Number of confirmed COVID-19 patients in Korea up to 893

dozens more cases of the coronavirus
confirmed today here in South Korea most of them again in the city of Tengu and
there have been now been nine deaths in the country so far with the details we
have our home you on the line you Daegu is the epicenter of the outbreak in
Korea that’s why the number of newly confirmed patients jumped by 60 from the
previous day were using the total number of cases to 893 as of Tuesday morning
the majority of the newly confirmed cases 49 of them are from the
southeastern city of tako and the surrounding towns of the
province out of all confirmed cases nationwide 499 come from Tegel and more
than half of those cases were traced to members of the religious groups in 20
local authorities said they’re stepping up efforts to track down the remaining
20 members for a thorough investigation according to the central disaster
headquarters of the Korea Centers for Disease Control it will receive the
personal identification number phone number and home address of the members
it also urged believers of these religions to stay home and as cases
continue to Sergent ago the government will prepare 1,600 more beds for Kubik
19 patients by Sunday meanwhile one more death was reported on Tuesday raising
the number of kono virus related deaths in south korea to nine
the most recent victim is a 68 year old female in Tegel who have been
hospitalized for pneumonia after she died it was confirmed that she had
coronavirus at the health authorities found out that she had contact with one
of the Shin Kamiya patients the domestic death toll could rise as six patients
are in critical condition and 14 are relying on respirators now you South
Korea’s health authorities of course are working 24/7 to try and contain the
virus what measures are they taking now well Prime Minister’s home según headed
to the virus hit city of Daegu after a cabinet meeting this morning to lead the
government’s containment efforts during the meeting Chava said that this week is
a critical juncture to assess whether coping 19 will spread nationwide or not
and that pre-emptive and active measures are needed more than ever in an effort
to stabilize the supply of face masks the government limited masks exports to
10% of the total production the government is also
taking control of the distribution as half of those maps produced in Korea
this measure will apply from one state to the end of April back to you Devon
alright ho new reporting there thank you

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