Osmanlı Padişahlarının BİLİNMEYEN Özellikleri ve Osmanlı – Rus Çekişmesi – Bölüm 5

Osmanlı Padişahlarının BİLİNMEYEN Özellikleri ve Osmanlı – Rus Çekişmesi – Bölüm 5

Hello to everyone. To the previous videos of the series at the top right
you can access it via the playlist from the card. As you know, in this series, the sultans
We go according to the order of boarding. What I’m aiming for in this series is actually history
aren’t just arrays and almost in the sultans you have never heard of
to you and what they do. Science videos on the channel because you want persistently
History videos will continue to come along. I will not be limited to only the Ottoman
of course too. Various videos about Turkish history will come Anyway, without losing much time,
Let’s go. Have a good time. His father was the third Ahmed, Patrona Halil rebellion
when the result is dethroned yet she was five years old. When the wooden brother passed by the third Mustafa
First Abdulhamid because of the cage system He was imprisoned in his palace for 44 years. After the forty-four years, the death of Mustafa III they entered the throne together. When his brother, Mustafa, was on his deathbed, “Abdulhamid
not Selim, make Selim a sultan. ” although the notables of the state
He did not break the rule, and Sultan Abdulhamid They did. Abdulhamit, on the other hand, only from the books he read.
He came to the throne with the information he got. As I mentioned earlier, unfortunately the cage
system prepared the end of the Ottoman Empire. What about the princes who don’t go to starboard
we know they were sultans. Neither the first Abdulhamit nor we will come soon
3. Selim It has not adopted the cage system. When the first Abdulhamid came to the throne
The state that was in trouble for us was Russia and finally the little boil treaty
done. The conditions were made in the world in that century
this is the heaviest treaty. Ottoman state since its establishment
This is the first time that he has paid compensation. In addition, in this treaty Crimea’s independent
it was decided, but his words and then Crimea, by the Russians
is occupied. As a result of this and many other conditions
Ottoman empire on earth being one of the three major states
It is lost. In Egypt during the reign of Abdulhamid I
The rebellion of “slaves” was suppressed. This is an interesting rebellion. The slaves are Turkish. Other names are mammals. Even for the first time in history, in the name of this state
Turkey expressed passes. Arabs sold to the Egyptian state,
Turkish slaves used as soldiers spartacus with increasing numbers over time
like they rebelled and took control This is the Turkish state they founded. Always fond of independence
Turks were also independent in the Arab lands. he fought for and established a state. However, independence in Arab soil
fighting for Turkish. On the other hand, damage to your own independence
The Turk who suppressed that revolt in order not to come. Anyway, as a result, the Ottoman
the period was passing. However, Sultan Abdulhamid I
Ottoman sultans despite failures was remembered with his good intention and zeal. He was always interested in government affairs. Opinions and opinions about each problem
he would notify his viziers. He tried to appoint talented viziers. Always compassionate and moderate to the people
Behaved. Fire incidents in Istanbul during its reign
It proliferated. As it is known, classical Ottoman houses,
wood and adjacent to each other. So a fire that spreads quickly spreads,
suddenly he surrounded the whole neighborhood. One day there was such a fire
and it has grown steadily. Abdulhamit went to the fire scene and burned
He entered the house next to the house and sat down. The jugglers who saw this in great effort
they put out the fire without jumping into the house where the sultan was The love of the people who witnessed this event and
won the appreciation. So he is a sultan who really loves his people
The first Abdulhamid. In 1787, in the battle of Özi Castle with the Russians
Özi Castle Fall and 25 thousand Turks he was very upset when he heard his murder
and several times the number of people confirmed, when he found out his accuracy
then suffered a stroke, in the morning of that night on the other hand, closed his eyes to life. Political and military failures
Whether it is a crime or a crime of the system should historians decide. Unfortunately, the second Abdulhamid’s
This sultan is not talked as much as his part. Our history is a whole with everything Asia
From the Hun Empire to the present day But instead of taking lessons, we always boast
with something. But what we have to do is learn from history
receive In the previous video, I mentioned the third Mustafa who believed in fortune tellers. These fortune tellers, Selim’s newborn son
they said it would be a unique sultan 3. To Mustafa, the sultan who heard this was great
rejoiced and seven days seven nights ordered a fun to last
and after him the sultan of his son Selim wanted it to happen. However, his uncle to the sultan after his father
Abdulhamid was brought. Sultan First Abdulhamid, jail like himself
Sultan does not want to live life Considering Selim the third in the palace
and it was very important to his education He was giving. Thanks to this, Selim received a very good education.
