OC PANIC HOUR: Halloween Character Design Challenge with Voopytimes

OC PANIC HOUR: Halloween Character Design Challenge with Voopytimes

JACEY: Welcome to OC Panic Hour! An art challenge where we come up with an original character design in just one hour. ELD: Each episode we have a theme and are only allowed to have 5 references. I’m Jacey Chase.
ELD: And I’m Eld. Feel free to play along with us. JACEY: And share your characters
with the hashtag #OCPanicHour JACEY: Today we have a VERY special guest, our buddy VoppyTimes! What’s up Voopy? VOOP: Hey! It’s ni–it’s great to be here!
JACEY: Yes! VOOP: I stumbled on my first sentence, but here we are! JACEY: [laughs] Like a pro! Voopy is our
good good friend from twitch. If you guys want to check out Voopy’s work you can at twitch.tv/voopytimes or on Instagram, Twitter. So yeah I’m excited
that you’re here. We kind of formed this idea in chat one day and Eld’s channel
and we talked about streaming it. We talked about doing it with you and I think you were having some mic issues and stuff at the time and we kind of got
started without you. I feel bad about that actually [Jacey laughs awkwardly] VOOP: I mean, it’s cool. I’m glad I
didn’t have to like talk a ton. I could just watch it.
JACEY: No, but I’m really glad you’re here. I love your art and I think that
you have some–you have a really really beautiful style and I’m really
excited to see what kind–of I’m assuming gorgeous characters, right? I’m assuming
you’re not gonna go like creepy or dark. You’re gonna go with that signature
Voopy, good-looking–yeah you draw hot characters. Is that as a your plan or no?
VOOP: I mean yeah pretty much because this is YouTube and I’m really afraid of like
getting you guys in trouble JACEY: Oh no you’re fine! VOOP: It’s gonna be beautiful.
JACEY: I’m going kind of dark with mine actually JACEY: So yeah actually so Let’s talk about our theme a little
bit. It is October. It’s halloween is coming up. Halloween is right around the
corner. We’re going to draw Halloween inspired characters. And we didn’t get
really specific and say like we’re gonna draw vampires. We’re just–any kind of
Halloween theme right? Should we say what we’re gonna do? Like is one of us
drawing like a witch? Or do you guys want to keep that part kinda secret?
VOOPY: I will say one thing involving mine and that will be it. Mine does in fact have a pumpkin
in it.
JACEY: Oh nice! ELD: I’m drawing a pumpkrind right now JACEY: A pumpkrind?
Uh oh! ELDKRIND: I’m drawing a pumpKRIND! VOOP: Oh my god! Wait! Did the timer start?
JACEY: No, no no no. Eld is just do a little sketch. A little impromptu–I don’t know.
If anybody watching would like to follow along you guys can design your own
Halloween themed character and the rules are we have one hour. You can only use up
to 5 references, and that’s it! Have fun with it!
If you if you do design something please post your artwork with the hashtag OCPanicHour so we can find it and see what you came up with. JACEY: Alright! I’m gonna start the timer…. NOW! ELD: Oh now? Okay. JACEY: Wait, it didn’t start! Hold on where is it?
ELD: Oh! Jezeh! JACEY: [Laughs] Hold on, hold on, hold on
ELD: JEZEH! JACEY: I didn’t… Okay now! JACEY: Why isn’t it showing? Oh it’s just not showing up. There it goes. It did start though. We’re doing this. VOOP: Oh guys!
JACEY: You got this! Okay. JACEY: Oof
ELD: [Sighs uncomfortably] JACEY: I’m gonna change my canvas a little.
VOOP: Oof!
ELD: Let’s see… VOOPY: Oh I already had my canvas set up before hand. JACEY: I thought I did but then I kind of–
ELD: [Indistinguishable] JACEY: Yeah, no. That’s super pro. I
am such a pro that I got all my references when we should have been
ELD: [grumbling] Mhmm JACEY: Aaaand…. yeah.
VOOP: Okay. JACEY: Hmm. I–Man, I don’t even know. JACEY: I have a concept that I was really excited about and now I’m like “How do I do this though?” ELD: I didn’t really know what I was
going to draw until like–I don’t even know. ELD: I think I’m still a bit
unsure of what I’m actually drawing.
JACEY: Okay. ELD: I just have like this very minimal idea at the moment and I’m just gonna roll with it. JACEY: No that sounds good! I also have
like a vague idea. I don’t know how it’s gonna work. I don’t know if it IS gonna work. Oh man… bit off more than I could chew– can
already tell. I can already tell. I’m bummed. I messed up. Well.
VOOP: See I know what I’m doing but the thing is is that I feel like I’m not gonna have
enough time to complete it. JACEY: Nah, I mean that is a possibility with these things. Man I get it. ELD: You will find time. Trust me.
ELD: An hour is actually a lot of time. JACEY: Yeah, it actually is. It’s weird. It feels like “Oh I’ll never do this. I’ll never get this.” You know? But once you start you
kind of realize that you can get a lot done in just a few minutes if you
stay calm. That’s a big one.
ELD: Mhmm. JACEY: Don’t–like if you’re
thinking “Oh this this can be better! I can improve on this anatomy, I can–”
Nope! Just keep going just just–
ELD: Yeah JACEY: You have to kind of–you’re worried about design more than you’re worried about, you know, perfection. And what’s cool about this
challenge is it’s taught me to not be really precious about being perfection when I’m
just trying to get ideas down, you know? Like you just want to get an idea.
Because you could always take this, the the character you draw today and say
“You know what? I’m gonna make this better later. I’m gonna make this–” You know clean it up and redraw them and change details. But you just want to get the idea down
as quick as possible so you don’t lose it. That’s kind of how I’ve come to think of these. ELD: Yeah. JACEY: I’m learning a lot-
ELD: I just-
JACEY: in the process. ELD: I
VOOPY: I have–
ELD: I Iost my thought. I was like– JACEY: Oh no!
VOOP: most of the rough sketch ELD: Um, no [unintelligible] I uh– VOOP: I don’t know why I’m doing rough sketches for this though. That sounds like a BAD idea. ELD: I’m having trouble with the mouth for some reason out of all things. JACEY: The mouth?
ELD: Yeah, the mouth. JACEY: Me.. me too. Right now. VOOP: I think I’m good. I’m just realizing I don’t have–[distressed sighs] [Awkward pause] JACEY: How you doing Voop?
ELD: Yeah, how’s it going Voop? [Nervous breathing] VOOP: No no no, I have enough references because I never use references so having them [Static] JACEY: [laughs] Voopy’s in shock.
ELD: *Gasps*
JACEY: I was like “Oh no!” VOOP: I’m good, I’m good.
JACEY: Voopy’s like legit in shock right now.
VOOP: I probably should be using references. JACEY: You good?
VOOP: Oh no! VOOP: Oh no!
JACEY: You got this! You got this! VOOP: Oh god! ELD: We believe in you!
JACEY: We do! What wait,
What did you realize that you didn’t have enough references or? [Silence] JACEY: Okay, okay, okay
[NOTE: we started having difficulty hearing Voopy…] JACEY: I see references as kind of more inspiration, is sort of what we use them for, you know? ELD: Yeah. The only reference is the pose to be honest.
