Newly confirmed COVID-19 patients in Korea increased by 70, raising total to 833

our starting point this morning the
number of confirmed coronavirus cases in South Korea continues to spike on a
daily basis for the details we have our Kim Jiyeon on the line for us chiana the
number of Kovac 19 related deaths in South Korea increased again on Monday
and the number of confirmed cases continues to rise particularly in the
virus stricken city of tego that’s right Simon the number of newly confirmed
patients jumped by 70 from the previous day raising the total number cases to
833 as of Monday the majority of the confirmed patients 682 are from the
southeastern region of tegu and the surrounding Kong Songbook de Provence
meanwhile more than half of the confirmed cases at least 456 were traced
to members of the table-based religion religious groups in Sanji one more death
was reported on Monday raising the number of corona virus related deaths in
South Korea to eight the most recent victim was a 67 year old
hospitalized male patient in Tegel he was previously a patient at tenem
Hospital in the southeastern County Otunga where the country’s first
coronavirus death occurred and it’s where at least 113 people have been
infected with this the number of corona virus related deaths that were patients
from the tenem hospital has risen to six in a 61 year old woman who is a US
forces Korea dependent living in – who has tested positive for the virus this
is the first time a USFK related individual has been confirmed to have
the corona virus in response the USFK raised a risk level too high meanwhile
for more patients recovered on Monday increasing the number of those who have
been discharged to 22 and T on South Korea’s health authorities are working
at 24/7 to try and contain the virus spread how are they adapting to this
increasing and worrisome situation well Prime Minister Jang Keun is to visit the
virus it’s idiotic were later today to lead the government’s containment
efforts the previous say he stressed the importance of speedy pre-emptive
measures to halt the spread as a nation and not just focusing on the
worst-affected southeastern regions but so flatly denies speculations the South
Korean government is considering banning the entry
Chinese as one of its countermeasures he also added that realistically it’s
nearly impossible to delay be April 15th general elections before heading to
Daegu Chung said he’ll discuss measures at a cabinet meeting to ensure a
continuous supply a protective face masks in the country back to you

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