100 thoughts on “PIXAR CHARACTERS GO TO HOGWARTS – ft. Thomas Sanders”

  1. I be a Gryffindor!🦁🦁🦁🦁♥️♥️♥️♥️💛💛💛💛💛

  2. Yet, you ask me who I have a crush on.
    Me: I have a boyfriend but I want a side mans.
    You: So you're saying you want to cheat on your boyfriend with someone else?
    Me: Yes.
    You: Why?
    Me: Because, my boyfriend is too good for me and also, his brother is sexy hot. Also, there's this guy who I used to dance with at someone's wedding a long time ago. One boys name is Guadalupe, the other boys name is Steven. Lupe is probably in his 3rd year of college, and Steven is homeschooled and is a Christian boy (is super into bibles and worshipping and churches). Anyways, if both my crushes and up getting girlfriends, I'll be stuck with my boyfriend until we grow old.
    You: Okay. I didn't need to know all that.

  3. bulleye is a huffle puff he is loyal like at the end of toy story 3 when woody tries to leave and bulleyes loyality makes it so he does not want to leave

  4. Mike Wasiseky (idk how to spell it) I’ll put him in Hufflepuff because he appreciates every little thing like when his face was covered on the tv and magazine he was still celebrating it

  5. I kept needing to remind myself that Ravenclaw is not synonymous with Logan, because that was basically how I was making my mental reasoning. “Well, Anton Ego is ambitious and puts his emotions aside, and he thinks he’s always right for awhile and starts out with like no empathy. RAVENCLAW!” I know there’s more to Logan and Ravenclaw than that but I just focused on where they overlapped

  6. Woody is such a Slytherin did you see how much he hates not being the leader or the most popular toy he was willing to get rid of buzz because he didn't want competition

  7. ok i love these ppl, i love this topic, and i love the analysis that helps me get a better understanding of each house

  8. I think Merida could be in Siltherin too cuz she's all about independence (which shows ambition) and decides to do what she wants no matter her responsibilities, she's resourseful also cuz she knows her skill and uses them for her advantage and i thought it was very cunning of her to tell the witch to change her fate no matter what happens to anyone else. She does redeem herself though.

  9. The inside out characters into the house works, until fear gets put into the house all students feel like they belong before sorting… the house of Anxiety!!! Accidentally summons my own anxiety William

    William: Dressed in a dark red hoodie and blue and white sleep pants under a bunny onesie complete with tail You called?

    Me: Sees the onesie Can I put you on my hip?

    William: No bunno on your hip for you! Sync's out

    Me: Pouts Aww

  10. These are how I think of them(Arlo is not on here because I have not seen that movie)
    Bing Bong, Geraldthesealion, Joy, Doug, Bruce
    Woody, Disgust, Lightning McQueen
    Merida, Bullseye, Remi, Boo
    Sadness, Roz, Mike Wasowski, Edna Mode, Anton Ego
    (Slytherin forever!!!!)

  11. I usually don't comment on videos, but I had so much fun with this one. I follow both of you and think you too are awesome, and this video was amazing!!

  12. If ya'll wanna know,
    (Spoilers up ahead!! Be warned ⚠️)
    (Also, I'm a Ravenclaw!!!! 💙)

    Be proud you Hufflepuffs ^^ 💛🧡

    Gryffindor=Merida, Bullseye, Lightning McQueen, Boo,

    Ravenclaw=Sadness, Ross, Mike Wazowski (Idk how to spell his last name) Remy, Edna, Anton Ego,

    Slytherin= Woody, disgust,

    Hufflepuff= Bingbong, Gerald the Sealion, Joy, Doug, Arlo, Bruce,

  13. I'm a grifendor and a slithern half breed 😂 THEN BRIZZY OML STOP MATCHING THE COLORS😂😂😂😂

  14. This Testing Is Made To Sort You Into A Hogwarts House Based On The TRAITS Of Your ZODIAC.
    I Did Create Part Of This, But Some Were Also Researched Through YouTube (Please No Hate!).
    Here Is The List:
    Aquarius – Gryffindor / Pisces – Hufflepuff~Ravenclaw / Aries – Gryffindor / Taurus – Slytherin /
    Gemini – Hufflepuff~Ravenclaw / Cancer – Slytherin / Leo – Gryffindor / Virgo – Ravenclaw~Slytherin /
    Libra – Hufflepuff / Scorpio – Slytherin / Sagittarius – Gryffindor~Ravenclaw

    This Was Made Extremely Accurate And Sorted My Family PERFECTLY, So It Should Work 🙂

  15. I love you 😘😅😍😝💖💝💝❤️💜💙💚💞💙💜💙💚💗💖💞💚💙💜💞❤️😻😽😘😍💗😅😝👏😽😍💝😘💖💙💚💞💜❤️😻

  16. Anton Ego being too far gone into analytics and Ravenclaw-ish tendencies… reminds me of a certain Sanders Side… cough*Logan*cough

  17. For woody there's a snake in my boot also slytherins are more likely to care for a hufflepuff but still can be friends with the other houses also for woody I want to say slytherdoor

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