30 thoughts on “Numbers In Action”

  1. this is a great video that highlights the main goals, but at the same time it is more specific than any video you have made

  2. I believe poverty starts with maintaining an order of human population, that and person (s) governing that area. 'Cause a flithy rich doesn't want a smart poverished child with a huge potential to take over bits then chucks of whatever that person owns.

  3. more propaganda…. nothing about poverty around the world is ever going to change as long as a handful of families control 90% of the global wealth. Centralized power is not just a concept… it's how the world operates. ALL activities that governments are participating in right now – and for the last 100 years – have been and are working toward the ever more focusing of control to a single group called the U.N. – which is the operations arm of those elite families. Russian and Chinese leaders know this and are setting up their own systems which is why they are enemies to the West.

  4. Swift Group Industries are proud supporters of the Global Goals and our business is now actively contributing to this cause. Thank you

  5. Many of us are integrating the SDGs. Check it out here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQoiElyOkZI&list=PLfvQ6khVmhPK_XM_IfcE2qKoHNvMMJJFM

  6. I wish we could add subtitles for our own language. It could be very useful to reach out more people. Why don't you make it open to community contribution so that we can all contribute?

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