My First 100 Words in English Chant With Matt | Numbers, Colors, Animals | Learn English Kids

Dream English kids cool! My first one hundred words. My first one hundred words. Here we go! Animals dog cat bird fish horse cow goat chicken sheep frog Food Hamburger hot dog pizza egg rice salad sandwich spaghetti soup cake My first one hundred words. Vehicles car bus truck Motorcycle train boat airplane helicopter bicycle police car Numbers one two three four five six seven eight nine ten My first 100 words Jobs doctor firefighter teacher pilot chef police officer dentist bus driver farmer astronaut Colors red yellow pink green purple orange blue brown black white My first 100 words Family grandpa grandma dad mom brother sister baby parents son daughter Clothing socks shoes shirt t-shirt skirt jacket jeans sweater hat pajamas My first 100 words Body head Shoulders knees toes eyes ears mouth nose hair finger Actions walk run read play sleep talk listen jump eat drink My first 100 words. Great job! Hello, my name is Matt, what’s your name? You just said 100 words! Great job! Goodbye, see you, thank you Goodbye Let’s have a look at another song

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