JACEY:Yeah VOOP: It’s okay Jacey and I will just have–
JACEY: Wait, what’s wrong? You good? [Pause] JACEY: Voopy did we lose you?
ELD: [Gasps] No, did we lose Voopy? JACEY: [Loudly] VOOOPY!
ELD: [Softly] Voopy. JACEY: Oh okay. You were cutting out so I couldn’t hear you. I thought we lost you. I was like “Well Voopy–Voopy’s done.”
ELD: [Unintelligible] [Keyboard sounds] JACEY: Oh man… I don’t know what I’m doing. This is already scary. This is already super
scary. And I don’t mean like my character is scary for Halloween. I mean I am
ELD: Oh wow! JACEY: I am living in fear. that I will not finish. I think I got too ambitious.
ELD: I think you say that every single day. JACEY: No! I got like REAL ambitious this time! ELD: Uh oh.
JACEY: Yeah [Audio cutting out] VOOPY: Oh no. God why do– Laptop can’t I just have one day where you work?
JACEY: Well together we’ll have one character JACEY: God I would not want to see this character with anything else it’s already pretty weird. VOOPY: [Unintelligible] Eld: Are you drawing something [Unintelligible]
VOOPY: I just love how [Audio cuts out] JACEY: Uhhh, not really Which is way outside of my wheelhouse
you know? It’s not what I normally do. So I think that’s why I kind of I’m
feeling like I maybe bit off more than I can chew ELD: Well you just gottta–you just gotta swallow then! JACEY: [Laughing] Yeah I know! ELD: I’m having troubles with the expression! JACEY: I’m gonna start over. I think I need to just break it down to basic shapes. Cuz- ELD: Let’s see
JACEY: I’m having a hard time. JACEY: You’re having a hard time with the expression?
ELD: Yeah. JACEY: Do you wanna tell us anything about your character yet? ELD: I’m drawing a kid!
JACEY: A kid! Okay! ELD: I usually don’t really draw kids. JACEY: Oh Voop you’re cutting out for me.
ELD: Yeah same. JACEY: We should–I feel like we were fine when we were testing our audio
ELD: Yeah! What the hell! JACEY: OC… Tech–tech–
What was that? JACEY: [Laughing] Well, Voopy’s lost to the internet. In cyberspace. ELD: Hmm, let’s see. JACEY: Oh my god! We’re like 8 minutes in and I have nothing yet! This is scary! This is like episode 1 all
over again. ELD: Mmm episode 1 definitely was SOMETHING.
JACEY: It was. JACEY: You were so nice. You pretended that you were scared with me.
ELD: Yes. JACEY: Yeah. [ELD Chuckles] Not any more. ELD: You’re pathetic, you know? JACEY: Hey Voop, so I don’t know–um I’m trying to think–if your discord settings–how they are but there’s something… if you can hear me…
there is, under voice and video, there’s that input sensitivity. I would say uncheck
that and drag it down to the left. Kind of far. Because that might be why we
can’t hear you. That might help. And we can we can add a
few minutes to the timer if–
ELD: Yeah. JACEY: If you want to take care of that. JACEY: My problem is I have–
VOOP: I’m trying to work on it JACEY: Oh! I can hear you now.
ELD: Yeah Voops!
JACEY: I heard that. VOOP: Huh. VOOP: So hmm… Uncheck input sensitivity and…?
JACEY: Yes. ELD: [Gasps] Voopy, your voice! [Kiss sound]
Ah! Beautifull! JACEY: Yeah we’re totally hearing you now.
VOOP: Drag it all the way to the left. JACEY: Yeah and not like ALL THEWAY, all the way. I feel like pretty far though. Is usually what I do. But you sound great right now–
VOOP: Like that? JACEY: Whatever you’re doing sounds good
VOOP: Okay cool. JACEY: You can hear us right?
VOOP: Yeah. Yeah I could hear you guys the whole time. ELD: Great.
JACEY: Cool. Do you want me to add a
couple minutes to the timer? VOOP: I mean that would be cool
JACEY: I feel like that’s fair
VOOPY: just because I I know that it would help me But like, I feel like it didn’t take a couple minutes you know? JACEY: Let’s add like… uhhh…. ELD: I feel like this is just Jacey going like “I need more”
JACEY: I need a minute! Yeah! Nah! I’m just gonna add like one minute. Hold on. Okay stop for a second. And then we’re gonna do… I think this works? I bad at math. I think I added a minute. I’m not even sure. Okay. You can’t like set the timer–it’s so weird! You set the timer by putting the exact time that it’s
supposed to end. Not– ELD: Oh!
JACEY: Yeah it’s super awko. It’s just the app I’m using for
that. ELD: Let’s see.
JACEY: Uh! I’m having such a hard time figuring this out. Okay. I’m inspired by too many things and they’re different. ELD: Mmm yeah. and I’m
trying to figure out what elements that I want to incorporate.
ELD: That’s like a hard skill to learn to be able to pick apart preferences and figuring out what you actually want. Because you can’t put EVERYTHING– JACEY: No you know you really can’t.
ELD: –in your drawing. ELD: Let’s see… JACEY: Yeah so I think what I have to do is
just kind of draw a form that makes sense and then try to see what elements
kind of work with it. I don’t know if that makes sense but… ELD: I have the head ready and that’s about it.
JACEY: I have nothing. JACEY: We’re ten minutes in and I have nothing. I’m legit panicked.
ELD: Well you have had plenty of episodes where you had nothing and then it turned out great so– JACEY: Yeah but I was drawing like a person or something like– ELD: OH yeah.
JACEY: I was comfortable with. JACEY: This is different. VOOPY: I feel like I definitely need–
JACEY: This is different.
ELD: Yeah VOOPY: I mean like–
JACEY: This will be the one where I fail. JACEY: And you’re–
ELD: You say that but it’s not happening JACEY: You’re gonna have to find a new host.
[ELD laughs loudly] JACEY: I’m just gonna quit forever.
ELD: Sounds about right. JACEY: [Laughs] Thanks! Thanks for believing in me. VOOPY: I’m not going with [unintelligible] version–
JACEY: No you’re right! Sometimes you fail challenges JACEY: That is true.
VOOPY: I’m just gonna do [Unintelligible over JACEY!] ELD: Sometimes.
JACEY: Yeah sometimes. I feel like when we remember to. ELD: When they need a name.
JACEY: Yeah, that’s true. [EDITOR’S NOTE: It seems that we’re missing some audio so the context makes no sense D:] JACEY: Wait are you doing more than 1 character? ARE YOU? That’s super ambitious Wow okay I’m already impressed. Two characters in an hour’s tough. For some people.
Not everybody I guess. ELD: [Chuckles] Not Voops. JACEY: Okay um… VOOP: Oh that would be… VOOPY: Alright I’m not gonna be in that episode. This is my only episode. ELD: Yeah don’t worry about it being clean. We never do clean here.
JACEY: Yeah not at all! ELD: Yeah. There’s no refinement.
