My FIRST D&D Character

My FIRST D&D Character

(people cheering) – So I’ve got a bit of a reputation among our group of friends as a gamesman. – You’re a bit of a gamesman for sure. – Yeah.
– A bit of a metagamer. – I make characters that make game masters for table top role playing, RPGs sad. – Yeah, you want to make them sad and mad and feel like they’ve done a bad job. – Yeah, I want to make the game easy for myself and do cool things (mechanical whirring)
with bending the rules to my whim, of course. But it wasn’t always that way. – Are we going back in history? – We’re gonna take a
little historical dive. (peaceful harp music)
I want to tell you about the first ever D&D character I made. – Oh, boy! – This was in middle school. It was the first time I ever played D&D. I was visiting my cousin
over summer vacation, and he played D&D, and I didn’t know what
to expect, what to do, so my cousin very generously offered to help me make a character. We random picked my character race. I got wild elf. We rolled my stats, random
rolled stats, and I rolled bad. (people cheering) – That’s the problem
with random roll stats. – I rolled really bad, I don’t think. I think my highest bonus
to any stat was plus one. – Ew. – And I had a fair amount of
zeros and minuses in there too. And I didn’t know, I didn’t know what like the
standard array of stats was. I didn’t know what the norm was. I was just like, okay these are my stats? And my cousin was like, yeah. (giggles) – There ya go, sorry bud. – Yeah, so I made a druid, a
wild-elf druid named Laucian. – Oh boy. – Yeah.
– Was there a last name? – Yeah, I believe it was
like Melodica or some– – Laucian Melodica? – Yeah, something like that. So like, Elvor or something. – Sure. – Greenshins or whatever. – Elvor Greenshins? – Yes, something like that. (giggles) – I think my name was Laucian though. I don’t super remember what the last name was,
that’s not important. – Okay. – What’s important is
my character was bad. – (giggles) A bad dude
going on a bad adventure? – Yeah, my alignment was true
neutral, just neutral neutral. (laughs) And so I came into school
with my new character. Asked to join my friends adventure and in trying to keep with
my character’s alignment, I just didn’t participate
in a lot of the stuff that my friends we’re doing. Like I remember being in
a tavern where we all were and some guards came in
chasing someone up the stairs. And all the other members of the party went to see what was going
on, they ended up in a fight. I was just chilling at the bar. – You’re like, no thanks. – No, I’m good. This is nothing to do
with animals and nature. That’s sort of what I’m about. – Yeah. – Basically all I wanted
to do with this character was a mass sort of a collection, a menagerie of animal companions. So I started with an eagle but
I wanted an eagle and a wolf. (howling) – As you do. – So my friend Mike, still
friends with him to this day. He was our dungeon master, He had built this
beautiful, fantastical world for us to adventure in,
lots of warring factions. I remember there were
these rangers in the forest and they were having a big
fight with a war tribe of orcs. – Sure. – And our friends were all
getting mixed up in that. And I was off in a cave
trying to befriend a wolf. (giggles) – So once again you’re
just not, not involved. (giggles) – Like this is the first time that I ever was able to
just do that in a game. Like most games, there’s a story and you play through the story. This was before your Skyrims and whatnot. So if was my first time
dealing with an open world. And all I wanted to do was pet the dog. – Yeah, you can pet the dog in D&D– – I just wanted to pet the dog. I did a really bad job though. The wolf almost killed me. (laughing) – And so you were alone dying– – I was alone in a cave dying to a wolf while my friends were having
an epic adventure in the woods. I will say that though even
though my character was bad and I was also bad. – Yeah. – I still have very fond
memories of that adventure. My character was objectively weak and there was a real sense of
danger to everything I did. I don’t know, it was my
first ever time playing anything like that and it blew my mind. It blew my mind that if I
didn’t want to participate in the adventure, I didn’t have to. – No one could make you do that. – No one could make me. It was much to the lament
of my fellow party members. Since then I’ve made better characters that actually learn the game and I try to be a helpful party member. But I’ll always have a
special place in my heart for my big dumb idiot who
just wanted to pet a wolf. – You know, I think we can all
relate to that a little bit. (ping)

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  1. Probably a good beans topic: draw colors but using it’s complimentary color, artists choice on what color combonation

  2. Ok 1) This really cheered me up (that music!), 2) I love learning about you guys! 3) I know this takes so much time, but I want so much more if it, and 4) Nathan's beard head gives me plushy octopus pirate vibes.

  3. For the next Drawfee you should do drawings based on weird Star Wars creatures, like the Star weird. It would be pretty awesome

  4. I'm a new fan of Drawfee, I've been going back and watching old episodes, and I came across the Julia Vegeta joke. But I don't get the reference. Anyone know what the original video is that started it?

  5. I remember my first D&D character was some sort of alchemist science dude who loved bombs. For some reason, my DM pointed me to an ability that allowed me to create bombs (using material I needed to buy before hand, of course) on the go so, whenever we were faced with a group of enemies, I'd just throw a bomb at them. The DM's like "You're pretty sure you could hit a lot of the enemies but your teammates would also be close to the bomb's radius" and I'd be like "Well yeah but they have more hit points than the enemies, right? It'll be fine."

