My favorite classes to play in D&D

My favorite classes to play in D&D

Dungeons and Dragons Beyond released a set of statistics for 5th edition characters, races, and classes Ranking them from the most played to the least played So, let’s take a look and let’s see if my, most played combo, human fighter, is on there *Sighs* Yep, yep. It’s the most played Seriously people? Look at you guys running around with your stupid little swords on your back and blue shirts Unlike you guys I was doing it before it was cool. I mean, it was, it was cool when I was doing it and then and then you guys started doing it and now it’s not anymore I’m the only cool person here. What’s funny is that I played fighters a lot, and I’ve had several characters I play as other classes revert back to being that class I made a second level barbarian with one level fighter I literally only use the first level fighter abilities. I never raged. Anyway, following up human fighter you’ve got elf ranger, elf wizard, human wizard as the second, third, and fourth places for popularity Looking at the bottom of the list the least played classes are bard, sorcerer, and druid And the least played races are Goliath, Aarakocra, and Aasimar. This is funny to me We do have an Aasimar druid in our game now, so that must mean that this list is off And it should be updated because that’s that’s how Statistics works I think As far as races, I noticed that a lot of the first games that I played had weird races and Elves a lot of elves come to think of it I believe it’s because elves in popular culture are just like humans, only good at everything They’re elegant, strong, wise, intelligent, graceful, beautiful, and have super hearing, and are a crack shot with a bow They basically have all the upsides of being elderly and all the upsides of being young with none of the downsides Kind of like the blade equivalent of vampires of course, they’re nothing like this in D&D. I mean statistically speaking… If they were you need to make the character with a mutants and mastermind superhero rulebook and not a Dungeons & dragons one. Actually the most recent games I’ve seen a lot of humans being played, like five humans and maybe one dwarf or elf. I think the reason is because humans get either plus ones to all stats or an extra feat, so… They start with a lot of versatility that the other races don’t get and that gives them a pretty decent advantage I used to play as a human called Professor Solomon in my old group who’s basically I tried to make him like Gandalf An old man, walking stick, white hair, white beard, could summon a portal to the nether realms Which would drag his enemies into the nightmarish hellscape, okay, that last one We didn’t see Gandalf do it in The Lord of the Rings, but we didn’t see him not do it either So I’m still technically correct What was interesting was I used to play him as the old man of the group who was taking care of the youngsters Until I realized that I was actually the youngest person in the group. It’s hard to be the oldest human in your 70s when elves and dwarves live hundreds of years Personally I divide the classes in the three tiers. Tier one, “I love this class!” Tier two is “this is a class I like a lot.” and Tier three, “ehh I’ll get around to playing it eventually…” Fighters, paladin’s, clerics, and wizards are tier one Bards, monks, druids, rangers, and barbarians are tier two and rogues, sorcerers, and warlocks are tier three Note: I don’t dislike any of the classes But some I definitely prefer over the other ones Why are these three always overlooked? I think the rogue sneak attack is kind of boring and I prefer playing as a wizard over sorcerers and warlocks Particularly because the warlocks abilities are more cantrip focused and several invocations are used for deception, disguises, and social manipulation Well the sorcerers meta magic and sorcery points never really interested me But who knows I’ve never played one I get out of a change of heart. Races are weird for me I usually play a human I never liked being one of those guys who you’ve been playing with for years And you keep forgetting what race they are so if I want to be normal I just play a human, but if I want a different voice or something I play someone else. I usually only play a new race if that race matches the personality I’m interested in. Like, if I want to be dark and mysterious I play as a Tiefling, if I want to be gruff and coarse then I play as a Goliath and so on I played a halfling wizard once named Kevin who was upbeat and peppy and that was a lot of fun Then I played as a gruff Minotaur Sentinel He used to talk like “Minron thinks we should climb that mountain” “Minron got hurt real bad trying to climb that wall.” Which is a really good way to get the players to remember your name. I’m surprised they haven’t come out with a lot more official races and classes. There’s a few extra ones in Sword Coast Guide and Volo’s Guide But it’s not like in 4th edition where there was this giant deluge of Classes and races with, Player’s Handbook One, Player’s Handbook Two, Player’s Handbook Three Which some people hated, some people loved The next thing we have to look forward to for fifth edition is Xanathar’s Guide to Everything Which is coming out November 21st, which calls itself “the first major expansion for fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons.” I’m looking forward to that which should add plenty of more options. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. Because the flavour of Aasimar is that they're special individuals born to other races, I'm currently playing a Tiefling Aasimar Sorcerer.