JACEY: I tried once and I did okay But it was like I missed details at the end. ELD: [mumbles]
JACEY: Yeah it’s more about the concept! ELD: Yeah! There’s no refinement.
JACEY: You definitely– [AUDIO CUTS OUT] JACEY: You know what’s funny? I changed–
VOOP: Oh god I hate this face! JACEY: I changed half way through getting references and I don’t have the
references that I swapped out but I’m realizing that I– VOOP: Mine’s Halloween boys.
JACEY: I want to go back to an old concept so I’m gonna try it.. JACEY: Cuz I think it’s gonna work better. That’s allowed right? We’re not cheating ELD: No no. It’s only cheating if you’re using more references. Because like of course if we say that you’re not allowed to use
anything beside your references that’s like–it’s impossible because even though
I’m not– And like that means that I could–I don’t
have a reference on hair, that means that I couldn’t draw hair you know? s
JACEY: I think we should do that as an extra challenge once though.
ELD: Hmm JACEY: That you can only incorporate things that you see. ELD: [Disapprovingly] Hmm.
JACEY: That’d be super hard. It might be impossible. [JACEY and ELD laugh] JACEY: That’s fair.
ELD: Yeah. VOOP: I have a mirror. ELD: [Unintelligible] Just drag you in.
JACEY: That’s true. ELD: You get like–trust me–you will get confidence.
JACEY: You get used to it. JACEY: Yeah yeah yeah you do. ELD: You will be like “I can do anything” and then there’s the next challenge and you’re just freaking out again. JACEY: Yeah you’re like “Oh wait.”
ELD: “I can’t do it. JACEY: But then even still by the end of that one you’re like “oh I’m good. I got this.
This wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be” ELD: I’m gonna do everything again
JACEY: Yeah? VOOP: [Cute anime voice] We believe in you Eld Onii-chan. JACEY: Yeah you get that cocky–
ELD: Yeah it’s a bad circle. ELD: Oh yeah some of us get more cocky than others.
JACEY: Some of us do. VOOP: [Distorted] minute 50 minutes. [Unintelligible] ELD: Me. [ELD and JACEY Laugh] JACEY: Ahh that’s so good JACEY: That was super cute.
[Editor’s note: the timing is off, that was in response to Voopy’s cute voice.] [Unintelligible. Distorted audio] Eld: I’m gonna call the file [unintelligible] boy. Because I’m simple. JACEY: You’re basic. VOOPY: um how long we have?
Am I inaudible again? JACEY: I kinda like the idea of this being–YEAH! There we go. ELD: I’m keeping on brand. My little boy has a side kick. JACEY: I always feel like you have all this extra time.
ELD: Mhmm. JACEY: So you draw sidekicks and–
ELD: Because I’m doing it early on JACEY: Man I wish I kept a reference for this part You know what’s funny I never thought about just now? There’s nothing there’s nothing in my
surroundings that would be that would be helpful but like technically I have all
this art all around my office I could just be like “Hmm hmm… there’s a reference! There’s a reference!” My walls are like plastered.
VOOP: Mmm but I never I never — VOOP: Can you guys hear me? ELD: I mean I have the same thing. I have studies all around me
VOOP: oh good you couldn’t hear me. ELD: It’s not helping what I’m doing right now.
ELD: So who cares? JACEY: One day it will. VOOP: How long do we have? JACEY: I, the first episode used a mirror so yeah I don’t know if that was cheating but I did. VOOPY: Oh I thought you said we had like 40 minutes–we have like 15 minutes left and we’re 40 minutes in. and I was about to freak out. JACEY: Am I a cheater?
ELD: Yes JACEY: Well that’s good. Good for you.
ELD: Good for me. ELD: Let’s see… ELD: OH Jesus
JACEY: [LOUDLY Laughing over everything] ELD: Every time! ELD: Every time!
JACEY: It did because I’m not gonna edit anything once the clock started for sure. By the way we are 45 minutes in we or I mean 15 minutes and we have 45
minutes left. JACEY: Yeah guys 15 minutes. Let’s do it! ELD: Everytime we’ll be… and Nate are on my stream at the same time It just hell for me! They abuse me!
JACEY: I see that. ELD: Yeah and you do nothing. JACEY: I don’t know. Am I there for that?
ELD: Sometimes JACEY: Sometimes.
ELD: Oh… JACEY: What was that? We have 45 mins left. We’re 15 minutes in. You got a decent amount of time.
ELD: Yeah. VOOP: Cool. JACEY: I don’t know if this makes–
Oh I just thought of really what the thing I’m looking–I’m drawing–I’m
thinking of a reference that I don’t have but I’m like “oh this looks just
like this thing from something else” that would have been a cool reference
to have–not just like it but. No no so we have 44 minutes remaining. You got time. You’re good. ELD: Yeah [WHISPERING: Saving is a good idea] JACEY: What was that Voop? JACEY: I thinkI’m doing okay-ish. Maybe. Possibly. JACEY: I think I can improve on this design actually okay so–
ELD: oh no I had to draw shoes JACEY: Uh oh.
ELD: I hate shoes. JACEY: Yeah I know. All your characters are barefoot pretty much ELD: Which is funny because I also hate toes I hate drawing toes.
JACEY: Oh really? ELD: So I never get away from it. Either I have to draw shoes or toes.
VOOP: Okay so I’m pretty sure you guys can only hear me when I’m like– JACEY: Drawing mermaids is the real trick.
That’s why I do it! no feet! I don’t even care about mermaid. I just– I just don’t wanna draw feet. that’s it. That’s my secret.
ELD: That’s a big mood. JACEY: That’s my shameful secret. ELD: Mmm. [Chuckling] Hmm hmm! ELD and JACEY: Yes! VOOP: Oh uh okay, I was messing around with settings and it turns out you guys
could only really hear me when I’m on discord. ELD: That’s just how life is. We’re so focused on our drawings that we’re like… 42 minutes! VOOP: I broke it again I left discord and broke it. Let’s see… input device. JACEY: You’re cutting out again I’m so sorry. You’re good you got plenty of time Voop. Just draw! I said that by mistake the first
time and I messed’ Voopy up so bad. Voopy’s just trying to do the math in his head “Wait! Wait! We only have 15 minutes left?
What’s happening? Is this a dream? “Why don’t I have pants on?”
ELD: [Laughs] ELD: Dude, I’m wearing pants. I’m under a blanket. I’m snuggly. I’m having a great time!
JACEY: Yes. That’s awesome. Good for you! I’m low key panicking
ELD: Why? [Laughs] JACEY: umm I don’t know. Cuz I don’t have my whole character drawn ELD: OH yeah. That’s the thing.
JACEY: You know. JACEY: I’m getting closer though. I think I’m gonna go like a little bit on the cartoony side more than I was planning to do for this just
for like–I don’t know. ELD: Time’s sake? JACEY: Time sake and like also I think just I’m not really good at that style. Sometimes it’s fun to draw something
that’s a creepy but also super cute. Or like simple so…
ELD: Just roll with it JACEY: Yeah exactly
ELD: like that famous Hedgehog ELD: You gotta put a spin on it!