He was very keen on literature and good writing. He was a good poet, neyzen and composer. Successful works of Turkish music
counted between. Sultan Selim the third, to fine arts
grew up fond and open-minded, but he was soft enough to be weak
and westernism in the Ottoman Empire he wanted to settle down. Even for the first time in Ottoman history,
The Latin alphabet was used. The death of his uncle Sultan First Abdulhamid
When he was 28, he sat down on the Ottoman throne. When he goes to the throne, the public
hopes tied. The young monarch’s Ottoman Empire
to those old powerful and magnificent times he thought he would return. But when the throne came, Russians and Austrians
Wars were going on. Selim, send the edicts of the commanders
The army suffered defeats, which were no longer able to fight. During his period, the state constantly lost land
and the age treaty signed the Ottoman The process of disintegration had begun. Of course, innovations in such a bad trend
It was not a return. The modern order established in his time
cedid army, very young and young army Although he defeated Napoleon for the first time
interfered. Of course, another architecture of this win is
British naval officer is Admiral Nelson. Admiral Nelson off the Nile, Napoleon
To a terrible defeat of the French Navy and thus indirectly to the Ottoman
helped out the road. For this reason, the third Selim, one of the husks,
Diamond and precious stones on one a poplar and, more importantly, the first Ottoman
He presented the Ottoman crescent with a military engagement. So the first Ottoman military engagement was
It is given. Admiral Nelson is very proud of this engagement
heard and wore it for life. Our engagement in self-portraits, open
seen in the figure. With the support of his victory in that war, the Ottoman
his army is also in front of him, Of course, a lot of head was disturbed in these periods
and the second of the tallied janissaries they don’t like being pushed into the plan, first
with riots iii. They slipped Selim’s foot, then
they also eliminated. Janissaries stepping on their room while playing ney
He was the last Ottoman sultan killed by. But not by being strangled, but by daggering
It was killed. So an ancient Turkish-Mongolian tradition
The rule of not shedding noble blood is violated. Of his uncle Third Selim, who was thrown from the throne
He was twenty-eight years old when he was replaced. The kingdom of Sultan Fourth Mustafa
who treated him like a father all along Work with the rebels against the third Selim
and his killing orders for, idea about his character
It serves. Sultan Fourth Mustafa, from education and learning
He gave great importance to live in pleasure and joy. He was a person full of passion and ambition. Cooperation with the janissaries
the central authority and its domination increasingly weakening, Sultan Selim III and
Nizam-ı Cedid supporters were caught he was killed on the ground. Kabakçı Mustafa and his followers who started the revolt
plays an active role in state administration, they brought their men to important positions. The Ottoman Empire, after this rebellion,
He made great concessions. However, the demands of the janissaries were never
Over. It has never been seen in Ottoman history
a treaty was made. Playing the leading role in the Kabakçı Mustafa rebellion
janissary masters, providing themselves According to this treaty they made to take,
janissaries will not interfere with state affairs and the Ottoman Empire due to this rebellion
he would not hold his hearth responsible. Sultan Selim III supporters, Alemdar
They took refuge in Mustafa Pasha. Alemdar Mustafa Pasha Ottoman-Russian wars
showed great success during and won the sympathy of the army members. 3. Selim was also loyal to him. With the army he collected,
save from prison life and board again to Istanbul to take off
interest. The sultan fourth Mustafa received notice of this
then the third benign and the second Mahmut orders to be killed. The third Selim is killed, the second Mahmut
Escapes. Alemdar Mustafa Pasha the fourth Mustafa
the third benign instead of the throne The second Mahmut is obliged because he died. The second replaces Mahmut
He was strangled when he was still preparing a paper. The smartest of the Ottomans
one of the sultans II. Mahmut during his princes, the sultan
his uncle III. By Selim protected and with education
he was personally interested. III. After Selim is deposed, the throne
outgoing 4. Mustafa was asked to be murdered
but one of the women in Harem thanks to escape from the roof
hardly saved. Prince Mahmut, III to Istanbul. Ruse of Ruse coming to take Selim to the throne
