Paranormal Encounters The Haunting of Sweet Springs Sanitarium

Paranormal Encounters The Haunting of Sweet Springs Sanitarium

(eerie music) – [Connor] What kind of activity do you get through these halls? – Well, you come through here, you kinda feel like
somebody’s pushing you. Right through here, then you turn around, ain’t nobody around behind you. That’s your last trip (laughs). – Oh, boy. It’s trying to keep our attention on it. – People just come through here and you look in the corner of your eye and you see something. – [India] If anybody is here you can come and touch this right here if you need help or you need something. Look! It just went off! (eerie music) – On this episode of
Paranormal Encounters, we travel deep in the mountains of West Virginia to investigate the abandoned Sweet Springs Sanatarium. Having seen hundreds of
deaths during its operation, the former resort, tuberculosis hospital, and nursing home has become known as one of the most haunted places in America. Built in 1830 as a resort
and spa for the elite, once known as Old Sweet Springs, this building had guests such as George Washington, James Madison, Franklin Pierce, and Robert E. Lee. The resort stayed in operation
through the Civil War and enjoyed relative prosperity throughout the late 19th century. In 1930, Sweet Springs
went bankrupt due to the lack of any railroad
line near the resort. (railroad tracks rumble) It was sold to the state in 1941 and used as a tuberculosis hospital for a short time before being turned into a memorial home for the aged. The nursing home ceased operation in 1993. Tonight, India and I are joined by her sister, Asia for one night inside the peeling walls of
this massive location. As we arrived, we met with the caretaker, Ricky, who’s been working inside the building for the last couple decades. He proceeds to show us some of the paranormal encounters people experience inside these walls. – This was built in the 1830s and whenever it was built, all this down through this hallways was open. And every once in a while, you get a little bit of activity
right through here, too. – [Connor] What kind
of activity do you get through these halls?
– Well, you come through here, you kinda feel like somebody’s pushing you right through here, but
then you turn around, there ain’t nobody around behind you. This was men’s wings, on both sides of the
hall, all the way down, there’s just nothing but rooms. I’ve never seen too much activity up here. – [Connor] What are
some of the experiences that other people have had on this floor? – It ain’t this floor,
but the next one over, they always said there’s a woman that they see every once in a while. – A woman?
– Walk down the hall, yeah. – [Connor] Do you know what
she looks like or anything? – No. I talked to this lady,
she’s up here right now. And she’s seen her.
– Really? Like during the day or the night? – I think during the day and night both. – Really?
– Yeah. – [Connor] Does she do anything? Do they ever feel weird?
– No, they said that she just goes from one room, go out and go to another room. But there have been so many
people that was here that died because nursing home, that’s
where you come to to die. I mean, it’s a shame, but–
– What is that noise? – That’s your last trip (laughs). – Wait, what was that?
– It was like a stone throwing or something.
– What was that noise down there, is that normal? – [India] I don’t know,
but I keep hearing it. (dramatic music) – [Connor] During our
interview with Ricky, we kept hearing noises coming down from the end of the hallway, so we decided to go down there with Ricky and find out what was causing them. – Probably the wind blowing them shutters, they shake, see ’em moving? – [Connor] Yeah. – That’s probably what we heard. See, when the wind blows. Is that what you heard? – That’s not what I heard.
– No, no. – [India] It sounded like,
well, I heard a ticking clock. – I don’t know what that could have been. – I hear something ticking, too. I hear what you’re talking about now. Might be this window. That sound like it? – The only thing, would we
be able to have heard that from down there?
– Yeah. Yeah, it echoes down that halls. If you got somebody in here talking, it’ll sound like they’re right beside you on the other end of the hall. – Really?
– I mean, it just echoes right on through the building.
– So noises inside this building do echo, then?
– Yeah. – Okay. So if we hear anything
like voices in the night that’s not from one of us,
then it would probably be, it may not be where we
think it is at, right? – Yeah, yeah, it could be
on down the hall, farther. These rooms right here is right
over the top of the kitchen and it was, actually, like I said, the dwelling, years ago. They’ve changed it, they’ve raised it up to match the floor of where
it goes straight on back and there’s a little bit of activity
in this part right here. – [Connor] Like what kind of activity? – People have come through here and you look the corner of
the eye and you see something. (eerie music) I mean, they’ve seen that stuff and we’ve actually got, talked to people, not a conversation, but
talked to people on the, what do you call that thing?
– Spirit box? – Yeah.
– On the spirit box? You’ve talked to them down here? – Yeah.
– Okay, so maybe down here tonight.
– Yeah. Might do something in here and– – So that’s where Asia’s
staying by herself (laughs). – See then, tonight, let’s focus on doing a spirit box session down this hallway. – Or you might, if you got any mics– – Yeah.
– You might set up the mic up here and see if you hear anything. – Okay.
– Yeah. – That might be, yeah.
– Okay, okay. (dramatic music) It is now nightfall and so
begins our investigation of the Sweet Springs Sanatarium. India, Asia, and myself start off by using the rim pot in the cafeteria located on the main floor. It wasn’t long until I noticed
something odd on my camera. I don’t know about you guys, but unless my ears are playing tricks on me, I heard footsteps above,
the floor above us. – [India] I didn’t hear anything. If you’re here, you
can make that light up, it’s not gonna hurt you,
it’s just gonna light up and make a noise so that