[JACEY Laughs] JACEY: I don’t know how feet work. JACEY: I don’t know how thing’s feet work. Hmm. There’s something about making up your own creature that’s just like–“And now
ELD: Yeah JACEY: Especially if you didn’t really have a plan. ELD: I’m still not happy because face. I feel like it’s like it’s it’s showing the wrong expression . JACEY: Yeah… my character… I don’t
even know. I’m sure what to say to that. ELD: Oh yeah. That’s exactly what I wanted JACEY: I should save. I’m gonna do that now before I… ELD: [Unclear]
JACEY: hate what I’m doing. ELD: There you go! That’s the expression I
want. Dude eyebrows are so important for expressions, but they’re so hard to get right
JACEY: Yeah they really are. JACEY: [Gasps] My Photoshop crashed! Are you serious?
ELD: Nooo! JACEY: It’s frozen
ELD: Uh oh. JACEY: I did just save. Wait wait. It’s working now? No? I
can’t draw. I did open–er–it did save it though. Yeah okay cool.
No big deal. Okay. Thank god I saved. [Knock on the door]
ELD: Oh! Hold on. JACEY: Alright I’m just not happy with that so let me start over. ELD: Okay let’s see. What am i doing? Okay I got the basics down and I think I’m ready to move on to whatever else I’m adding. ELD: [Unclear] ELD: Why are we so quiet suddently?
JACEY: I don’t know! I’m like thinking about what I’m doing. Sort of like… is my concept
working? And I don’t know. I’m thinking about the face too. I got kind of
weird on the face. I don’t even know if you could call this a face. Kind of.
ELD: I am very curious what you’re
doing right now because honestly who knows?
JACEY: Yeah it’s different ELD: Yeah.
JACEY: It’s certainly outside of what I
normally do. That’s really for sure. ELD: Yeah you have this
aesthetic cute thing going on so I’m just like WHAT are you doing?
I don’t know Halloween it’s like really hard if you’re not thinking like just
typical Halloween stuff. JACEY: Yeah I kind of am thinking typical Halloween stuff to a degree but I wanted to do something different with that. If that
makes sense. ELD: Mhmm yeah. JACEY: Voop how you doing? How’s it going? ELD: Have we lost Voop?
JACEY: Did we loose Voopy? Oh no! NOOOOOO! VOOPY! ELD: [Hums Jurrasic Park Theme] JACEY: Wait wait wait! Is that copyrighted? Can we use that? [JACEY and ELD laughing] ELD: Dude yeah we can use it, don’t worry
JACEY: [quietly] I’m just kidding [they weren’t] ELD: you’re serious. Too real. JACEY: So we lost Voopy.
ELD: Poor Voopy. JACEY: I miss Voopy.
ELD: same. JACEY: Ayy! AYY!
ELD: [Gasps] JACEY: how’s it going? JACEY: I think my design accidentally looks very phallic. Oops guys. ELD: Uh oh
JACEY: Wait how do I fix it? How do I fix it?! JACEY: Is there a way to fix it? JACEY: Nope! That’s worse. I can only hear you when
and then it cut out. But hopefully because you’re recording your audio the viewers will hear everything you’re saying We just wont.
And we’ll just seem like rude boys just ignoring you like–
ELD: What a bunch of dorks! JACEY: [sighs] Yeah
ELD: How dare they! JACEY: Oh my god guys! It’s so phallic! What do I do? VOOPY: Jacey!
JACEY: Start over?
ELD: How? JACEY: We have 35 minutes left, by the way. ELD: 35 minutes. JACEY: Oh my god I really wish I didn’t delete one of my references. JACEY: I was like “No I have a new concept I’m gonna start over!”
VOOPY: Does this help at all? VOOPY [Unclear] JACEY: Yes!
ELD: Yes. For now. JACEY: Okay I think maybe I either fixed my phallic problem or made
it worse. JACEY: We’ll see.
ELD: We will just wait and see. JACEY: I think I’m fixing it. I think I’m fixing
it. I think I’m good. JACEY: This thing is bizarre. I think it’s creepy. man I think I fixed my problem? I might have made it worse. JACEY: I don’t know.
VOOPY: Sketch Sketch. ELD: I’m adding color right now.
JACEY: [Confidently] Yeah I’m about to get to color. JACEY: I’m not doing too bad. How you doing Voop? Where you at in drawing? [Unintelligible] ELD: Oh Voops! JACEY: You’re sketching? Is that what you said? JACEY: Okay yeah we have 35 minutes roughly–34 minutes. So personally I feel like 10 to 20 minutes for color if
you go really simple is usually enough. ELD: Mhmm.
[Jacey laughs] ELD: I feel like I’m freaking out a little bit. ELD: I don’t think I have time for everything I want to do.
JACEY: Yeah it’s hard. VOOPY: [Unclear] JACEY: I can’t wait to see what you’re doing
ELD: I’m just trying to color as fast as possible. JACEY: Yeah it’s always interesting to me that you color so early and you’ll still be like “I don’t know if I have
time” because like I know you said you’ll start to color and then you’ll change
things. For me color is final. I don’t really change much about
the design once there’s color. But you tend to do that right?
ELD: Oh yeah! Color it shows a lot of emotions so you should–if you’ve changed
your color scheme or if you add a color scheme VOOPY: I can hear you guys–
ELD: What you have drawn just won’t fit You either have to change the color or you
have to change whatever you’re sketching. Now you should go with the sketch
because I want the emotions behind the colors I don’t really care if
the physical design changes. JACEY: I think for me, the
reason that–I want the color to match the drawing I’ve already done
so I’ll just keep changing the color don’t make sense. I think it’s
interesting that you will put your color in and then—Oh my god it’s super phallic!
What am i doing? how do I fix this? ELD: Jacey!
JACEY: What do I do?! ELD: That’s like the thing. It’s like it’s easy
to change their meaning of a shape but it’s hard to change the meaning of a color.
JACEY: Mhmm. ELD: Because color theory is
this whole thing–complicated thing with everything. Like red is supposed to mean
love but it also means blood and all that. So maybe you make this super red character you think “Okay they’re either love
red or or blood or whatever” but you can add that like any character no matter what shape or form
they are. You add that and they go Hmm. The first thing you see its color, not
the character itself.
JACEY: Yeah. ELD: Oops! Wrong layer.
JACEY: I don’t know what to do. JACEY: I don’t know how to make this not look like a big penis monster. [Laughs] ELD: Like you can just decide “Yep, it’s a penis”
JACEY: Maybe that’s why it’s so creepy. ELD: Well penises are creepy, don’t worry.
JACEY: Yeah. okay okay. Let’s see. I’m just gonna… What if… I do something completely
different? And then I do like… I would have I would have saved–
ELD: Oh my god! ELD: My leg has fallen asleep!
JACEY: Oh no! ELD: Okay! [Breaths out] I got this! I got this! ELD: adding the eye color and then. can start working on the background! JACEY: Oh my god, the fact that get backgrounds in these kills me. Get out! ELD: You’re not invited anymore!
JACEY: [laughs softely] You’re not invited. JACEY: Although I’m gonna fail this one so I won’t be invited either. And this is a ELD: This is a season final. It will
never come back. Good luck JACEY: We have 30 minutes left guys.
