedy. Kyubey:Repeatedly going back in time for a way to save Madoka. Kyuey:And that city… Kyubey:You have just set foot in Kamihama,right? Homura:Like that Homura:Going further… Homura:The memory of “Me” that started to walk another time axis. Homura:(The other “Me”) Homura:(Just by repeating the time in Mitakihara City where Madoka is located) Homura:(I have never been to Kamihama) Homura:(But at some point… something else happened) Madoka:Mami now! Mami:Haaaa! Mami:Akemi-san,please! Homura:Y-Yes! Homura:Hooray… Madoka:Yay! Madoka:Amazing, amazing Homura-chan! Mami:That’s wonderful Homura:Here… ..Come Homura:eh? If you want to change your fate , come to Kamihama Homura:Fate..? Kamihama? What are you saying..? In this city Homura:In this city? Magical girls will be saved Homura:You’ll be saved… Homura:What do you know!? Homura:Well wait! Homura:Kamihama.. it will change if you go there!.. Homura:Magical girl… Homura:Kaname-san fate! Kyubey:Mysterious Girl? Homura:Yeah Homura:That led me to say “I’m heading to Kamihama Homura:A phenomenon called Uwazas, Homura:Apparently you get to meet an organization called “The Wings of Magius” Kyubey:That’s strange. Homura:Why? Kyubey:First of all,no such thing has happened in Kamihama city, which I know. Kyubey:I can’t find any signs Kyubey:And every time you repeat time. Kyubey:If such a peculiar phenomenon had occured in Kamihama…. Kyubey:You should have traveled to Kamihama at least once. Homura:Is it that big to overlook? Kyubey:Don’t you think so? Homura:Yeah… Homura:If you think Homura:What is happening one after another in Kamihama Homura:Only occurs on this time axis Homura:It’s a one-time, Irregular situation. Homura:What is happening one after another in Kamihama Homura:Only occurs on this time axis Homura:It’s a one-time, irregular situation. Kyubey:Yup Kyubey:And maybe that… Kyubey:It is thought to be a magical side effect of another “You” Homura:What do you mean. Kyubey:We use your magic. Kyubey:Toggle past possibilities. Kyubey:I think it’s the power to cross multiple parallel worlds Kyubey:You repeatedly go back in time. Kyubey:You’ve been searching for a way to save Madoka. Kyubey:You woke up, the past was always the same in every detail. Kyubey:Haven’t the small differences been made? Homura:That is.. Kyubey:Maybe with too small a difference. Kyubey:You may not have noticed yourself. Homura:If so, what happens? Homura:The incident of Kamihama is not a small difference. Homura:Too different from the past I experienced Kyubey:Do you know the word butterfly effect? Kyubey:A slight change as much as a butterfly flapping. Kyubey:It is a phenomenon that will drastically change the appearance of the world after that. Kyubey:Every time you go back to the past, a small ripple occurs in space and time. Kyubey:Let’s say that a slightly different parallel world occurs. Kyubey:The difference is only trivial when it happens. Kyubey:That’s like a butterfly fluttering or someone kicking a stone. Iroha:…Yup? Iroha:(Did something hit my feet?) Iroha:(I kicked something?) Iroha:(What is it? I don’t know…) Homura:From such a small difference Homura:Did the irregular situation of Kamihama happen?…? Kyubey:It’s not impossible. Kyubey:For example, a child who shouldn’t be a magical girl Kyubey:Could have meet me and sign a contract Homura:In this way… Homura:The slightest difference was magnified… Kyubey:It’s just a hypothetical story. Kyubey:In fact, among the magical girls that another “You” met Kyubey:In our world, the name of that child doesn’t become a magical girl. Kyubey:It was included Homura:Do you know something? Kyubey:I don’t know what actually happened I just mentioned the possible possibilities. Kyubey:And the phenomenon happening in Kamihama Kyubey:Another “If it’s a side effect of your magic” Kyubey:Only memories of this world. Kyubey:I can understand why it was emitting unstable light. Kyubey;That world was born from a small ripple. Homura:Is it a parallel world that could not exist originally? Kyubey:Exactly Kyubey:In addition,It can be inferred that even Madoka cannot interfere for now. Homura:Why? Kyubey:The memory you saw is still one of the possibilities. Kyubey:Yes, it’s like a “dream” Kyubey:Unless the result is confirmed, she can’t even reach out. Homura:Another “Me” Homura:Is it possible to save Madoka? Kyubey:I