Primordial Origin Of Our Wounds

Primordial Origin Of Our Wounds

Over the course of the next few months I’ll be teaching a lot of much more involved psychological courses and videos related to astrology and related to certain Vedic Astrology techniques – particularly the Lajjitaadi Avashtas So before I get into those courses and videos, I wanted to get into the wounds because a lot of what I’ll be talking about in those courses are wounds So in this video, I just want to cover the idea of the wounds so that you’re ready for it and so, if any of you go into those courses or watch any of those other videos, you’ll be sort of prepared with the understanding of what a wound is So, we all have a wound and a wound is simply an element of pain that we carry with us throughout our days and we’re never really going to be free of that wound, but we need to become free of that wound ruling our lives and thereby ruining our lives Now, this thing we have called the wound, it’s very very old Do you ever wonder why the world is the way it is? You’re told there’s good karma and bad karma and you think well, why did somebody do bad karma in the first place? Why did that person come and steal my potatoes five billion years ago or whenever.. and then next lifetime I stole their potatoes and they stole my potatoes back… and finally at some point we have to stop stealing each other’s potatoes Do you ever think about why we are ever in a condition in a state back in the dawn of time in our first incarnations – why we might actually do something that requires a karmic retribution? It’s really because of this idea of the wound So imagine the cosmos, like go out on a night and just look up there into space and see all these lights, all these stars Look at some nebulas if you can or look at nebulas search on Google for nebulas and there’s these gaseous clouds of fine dust and particles that are lighted up by stars around them and really beautiful and imagine this whole cosmos, this whole universe we live in and how full it is of light and energy that’s expanding and literally where dust is coming together in very specific ways according to the mathematical scientific principles of God’s laws to create different forms, different bodies for spirit to fill, with the most advanced form of that being our human bodies and imagine the very beginning of that – out of nothing this process started, out of nothing somewhere out there in the galactic.. not the Galactic – in the universal center, the center of the universe this energy started pouring out of nowhere and that out of nowhere is God and the energy that started pouring out of that Center, that Center which is somewhere in the Greek constellation of Virgo – is where the center of the universe is, somewhere way beyond that, eons in time and space away this energy started going forth to create all these lights, all these things you see up in the sky, including our own solar system and the minute that that energy left that unknown region of God and started manifesting itself as the building blocks of everything, as the finest particles as heat and dust and all this stuff which eventually came together through all these cosmic principles that the modern astronomers are trying to understand, to eventually create worlds where bodies like ours can be formed So the minute that process started, the minute that first energy became in this creation, that energy became separated from God – the minute it became manifested to where it can be seen as light there was a barrier drawn between that energy and God and that is our wound, it’s that separation and that separation, that separation that started way back then of this energy which is creating the whole universe which is building the bodies we have and which is inhabiting the bodies as our unique souls, experience this slash of separation from the absolute consciousness of God so long ago, we’ll never remember when it happened and we’ve been carrying this wound with us All the consciousness that’s manifesting this whole cosmos has a separation of consciousness, every solar system this consciousness creates that can allow for inhabitable life and which can allow for evolved forms of life like we are, all that energy has this consciousness of separation Every body it builts, every body it inhabits, every soul that inhabits every body that consciousness builts as this consciousness of separation, as part of it… and that’s our wound. So imagine this: as this process is happening till finally it becomes this embodied being that has consciousness and self consciousness, especially humans are so self-conscious we had a response to this separation, we had our personal response to this separation called a wound, so we’re told: you’re children of God. So God says you’re my child. Right? Imagine this – you’re my child and you’re made in my image, and that sounds like wow, that’s a good deal, cool – I’m God’s child and made in his image I can dig that, right? And then, all of a sudden – boom, here you are in this world separated from God, the love and wisdom and joy of everything and all of a sudden you’re here. Imagine from there to here, right? And you don’t even know how you got here and all you feel is the pain of that separation and you think, geez, I was told I was the child of God. I felt like I was the child of God. I felt like I was made in God’s image and boom!! Here I am – there must be something wrong with me God rejected me. When I came off the assembly line, he said, yeah, you’re my defective child, get out of