Number Of COVID-19 Cases Soars To Over 40,000 In China | NBC Nightly News

Number Of COVID-19 Cases Soars To Over 40,000 In China | NBC Nightly News

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  1. One of Bill Gates vaccine laboratories is in Wuhan. Suddenly the virus starts in Wuhan. Why does nobody anywhere ever connect those two very obvious dots. There was a video some years ago where Bill Gates is interviewed and very clearly says he wants to reduce world population. Where better to start than one of the most populated countries of the world. Why is nobody putting two and two together?

  2. No1 knows 3 craps about this virus.not the Chinese and especially the U.S. All the people saying it's ok well it's not ok the creators of the virus don't even know where to begin a proper diagnostic.

  3. they should use ionizers in indoor spaces, and weather control to make rain.

  4. For the people quarantined on cruise ships , it is only a matter of time until all of them are infected unless they get ionizers in there . It sounds like probably the only reason there are presently so many more deaths is because people in Wuhan and elsewhere are unable to get treatment due to the quarantine, due to the closure of gas stations and thus absence of transportation, and due to – reportedly- nonexistent and or ineffective emergency call systems.

  5. Our bodies are bound to die, but our souls will exist forever. Our lives are quite short compared to 'forever'. Are you doing anything to guide your soul?

    What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?
    Mark 8:36

    Help yourself while there is still time. I pray that all of you find the way.

  6. governments are stupid , they said 14 days they release people now its 24 days lol fools they cause disaster and let the virus spread

  7. The whole world should just nuke China,so that this virus won't spread to the world and prevent more future viruses from China.

  8. Elderly passenger: we are not safe in the ship. We need to be evacuated while some of us are still healthy. I assume I'm healthy.

  9. Can someone help?
    My father is an MD, PHD member of the scientific committees of BioMah, Rome, Italy.

    He uses Dihydroartemisinin for effective cancer treatment.

    He says that the Coronavirus can be fought with Dihydroartemisinin.

    And says it would be good to find a virologist who can do research on tissue cultures.

    I am not a doctor myself and I have no contacts, and my father is far too busy treating people with cancer.

    Maybe someone can give virologists this information by stating that Dihydroartemisinin is a possible way to combat the nCoV2019.

    I think we should at least try this, for the sake of humanity.

  10. Fake news NBC is still reporting the mortality and infection numbers given by the Chinese government. Would anyone in their right mind trust info from a communist government? 😄 Would anyone in their right mind trust NBC news? 😆

  11. Every one plays the identity politics until the black death comes, then your just American. Not chinese American, not African American, no Hispanic American, … white nationalists. They wont say only Chinese dying because of fear of discrimination. Fake news!

  12. This is the sht movies are made of.
    Yet we still aren’t closing borders?
    Just wait till this happens in America where most people are armed and willing to Protect themselves.
    Can you imagine these type of squads trying to gather Americans ?

  13. Please sign the petition for the resignation of WHO director general if you have not done yet

  14. china not only importing fake products also china virus as well. 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 10,000 Chinese already dead and counting. eating pangolin which is an endangered species caused this Ncov. So don't believe the fake news 🙏🙏🙏

  15. WTO director kowtowed to China Xi n refused to let US experts into China to investigate the virus source, which is said to uncorked from Wuhan P4 Lab instead bats.
    Watch 《China Uncensored》 4 most updated into.

  16. People who think this is just the flu is delusional. Do you know China is literally cremating dead bodies everyday, 24/7? It is so sad since their loved ones cannot even see them for the last time because of infection concern. Their numbers are definitely a lot higher than the ones they tell us.

  17. It originated from bats to humans, which proves that the Chinese will eat anything.

    When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes…

  18. The virus was put on these ship's cause they're primarily older people who have over inflated retirement plans and medical plans and they travel to Asian countries an molest there 13 year old daughters . A bunch of perverted vets. And there mentally ill wives . Or I really liked the interview with him and his husband . Sick over privileged highly medicated baby boomers. It's way easier to just get rid of them .

  19. Americans that were quarantined but are now cleared: Cheering and celebrating

    Chinese at the moment: Dying and depressed

  20. US medias' target is to pick every tiny negative news in China and enlarge it to make people outside believe that happened in everywhere of China

  21. all of the precautions the u.s. is supposedly taking is b***** because it can take months for the incubation period and it's designed that way by the Chinese government to wipe out humans this whole thing is more theater everything they've done is precaution is nothing you don't have to have a fever to spread it you don't have to have any symptoms to spread it the only way is to lock China down like a graveyard

  22. Increased physical activity helps contain coronavirus.
    This is exactly why those with pre-existing conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, typically observable in those with a sedentary lifestyle, are at an increased risk.
    This is also why younger people i.e. typically those with a more active lifestyle, are at a lowered risk.
    Kindly do not sit on this information. Pass it on to someone in a position of authority.

  23. This was a sign from God.

    Only us, worshippers know why he brings the virus to China, only we know!

    (Please don't hate unbelievers)

  24. Urine therapy cures everything ….fasting on urine and water …no medicine…see John Armstrong book on Water of Life …pass onto Chinese medics, mainland China and sufferers elsewhere


    This is not my video, just wanted to show the inhumanity. Please do not penalize the original you tuber , he is the voice and eyes of many. He must not be silenced this is the only way to get the truth.

  26. Is it just me or is the statistics meter broken around the world now? Nobody seems to be reporting the actual numbers or I just don’t know where to look

  27. It's going to get worse. No vaccine and more outbreak will come. Blame this all on the Chinese government and their citizens.

  28. I still think it's funny that everybody mainstream talk smack about Alex Jones about how full of s*** he is and it's always like 3 days later they start parroting everything he said already because it turns out he was right👍

  29. To boost immunity, daily take Vitamin C (a first line of defense) and Ionic Silver Hydrosol (a sort of second immune system when present) and at the very first hint of a possibility of a symptom, take both HOURLY until the suspected symptom is gone.

    My preference is Ester-C because it’s buffered and for the ionic silver because of price and quality.

    Also, always be sure to breathe through the nose as it’s also a first line of defense for immunity, trapping pathogens. Mouth breathing is a wide open door to inhaling bugs deep into the lungs. Gently taping the mouth shut at night ensures nose breathing while sleeping. Sleep improves dramatically too which is helpful for immunity.

    Unless you live in the subtropics and get direct sunlight exposure, it’s critical to supplement with Vitamin D3/K2 drops as D3 is a big part of proper immune system function.

    If you’re the type to favor vaccines, you already know there is no vaccine so you’re stuck with the rest of us that seek to build the body’s immune system using nutrition.

    It’s not enough to trying avoid contact with others. Everyone’s body needs to be ready for any pathogen. With a robust immune system, there’s nothing to worry about except helping others make good choices too for their bodies now.

  30. China needs to ponder on this: Coronavirus outbreak followed severe persecution of Christians, and destruction of churches.

  31. Where did this virus come from. Sounds like government controlled. Put a tariff on us we give you a virus. Think about it

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