ELD: Okie dokie! JACEY: Roughly. A little over that but just about. By the time I finishe babbling about it, it’ll be 30 minutes, JACEY: Voop how you doing? We still can’t hear you man! I hope it’s going okay. I hear robot sounds. Oh wait I kind of heard that!
ELD: Okay so you can hear us, so that’s good at least. JACEY: Alright I’m gonna make this a
separate layer so I don’t have to redraw like 60 times. ELD: Ah yeah.
JACEY: Because I keep changing 1 thing. JACEY: Kind of what? Wait what? JACEY: Voopy! Voppy!
ELD: Voops! JACEY: Talk to us! ELD: Our boy! We need you! VOOPY: I don’t know if you can hear me! JACEY: I’m scared! Hold me!
ELD: Voopy’s dying! JACEY: I know.
VOOPY: I’m a dead boy! JACEY: Voopy’s like “alright guys, whatever.” VOOPY: Well you never fully fix a penis
problem. JACEY: I can’t wait to hear Voopy’s part of the recording where Voopy’s just like “Oh my god! What’s wrong with them?”
ELD: “These idiots!” [Laughs] JACEY: Voopy’s– [ELD and JACEY laugh] JACEY: [Unintelligible] JACEY: Okay okay. I THINK… I keep–
ELD: No don’t worry! JACEY: I keep hearing Voopy for like a second.
ELD: Don’t worry Voops! ELD: [Laughing] No JACEY: I feel like Voopy’s haunting discord right now.
ELD: Yeah JACEY: It’s like the ghost of Voopy! This is really is a spoopy episode. It’s like
this Spoopy Voopy episode. JACEY: Okay, I think this is interesting what I did, ELD: I’m having fun with shapes
JACEY: Me too! I think I fixed my penis problem possibly. Maybe? JACEY: Alright so now I got to get some
color in here so this thing makes sense. Cuz otherwise I don’t know that it would
really make that much sense. [Loud typing sounds] ELD: Oh I hear Voopy typing.
JACEY: [Gasps] I do too! VOOP: Oh!
JACEY: Voop we can hear you typing! ELD: Voopy says “hello I’m a ghost boi. Don’t worry about it” [JACEY laughs obnoxiously loud] ELD: [Laughing] A pure ghost!
JACEY: Aww ELD: Dude Voopy would be the purest ghost
JACEY: Our good good ghost boy. ELD: Yes. Star boy AND ghost boy!
JACEY: [Gasps] VOOPY: I like how my–
JACEY: I really am drawing the most terrifying thing about Halloween JACEY: Voop, welcome back. I think? Welcome back to the world of the living. VOOP: I like how my mic– JACEY: Can you hear us?
Do you have any messages from the other side? ELD: It it nice there? [LOUD Typing Sounds] JACEY: [Laughing] It’s really creepy. I just hear typing and [unintelligible] ELD: I find it funny that it picks up the typing but it doesn’t pick up his voice.
JACEY: I know! ELD: [Sneezes] I’m sorry.
JACEY: Bless you. ELD: I’m allergic to ghosts. ELD: [Reading] “I can hear you all from beyond! Beyond!”
[JACEY Laughing] JACEY: What the heck. This is super weird. [Typing sounds] ELD: “Ghost makes typos. Don’t worry about it”
[ELD and JACEY laughing] ELD: Oh Voopy, we love you. ELD: Sorry you had to go through this.
JACEY: I know. It’s so tragic. JACEY: Voopy has so much unfinished business in this world like finishing this OC in 26 minutes! ELD: Tsk tsk tsk. Shaking my head but you can’t see it. ELD: Poor Voops.
JACEY: I know! JACEY: Oh my god. Okay. This is starting to come together I believe. I think it’s happening.
ELD: I’m trying to add really, really dark shadows and it’s umm… Lately on OC Panic Hour I try to add shadows by
changing the hue and then just deleting everything that isn’t shadows and it’s
kind of working. But it has like this dirty like, I shaded with black kind of
vibe to it which I don’t like. JACEY: Yeah, no I get that. ELD: I’m gonna copy this layer. It–Oh
wow. That’s really– Oh god what did I do? Because I wanna blend this. And by blend i mean add a blur! Gaussian blur. JACEY: I can’t decide what color
I want everything to be. You ever like you’re not sure if things clash or they match, you know? ELD: Yeah, yeah yeah JACEY: You just gotta try it out first. That’s why I like sometimes when I know different parts are gonna be different colors so I’ll do them on
different layers and then I’ll play with them. I’ll hit control + U and play with the hue/saturation and then I’ll just change
that individually and see what goes better [Strange whispering “I know you did it” ??] JACEY: I know you know! I’m telling the viewers.
ELD: I’m just agreeing! JACEY: Oh okay. You sounded like “Yeah yeah yeah, go go go” ELD: No I’m just concentrating. Jacey you get salty when you’re nervous. JACEY: You know what? I’m defensive. I’m defensive. ELD: Yeah yeah yeah. Defensive person. JACEY: Yeah I totally am, it’s okay. Jacey: I um… hmm…
Oh man! I gotta figure out a texture. This this character needs texture.
There’s not a lot of time to figure that out in But we’ll get there.
I really hope he’s okay. ELD: The ghost of Voopy’s typing
JACEY: Oh I hear it ELD: Wait we can hear laughter
JACEY: Wait I heard laughing [Pause] [ELD Laughing] JACEY: [Laughs] Voop how you doing? Can we hear you? JACEY: Have we made contact?
VOOP: I’m speaking from beyond beyond! End. [Pause] ELD: Oh my god. Hello ghost
JACEY: [Gasps] It’s the ghost of Voopytimes! VOOP: Yeah so it turns out you can only hear me when I’m only on discord So as soon as I switch back to
my picture it dies JACE: Oh. Is it like a push to talk situation or something?
VOOP: No I checked that. VOOP: I think my computer just can’t handle it at once.
JACEY: Uhhh JACEY: Can you pop on on your phone maybe? Because that’s something that we found is that you can do voice chat on mobile if you have a mic and a headset you can plug in. VOOP: I can. Why didn’t I think of that? Alright I’ll be right back. JACEY: If you want to
give it a shot. Should be pause the timer? VOOP: Please JACE: Alright yeah let’s do that. Okay stop. VOOP: I might have been continuing a little bit. JACEY: Honestly, catch up. Go ahead.
Let’s right now I’m gonna set a timer on my phone for like two
minutes we’re gonna give Voopy a two-minute head start and then we’re
gonna– ELD: Are we not gonna draw while Voopy’s drawing.
JACEY: Yeah we’re not gonna, yeah. ELD: Cool.
JACEY: So we’re gonna let Voopy draw for 2 minutes. ELD: So Voopy, what are your thoughts about what you’re making? JACEY: Yeah! VOOP: I mean, it’s going pretty well so far.
I’m just on the head of my second boy and then after that I go to color.
