Number of COVID-19 cases in S. Korea reaches 206

well ANCOVA 19 death reported here in
the nation and the number of confirmed cases continue to escalate we start
things off by connecting to our church on Yun standing by on the line for us
chun-yin please fill us in on the latest Daniel South Korea’s second death was
reported just few hours ago of 54 year old woman who had been hospitalized in
Chengdu tanam Hospital she was being transferred to Pusan National University
Hospital as her condition had deteriorated but it around 5:18 p.m. on
Friday the victim was given CPR and later died
this brings the total number of deaths of Kovac 19 in South Korea to 2 and the
tunngle Denham hospital is where the first test awkward as well a 63 year old
man who had been hospitalized with schizophrenia for more than 20 years
tired of pneumonia it was discovered afterwards that he had kovat 19 through
an autopsy experts say the mortality rate of the
virus outside Ohan is estimated to be around point to 2.4 percent the Florida
murders were higher than influenza entering in with two more new cases in
Busan the total number of confirmed cases has risen rapidly that’s right
Daniel more than 100 new cases have been confirmed today alone bringing the
country’s total to at least 206 and covered 19 has struck Busan the southern
port city for the first time a month after the first case in South Korea was
confirmed Busan had no confirmed cases of Cova 19 but two cases were nearly
confirmed on friday in busan according to the city of busan on Friday of 57
year old woman who had visited in the university back hospital had symptoms of
pneumonia and tested positive another case came from a 19 year old man most of
new cases are linked to a church in tegu 83 out of the 102 newly confirmed cases
in South Korea come from the southern city of Daegu and the surrounding
telephone book the province other regions have also reported new cases
five in Seoul for in gyeongsangnam-do province for in Gwangju and one each in
the provinces of Gentlemen Doulton Tombouctou congedo and Halawa and jeju
island back to you Daniel all right join you thank you for those updates we
appreciate it

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