By Alemdar Mustafa Pasha The throne has been removed. The politics he followed after this point is admirable
Persalts: When he enters the throne, he has no political support
and the janissary didn’t look very well Mahmut, to consolidate his power
it needed military force. If he was a military force, feudal lords of the time
who were there: so Mahmut, his sultanate the name of the deed alliance with the candidates to protect
had signed the agreement. Candidates, to sign this treaty
Their arrival in the city was also magnificent: with interesting clothes and soldiers
those who come to the city are actually it was a trunk show. After a while, he strengthened his power
Mahmut, to ensure absolute sovereignty that they have to eliminate
he knew: on the pretext of meeting the ayan he gathered it together and killed them all. He now had absolute authority. Waiting for a showdown with the janissaries
Mahmut, the mistake that his uncle Selim made he watched the best moment not to fall and
During the Greek rebellion, the soldiers reluctantly under the pretext of fighting, support of the people
taking the root of the janissaries. All the janissaries living in the city were murdered
and even their graves were broken. But this event is still going on.
It negatively affected the Greek War because there was no proper regular army left. A name called “Muhammad’s army”
they formed an army, but these were not immediately operational. II. It has made many innovations for the Mahmut period. For example, primary education is compulsory and free of charge.
She made her wedding, she had a wedding in her concubine. Short beard, pants in the palace
dressed, used chairs and tables while eating. Disguise revolution for civil servants
made it mandatory to use fez. In short, he said to the Republican era.
established the basis of bureaucratic structures to be moved. An army that looks like a modern army
tried to edit the structure. Post office, vaccine, coverall team and
has accomplished many innovations such as. In short, the Ottoman empire for a while
if he still survived no doubt II. Mahmut’s share is huge. He is a sultan whose value is not known much. His father II. Training of Mahmut at his request
had innovative ideas for. He was very interested in the Western world. At the age of 17, on the death of his father
while he sat on the Ottoman throne. European life for the progress of the state
wanted his style to be expanded across the country We can say the sultan of the firsts and innovation
for himself. establishment of the first postal agency, telegraph
started to be used, city lines establishment, making the first city planning,
establishment of the first municipality, the first Ottoman opening the bank, first printed paper
money and a new finance with all these regulations establishment of the plan and system, the first population
counting and citizens Issue of identity card for the first time
arrangement of official flags and anthems This period is full of countless firsts such as … Many innovations I can not count here yet
It has brought. So much westernization and innovation
his movements are of course criticized with different arguments. Well he has nothing wrong with him
manager? Of course, there are hardly like the stuffed garden number
many palace constructions He spent a lot of unnecessary expenses. Although these palaces are inherited
Although it remained the same, it paved the way for external borrowing However, yes; Sultan Abdulmecit
was an important figure. The first to shape the secularism of Turkish democracy
he has been. His reforms of the Republic of Turkey today
formed the first foundations. So somewhere the republic and democracy
if we are talking, we will remember it without shame and hesitation and the people we have to respect
definitely Sultan Abdulmecit must have a place too. And if you remember the history, Vahdettin
to his treachery or to the absoluteness of Abdulhamit that we will take that much time and especially
sultanate through these two personalities the forgotten Sultan Abdulmecit
or his father, Sultan Mahmut, or the rest If time was given to other sultans, periods
can understand the difference between history and anger not a mindset with history
and republic is a historical evolution. understanding, democracy and other principles
we could create a connected society. Again, history is science, knowledge. We need to know the history and learn lessons. I hope you enjoyed the video. Until you see it in the next video,
look good bye.

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