My Date Saw a GHOST | REAL GHOST Sighting + Paranormal Investigation

My Date Saw a GHOST | REAL GHOST Sighting + Paranormal Investigation

like what the hell why didn’t you say
something when the first people ever to investigate here so this is pretty
creepy hey there is a cemetery here are there any spirits here with us can you
walk toward the light in Jarrad’s hands hi Cryptkeepers thank you for tuning
in to Amy’s Crypt tonight I have a very interesting investigation for you guys
because it relates to a real paranormal experience Jarrad had when he was much
younger I’m going to be taking you to a location that you have likely never seen
before so stay tuned on the outskirts of Adelaide South Australia lies a remote
dirt road that is shrouded in mystery along this road sits a small graveyard
that may be linked to paranormal events that have occurred here tonight we visit
this area to investigate a real ghost sighting and learn the truth as to
whether a lady in white roams this rural area let’s roll
all right guys we’ve just jumped in the car and I’ve got Jarrad here with me if
you guys don’t know who he is he is my husband slash camera guy here on Amy’s
Crypt he’s followed me all around the world to some of the most haunted
locations but we are heading out tonight to investigate a paranormal experience
Jarrad had when he was much younger so where are we going
so technically it wasn’t my Paranormal experience it was a paranormal experience
of a girl I took to the movies when I was younger before I met Amy obviously
so this was a date guys and Jarrad dated someone that wasn’t me and I’m still
p***ed about it so so I was maybe I must have been 17 at the time because I was
driving I took her to the movies that I worked out so we’re gonna go to the
movies first will retrace our steps then when I was driving her home we got
a bit lost because she lives out in you know the bush like kind of in the
farmland sort of area like what’s that called every cos you know what I mean
not in the metro area outside of town and on the way home I got a little bit a
little bit lost and we drove past a road Hayman Road which was the name of her
the road that she lived on but we weren’t expecting to go past it yet like
we weren’t in her neighborhood yet so it was just odd that we went past here I are
like oh maybe we’re lost let’s go down it cos that was her road that should have done so we
went down we did a u-turn went down Hayman we’re driving quite fast Tanner
works that was a dirt road you know in the country so it was you know there’s
no speed limits and there’s speed limits oh yeah but you know what I mean like
it’s not like as I was driving like all of a sudden the road ended and there was
a sign that just said stop near our you know Road end and it turns out the road
just went into a ravine so I quickly stepped on the brakes and well I feel
like you know like this must not be the hangman road you live live on this must
be some other Hayman Road so we did a u-turn it came back as we turn we drove
down the dirt road was quite bumpy as we turned up Hayman Road she said my date
said to me did you see that woman and I said what woman she said as we’re
driving back down that road a woman walked onto the road and you ran over
her like she disappeared into the car what the hell why didn’t you say
something when that happen in case I really did hit somebody so I went back
just to check to make sure I hadn’t hit anybody there’s no damage on my car
there was no one around so no no she must have been seeing something oh you
didn’t see her oh no I didn’t see her at all so she said she’s in a woman coming
in front of the car and disappear under the car I was like okay anyway we ended
up finding her house and dropping her off and then when I when I got back home
I was curious why there were two haman roads and I was just like where were
they like sigh I looked on Google Maps and I was just trying to suss out where
we went where we were when we were lost and and it turns out there is two Hayman
Roads in the same area within five kilometers of one another so it was just
really odd that there was two roads with the same name when I zoomed in on the
road that we were on the wrong Hayman road what’s creepy is there was a
cemetery on that road that we didn’t know was there and it was right where
she said that woman that part gives me chills
every time yeah sorry and she wouldn’t she had no idea Jarrad
didn’t have any clue we’re gonna go cemetery that we’re gonna go there tonight
so you will say it’s a country road there’s no no streetlights there’s no
signs that say cemetery here I think it’s still there it’s yeah I think it’s
still there I looked on Google Street View today I was still there so I don’t
know when it was last updated because the metro area of Adelaide is expanding