ELD: Oh nice. Are you gonna do like– Oh sorry. Oh. Burpy. Are you gonna do line art and stuff like that? VOOP: Uh no because I don’t think I’m gonna have enough time ELD: M-hmm. VOOP: But…. yeah. ELD: Who knows! VOOP: I really don’t think I will. I drew 2 boys. I was too ambitious [ELD Laughing] JACEY: Yeah, 2 characters is hard. I did it for a challenge and it was only really one and a half and I hard time. Not TOO hard of a time. I was okay. But… In the beginning I was really nervous. Cuz you know? ELD: Yeah
JACEY: It’s ambitious. ELD: It sure is. VOOP: One of the
characters is super like super simple, so. JACEY: Oh wait. I just went to select something, I’m like “What are you doing?!” “You’re not supposed to do anything!”
ELD: Jacey you cheater! JACEY: No I deselected it. ELD: Kael cheated the other day. JACEY: Yeah he did. He used a million extra references technically Because he was using some kind of–
ELD: Posing thing? JACEY: Yeah
ELD: In the middle of doing it, which is HIGHLY illegal!
JACEY: Super illegal. He’s banned. ELD: Banned for life. JACEY: He’s in OC panic jail. Kalyan OC panic
jail ya know just like I was talking about jail like children I mean there
are some really good kill me kangaroo ex what don’t worry about it KC four three
two it just means that we’re starting again oh wait the timer’s been going the
whole time though it says 18 minutes for us let me actually recess let me that
was wrong it shouldn’t say that it should say like just say like at least
20 minutes I don’t even know how long I’m supposed to say I messed up L I
messed up asshole today I think I gave us like way less time accidentally guys
what did I do I honestly just make a new timer I know
I am but I don’t know how long we actually should have I just say 30
minutes no I think it’s really 20 something okay 25 okay
this only only the audience will really know what we did the audience better not
snitch to be very YouTube’s gonna be snow King it’s gonna burn
I’m giving us 20 minutes guys and now our 30-minute long video yeah
all right um it’s okay JC I believe in your editing yeah I don’t cuz it’s it’s
like overlaid on top of everything and I’m not it’ll make it it’ll make sense
we either lost a couple of minutes or regained a couple of minutes and I don’t
really know which one so so the comments are gonna be wild on this one look we
had a haunting it was you just have to give us some slack here
it was super salute me yeah it’s okay I was doing it for the viewers I was like
I was like them we both could hear you but you couldn’t hear us it was a
bonding moment okay I gotta try to texture I think to make this one that I
don’t know how I’m gonna I’m actually this is kind of interesting I’m just
gonna technique but like I think for time is this is gonna work to add the
texture I want that I actually learned messing around doing like watercolor
stuff so I’m actually like learning from all these different mediums and
switching around I’m learning more techniques faster I think Ally I do yeah
that you always feel you’re always improving your skill and your eye yeah
ever you dream whatever you go if you had serious non serious yeah and if it
gets cool like that I can like apply something that I learned painting to
like digital especially like watercolor it’s just so different than digital art
you know but it’s just something that I kind of picked up like a texture thing
that I’m it’s not gonna look as good but this is you know this is rush I have 18
minutes to try to make it my best my best attempt that it’s a texture but
it’s something that I probably wouldn’t have thought to do it this way had I not
been painting so much so it’s kind of do you guys have any other any other
facts sir hints about your characters you sure yes okay
he’s not into foreground he’s not the foreground yeah oh that’s interesting
yes audience since he’s not in focus you really have gone like into like full-on
like just illustration for these yeah Wow my man I can’t see on that much I’m
all like I want to worry about getting better at like liner and more detail and
you’re like I’ve got like an entire I could make children’s book in an hour
apparently we’re currently who knows yeah speaking of like time challenges
else have you ever heard of the I think it’s like the 24 hour comic challenge oh
no but I’ve heard about the animation version of that oh yeah I have – are you
are you ever gonna try that maybe I kind of want to try the comic one you make
like an entire comic book in 24 hours it sounds intense
it sounds both awful and fun at the same time it does yeah it’s super does I was
seeing if you could do it as a team but it’s actually the challenge is meant to
be like individual so you kind of can but we could we could just do our own
comics and like stay up or something and keep each other company that’d be cool
how there yeah that would be fun it will be an interesting screen yeah oh my god
yeah I would that would be that would definitely be whoa no stranger he just
can’t interact with the audience stuff yeah it’d be nice actually that that
time time like a friend an unvoiced chat who can just like read us chat so you
like it huh uh-huh cool yeah okay yeah I feel good about
the texture I just made for my character okay I’m still on this dude’s face do
you have any color down poop or nah no you have 16 minutes left my friend black
colors it is or maybe more oh yeah it’s gotta be flat colors maybe more than
that no I messed this up on the time I’m so
sorry guys I gotta learn this program better apparently okay I’m gonna have to
go back and watch watch the tapes I know if we believe if we failed by default
because we had way more time or it was an extra challenge yeah or if it was
just harder it’s possible okay the shading is definitely something I
couldn’t have done before but do you know like because I get the effects
instead of doing like proper like picking the colors and for me to accept
it murky but yeah I think it can work in my advantage
bye bye hopefully I wish you luck thank you I think I got this I think you
got this got a highlight I I still think poopy
doing two characters is wild yeah I don’t know I don’t even you uh I don’t
know you’re with true masochist dude yeah yeah what can I say
daddy we’ll just got me in the mood and been hard ever since he left I’m almost done actually I’m gonna have
like 14 minutes left just mess around and just make it better it feels good yep I’m jelly I’m telling you man the
more you do these the more you’re like you learned how to manage your time you
know yeah well this is my first time yeah exactly exactly and you’re going
all out you are like I said that’s super ambitious are super not smart but yeah
you know sometimes sometimes ambition it trips yeah you know sometimes you get
really ambitious with an idea and it does it trips you up so sometimes you
just got to do it yeah but yeah there’s nothing wrong with trying you know okay
um I think I can improve on the color scheme of this this guy actually because
something’s kind of blend together too much mm-hm
I almost gave away what mine was oops what I did in oh I forgot the sidekicks
eyes the shading of the eyes I died in you know the eyelids Jesus Christ
mm-hmm I’m trying to decide if I want to go like really contrast or kind of like
similar colors you know what I mean yes hmm I haven’t even been using my
references really like I did at the start and then I just that’s okay I mean
sometimes it just kind of involves you sort of yeah that’s these kinds that
happens I only use for my reference the middle not in at the beginning or at
the end what else what else what else what else can we do adding a ground
looks street without a ground yeah I’m trying to think like what
you’re talking about like if I could if there’s background elements I could add
to this to make it interesting cuz I like that you do that I just I I don’t
have a plan for a background so I hate to just tack something on you know I was
like trying to figure out why the hell can’t I draw on the background and then
I realized oh it’s because I have a whole hole just black layer with the
background above the character so yeah nothing is working my Photoshop is
broken teacher let me learn Photoshop in school
that is so bad for the teacher because like the students were on a constantly
going teacher I need help I don’t I don’t understand what I’m doing and and
clearly they could have just googled it you know and but he’s like no you’re
just gonna press that key before on these stupid stings like my I lost my I
lost my brush and he was like well press B you know that kind of stuff yeah yeah
