paranormal survivor Laura Lee’s demons
interview with Laura Lee Dell and I started dating in 2008 Dell
moved into the house shortly after that we tried to have a normal happy life and
no things were great life was pretty good moved in the house was normal
there’s nothing strange about it at all at that time but it didn’t take long for that feeling
of bliss to quickly disappear I didn’t usually remember my dreams but this
particular dream I remember like I had it last night in vivid vivid detail I’ve
never had a dream like this that it seemed so real I found myself outside there’s a tree in
my front yard there was a man in the front tree is a very evil
it was the skin it was this white sickly glowing skin and as I looked into his
eyes he spoke to me he called me by name and said hello Marley I can give you
anything you want wealth fame you name it all you have to do is for you to
follow me I remember telling him get out of here now and he said oh no no no no
no I’m not going away that quickly he then proceeded to tell me he was a
demon I never you see a crow or Ravan you’re gonna know it’s me and I screamed
at him there was a flash I woke up shaking
crying and in a complete sweat I’ve never forgot in this dream she said
something talked to her in her dream and mentioned there’d be signs that would
show up I was absolutely terrified I can understand why would have a dream like
this when we sleep our subconscious is completely wide open it’s the perfect
time for something supernatural to come in and make contact it’s easy for them
to manipulate you if a demon comes to you and your dream essentially it is
trying to infiltrate your life once they root themselves it becomes harder and
harder to get rid of them it wasn’t long before Laura Lee’s disturbing nightmare
started to become a chilling reality right off to the dream I started to
notice Ravens they seem to always be in that tree where the dream was that I had
they were showing up every day they’ll just come in and it’ll be like our
murder of crows just whole whack of them just right there crows and ravens are
messengers between our world and the world of the dead if you have evil in
your surroundings you’re going to see them in certain religions crows or
Ravens are known as bad omens we associate them with the demonic Lorelei’s dream was terrifying and a
harbinger of the evil to come shortly after the dream I did do some research
to find out is there any truth to this dream does something like this actually
exist and found out a little bit more about this entity there was a simple
with this particular entity he could be represented by a crow or a raven I was taking some food out of the oven
as I was pulling it out the oven door was completely down and all of a sudden
it sprang up onto my arm and burnt me 12 hours later it turned black almost
like a brand but the creepy part about this mark is the outline of my burn
completely matched this entity symbol when all of this started increasing in
frequency for me it completely affirmed that the information I had been given in
that dream was now starting to happen to us in real life the attack was just the
beginning of the terrifying activity in Laura Lee’s home you leave here your
noises in the house all over the place all sudden we heard this smash
everything like what the hell was that there’s a curio cabinet that hung on the
wall somehow this said lifted up off these hooks they flew 12 feet over into the living
room it had all my treasures from when I was a little girl from birthdays little
Christa animals things from my grandmother’s that are now deceased the
demon didn’t just want to physically hurt me it’s going after me emotionally
now too lauralee believe the demon from her
dream was responsible then it turned its attention to Dell I became very worried that it wants to
make us aware that it’s here it all sudden boom I get hit Loreley Potvin had been visited by a
demonic entity in a nightmare and ever since Laura Lee and her partner
Dell had fallen victims to strange paranormal activity which it escalated
into violence all sudden and I got smashed straight in the shoulder it was
like actually pretty significant and I turned around like and there was
nobody there there’s something that is not physically natural happening in the
house that I can’t explain I’ll set him boom hit it hit me in the
center of the chest and I went flying ended up in the cabinets and I stunned
like I just got body checked I thought I got electrocuted or something checked out the fridge is there
electrical short because I didn’t want anybody else to get electrocuted nothing
I can’t explain that part at all when Dell got thrown that was terrifying it
has that much power to throw a fully grown man what else is gonna happen
that’s when we started to really worry it could hurt or kill somebody in our
home lauralee had reached her breaking point
and knew she needed outside help all we needed was somebody that could
help us remove this from her home the psychic medium said I can hear drums
that is my sign for something extremely old extremely ancient he did describe to
me what he was able to see see a man leaning against the tree and what he was
able to see was identical to what I had witnessed in that dream as that happened the wind picked up you
could hear it howling outside my heart rate was up to about a hundred
and sixty beats a minute I I was terrified but to tell you the truth if
somebody else can see this and I haven’t told them about the stream I’m not crazy
this is real he been almost passed out and he had
tears just streaming down his eyes all he said was it was demonic he confirmed
it he had asked for it to be crossed over into the light he was told by his guides and angels
that was impossible there was something powerful in her house I really believe it just irritated and
aggravated it the psychic intervention had been
unsuccessful leaving laura-leigh and Dell in a dangerous situation after the
psychic had been to her house it made the activity much much worse the next night I was sitting raped by
the laundry and I was having a smoke dog could see me in the bedroom on the
security camera I set up cameras because there’s a lot of break-ins around the
area Laura was in the laundry room she was sitting down and all of a sudden
she gets up and he said it looked like I was like a marionette my arms are just
moving I don’t remember this he said I stood up and I was talking to something
laughing I don’t remember it she was pointing and talking to somebody
in the corner the movement on the camera as Washington
is what’s going on over here it’s just sort of half asleep half not
asleep I went in there said who are you talking to I I felt really angry and
they don’t normally feel that angry and I said don’t talk to me that way
and all he said was Lord get out of here we’ll talk about it when you’re out of
this room all of a sudden now she’s irate right because I disturbed her and
when she started getting all pissy it basically pushed her out of the room
whatever was happening there I can’t explain it as soon as I left the room
the anger started to dissipate I remember thinking my goodness
I I’m not normal I just don’t feel angry like this once I removed her from that
zone things started to normalize with her it was the energy in the room just the
negativity around me that that made me feel that way demons can definitely control a person’s
actions and body they’re a very strong powerful energy we
are made up of energy we’re not that heart to manipulate we got into bad Dell fall asleep I laid awake there and was thinking
about this whole incident why did I not remember this nothing like that had ever
happened before once Dahl was asleep it probably been
about 45 minutes and I was still laying there wait thinking about all of this it
was almost like he was seizuring he started just like violently shaking I remember grabbing him and pulling him up
and shaking him saying doll doll doll wake up doll doll wake up wake up and
that’s when he started choking I thought he was gonna die lorilee Potvin and her partner Dell were
being terrorized by a demonic entity in their home and the terrifying haunting
had now become a matter of life and death he started choking it was like
this black stop almost like a thicker was choking on him I I’ve never seen
anything like it yeah I thought he was gonna die I was
bent over the side of the bed puking just stuff coming out of my out of my
mouth hey fellas somebody was sick crushed me I was terrified because I’m thinking
what the hell is going on here when a person is choking up black mucus
during a demonic attack that usually means there’s a possession trying to
take place the demonic entity is trying to get in I really do think he would
have died I mean he started this violent shaking yeah and then as I was trying to
wake him up he starts choking almost to death he couldn’t breathe he couldn’t
get any air in had that happen and there have been nobody there to help him what
have you been awake enough would he have been able to get out of bed and find me
I don’t know it was the most terrifying night ever after that and they don’t want to cry
but this but it’s cuz it sounds crazy but good a lot of stuff I know I keep asking why like what did
we do to bring something like this to us not bad people
I mean this is affected every aspect of her life and still not ending after the
near-death experience Laura Lee and L had to take desperate measures since
this happened when about C $3 is stayed awake to watch over somebody is always
aware and as a weak because you don’t know what’s gonna happen when you’re
asleep right living like this wondering about what could happen next is
stressful but that’s the way it has to happen
and biggest fear is one of us dying that’s my biggest fear but he’s–you here after countless
attempts to get help from paranormal experts laura-leigh and del were left on
their own to deal with the demonic entity every time we try to contact and
they’re all gung ho for it they seem to run for the hills we believe in a higher power we hold the
hope always that we’re gonna find somebody that will be able to help us
there has to be help out there you