    Turns out, my friends didn't like being blown up for the greater good…

  6. I’m actually abt to start a campaign w my first character. Their name is Agatha Thottica Grottis (or Grot) and they’re a hairy, oily, horny rat Druid who just be rat in every way possible

  7. My first group of players had a barbarian who always tried to tame every direwolf they came by. Then they found a group of orcs with direwolf mounts and let them keep their lives in exchange of a dire wolf, rolled two nat20's when I tried to make it a near-impossible task. In the end the party went everywhere with a dire wolf, 2 wolves, a rat and a Hawk. Nathan's "I want to pet the wolf; who cares about the rest." is a very familiar line of thinking to me. My players were all in their 20s.

  8. When I first started playing, no one knew what we were doing so we did a pre written campaign. My character was Varis Moonbrook, a Woodelf Druid who used speak with animals to try and convince animals to fight for us

  9. My first DnD character was a midget minataur that was allergic to humans. The party wouldn't let me go into town with them and the DM would roll occasionally to see if my sneezing alerted nearby humans to our presence.

  10. My first character was an edgy tiefling rogue. I still remember making my character with the DM and gleefully talking about how I was gonna pick my party members’ pockets and the DM just… empathically and kindly told me that doing that would be a dick move.


  11. I like bad stat characters… or mediocre stat characters. Course you still want at least ONE stat thats good so you can do SOMETHING… but playing around with the flaws is fun.

  12. My first D&D character was a human, beast master ranger. He was chaotic neutral and very dumb. I haven't played his character in ages but I'll always remember the good times I've had with him!

  13. My first D&D character was an elf, back when there were only two slim, red books, and "elf" and "dwarf" were classes and not races. There were only three alignments, and I was ten, so she was "good". That is so long ago, so many rpgs from now…. I started running games for my family, when I was eleven, and my stories were terrible, but they were good sports. 🙂

  14. Now I'm imagining that Laucian is just that one friend who's pretty weak but still follows his friends around so when something happens they just say something like "Just stay here or look for a puppy…".

  15. Except for my first few sessions I always roll al my stats and I think I took the best course of actions because if I had terrible stats or didn't allocate them correctly (and I know it would had happened because even knowing where some of the stuff were supposed to be to have a workable character I screwed it up anyways) a few times in a row I would had probably quited from frustration

  16. I’m actually playing a campaign and we’re having some fun

    My first D&D character was a blue metallic Dragonborn of the fighter class

    Name:Drakeon Ragnarök
    Alignment: N-Good

  17. All of my D&D characters just wish to amass an army of animals so when I first played I just stayed in a forest and basically tamed all animals that is my current first and last time playing D&D because I just don’t know where to go and play

  18. DM: "Your companions are literally dying, what do you want to do?"

    Anybody: "I want to pet the pupper."
    DM, sighs: "You want to pet a full grown, feral wolf that might kill you?"
    Anybody: "Yes."

  19. I commented this on y’all’s last video but if y’all could try league of legends characters in the spider verse style. Hopefully y’all see it c: Love your videos btw

  20. My first was actually just a human baker… don't even remember what class. She was weak as all hell, a wimp, and somehow amassed several annoying animals as pets. She also managed to burn everything she tried to cook. 10/10

  21. Please draw creatures/characters from the borderlands trilogy that you've never heard of or if you have heard of them then please draw them from memory

  22. Nathan had the same reaction to D&D in middle school as I did last year when I played for the first time in college

  23. Me in D&D: im gonna go pick some flowers in the meadow.


    Me in D&D: let's kill this important npc.

    There's no in-between.

  24. My first character was a vengance paladin dwarf who ended up jumping on a Fay queen from over 60ft up who promptly snapped my arms off, yet he survived …. somehow

  25. My first character was a bard and the dm ignored physical spell requirements and just let you use any spell that was available at ur level, not just known or prepared ones. Really pissed him off when I used spells like knock and stuff because apparently no one remembers those spells and I ruined his traps

  26. I've never related to something more than Nathan's first DnD character. Bad stats, weak, doesn't want to participate, just wants to befriend a wolf.

  27. my first dnd game i was a teifling bard, and our only healer

    i had this pet chicken
    and everyone wanted to kill it
    so i threatened to not heal them

    then i got a goat
    and it defended the chicken
    and then this dragon killed the goat while also killing an electric boar

    but i didn't avenge the goat because we wanted to be nice to this particular dragon
    we managed to get the dragon to be nice and become the guardian of a nearby town

    then we killed a wyvern that had been bothering the dragon and with my share of the scale i bought a giant goat farm and spent my days renting out goats for whatever you could ever need

    my chicken remained beside me until the end

  28. When I first played dnd everytime it came to my turn I successfully threw myself in the fire because I didnt know what else to do

  29. I suppose my very first character was a human wizard named Lobsture (Because everything I do must be lobster themed). He jumped in an underground stream and almost drowned to pick a glowing plant, ripped a leg off a giant spider and used it as a stick to hit people, (accidentally) burnt a hat that the party was fighting over who got to keep to ashes, and found some cocaine.

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