March 2020 Part One ~

March 2020 Part One ~

[music] -Hi everybody. Welcome to your full moon
on March 9th in Virgo. Now, let’s look at the 1st of March
to the 20th of March. We have some strong nodal transits
going on that I think it’s very useful to discuss. The first is in influence
from the 1st to the 20th. It’s exact on the 11th. This is the North node square Chiron. Chiron is a process in the chart. We don’t look at it so much like a planet
but the process of something. With the node in Aries, what we’re looking
at over the next several years is the process
of the individual healing because every soul on the planet
is part of a tapestry, if you will. A moving breathing fabric that creates
a collective energy force both in your locale, in your continent. The health of each soul
affects this fabric and the form that is manifested. When I talk about the healing journey
of identity and changing identity, this is a potent time
for a lot of growth and a lot of evolution on this planet and to change the vibration
of the tapestry, if you will. To get a little esoteric
and philosophical. The node is at four degrees of Cancer which is about community and nourishment
and family and those that you create family with. A square in Chiron and Aries,
the individual. The sign of identity. We think of the solar plexus. How strong is your identity and how good does that feel
as you’re influencing your life, your reality
and the world around you. These two are in square. It’s a lovely time to face fear
and to take a look at your true purpose. Often we get into habits and jobs
and structures in our life that we tend to outgrow. It’s a natural phenomenon
that we experience. This is speaking to the supporting
of releasing emotional hurts that may be standing in your way and feeling the fear
and doing it anyway. This is what we call bravery because we wouldn’t be brave
if we didn’t feel a little bit of fear around it. Making changes that reflect
your true nature and spiritual purpose. Now, it’s also running along side this
concurrently. This has been happening for lot of
as in our charts because Uranus has been hanging out
at the first few degrees of Taurus, Chiron at the first few degrees
of Aries. For many people they’ll have a Chiron square
while they’re simultaneously a Uranus trine. That’s a little technical but. This next nodal connection is exact
on the 15th of March but it is in influence from the 4th
to the 24th of March. This is Uranus sextiling the node,
while it’s squaring Chiron. This is lovely and encouraging
this healing processes I was speaking about because it’s prompting
new experiences and a change of direction and new groups perhaps,
new relationships, new friends, career, interests. It’s a time to be more open
to feeling alive. How nice is that? And keep your mind open and to take opportunities
that come your way because there’s soul growth in this. It also is combining the process
of healing any sensitivities, not enoughs, old wounds, insecurities. The universe is saying,
“Come on, come on try it.” You can try it a little tentatively
and you may have a little fear around it, but if it is igniting excitement
and interests, that is your probe. That is your sign. Then on Monday March 9th
is the full moon at 20 degrees of Virgo. It’s exact at 1:48 PM
Eastern Standard Time. This is a nice lunation as well. We’re finding our footing for sure. Monday the 9th is also
when Mercury is stationing direct. There’s no happenstance
with the timing of things, is there? That’s at 28 degrees with Aquarius. This, again, is speaking
to this Uranian energy of groups and new beginnings and new hopes
and new interests and setting up taking steps towards
new projections and areas in your life. New plans, interests,
friends, groups. This full moon on Monday the 9th
at almost 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, it’s trining Jupiter and Pluto
and it’s opposing Neptune. This will be bringing culminations
with work and with health
and your daily routine and perhaps pets, employees, those that you employ,
your work environment, your habits. There’s culmination here that is supported
in a transformative way. Details or work breakthroughs. Developments in a stabilizing manner
with career and productivity and as I eluded to pet care. We’re completing something around
this full moon. It has to do with habits
transforming the daily schedule. It’s a fascinating time. Much love to all of you. Be well.

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  2. I'm in that stage of change, a road trip ahead of me to a new beginning, feeling fear and doubt by the unknown but curious at the same time. Somehow I know everything is ok and there is a reason for it. I trust in my spiritual team. Nevertheless when I disconnect by ego minded thoughs I feel terrified making histories in my mind, I guess difficult experiences from past lifes. I'm still integrating and purging with less intensity. Seating in the pain and accepting helps to release. Thank you for the confirmation of change even if all the conditions are not created, they never are. Any advise? Grateful for your guidance. Blessings. 🦋

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