so it’s possible we’ve got houses I haven’t been there since but it was just
weird because yeah she’s sitting this woman this woman that disappeared under
my car and there was a cemetery right there where she a cemetery and a church
right there where she said she seen the woman and yeah this isn’t in the
countryside so there’s nothing else around it’s in the middle of you know
that sounds like a really good date why can’t you give me a date like that
haunted places all the time because every week a place for the record I
don’t think she’s seen anything I think she must have I don’t know it was where
maybe she’s in a splash or something but it was enough to make me double check
just in case I’d hit someone I don’t know you know and we’re double checking
again now we are gonna go and find this cemetery and investigate and see if
there’s anything strange going on but I think we’ll retrace our steps and head
back to the cinema and start from there tonight and then drive to this cemetery
from there and it’s kind of like nice because
that’s actually where we met we both used to work at this movie theater or as
we say in Australia cinema sounds good yeah how’s it feel to be back here pretty
good work for a long time seven years this is where I’m mean Amy actually mix
ah it’s so nostalgic to be back here yeah it is so this is where my date that
saw a ghost night started so rents the movie and then we drove we
aren’t driver home so Amon road is their next stop
yeah let’s go because this isn’t that spooky here so is this the same route
you would have taken with your date Jared I don’t think sorry I don’t think
I would have gone this way when I was younger I go in the acts like I’m older
and I know like all the shortcuts so this date was this even a date well I
don’t know know took a girl to the movies I guess it’s a date right I don’t
know and if you say I don’t know maybe she
was using you for your free staff tickets that is actually a possibility this is it right this is the road yep
this is ready she’s in it actually this road looks kind of creepy there’s no
lights or anything it’s all dirt yes it and it was like this back in the
day when he came down here yep I remember being a bit rocky it like a
bit more bumpy and maybe every three grab a little something yeah this is it should we drive right to the ends where
you nearly crashed into that Gruber thing yeah yeah like today okay right closed so this is pretty creepy Hey yeah so we
were driving super quick down this road and then all the sudden we had this end
of road sign and I had to slam on my brakes and stop because Marik’s because
we’re expecting the road to be a lot longer Hammond roads quite a long road
so when it just ended suddenly I had to slam on my brakes and then we were like
what the hell and that’s when we realized were lost and were on the wrong
hemorrhoid so that’s why we did a u-turn and then heading back way we came I say
we go back because that dog is so angry that we’re done here so we’re now
heading to the part of the road where she saw the woman and the reason why I
was worried when she said I saw a woman and I felt the need to come back in case
I had actually hit somebody it’s because you came back I did come back because I
thought well you know you know what am I sure I didn’t actually get anybody
reason why I was doubting myself is because there was a big bump up here in
the intersection which are about saying whoa Bvlgari but she was young camera
I’m gonna bump in a safe karcsi road and when you go over this
bump okay it wasn’t that wasn’t that bad that wasn’t very little going we’re
going really fast I’ve bumped over that anyway that scene section where the
cemetery is so let’s turn around yeah check so we’ll
go check out the cemetery right so no joke guys behind me there is a cemetery
here right off of the Haman wrote that we were just on where Jared’s date
supposedly saw a ghost and this is the car clue cemetery and it’s quite small
actually as a graveyard because it’s touched to a church and it looks like no
one has been in here for a very very long time but we’re about to go in and
just explore a bit I don’t know any background information or any history
about anyone in the cemetery and there’s no supposed hauntings here that are
widely known so it’s very cool that we’re potentially the first people ever
to investigate here 63 this one’s 1936
so these ones actually looked quite a bit older all right this one dates to 1907 so did
you hear that did you hear that did you hear that did you hear that I think it’s
okay so these ones are definitely older looking and it goes right back here
there is a church here guys but it looks like it’s been redone and restored as a
private residence so I don’t want to like offer them too much the graveyard
still maintained by the council though so it’s all public yeah I don’t actually