don’t know Kyubey:You might be able to see the ending by watching the continuation of your dream. Kyubey:Homura Akemi, maybe you want to know Kyubey:Another Relief Potential. Homura(It’s flowing in…) Homura:(The continuation of another “Me” memory) Homura:Another “Me” Homura:I was trying to confront the great disaster Homura:Madoka,involving many magical girls. Homura:Suddenly a blackout in the city. Homura:What’s going on…? Ah! Homura-chan? Homura:eh…. Homura:Ah! Utsuho-san Natsuki:Was good! It was safe Sayaka:Ah! At that time! Kanoko:At that time… Madoka:Acquaintance Homura:Yeah, I’ve been supporting you before Natsuki Utsuho Natsuki:Thank you! Homura:It was not me who had been alone and succumbed to Walpurgisnacht and rescued Madoka. Homura:It was another “Me” who looked for a way of salvation with the help of everyone. Madoka:Sayaka-chan,Homura-chan Sayaka:I’m going to help that girl, of course Madoka:Thank you,Sayaka-chan Madoka:Let’s go, Homura-chan Iroha-chan Homura:Yup! Homura:(I can’t stop anymore…) Homura:(The consequences of Madoka and the consequences of the magical girls at Kamihama) Homura:(It becomes a big flow and covers the whole Kamihama city) Homura:(The ending of the world I did not choose is ahead…) Homura:(Is that possibility going to become a reality?) Homura:I have a lot of scary things. Homura:But… even if I’m scared to do it alone. Homura:I realized I could stand up if I wasn’t alone Homura:That’s why.. I wil rely on Tomoe-san as well. Madoka:Me too… Madoka:It’s hard, but it’s okay if I can share it. Madoka:Sayaka-chan and Homura-chan told me. Madoka:I should tell Mami-san when it’s hard. Madoka:I want to share as a friend. Homura:(Maybe it really is) Homura:(A way to save Madoka without any sacrifice) Homura:(Another salvation possibility I coudn’t find….) Homura:Even if Homura:(It does not matter to me) Homura:The dream is over Homura:What Did I do? Kyubey:Don’t you remember? Kyubey:You broke the barrier and interrupted your dream. Homura:…Dream? Kyubey:One of the possibilities of the world universe that has not yet been determined Kyubey:I was trapped inside of someone memory in the world like that. Homura:Well… I can’t remember Kyubey:Maybe it was because I cut the tuned link violently. Kyubey:”You” in that world is different from you. Kyubey:It looks like she was trying to save Madoka. Kyubey:The end is no longer observable because you interrupted your dream. Kyubey:Did you not want to know? The ending of another “You” Homura:I can’t think Homura:I don’t want to know or want to realize Homura:What believes what Madoka said Madoka:Believe Madoka:I will never waste Homura-chan to this day. Homura:So I don’t get lost in dreaming of possible possibilities. Homura:This new universe that is about to born now. Homura:Just keep protecting this universe that she wanted. Homura:That is… Kyubey:The reorganization of the universe seem to be complete Kyubey:Next time we wake up Kyubey:It will be a world without witches. Kyubey:No one remembers the exxistence of Madoka Kaname there. Kyubey:The relationship between us and the magical girl will also be renewed. Homura:…No Homura:I won’t forget Madoka Homura:This is…. Homura:The new world? Kyoko:Sayaka? What’s wrong with Sayaka? Mami:She gone, led by the theory of the ring Mami:Before the cause for hope brings a curse to the world. Mami:We can’t help but disappear. Homura:Madoka…. Mami:Akemi-san? Mami:Madoka…. Kyoko:…Who is that? Homura:I do not get lost. Homura:Even if you become the last person to keep that child’s memory Homura:(so…) Homura:This is the shape of the world you wanted. Homura:It’s just one universe that should be there. Homura:No matter what happens, What I do will never change.

7 thoughts on “Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Homura Akemi Character Story 1-3 English Sub”

  1. I'm sad that homura Akemi (No glasses) doesn't have Madoka's ribbon as a costume ;-;

  2. Hey Birdy, I thought it was decretum that played when Madoka made her wish ? Also thanks for granting my request of Homura's character story

  3. its kinda sad that the current homura doesnt know what happens at the end of 'her' memory. who knows she might be happy after that.

    might be on demon homura that she knows the truth? only time will tell 👀

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