NUMBER 2 NUMEROLOGY  Are You 02,11,20,29 BORN ?

NUMBER 2 NUMEROLOGY Are You 02,11,20,29 BORN ?

People having 2 number as their core, are full of emotions. People with 2 number are proven to be very good friends as they are more supportive, and full of emotions. They connect emotionally with anyone. Whenever the situation of the Moon changes in Shukl-Paksh and in Krishna-Paksh, changes also come in their moods. This is the fastest moving planet, and in that way, so many thoughts, mood swings comes in the mind of people of 2 number. If they get attached with any work emotionally then they can go to any extent to complete that. 2 Number people are very good friends. They are supportive. They are always ready to help. They feel very good in helping others. They feel completion in helping others. What Moon does? Moon takes light from the sun and then it reflects,these people will give you guidance when they are guided by others. Firstly sun gives light to Moon, Moon is taking light from the sun. So 2 Number people provide very good guidance and they can show a path in a better way. When sun shows path, it will show with authority, it will show with anger. Father and Mother both shows path. Father shows path with authority, mother shows path with love, My Son do not do like this, do like this. This kind of guidance is provided
by Mother. Father and mother both shows path. Moon’s shape changes. Sometime we see full moon and sometime we see half moon, like in that way their mental situation changes in Shukl-Paksh and in Krishna-Paksh. For them ideal vaastu direction is North West and they have to avoid South East direction. Why? Because North West is emotions, North West is a support. South West is Shukracharya. Moon believes in giving, its assumption is to give, its recognition is to give, its belief system is to give. Shukracharya says first fulfill your desires then others. That is why Core strength of 2 number people is to give. 2 number people have the quality to attract anyone with love. 2 number people become good friends with 1 number people. 2 number people not share strong bond with people having 5 number as their moolank. Sometimes they misunderstood each other as one thinks with conscious mind and the other thinks with sub-conscious mind. Shani and Moon people means 8 Number people and 2 Number People, they are not very good friends because shani and moon are not very good friends. Sadesati means when shani moves around the moon, means moon is your mind and shani means darkness. Your mind goes towards darkness.
Shani darkness does not means it brings darkness. Shani trains you in that way, so that you can play any stroke even in the darkness. Shani strengthens your foundation. Shani is not emotional but moon is emotional. Shani does not belongs to emotions. Does any lawyer belongs to any emotion? I was emotionally disturbed, so that is why I killed that person. Shani says you are the one who killed that
person. So that is why 2 Number people and 8 number people not share strong bond. Those who have 2 as their core, mother represents your moon. So from the hands of your mother take one silver coin and keep it with yourself but be careful if that person belongs to 2 number and 2 number vibrations are high and that person is not emotional. It can happen because of more vibrations of 2 number its effects distorts and if he is not emotional in that matter, they have to keep round silver coin and if he is more emotional then at that time he has to keep rectangular silver coin.

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  1. शत शत नमन है प्रभु आपका दो नंबर मेरा भी है वह आपने जो भी बात कही वह अक्षर सः सा सही है

  2. Sir,agar kisi ka severe accident ho gya ho toh koi instant relief and life saving upay hai Kya . please share's urgent

  3. Sir aap se phone par baat karle information le sakte hai ki meri kundali mai kya kya problem hai.or use kaise thik kiya jaye

  4. नमन गुरुजी आपको
    मेरे पती का मूलांक 2 है। आपने जो भी बतया वो उनको लागू होता है।बस मेरी ये शंका है कि उनकी माँ नहीं है। तो वो चांदी का सिक्का किससे ले।🙏

  5. Sir meri dob. 10th April 1982 hai… pr mai jisko friend banana chahti hu uska 2April hai… pr vo muzse baat hi nhi karta… kya ham kabhi Friends ban sakte hai

  6. Thank you all for your love and support to TRINITY VAASTU

    Here we are with new journey of transformation with MINDMAAYA

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