yeah oh oh poor guy okay hi how you doing Boop we got 11 minutes left I’m
starting with the color so that’s it you’re not actually that bad yeah it’s
out of shape then I would say yeah I just I just OH
I swallowed air are you good no no no I need to go to the hospital oh no no
today al died I’ll miss you old and then you can haunt us in this chord yes
full circle honking you guys can be ghost boys together oh it’s beautiful wait wait wait wait Oh cue viewers
probably don’t know but um elde is totally my husband and it’s not a joke
along with Nate and it’s not a joke don’t worry but legit married is the
marriage annulled because I died hmm yeah I’m let me go I’m weeping I don’t
care you’re like what are huh I’m mourning hobo Pete won’t be my husband I
miss you Oh will be if there was if there was just some way I could get you
to to speak to me again or what is this I’m a ghost box that will maybe so that
I can hear you will be what are you going to say with me can you hear me my
glasses are candy I’m almost done we have like nine minutes left I’m just
kind of putting some background elements in now oh no I’m okay got it got it cool
thanks you’re good yeah yeah yeah you got it
it’s cool all right do you have something down that way
passes those like this is a character to start coloring it do they have faced it
with bodies roughly I mean roughly are you good sir start adding in color it’s
a pain in the details real loose you got this food you’ve got this we believe in
you it’s okay oh yeah don’t choke okay all right chuckling oh let’s see I am
trying to see if maybe I like it but less cover I think I think that has to
divide yeah yeah there was too much red too much brightness too much happiness
yeah I mean this Halloween should be a little dark right yep oh yeah it’s
definitely a little dark sometimes your stuff like it’ll it’ll seem like a nice
drawing kind of but there’s something like there’s like a darkness to it like
mood-wise that’s just like whoa what’s going on here yeah I’m proud of myself
I’m like I got background on them in some kind of making them like a vibe I’m deleting this note I don’t like
these notes in know just to talk me beyond are we gonna change this
challenge to OC panic half-hour maybe who knows
that’ll be season two yes no you guys just have to start drawing more than one
character we could do that actually we could do yeah we could start doing
challenges where it’s like a superhero and a sidekick yes
yeah we should do that cuz I would love to the next enough to do more time yeah
I wish I felt relaxed it’s just weird here’s the thing to that so the audience
doesn’t know this right but we know me and elder according this is our sixth
video this week that we’ve recorded we’ve been doing these a rapid-fire take
ready for L go to school so we’re in the zone I guarantee you the next one we we
actually sit down a record like months from now we’re gonna be a mess again
we’re gonna be out of out of practice and yes you know so so that that
calmness that you’re hearing is like it’s just experience and and dumb like
yeah few times very beams freaking out both of us yeah no that’s definitely
true oh god how much time is left five minutes in 55 seconds wait we need to
find it oh yeah yeah if you don’t sign it it doesn’t count that mean I just
sucked all over oh yeah yeah that’s where Cal cheated the first time too he
signed it after the clock right he’s just that yeah it’s a big cheated panel
though that episode isn’t airing yet chronologically so yeah you’ve heard
nothing you’re nothing in the future we’re gonna have a cheater
you guys are psychic this really is the Halloween episode a psychic he’s gonna
have light hair not because I don’t have enough time to color it but because he
was always going to have white hair anyways at the admin I don’t that you
even a little no no no all everything we do is out of pure skill and not lack of
time at all yeah yeah I trust you guys yeah we have never lied to you well okay
save one time I would like to you would be one time hmm never lied to me is it
saying that you never lied to me yeah yeah that was a mean one it’s okay because I love you oh I don’t
think you were actually like at least to me you probably lied once when you were
a kid because I think everybody has okay hmm
I’m an ass Nate sure I can ask him right now ask him right now Nate
have I ever lied okay no not to you ever I said we’re talking about lying no he
did say L did say never ever lied to you Rafi yeah but then I said well
everybody’s lied at least once to Nate l said not me I’m a pure boy yeah boy
you just said so I’m a pupil you are a peer boy but I feel like everybody has
lied at least once no probably do and you got three and a
half minutes um all right I’m kind of just like going hmm give any color daddy
cool yeah yeah you’re gonna be fine I believe in you man you got this you got
this singen makes me think I gotta sing won’t
you take me to loop it down that was so fun that there in stream don’t introduce
you to do this boy don’t introduce youtube today
– remember that time – it was just a baby and don’t know how to do the whole
thing it’s okay me neither and I’ve been saying is I just you know two minutes
he said yeah no worries I got this ya know me John what are you doing
although each on you guys JC talking themself the whole video that’s super
weird JC some natural yeah that’s true all right 50 seconds LR Boop I hope you
signed it I hope your hope you’re getting it getting it ready to submit by
the way – and you save it don’t send it immediately we’re gonna do it all at
once as a reveal super dramatic and exciting okay I’m just gonna react at
the same time in just a bluffer of three voices yes that’s really great my
favorite part of the whole thing is the reveal
I’m excited about my weird character I dico every time we do it be never expect
what we actually yes yeah I never expect anything that you send me it’s 108
seconds hold on hello five four three two one all right
pencils down stop I have no idea if we’re actually an
hour like I said we’ll find out I’ll let you guys know if we were over/under
three two one go oh my god L did so dark Wow okay um let’s talk about poopies
right now so this is super ambitious that you did two characters I’m really
impressed that you were able to fit this much in I see so like you did you did
the top half of both so that that was a good choice for like time management to
not fit like their whole character so this is amazing he’s he’s his face is
actually a pumpkin and he’s being carved to be beautiful and he’s just catching
all the pulp and seeds this is goopy I love that it’s like
horrible it’s super cute and then it’s like a vampire guy I guess I was like I
don’t know what he is he’s just here is that help amazing yeah this is I I don’t
know what I was expecting but this is this is so cool I just
really love I don’t know is this the idea of like this like beautiful pumpkin
man you know I’ve never seen anything like that honestly like a you know you
seen Jacqueline herself but I’ve never seen a character that was like stunning
this is this is something else man I love this I’m really upset because I
wanted to give him like an actually beautiful face but I ran out at times oh
he’s got like a little bit it looks like the way the lines work and then the
pumpkin it looks like he has like a dimple chin yeah yeah and he’s very
handsome he is like a beautiful expression I
would kiss him yeah I would I would hold this this little pumpkin hand he’s
amazing this is so good I really originally it was going to be a lot more
gruesome and like the vampire was going to be like a serial killer like stabbing
the pumpkin head oh wow no I love what you did though it’s very tender it looks
like they’re they’re you know they’re close and he’s being very delicate I
love this figure that might not be good for YouTube though so I was like this is
really creative goofy this I I’m like I’m like speechless this is so cool I’ve
never seen anything like this you know what’s cooler though huh
yours yeah so I hate candy cookies disgusting and so I wanted to make a
candy corn monster yeah you were talking about that the other day someone sent
you candy corn and I was like yes he’s nesting yes it’s a giant bag I’m like
Nate am I going to eat this I ate one and it gave me a headache yeah I know
it’s super gross it’s the worst and so I thought a whole monster that was just
candy corn monster would be the scariest most Halloweeny assange I could think of I was struggling with like I kept having
it like come like that neck I had it look shorter and it just kind of looked
