Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in China tops 24,000, death toll rises to 492

Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in China tops 24,000, death toll rises to 492

moving on the death toll from the
outbreak continues to climb in China new cases surged by double-digit percentages
in 11 days more people have now died in this epidemic than the SARS pandemic of
2003 at least 25 countries and territories around the world have been
reporting more cases Kim Morgan helps us look beyond the numbers China’s national
health commission announced that as of early Wednesday the total number of
deaths caused by the Karuna virus had reached at least 492 and that more than
24,000 people have tested positive for the virus it was an increase of at least
65 deaths in more than 3,800 new infections from the previous day and was
the most of either figure recorded in a single day all the deaths reported on
Tuesday came from Hebei province where the outbreak is most serious amid
ongoing efforts to contain the virus China had finished building a new
hospital in Wuhan the first batch of coronavirus patients arrived at the
Horsham Shan hospital on Tuesday for the past week Ohan has been building to
hospitals with thousands of beds for confirmed patients to help ease the
shortage of beds in the city the second hospital is set to be
completed by Wednesday outside of China some 220 confirmed cases of the corona
virus have been reported in at least 25 countries and territories Japan has the
highest number of confirmed cases outside of China with 35 cases Japanese
authorities announced on Wednesday that three Japanese nationals and seven other
people who were on a cruise ship tested positive for the virus
the remaining three thousand-plus passengers including nine South Koreans
have been transferred to hospitals in Japan where they will be quarantined
Thailand has 25 confirmed patients followed by Singapore with 24 and South
Korea has confirmed three additional cases on Wednesday raising the figure to
19 10 cases each happened confirmed in Malaysia Macau and Vietnam and there are
six and France five needed Arab Emirates and three in India the United States saw
eleven confirmed cases after two new cases have been reported from California
on Monday meanwhile two deaths have also been reported outside of China one each
from Hong Kong and the Philippines Hong Kong has seen at least 18 confirmed
cases while the Philippines has three cases Mogan
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  1. Chinies Govt is lying the actual number of deaths is above 1000 and more than 60000 people are infected by virus.

  2. Neighbouring countries should help China… China needs support from international communities.. plz help China.

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  5. no enough test pads to confirm, wuhan starts the confirmation by lung CT photos from yesterday. definitely, more havent been found. some people.died before catch the time to test the blood. all chineze knows it.

  6. for everyone heres real numbers but tbh its probably in millions

  7. The common flu documents over 5 million cases world wide yearly with about 650,000 deaths. The states alone has had over 8000 deaths this season from the flu…but hey I guess that's normal right?

  8. Used masks are being sold as new by poor people trying to make money. Don't overreact. The CCP says the virus is under control, so why not try to make some money while you can?

  9. China, having developed the enhanced Coronavirus adding HIV protein, is operating the biological warfare cooperating with “WHO”. China rushes to construct the Extermination camps known by NAZI to isolate and to terminate infected people. This Coronavirus seems to be released to Wuhan City by accident from the Wuhan bio-warfare Lab. PLA (People’s Liberation
    Army) China. China is being suffered from its self-made FrankenStein.

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    I want to tell the people this virus is from our allah (god) believe Allah he will protect if the people believe him please believe the allah who creates you and all things

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  14. Why nobody say anything about the Middle East Country and no one gets infected with this Wuhan Coronavirus ???? Why ??

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  17. Check out what China is doing. They are hauling a portable microwave. Xia hui leaked this info a week ago. Today, footage of a white cube surfaced. They put a couple inside, turn it on and all you hear is the girl screaming as she cooks alive.

  18. China : 1.5 million confirmed patients, 250 millions are segregated actually. More than two dozen cities are completely blocked, including Shanghai and Beijing.

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  20. They knew even before that there's an outbreak of corona virus but their govt kept it, they even allow their people to travel outside, around the world without even thinking that they are carrier of this virus, spreads so fast and deadly. What a selfish act! Chinese people are so disgusting in so may ways. Feeling entitled, arrogant, deceptive, you even claiming other country's territory. I hate china and i hate chinese people, please go away and leave our country. #sinophobia

  21. I heard from a so-called reputable source, They have incinerators round-the-clock killing about 1,200 people a day.

  22. Pray for China and all those affected with this terrible virus all over the world. Prayer is powerful and our Creator the Almighty will listen and save the world from this dreadful disease. Say amen.

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  24. The Numbers is all lies. It’s over 25.000 deaths Already i bet btw someone by accident or intentionally revealed The real Numbers and The death total was 24.000 and that was a while ago

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