Predict I Ching with Weather Forecast | Live Cast | EP08 King Wen Lesson | Wen Wang Gua | AK Guru

Predict I Ching with Weather Forecast | Live Cast | EP08 King Wen Lesson | Wen Wang Gua | AK Guru

What is up I am Alfred. The serious King Wen and Feng Shui researcher. in this video, I’ll explain how do you cast with coins in much detail way and principle behind a casting in any kind of fortune telling regardless is in the Western or Oriental system When we make the prediction or the fortune-telling we need to have a formula to perform the calculation. Once we obtain the result from the calculation we can do the fortune-telling this fortune telling relies on at least a single piece of basic information. This information is a source for an object as the foundation for making the prediction. For instance, if you wanted to read your life’s blueprint. you might need to go with BaZi (Four Pillar) of Purple Star Astrology (ZWDS) To read from Bazi or Purple Star You first need to transform your birth date and time into the related Natal chart. from the Natal chart you can start to perform any foretell part. This chart is the source for any of the prediction. while for the physiognomy and palmistry, face or palm appearance, and the complexion is the source for a prediction. for Feng Shui, we could roughly tell what is going on with the shape and the Qi circulation inside or outside of the building. Please go to this video for Qi in Feng Shui where I have explained about this Qi in this video. While for the divination, The purpose and intention for the divination, as according to the I Ching appended judgement (繫辭 XiCi) It mentioned that dòng zé guān qí biàn , ér wán qí zhān This is a sentence written in classical Chinese form. It is normal if you don’t understand what it is even you know mandarin it means once an activity or action is taken, it will create a movement. in another word, the movement or motion means changing. When you start to move, something will be started to get generated. Therefore, you can observe the change. in this case, observing the change here means moving line. so you observe the change and ponders the prognostication involved. In short, it means a human can consult with the universe whenever they have a movement. and the movement here means doubt! When you have doubt your mind started move with a question mark. This is the right timing to make the prediction. This also means that any prediction from the divination may start from any events. Different event need different prediction method. It is impossible to have a good prediction with the same source of the event. The event here needs to be randomised enough when we use divination as a prediction tool. I have emphasised about randomisation in the previous video after watching all of my videos, including the one that you’re watching right now. you must at least have a little understanding of why randomisation is so much important. In short, randomise means whenever different events rise, you can get a message according to the current time of movement, this is because current time is the latest action took from all of the single element in this universe To make you more understand what am I explaining here Let’s compare the two methods using the current time as the calculation reference point. Which are the BaZi (4 pillar) and the divination BaZi (Four Pillar) taking the reference point from time back to your birth date. But since your birth date it has been so much changing the changing here will make some of the prediction become loss of trace in certain cases Think of this way. have you thought about what are you going to do 30 years ago? This is why the action is not clear enough from the day you were born. And this is different compared to the divination. divination takes the reference point from the time according to the very current moment. it means, the information we gather is based on what everyone has been decided. not the action or the consequences back from your birth date. This is where the accuracy rate will be so much different from the BaZi (Four Pillar) system. This [movement] from the divination perspective. it is an event, and we could use this event to create the Hexagram chart. The Hexagram chart is generated with a formula. The formula here is what I’m explaining now. a formula from a calculation. This entire process called “CASTING”. in many ancient divination books, it had mentioned a word called prayer ritual, especially when we look back at the ancient era like Xia Shang Dynasty. Those rituals usually will be held in somewhere very sacred. In religions view, it can be said that it is a mantra or spells that invite the god or the spirits. So where are the spirits and who is the God? This will explain in my next coming out video. For now you need to understand that in divination perspective, the so-called mantra, serve as an intention to calm you down and let you have a much stronger believed with the universe. In my next video, I’ll explain about the prayer and why some divination need it in this video. I can only tell you that the theory behind had an answer from the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon which is the 黃帝內經 Stay tuned and subscribe so that you could really understand Do you need it or you don’t? There are many methods for casting. The most common method is using the coin. Majority of the coins method is using tree coins, and some are using six coins. Let dive in further to see how to use the coin. First of all, prepared 3 coins and paper. Coins don’t necessary to be ancient Chinese coin. You can use ten cents. twenty cents, two dollars coin. whatever your preference is Before you pick up any coins. make sure the coins have enough room to flip in your seal room. You need a pen for the recording as well. For me, I prefer to go with ancient coins. But these ancient coins are about imitated coin, not authentic coins. Some might said you need to use authentic ancient coins. I will not argue with you about this. Do whatever you like, as it has nothing to do with accuracy. You might need a clean cloth when you tip of the coin. This is to prevent the coins from a dropout. Place all the coins on the table with the two sides of a coin. When you do the combination mathematically, the maximum of combination you will have is eight combinations as you shake and tip out the coins Coin will drop randomly. it won’t drop at a fixed spot. so you will only have four maximum combinations at the practical operation. Watch this video now, where I had explained about a four combination of the coins. Now let me demonstrate to you the whole progress to cast with the coins and tortoise shell. These following steps will reveal the top secret on how to make the prediction outcome nearly to 100% If you really understand