    I love it except that Sorcerers are like Wizards with fewer spell options and no rituals which kinda sucks.

  2. I’m currently playing a campaign with my friends where none of us are humans (Dragonborn, dwarf, drow, and tiefling).

  3. Haven’t seen it mentioned yet, but Aasimar, Goliath, and Aarakocra are the least popular races because they aren’t even in the base PHB

  4. I had no idea that Druid was the least played class. My first time playing d&d I was tiefling bard and two others on the table were a half elf Druid and an arocrockra ranger

  5. My first character was a Tiefling Wizard, who was essentially a manic with bi-polar disorder. One minute he's having fun, or baking in our Inn. The next, he's killing dozens of goblins and cooking their fetid meat to jerky, then carrying around a few dozen pounds of goblin jerky. Or that one time he charged at a direwolf and skewered it with his long horns. Or when he froze the head of a screaming witch and pushed her over, breaking her head into a dozen pieces. And that one time he gave a performance in a haunted theatre to a crowd of ghosts and a Rakshasa, while the entire party was being disolved by a gelatinous cube. Or that one time he ripped all the teeth out of a wolf to use as charms and trinkets. Or the fact he has an obsession with gathering body parts of fallen enemies AND friends. He literally has a body hanging on a hook in his closet at the Inn.

  6. Once I played as a shardmind wizard, and in a battle I grappled an opponent and teleported forwards until my hands and the bad guy were embedded in the cave. Since my DM was awesome and let me just do stuff that seemed cool, I got to just reform my hands from rocks laying around. Still have little idea on how a shardmind would be played if I had to follow every rule lol

  7. Statistically, My Most Played Combination Is… Nothing, Because I've Only Played In 3 Games So Far, With A Different Combination Each Time. I've Played A Dwarf Fighter, A Human Ranger, And A Hobbit Halfling Bard. (Tip: Thrown Scimitars Is Not A Terribly Effective Weapon, I Advise Getting Something That Can Actually Damage The Enemies Without Needing To Be Bardically Inspired)

  8. This is very interesting. My first (and only, currently) pc I played was an Aarakokra fighter. The second i saw I could fly, I was down for the Aarakokra.

  9. This is very interesting. My first (and only, currently) pc I played was an Aarakokra fighter. The second i saw I could fly, I was down for the Aarakokra.

  10. But I love my CHANGELING Bard and have two Goliaths waiting to be used! And a sorcorer/bard gnome I'm dying to use (he has 10 cantrips).

  11. My table starting up soon will be made up of a Goliath, two Elves, two Tieflings, and one Dragonborn (and possibly a gnome).

    I'm the only Human player.

  12. It's funny how people know a lot of info about races like elves, dwarves, gnones, etc. even though they don't exist (ps. I beleive they exist). And I'm thinking where the heck do we get those data aside from western adaptations and (of course) anime.

  13. My first D&D character was a rogue Aarakocra, and I didnt play any other race so I'm a part of the rare people who play an Aarakocra 🙂

  14. This is an old video, but I just want to say, warlocks are super fun spell snipers. It just stinks that it’s the same cantrip over and over lol.