believe how creepy this place is I think because it’s a mix of it’s in the middle
of nowhere and some of these graves are just shattered and like tipping over
slowly there’s been a ghost sighting here it’s so cool I really wonder if the
spirit was from this cemetery that made it out over onto the road so what I’m
gonna do now is I’m just going to go for a walk around the cemetery I bought my
k2 meter out so I’m going to just flick that on you can see a whole bunch of
lights here and if we can light them up it would appear that something is
interacting with the electromagnetic field around the device and many people
believe that spirits can affect that so I’m gonna walk through and see if this
lights up or anything happens you know maybe I’ll just call out are there any
spirits whoever my name is Amy and I’m here with Jared we’ve come to visit you is there anyone here with us are you
buried here is Annie here who’s tall grass is freaking me out as well no
one’s open no I can’t make out it’s missing so many letters I can’t but it’s
open why I open nuts weed if there is anyone here can you come towards me we don’t mean you any harm I just hear something in that tree you
could just be someone right in front of me yeah maybe an animal or just
something falling but I could definitely hear something over there we don’t mean
you any harm we just like to know you’re here and if
you walk towards me maybe we will and we can say hello fingers branches falling
from the tree this friggin tree what cuts on camera you gone
it looks like it’s dancing so you so far haven’t got any fluctuations on myself
this place is kind of Awesome just like the way that it looks and I’ve mentioned
this before in some of my videos but I absolutely love the raw iron fences that
frame a lot of the graves and you know I don’t think anyone’s visited this place
in a long long time alright so there’s a huge tree here you go first it doesn’t
appear that we’re picking up a whole lot here but this wasn’t actually where the
ghost was sighted so Jared and I gonna walk out onto the road and just take a
walk and try an experiment out there where this ghost of a lady was actually
seen so I’m just running the ghost tube app it’s super super windy right now
yeah maybe we’ll get a word from the ghost dictionary is there a lady here
with us so yeah like like we it didn’t about we hidden when she said like it
look like the woman came in front of the car and then sort of disappeared under
the car like you know like it wasn’t like bang like it was like you know just
could it sort of vaporize into the castle the thing like vaporized
well you know like sort of disappeared like such a weird word like like sort of
just yeah disappeared as it went under the car like sort of like it went
through the car well can you call out to this lady please you know I don’t I
don’t it yeah just do it is there anyone here that wants to
communicate come on take it seriousiy Jared we want we want to talk to her all
right are there any spirits here did you vaporize under my car about 15 16 years
ago don’t say held yeah because it’s too
windy yeah well you can’t really help that I just hope my mic cuts out this
wind alright if there’s a woman here I’ve come to visit you we don’t mean you
any harm would you like some company can we help you in some way or are you
looking for someone can you walk towards the light in
Jared’s hands hey migraine is going up when I guys
need my head my head well why is it going up near my head thank you know my
head magnetic do you have a magnetic teeth no that’s weird
oh well maybe the ghost is sitting on your shoulders what maybe is that all
right that’s not the ring or something is it I’m not getting nothing
and look how dark it is out you guys this is nothing we’re walking in
complete pitch-black now yeah there’s no streetlights here like
it’s like a rural road like a dirt road so what’s in this drain can you say that no light not enough light on the camera
later see ya crawl in there Jared I know right this goes to boxes how much well
good cool just as we prepared to conclude our
investigation Jared walks off frame and I face towards
the wind to continue commentating where my camera audio picks up a female voice
unfortunately due to wind noise it is difficult to make out listen carefully
and see if you can pick up what she may be saying leave me a comment below if
you can seriously nothing down here thank you guys so much for watching I
hope they enjoyed this episode if you did please remember to Like comment
share and subscribe if you want to do a bit more reading on this haunted
location or any others that I visited head to you guys can
also follow me on facebook twitter and instagram @amyscrypt thanks for
watching Cryptkeepers until next time

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