here and, boom, you landed on Earth and that’s essentially a rejection wound If that’s the way you feel about this separation on the deep level, you’ll manifest what we call a rejection wound So there was something wrong with you so you were rejected I you don’t even know what it is – it had to be something, otherwise, why would you have been here? So we developed this relationship with ourselves based on this pain of separation Or a person might think: yeah, you told me I was made in your image, that I was your child and then you left me here to starve You didn’t give me love, you didn’t give me enough food, you didn’t give me enough of what I needed, you just abandoned me to starve – that’s the wound of abandonment Another person feels: you said I was your child, you said I was made in your image and then you screwed me. I didn’t do anything wrong You just totally screwed me and stuck me here yuck… and you’re pissed, right? And another person feels: yes, you said I was made in your image and yes, you said I’m your child and now you’re picking on me, like you’re picking on me, you’re screwing with me, you’re showing me how I’m really not that, by sticking me here I’m like the runt that everyone makes fun of… Here I am on earth just so far from really being your child… you’re just making fun of me Another person feels that, they just feel like they’ve been shamed by God, that something about them is just shameful that they got stuck down here, that they’re only good for being made fun of and being toyed with and we have these wounds and so it’s just the different ways our consciousness responds to the fact that our consciousness is no longer joined with God’s consciousness Again, this process started the minute God started manifesting creation before there was even human life and of course, as the consciousness becomes self-conscious in the human form, it also becomes self-conscious of the pain of that separation from God So we have these wounds so we have a wound of being rejected and so what do people do to survive with that wound? They withdraw, they go, well, I’ll withdraw before someone can find out what’s wrong with me and reject me Or I’ll withdraw before I get rejected. It’s safer to withdraw than getting rejected, right? A person with an abandonment wound will go, Geez, I don’t want to be abandoned, so I’ll figure out a way for people to become dependent on me. If they’re dependent on me, they can’t abandon me, or I’ll be dependent on people, I’ll just find this way that I’ll be dependent on them and they’ll be dependent on me and then they won’t leave me, I’m going to create a glue that people won’t leave me And the betrayal person goes, well, for no reason of my own, I got screwed I’ll make sure that never happens again. I’m gonna be in charge. I’m gonna be in the driver’s seat 24/7 I’m gonna be in control – if I’m in control, if I’m at the top and I’m in charge of a situation, then nobody can screw me, nobody can betray me. And the shamed person goes, I’ll just beat myself up, I’ll put myself in situations that are miserable I feel so bad, I mean I must be so horrible to have landed up here, that I’m just gonna keep on punishing myself. I’m gonna choose the job that I hate the most I’m gonna choose the person who treats me the most low I’m going to talk about myself in a way that’s most demeaning and if there is a choice between a great healthy situation and a demeaning situation, hell, I’m choosing the demeaning situation They become a masochist, they put themselves in low situations – sure, I’ll be your slave… So we have these responses to pain and then we try to deal with them in a way and these are very different ways So the rejection tries to withdraw, so if it withdraws, it won’t be rejected. If it always holds something back, then it can’t be fully rejected The abandoned person tries to create a role of dependence somehow – either a one way or two way role of dependence because if there’s dependence you can’t get rid of what you depend on now, can you? Betrayal wants to control – those are really straightforward but, the shame one becomes a masochist They literally feel so ashamed, they just feel like they did something so bad that they deserve punishment, that they’re just simply not good enough for anything good. And they embrace that, they literally embrace it The other ones are trying to find ways to avoid the wound – the rejection person’s trying to find ways to avoid being rejected, the abandonment person is trying to avoid ways to be abandoned The betrayal person is trying to avoid being betrayed and the shamed person is just showing themselves and the whole world how horrible they are, how ashamed they are, how shameful they are And even that’s a protection because, if you’re already being treated so low, if you seek the lowest place you can find, if you make fun of yourself all the time and you humiliate yourself and you say things about yourself that are demeaning, even injust, then, you’re putting yourself in a low place where there’s no room for someone else to shame you If you already picked the worst job in the building, someone can’t come and demean you and say, hey, you’re not good enough for that job. You got to go into the lower job You’re already in the lowest job, right? If you’re already saying unfair, demeaning things about yourself, someone else can’t come along and add to that, you’re already hitting the lowest denominator So even this is this weird protection – if I stay as low as possible, I can’t be shamed any further and I’ll be