Number of coronavirus cases in Iran, Italy surges

Number of coronavirus cases in Iran, Italy surges

and the corona virus outbreak continues
to spread around the globe with figures in Iran in Italy increasing rapidly
Iran’s Health Ministry confirmed 61 cases and at least 12 deaths as of late
Monday local time that makes Iran the country with the highest number of
deaths after mainland China elsewhere Italy’s national civil Protection
Service announced on Monday that a whopping 229 patients had been confirmed
and seven have died from the virus some 30 others are reportedly in critical
condition in the u.s. nearly 20 new cases were reported Monday bringing the
total number of infected there to 53 36 of them had been aboard the diamond
Princess cruise ship in Japan China meanwhile is reporting a slowdown in new
cases with some 500 new cases on Monday the sixth straight day that China has
reported a figure below the 1000 mark

54 thoughts on “Number of coronavirus cases in Iran, Italy surges”

  1. Even when on high alert hundreds almost 1k are infected in korea 1 week alone and you tell me china need 1 month from december to reach 1k before government took notice of the outbreak? Bullshit

  2. Now it’s the economy that takes precedent. If the person is still ill, it’s the economy that is deemed to be of more importance.

  3. china slowdown while the rest of the world like korea and italy are rising…. not very suspicious at all…. afterall no one believes anything ccp release on media… all FAKE numbers 🙄🙄🙄
    duhhhh ……

  4. Now the stupid health minister of IRAN blames poor Afghanistan for IRAN’s coronavirus.. IRAN always blames Afghanistan for everything that happens to his country.. Afghanistan has no coronavirus case yet but i sure Iran will send it to there soon..

  5. To show a slow down number, all you have to do is to distribute less test kits per day. They were handing out too many test kits per day make the number sky rocketing. If you distribute 500 test kits per day, there is no way in hell you can detect more then 500 infected cases.

  6. I don't believe the figures that our CDC in the U.S. are correct. This report says 56 cases and the CDC website says that there are only 12 cases, yet their are reports of groups are trying to be relocated and these are being fought by the locals . I think our citizens are being lied to!

  7. America produced the coronavirus, go to watch the video from Japanese professor and Kobe TV; American government bring healthy citizens back from diamond princess and remaining infected ones in Japan; yes,that is "let American great again"

  8. "China is reporting a slow down with [[ONLY]]–> (500) NEW CASES!"–NEWS ANCHOR

    Ah, it's only 500——>500[000] so I'm supposed to praise you or something!? 🖕🤬

  9. Not as many deaths in China.. Make a big deal.. Trying to hide the world leaders cyberstalking mess and distract people from the huge mess?! My junkie drug dealer father& his Russian Iranian drug dealer trafficking terrorist gang wanted to get us sick with corona virus! Attack us in streets with electric shocker, etc supported by Trump & Obama, g7, g20, royals, Hollywood, etc.. Abusing a sick mother and disabled child with cerebral palsy in Iran 4yrs SO far,24/7!!

  10. 500 figure is one too many. people making comments that china is lying is not helping , we all know they been lying for a long time about many things. stay safe everyone. run hide now.

  11. Viruses are attacking the human race and we are pointing the fingers to each other LOL. The upcoming Terminator movie theme should change to fight against micros, my God, its harder to fight against machines

  12. Slow down from China means barely alive already cremated in incinerator . No point in giving medication when there is none and infected their medical personnels so the one not recovered straight to incinerator . Our Government bringing home Embassy families from Beijing . That is serius !

  13. Italy is safe, coronavirus is just Lombardy's problem, please do not be scared our country is safe, just don't go to Milan!

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