we know that you’re there. (tense music) – [Connor] India? – [India] Mm-hm? – [Connor] There’s something on the floor. There’s something on the
floor moving towards Asia. – What do you mean?
– And now, I’m not somebody that believes
in orbs like that, but a small, little white, puny
little marble-sized ball was literally floating across the floor, went towards Asia, and
disappeared into a tile. Right in front of her. It’s really weird, oh, I see it. What is that, is that a bug? Oh my God, it’s gone. I just saw it and now it’s gone again. That’s so weird. It literally, if it was
a bug, I’d still see it. I don’t know what that
was, that’s really weird. You’ll have to see this. If there’s somebody in this cafeteria, we have a red light on the floor in here. This is the best way that
we can visually see you. If you walk near it, it lights up and what we can do is we
can ask you a few questions, you can tap it real quickly for a yes. Is there anybody in this room with us? – Ready?
– All right, we’re gonna be doing an EVP session, electronic voice phenomenon and see if we are able to capture
any spirit voices in here. Let’s ask some questions
and see what these people ate in this room. – Can you tell me how many of you are in this room right now? – [Connor] What kind of food
did you guys eat in here? – How long have you been here? – [Connor] Are you going to
communicate with us tonight? (recording murmuring) – [India] Can you tell me how many of you are in this room right now? – [Connor] What kind of food
did you guys eat in here? – [India] That sounded like it
came from upstairs, actually. – I actually heard it from that way. – Really? I heard it that way. – [Asia] That’s upstairs. – [Connor] You heard that? – [Asia] That’s upstairs. – [Connor] You heard that? – That’s over there, upstairs.
– Are you going to communicate with us tonight? India, did you hear that? – Listen.
– Yeah? I got a cold chill down my leg. – That’s the camera, that’s this, but… – [Asia] It sounds like
somebody walking upstairs. – I know.
– Or banging something. – You heard that, right?
– What’s weird, as well, is that when we got quiet, it shushed. – [Connor] You heard that, right? – Yeah. – Should we go upstairs? – We can.
– Let’s go upstairs. (dramatic music)
While India was playing back the recorder from our EVP session, it became obvious that
something was causing what sounded like footsteps
on the floor above us. The three of us are the only
ones inside this building, so we decided to further
investigate who or what it was. Oh, boy. I don’t know about you guys–
– Shh! Okay, that’s just, never mind.
– Did you hear that too? – Huh?
– Yeah, I heard the two bangs. – There was two footsteps.
– India. There’s the two bangs. Is there somebody up here? Who was making the noise up here? – [Asia] Did you hear that? That wasn’t you? That wasn’t you? – [India] No. – Wait, what?
– That was a very low man’s voice,
like a soft man’s voice. – I can’t hear it. – What’d you hear?
– Well, I think it was recording just as you said it. But I don’t know. – In here? – [Asia] It was a very soft,
soft noise, like a calm voice. I have no idea what it
said or anything like that. – [India] It’s really creepy how this latex glove’s just lying around. – [Asia] That was a pipe. I think that was just a pipe.
– Yeah, surely. – [Connor] That scared the crap outta me. Just stopped me in my tracks. – If there is anyone here and you need help, I
am a nursing assistant and I can help you, all you
need to do is ring your bell. Can you do that? If you can’t ring the
bell, you can make a noise, tap something, throw
something, slam a door. I heard that. Was that you, I think that was you. – [Connor] What, the pop? What did you hear? – Just, I don’t know,
it might have been you. – [Asia] That sounded
farther away than Connor if Connor didn’t do that. I heard that too. – [India] Okay, I’m
gonna try something here. – Well, I see where we’re at. This is the hallway where Ricky said to leave a voice microphone down here. – I have, maybe we
should put it and go in. If anybody is here, you can
come and touch this right here if you need help or you need something. That, look, it just went off! Did you get that, Asia?
– Mm-hm, I think I did. – [India] Do you need help? Can you touch it again if you need help? Do you need something? It’s okay, it won’t hurt you. – [Connor] I did hear it, though. – [India] You can also tell me into this recorder what you need. (device beeps) I can see you, okay. Did you tell me, did you just tell me? If I listen back, can I hear you? If you’re a man, can
you touch that for me? If you’re a woman, can you touch it? – Are you near us? Do you want us to go down that hall? We haven’t been down there yet. Can you make a noise which
hallway you want us to go down? – [India] If you want us to leave, you can make it light up as well. – [Connor] This is the
most creepiest hallway I have ever seen. (device beeping)
– There it goes. Do you want us to go down there? (tense music) – [Connor] It’s trying to
keep our attention on it. After our experiences in this hallway, we would spend the remaining
night looking for more evidence of anything out of the ordinary. From exploring the basement,
to doing a spirit box session, it remained quiet, with no responses. When we finally had enough exploring, we set up a camera in one of the hallways outside a room we slept in. Unfortunately, it rained while we slept, and most of the audio
was hard to distinguish. When morning came, it
was our time to leave this massive location. We never had the ability
to explore every area, but we were lucky enough to come home to a piece of evidence. Sometimes, you travel to
purportedly haunted locations and experience a lot of activity
and sometimes you don’t. But that does not mean
we were the only three in the hallways:
something was indeed there and wanted us on the floor with it. This was our Paranormal Encounters at the Old Sweet Springs Sanatarium. (dramatic music)

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  2. George Washington died in 1797. I don’t think he visited the building if it was built in 1830 (@ 1:32 – 1:40 approx).Was it the springs he visited prior to construction of the building?

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