the following steps, basically, you could increase your accuracy tremendously. even if you cast with the Tarot card, Tea leaves, stones or whatever. so make sure you really understand what I’m showing you here. So first just write down your question and the setting of the hexagram you can choose to write it down on the paper or straightaway type into your computer. Let me show you how here. So now this has done all the casting. Now, this is the King Wen chart I have generated as I showed. Let’s decode from the chart now. From this chart Apparently, We see Si You Chou 3 combo 巳酉丑 that makes up Parent formation. The Si You Chou 巳酉丑 is from here These are three combos in a parent formation 三合父母局 in the general setting. Parents (indicates as) is a rainy day when the parents is in three combos, so we can know that it is something like the heavy rain. but not pouring yet. However, three combo may also mean that it is a pouring rain. but in this case it shouldn’t say that it is pouring. Why? this is because when we look at a prosperous indicator. this is the prosperous indicator. We can see that the parent line is only having a negative four degree. so this is also a parent. I never indicate anything on it. but it is the same It is negative four degree. it means not really that heavy. So from the three combos and the negative four degree. it is obvious that it is going to be a big rain. but not pouring it. Three combos started from the first line to the third line. It means rain will be started from 12 am in the night to 12pm(correction) in the morning. This line (rain) is heavy and long, but it won’t have any thunderstorm. This is because of the officer line over here has a bond with day branches(correction). Which is over here so we can see that the day branches(correction) here is ZI 子 So when Zi 子 and Chou 丑 will become a combination. When it becomes a combination, it will get bond. So when it get bond, the thunderstorm will not be happening in the rain Rain will start slowing down from 12 pm to 4pm (Correction) as indicating on the line four after the rain, it transforms into the siblings line In siblings line. It may mean a windy day in a general setting. but this is not a windy day. It actually is just a cloudy day. Why I say it’s a cloudy day. This is because the sibling had been bond with the monthly branches (correction) as well. so we can see that the monthly branches (correction) is Yin 寅 Yin寅 and Hai亥 is a combination 寅亥合 so when the combination together, it will have a bonding, that stops the siblings to have any function. So this is the daily forecast and we shall see what will be happening exactly on the 18th of February. Hey, what is up So right now, let’s see what we got from my prediction, so I’m standing out right now with the time that I have predicted let’s have a look out. So this is the weather right now you can see is. Pretty heavy, the rain. Not sure you can can hear the rain? Basically, you see the road is wet. OK. So now you see, prediction is actually quite very easy. as long as you just follow the steps and follow the rules, you can get everything you want to predict anything you just can get it very easy. Did you get a top secret I have shown? If you don’t have the shell, you could also replace it with just your bare hand. I had already explained in this video, Make sure you check this out. remember to seal up your palm when you shake it with your bare head. There is some uncertainty that many beginners always ask. When you see the coins happening like this Coins are overlap with each other. You just need to move the coin separately so now you can see the coins is one head and two tails, so you record the Yin or Yang side like what you have been set before you cast. If you don’t understand what I’m explaining here, make sure you check this video out. Another common question is when you tip out the coins it falls from the table. Should I take this coin into the drawing? This has a couple of way to handle it first, as long as you can see the coins face side and differentiate the Yin and Yang sides obviously then you can still keep going. But if the coin is standing up or reclining on something then the line is not properly indicated. also during the halfway you shake the coins something interrupting you and you have to stop the casting. Once you come back from the interruption you need to restart the whole process. Some people will still continue where the line stop. but according to our research, the accuracy rate with somewhere less than twenty percent, It only can remain the rate of 80% and above in some really, really urgent circumstances. Now we can make a prediction, according to the hexagram we have just created If you don’t understand how to draw the lines, check this video out as it has a very clear explanation about it. Coins method is somewhat comprehensive method it can shows from zero moving line to six moving lines. There is some lite version of I Ching or King Oracle lite version means it can show very detailed information Lite version is something like a numeric hexagram 數字卦 or rice grain method. 米卦 For a beginner level, it is always a good practice going with the rice grain divination method. where it has only one moving line. But it has a very big drawbacks which you need to be aware of I will explain this and probably demonstrate to you how to do it on another video. So remember to subscribe and stayed with me. If you enjoy my video and learn something please give me a thumbs up. If you have anything don’t understand. comment down below and let me know I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Video Splits into 3 main parts. Click on the timestamp below to straight jump into the subtopic. However, it is advisable to watch them all so that you understand the whole structure. (Click read more to expand)
    0:11 What is actually a CASTING in Divination?
    7:15 CAST with coins and Shell (Real demonstration with real prediction)
    9:02 Explanation of the MOVING LINE and verified the answer.

  2. I'm curious about your numerical notation system to indicate the strength of the line. In the hexagram of this video there are numbers from -2 to +6 but at the end of the video we can see another hexagram example with numbers from -1 to +8

    I guess this has to do with the strength of the Month and Day over the line. Whether it's Dead Line (very weak), Incarcerated/Tomb (weak), at Rest (average), Strong (associate) and Very Strong, but I'm not capable of how you employ the method of converting it into numerical notation. I understand that the effect of the Day of the casting is more important than the effect of the Month. I hope you will explain this number system in future videos, it's very interesting.


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