Meet Revenant – Apex Legends Character Trailer

Damned to an eternal life of torment, Revenant’s true purpose is finally clear. They made me a killing machine. Who am I to argue with programming? Once one of the deadliest assassins
in the outlands, the Apex Games now satiate
his endless bloodlust. They only think they know what fear is. His power to silence the talents
of opposing legends negates their advantages
and ability to escape. That little voice saying
there’s still hope. It’s lying. Not bound by human limitations, he can quickly maneuver
to strike with violent efficiency. Now this. This is worth living for. But Revenant’s ultimate power is the true embodiment of his horror. Wait until you see what happens next. With enough energy, you can summon a dark totem. It’s just a bad dream. It’ll be over soon. That can protect any legend
for a short time, allowing them to escape death. Now you will understand
why you fear the dark. Death is coming and he’s coming for you. I’m the nightmare.

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