Meet Pathfinder – Apex Legends Character Trailer

Meet Pathfinder – Apex Legends Character Trailer

[ELECTRONIC MUSIC] Narrator: Legends come from all over the Outlands… and some of them aren’t even human. meet PATHFINDER Pathfinder: Hey! That’s me! Narrator: A scouting specialist, this modified worker bot can use his grapple to easily get the drop on enemies and access hard to reach places, PATHFINDER can also hack survey beacons to reveal the next ring location. While his zipline can provide the squad with a quick escape giving a tactical advantage. [CRASH] Narrator: Now if he could just find his Creator. Pathfinder: You don’t know where my Creator is, do you?

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  1. I main Pathfinder because his grapple is SOOOO much fun just traversing the area so fast and it can help you get to out of reach places that are high which could give you an advantage over the enemies and help your teammates in the fight

  2. Pathfinders so sad because his creator left him abandon in a lab thats why hes always asking
    "do you know where my creator is"

  3. Literally nothing but Pathfinders with the EXACT customization as me. I made him famous, I used him first, people couldn't handle that. So done with the game. I'd rather read a book instead.

  4. Stuped character fucking op positioning grapping skill, low cd hitbox stupedly tiny
    Need a nerf fast as possible

  5. Hey up when I going to add in Titans and Reapers and many other things from Titanfall 2 also like if miss BT 7274

  6. I just want to say I game better then fortnite it’s bad fortnite I love your game please don’t make that much Changes to location but make changes to the skins

  7. I just noticed this….Listen closely. The music in the background of the character trailers is somewhat equal to the music in the character music packs from season 2

  8. Imagine this; Marvin leads an elite group of mrvns that had similar situations within the militia, and so about 20 years after the frontier war he finds out about a very popular mrvn that was lost. This mrvn is Pathfinder, Marvin appears before Pathfinder before Pathfinder gets on the ship. The two look at each other.
    Path: how are you friend? Have you seen my creator?
    Mrvn: (translated) not yet, but we can, meet me on planet harmony

    Marvin raises hand "high five"
    Pathfinder high fives and they both put on a smile.

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