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  1. That was a powerful high priest and an exorcism. And the dreams she needs to put holy warter on her fore head on her. hands and on her feet. befor she goes to sleep.

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  3. I don't know why ppl put a thumbs down and no explanation for it.. 😖😖
    But honestly I pray they don't have to go through any of this.. I have my own stories and I know they are real… You have to go through this stuff to believe it 😳😱😲

  4. No help, still living in unbelievable fear. O…
    M…G. One moment to the next, thinking, Am I going to die. What Horror.

  5. So has anyone helped those ppl?! Cuz if not that's extremely sad and someone that knows how to take care of that kind of thing needs to be human and step in to help cuz no one should have to live in fear like that…thats not living…so sad

  6. Oh ffs. Crows and Ravens are just birds. Very cool and intelligent birds too btw, they're not evil. If I see one flip me off or start scratching a big pentagram around me in the dirt with its beak then yeah I'll reconsider that they might be evil supernatural entities lol.

  7. One other comment I want to shine light in, something that women mentioned in the video..
    She and others always say why does this happens to me/us we are not bad people and well
    that is exactly why it happens to them, because they are good… Evil the devil doesn't has to
    get bad people/sinners because bad people/sinners are already his, he doesn't has to try any longer to
    get them under his command, on the other hand good people are the ones he wants and has to
    work hard to get them to join him before time runs out… Remember that on demon time in
    they're dimension time is running out extremely fast so the devil is working hard using his
    dirty tricks, temptation, greed, pride, lust, envy, and even gluttony to get the good humans to
    join him and his army.. :/

  8. Ask a Priest, a Revarand, Decan, or Shiaman to bless you and your home get rid of all standing mirrors they ae portals! Pray to Jesus, and ask the Arch Angel Michael, Gods Warrior he is the slayer of demons to help you

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