safe from that pain of shame, of additional shame. Now, obviously neither of these are healthy ways to deal with this wound, but we just want to avoid the pain and so we adopt these compensations But it won’t work. What happens if a person withdraws? Well, when they withdraw, they end up rejecting other people and then those people feel rejected and leave and so what happens is – there’s more pain There’s more separation See, all these are methods we try to avoid separation and in trying to avoid the separation, what we do is we guarantee the separation The abandonment person tries to create dependence, a type of dependence that becomes so heavy, eventually, the person they’re dependant with can’t survive the dependence and has to leave and then the person gets abandoned anyway If you’re overly dependent, if you’re codependent, nobody can maintain those patterns because they’re not healthy and so the abandoned person is going to end up getting abandoned. If the betrayal person is always controlling everything, the other people eventually have to leave. Imagine someone’s controlling you all the time you can’t live under that, so then you’re gonna have to separate yourself from the betrayal person and the betrayal person will feel once again betrayed The person who’s shaming themselves, well, how we treat ourselves is how we treat others.. They also can take delight and get in the habit of shaming other people, of loving to condescend other people and love gloating over other people’s weaknesses and, a shamed person, if you’re in a low spot, you’ll look up and you’ll see there’s a sense of humor in their eyes, not compassion, because they’re shaming themselves so they’re gonna shame you too and as a result of shaming others, eventually, they’re gonna have a separation with those others and again, suffer the separation of connection, which is what these wounds are all about. So they become super active in relationships. Alright So if we act out of trying to protect these wounds, we guarantee the wound is going to be repeated… now, as I mentioned, I see the origin of these wounds as the dawn of creation The minute God started manifesting a portion of this consciousness as this entire visible universe these wounds got settled into all consciousness every part of consciousness that everything in matter, all the consciousness that’s embodied in any form of matter has these wounds to some degree As humans we’re most self-conscious so we’re also most self-conscious of the separation and that pain or the wound that is a result of that separation and every time we’re born into a new form, into a new human body as an infant we start undergoing experiences that reinforce this idea of these wounds in us – we have parents that reject us, parents that abandon us, parents that betray us, parents that shame us and reaffirm the pain of that primordial separation that happened so long ago As a result of that – imagine, every time you’re born on earth, every lifetime you’re born on earth there’s a parental figure or an authority figure that affirms to you that there’s something wrong with you and they reject you that affirms to you that you’re not going to get enough in life and they abandon you that does something unfair to you for no reason that you did anything. They just decided to betray you and cast you out.. or they just thought something’s wrong or ugly in you, something was wrong with you, they wanted a boy and you were a girl and they’re shaming you – it could be that crude and low And so, imagine, every lifetime we’re born, we have a wound reinforced and so we start thinking, we literally start believing the wound A rejection person believes there’s actually something wrong with me and when people know what it is, I’m out of there The abandonment person feels I’m just not worth feeding… I’m just not worth feeding and as soon as someone realizes that, they’re just gonna leave me on the side of the road to starve The betrayal person thinks: I can’t trust anyone, the world’s not fair, I’m gonna get screwed, so I have to be in charge, I just always get screwed, I always will, I know I always will.. and the shameful person feels: I’m never going to be good essentially, I’m never going to be good enough to be loved. I’m just too low of a cretin And we literally believe we are these things, but we’re not these things. Remember God said: I made you in my image and you’re my child. That’s what we are, but we have these wounds and we start believing we are these wounds. No, we’re not! These wounds are just a memory of pain that happened when God started manifesting himself as the entire universe but they’re not what we are And we also have these wounds reinforced when we pray and we beg to God – God, please, give me love, please give me money, please give me whatever and we pray and we pray and we pray and God doesn’t answer, right? So we go, well, there must be something wrong with me if God doesn’t help me I must be worth giving to abandonment, God’s just screwing me again, oh, I’m so low, I’m not even worthy of God’s attention says the shamed to person So we pray and we pray and we don’t get an answer – it reinforces our wound and then we’re praying and we’re sitting there, please, let me just get a busy signal -if I get a busy signal God, then I know at least you’re there and you’re answering the calls for someone and then if I keep calling, one day you’ll actually pick up on me, but you don’t even get a busy signal… It’s like we’re so cast out but we’re not that wound, but yes, the world