like like phallic and so I head up making it like super long and bendy cuz
I thought well I never seen anything that would quite like
so that’s you know I loved it I loved the texture sick of it I was kind of I
was thinking oh my god yeah and the texture was that that was the technique
so I started doing that for mermaid scales with like watercolor paint that
was kind of how I would do it it’s sort of those like little dots and just sort
of like sort of blended you know because it’s it’s like a subtle kind of way to
add texture so that was I didn’t have a lot of time to draw like individual
scales or get really detailed so I just kind of blotted it on you know those
those that was fun I’ve never done anything quite I’m not I’m not big on my
creatures usually so this was super fun to do yeah help let’s talk about yours
man I am I got a story here yeah so he’s got like a homemade costume you can tell
it’s like stitched on he’s got like the Cape buttoned on and he is being stalked
by a creepy skeleton monster yeah he’s super scared what I like about even
though he’s like sad too what I like about it is that he’s
clearly being spooked by something in front of him without him knowing was the
dangerous action yeah yeah and he looks frozen I think you have sure that that
like deer in headlights completely paralysed and fear expression that this
this kid is so scared I I made it so he’s teddy bears also looking at
whatever he’s looking at but if I actually when I’m looking at it now from
like a bit away I would actually prefer it if the teddy bear was looking at the
monster like the teddy bear knows oh behind him yeah that actually would be
kind of cool that makes sense cuz then it would like try you’re
obviously like for a second it kind of looked like the teddy bear was looking
up at the boy making the teddy bear monster 200 that’s kind of interesting
like you had yeah I like when I was like in the beginning while I
was still like sketching out his figure I was like maybe the teddy bear should
be a monster but that I was like I don’t know like they do it’s his friend but he
can’t really help them cuz he’s just a little teddy bear yeah he’s fine
Vinnie’s arms yeah yeah no I really I really like this a lot um I kind of want
to show like what it looks like without effect so you can actually see the
monster properly yeah let’s see that sounds cool that me screams like kind of
makes me sad like I want to protect the boy like watery because I have this
horrible thing whenever I watch horror movies and everything I never get scared
I get sad order monster because that’s like their fate you know yeah so I
wanted like it to be you go oh oh no you know yeah yeah I feel like that about
this boy and you know the art style you have it’s like you know you have kind of
a simple style but the shading is stuff is so dark it it reminds me of like like
as a kid I feel like creepy creepy sort of kids books was like a thing yeah I
know they often shave it’s like dark difference yeah I feel like I would I
could read a book like this like about this character and like have it be like
kind of a like a creepy sort of you know what I mean like I just this looks like
a children’s book illustration to me but like something dark you know something
not as like maybe a little bit older kid yeah yeah yeah that that’s what I see it
is interesting to see a faddle bit effects and shading like it has a
completely different vibe to it yes and you usually don’t spend a lot of time
shading it but that this was important for this piece and it you were really
successful yeah thank you in creating a mood this is amazing
I also love I don’t this intentional but like looking at the way he shaded his
eyes I almost feel like it looks like tears are just about to well up again I
quit crying but I wanted a ton of shading and highlights into eyes because
it kind of makes it so that you’re more focused on the eye done then the
background because I I was like talking to Nate earlier like
I’m having troubles like I I don’t know the reference but I know the vibe and I
want to vibe to be a bit sinister like you you’re looking at it there you go
okay then you look at it again oh wait no there’s something there you know
that’s what I just said no this is I love this so much this is incredible mmm
this is really you guys you guys did an amazing job I love the idea of a the
pumpkin carving thing is so cool L to think you made like a really incredibly
like just emotional piece of artwork this is really cool this was a fun theme
we had all these different vibes and everything yeah Jamie Halloween was
great completely different vibes it was like
it captures our personalities really well – yeah we’ll be having to draw
those handsome man yeah I don’t know what mine is mine’s like shit fancy I
guess it’s kind of nonsense I think that’s my personality is nonsense yeah I
definitely an innocent boy that needs protecting you walked into that one dude no health is wealth is actually Elvis
the horror that he’s afraid of Elvis gonna torture all of his baby characters so what do you think Fupa this challenge
I think it’s pretty dope I’m totally not like fixing up my mess right now because
I was super embarrassed to have it next to your guys I feel like that all the
time and it’s just you just have to realize like I mean you could fix it up
kale actually last last time we did one he like he beat streamed one and he just
like went back and fixed everything and read like he did the line work he
changed the colors you could totally do that maybe if you’re doing that that’s
awesome because that means like you’re really into it what you made which is
great but no it’s it’s not it’s it’s it’s just kind of like it’s just about
getting an idea down wouldn’t worry about you know the
execution for something that’s an hour and there’s a lot of pressure and you
know I think Johnny and you did two characters which is super ambitious so I
knew you did hands yeah that’s true too I need no has today look at look at all
like the way I love the way the vampire guy’s hands are too because it’s like it
like the I don’t know it’s just like he’s being very careful and he’s got his
hand leaning to be steady and it like you put a lot of fun to that pose and it
shows I think I think it more of just shows that I had a reference for the
yeah but honestly that’s great like it worked for you like the reference really
really made it work alright I just also really want to
notice yeah wait dragons drooling and I really appreciate it just wanted to say
that the drool of the drool ah that’s it sorry
tickets wailed thank you so much for watching if you played along please
share it with us using the hashtag Aussie panic hour
Thank You Whoopi for being here and enduring the technical difficulties
yeah thanks for haunting our discord oh it was so nice those super fun and scary
just Iqaluit should be yes yes whoopee whoopee and I guess we love really gonna
we gotta chase our dreams now oh yeah yeah alright yeah until next time chase
your dreams and take a nap OOP do you have anything you want to
want to say um chase your dreams I love JC and L and that’s it we love
you mind you you’re okay no way I’m threatening your viewers hang on a
second oh love them too or I will find you
that’s all scary okay awesome thank you so much bye bye bye

7 thoughts on “OC PANIC HOUR: Halloween Character Design Challenge with Voopytimes”

  1. This was SOOO fun! I'm not really used to designing monsters or creatures so it was definitely a challenge. Thanks again Voopy for joining us. I love your art so much!

  2. My audio is so messed up it's honestly kind of funny how disjointed it is. 😂

    I'm really sorry my laptop is so bad at laptopping. You guys did amazing with the episode all despite that ♡

  3. 55:45 is the best moment of the panic hour.

    I'm also upset that I didn't ask Jacey for the backstory of the candy corn monster–


  4. Oh gosh this was such a fun episode and all your pieces turned out GORGEOUS?? Each of you told such a different tale with your art and went for such a different vibe, I'm just really in love with all of it.
    Jacey, the candy corn monster looks so much like you can't decide whether it eats you or you wanna eat it, and so friendly halloween monster, I love <3
    Voopy, oh my god, the vampire dude is so hOT?? and I love the idea of carving a pumpkin person to look more ~human for halloween!! and your linework was aces <3
    Eld, omg, I don't think I've ever seen you use shading to this extent and I WANT MORE. Hell of a way to create atmosphere and story in a painting omg <3

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