  15. Currently I am a Goliath barbarian and some of the stuff I do as a hulking giant that can literally throw up to 3000 pounds is fucking hilarious. Like throwing our were bear into row of skeleton s like a bowling ball while the Wii sports resort theme played

  16. My most played combo is dwarf fighter, but my newest one is an Azer Fighter / cleric who dual wields shields and has 30 AC at lvl 3 somwhow (with lvl adjustment)

  17. I love playing an Eladrin Wizard. Or a high elf before Xanathar’s guide to everything. I’ve played a few other but second I would say Dragonborn Barbarian. But I play the Wizard all the time and even reuse my name. 🙊 My excuse was I never got to play it to 20th level so I’m not bored of it since I still have stuff I want to do. Last campaign we played from 1st to 16th level…so close. But I did get my demiplane and my staff of the magi. The npc Wizard was using fly on me over the negative energy plane when he was knocked unconscious. The rogue didn’t seem to mind that I might die. I reminded him that the all of the treasure from the 3 dragons that we killed was on my demiplane that only I can open the portal to. He was more concerned about me then. But thankfully feather fall saved me and then I teleported to a safe space. And the other Wizard had cast fly on me because I had cast sunbeam and I can’t concentrate on two spells at once.

  18. 3.5 Crusader is best class for best edition. Normies who can't read more than four words at a time can play their dumbed-down baby version of D&D.

    0:28 Doubtful, I've played with groups full of human fighters and that was before 4th Edition pissed everyone off with its streamlined WoW gameplay.

    "4th edition deluge of races and classes" Oh my poor sweet summer child.

  19. I don’t play D&D (yet), but in any given game, I will usually pick human. It’s the easiest race to either insert myself into the world or create some kind of idealized person. As for classes, a few years ago I was really into healers. Nowadays I like tanks and frontline fighters more. As you can probably imagine at this point, paladins (holy knights, temple knights, whatever flavor they have in a given setting) are my favorite! Basically, I’m very generic and boring lol.

  20. My tier 1: paladins, clerics, sorcerers. Humans, dwarves, half elves.
    T2: fighter, rogue, bard, barbarian. Elves, dragonborn.
    T3: druid, warlock, wizard, monk. Half orc, tiefling and anything not in T4.
    T4: gnome and halfling. Never ever for any reason.

  21. Sorcerer is much better if the campaign you’re in is using simple mana. Because you only restore 8 mana on a long rest and sorcery points make your mana regen so much better

  22. I'm playing a dwarf Clerc of the domain of war that's a bit of a coin pincher, everytime I'm ask asked to do something like healing or sell items coz I made persuade my top skill I take a cut like 5%, healing 2 silver per hit point, I hoard my potions knowing everyone will use half fighting and ask me for one so they don't run out later. I have a LOT of gold to the point where I'm like "yeah who's your sugar daddy" it's great.

  23. Imma take this chance to talk about the beautiful players in my party. We have a dwarf barbarian named Sir Cookieboop (Carl) played by my cousin. A gnome fighter named Jerimiah or smth, oh yeah and he rides a black and white pig named Gaston who was trained in the pig army and can walk 80FT AND DASH. A high elf rouge named Sir Coloneus [I think]. A human paladin named Emma cause I don’t remember her name and she can speak Goblin. I play as a high elf bard named Rinn. We have an adventurer NPC named Arklus. And a Goblin leader NPC who was the only willing surrendered goblin to go with us, it’s a long story.

  24. For race i normally play an elf or half elf. I actually hate playing humans unless its for a theme

    Tier 1 Fighter, Rogue, Bard, Monk
    Tier 2 Barbarian, Cleric, Warlock
    Tier 3 Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Wizard, Sorcerer

    Not gonna lie i hate HATE playing spell casters. When i play a bard i play it as a Duelist (lore bard cutting words works great for dueling) and only use the spells as support and heals.
    Warlock is mostly Hexblade. Barbarian i never play like a typical barbarian. Cleric i'm not against playing….just again….spell caster.

  25. Does anyone else have a class they are cursed to never play? Every. Single. Fighter. I. Have. Played. Died first session. Is this normal?