reinforces it – we meet someone – the person is always going to do something that reinforces this idea of ourselves that we are this thing: something to be rejected, something to be abandoned, something to be betrayed and something to be shamed because we identify with that wound, but we have to remember we’re not that wound and why doesn’t God answer our prayers? Why doesn’t God just come here and say, okay, there’s all the love I promised you right? Here, feel connected again cuz you’re my child. Why doesn’t he do that? He doesn’t do that because we’re made in God’s image and we’re the children of God. That’s why he doesn’t do it, because he knows that all that which we’re hoping to have from everything, we have the power to give it all to ourselves We can give ourselves all the permission to be something different and still accept and love ourselves and not feel rejected. We can do that He knows that we can find what’s worthy in us, what’s beautiful in us and which will make us never want to abandon ourselves and which will make people never want to abandon us unless we play out this dependence role in a sick way He knows that we have the ability to be honest with ourselves, to face ourselves and find the truth of ourselves, the truth that we can’t ignore that we can’t betray and he knows we have the beauty in us and the ability to find that beauty that erases all shame and he expects us to do that He expects us to do that because only by us doing that can he share himself with us Only by doing that can we share our lives with God, only by doing that can we truthfully share our lives with other people And he knows we can do it because we’re made in the image of God, so no, he’s not going to answer your phone calls and rush down to earth and give you all the love and everything you’re craving. He’s not going to You have to do it and the way you start doing it is stop identifying with your wound Stop identifying with the part of you that’s hurt, the part of your that’s hurt is not you It’s just a consciousness of separation, it’s the results of being torn out of who knows where, when consciousness manifested this known universe, is visible universe But that’s not you. You’re so much more than that! So we have to learn not to identify as these wounds, not to identify as a person who will be rejected or a person who will be abandoned or a person who will be betrayed or a person who will be shamed – you’re not that person. If you identify as that person and again, by identifying I mean on a deep subconscious level, then, you will behave in a way with withdrawal dependence control or in a masochistic way that guarantees that you just have another experience of your wound getting stomped on by somebody But if you realize you’re not those things, that those are just a feeling you have because of this separation and you behave the way you want to, the way the situation demands for success rather than the way your wound thinks you need to act to protect itself, then you can have a better life. If your relationships aren’t working it’s because your wound is getting in the way. There’s nothing else getting in the way of your relationship Ever! Alright? I used to have a monk friend. He was a brahmacari at the time and when we would talk and we would talk about painful things, his answer was always: What hurts? The ego hurts – who cares? Don’t give it that much attention See, the ego holds within it that consciousness of separation which is the pain, the wound It’s always going to be there. It’s always going to be a source of pain, but who cares? It doesn’t have to be our world unless we care and focus on it and make it our own So we need to learn to have our wounds but not have our wounds rule our life and not have our wounds dominate our way of being because as long as we do that, we’re gonna create situations that just give us an experience of rejection once again, abandonment once again, etc. once again – the very experience we’re trying to avoid. Some of the courses I’ll be teaching will be in learning how the handle, astrologically handle these wounds – identifying the wounds, seeing what patterns you have to break to separate from those wounds, even seeing the areas of life that you’ll be prone to having encounters where your wound gets hurt. But I wanted everyone to understand this idea of the wounds It’s really really important and to understand that all your pain is coming from this wound You don’t have pain from other people We’re children of God, which means we can be in any situation and be happy That’s what a child of God can do That’s why they have stories of enlightened Yogis who get burnt to death and they just sit there and they’re smiling while they’re going up in flames, right? Yet, if we have a wound, somebody can give us something for our birthday and it can be the most expensive model and we can feel rejected abandoned betrayed or shamed, seriously – you wonder why you give someone a present and they have a bad response to it? You’re like, wait, I just gave you a present and they’re having a negative reaction Because they’re getting that present through their wound, their wound is receiving that present, not them So I’ll be having some courses on astrologically working with the wounds and counseling if you’re reading charts, counseling people with their wounds I’m also going to put links to two books to help work with the wounds – now different authors of books, different psychological schools have a different idea of what wounds are, what they’re called and so on and