  26. I was really let down when I figured out that Druid asimar was the least played character. My DND character is a druid a asimar named Autumn.

  27. Huh, I didn't expect Druid to be the least played class… Is it because of the whole hippie nature freak stereotype thing?? 'Cause I dunno, I personally play a character that has grown up with druidic teachings, but is pretty much a social butterfly and enjoys urban settings as much as wildlife.

  28. even thoughi really only tried them once i enjoyed the time i played as an arracockra (their name is confusing) and am suprised i dont see more of them

  29. I almost never play as a human. I even played some really strange races like a tortle durid and a modron warlock (all hail Primus). Even when I played Star Wars I was a bothan. It's not that I don't like playing humans and it's not that I wanted overpowered races. More often then not my characters were comparatively under powered. During one game I had to play a human. I played an ex soldier who's squad was attacked by mi go. His brain was stuck into a can then a robot body. He swore vengeance for his fallen comrades. I don't know why I like being the weird one.

  30. My first character was a sorcerer with the dragon bloodline and he's actually really really good. Sometimes better then our barbarians and fighters. All because of over powered firebal

  31. Lol I just played a session as my Aasmir Cleric with my buddy who is a Goliath Monk. My schools club is good at cranking out those odd gems I guess

  32. I've seen so many elves and half elves before I started playing DnD myself that I refused to play the race (still haven't, but maybe one day if the background fits the character). First was a gnome wizard and second was a half orc paladin. I didn't want to do human or elf for my first plays since I wanted something different from what I see every day. Wanted to have fun with different characters to make roleplay interesting.

  33. one time i played a human monk named Clyde The Wonder Dog.
    He was a pacifist, and refused to kill anything in the giant dungeon we were in. he also loved languages, and knows practically all of the languages in the players handbook (5e)
    i like how my pacifist character was the only one to survive the whole quest

  34. I almost exclusively play as exotic or monstrous races. I think playing as a human is boring because I'm human all the time. If I'm playing a fantasy game, I'm going all out. The closest I got to playing a human was a paladin who was actually a polymorphed bronze dragon disguised as a himan. So happy my DM let me play that character 🙂

  35. Changling rouges with insanely high charisma with proficiencies in deception and persuasion are really fun. Especially if you have 0 combat skills.

  36. Teir 1: Cleric, Bard, Warlock
    Teir 2: Wizard, Paladin, Fighter
    Teir 3:Rogue
    Teir 4:Barbarian
    N/A: Druid, Ranger, Sorcerer

  37. I had one player once who’s character I adored to bits. He was a gnome fighter-illusionist. I’m pretty lax with illusions, so we both got to have a lot of fun with him

  38. Yep, i can tell you playing races that are offbrand or weird is actually..hard to do. I played a kenku warlock and it got really hard at some point with for instance, speech and interaction. Cause they dont really produce any own thoughts. so i had to mimic voice and come up with things. I had to scout out taverns to hear words so i could use them. I actually had to keep track of a list of 'known words' And it was terrible cause i had to add to the list how i heard said voice. My DM and i decided i could use mose basic words at some point. But if it was specifics, EG town, gods, weapons and people names, i couldnt say them untill i heard them. Made it really awkward.

    For instance at one point we had to solve a puzzle with making a word. And ijust happend to find it first. So i had to play cherades with my party to let them know what was going on. It made more fun interactions with the party but it def was more of a struggle then i would like to.

  39. I would have thought that ALL races have almost all personality types – and hence voice characterisations – available to them.
    I suspect that there is some stereotyping going on here…… 😉

  40. Tieflings and Aasimar; wizard, Cleric, and Paladins for me. Weirdly enough I always play a lawful good character.



  42. So-so… so it's not weird that I'm playing an Moon Elf Paladin? Because my DM was like… "are you sure?" "Yeah!" "Are you super, really, 100%, absolutely sure you want to play an Elf Paladin?" "…….. Yeah??" "Alright" "o.o"

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