so on One book I’m going to be recommending has three wounds with a lot of internal processes that you can do to help get away from that wound ruling your show ruling your life. The other book is a book that’s really good for identifying the wounds and helping you see how those wounds are getting in the way particularly with your relationship, but basically with being happy with people and that book has five wounds And what’s cool about that book, that book teaches you which is really cool as an astrologer – how to identify a person’s wound based on their body type So the minute you have a client walking into the door, the minute you meet someone that you’re interested in, the minute you find somebody on the dating site, just by seeing them physically, you can identify what their wound is So if you’re with them and they start to act on their wound, you’ll know where it’s coming from And, see, when people act out of their wounds, it will hurt the people in their space and so understanding that they’re acting out of the wound and that they’re not personally attacking you, they’re not personally trying to hurt you, they’re not personally doing anything – they’re just trying to survive with the wound and the other funny thing about these wounds that we have is – let’s imagine the wound is like my broken finger Well, if I have a broken finger in real life, what would I do with it, right? I’d cast it, I’d maybe put it somewhere where it’s not going to get hit and then I would just go do my normal thing.. I’d be typing with one hand, I’d be teaching and waving around with one hand, I’d be digging with one hand, washing my dishes with one hand, doing whatever I do with one hand instead of two and I would just forget about this until it got healthy, right? All of us would, we just do something like that But these wounds, that’s not what we do. That’s what we need to do with them, but we don’t. Instead, we take that broken finger and wherever we look, wherever we walk, we have it right in front of us So we go over here, we go, oh, you’re nice – ouch, person! You go over here oh nice to ouch meet you – and every encounter, every experience we have, we have this broken finger in front of us and so we’re always getting hurt because it’s the first thing, it’s really running our show, we’re smashing our broken finger into everybody we meet and so everyone hurts us Everyone hurts us eventually if you walk around with your broken finger in front of you, right? Somebody wants to give you a present, but they hit your broken finger while they give it to you and how good of a present can that be, right? Someone wants to love you and give you a hug, but your broken finger’s there and they hug you and break it and hurt your broken finger, right? It’s literally what we do with the wounds. We hold them in front of us and we’re just waiting to get hurt and everyone has friends that you’ll talk to them and no matter what you end up starting to talk about the story always goes to the 101 people who hurt them, right? We all have someone like that in our life, right? It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about It always goes to the hundred one people who hurt them That’s because we walk around with our wounds, right? And so everyone’s gonna hurt us if we walk around with our wound in front of us It’s kind of like – there’s that joke and the joke is the lady goes to the doctor and he goes, what’s wrong? She goes, well, I touch here on my knee and it hurts, I touch my cheek – it hurts. I touch my head – it hurts. I touch my shoulder – it hurts. I touch my heart – it hurts and the doctor says, oh, you have a broken finger So that’s what we do with our wound. We say: I meet this person and it hurts and I meet this person and it hurts and I meet this person and it hurts and then this person talks to me and it hurts me and the doctor, the psychologist says, okay, you have a broken heart, you have a wound. That’s the diagnosis People don’t have any power over you – you’re a child of God which means you have the capacity in any situation to be happy – think about that, imagine that – you have that power God knows it, that’s why he’s not bailing you out every five minutes no matter how long you’re crying and screaming It’s for us to know that, to figure that out, to learn that But if we’re identifying with our wound, if we think that pain is us, then we’ll go through our whole lives experiencing pain and blaming it on other people No – if somebody hurts us it’s because we have pain and that pain is these wounds So I want everyone to have some time to think about this idea and then I’ll be getting into some courses where I deal with this more from an astrological point of view I think the first thing I’ll be doing is a video – I have a video called Jupiter Is Your Man and that’s the most watched video I’ve made So I’ll be doing a new video called
Jupiter’s Your Man – How To Fix Your Man and this idea of the wounds will play into that video Okay? Alright, enough on that. Thank you

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  3. Thank you from my heart Ernst. To see and hear you is healing and so lightfull 🙂
    My gurus teaching, Samarpan/Soham 2008-2015… get out of the mind, don't think about it

    and feel your feelings. There is still adrenalin in my bodysystem, going back to the source of love,
    when i'm not identifiet with the thoughts about a situation, not judge. Forgivness…every day, every person,every situation. Namaste:-)

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