Russian Alphabet. Tips and reading. Learn Russian language.

Russian Alphabet. Tips and reading. Learn Russian language.

Hi guys! Today we’re going to talk about the Russian
alphabet and Learning to read Russian words There are 33 letters.10 vowels, 2 signs and 21 consonants. All other letters are consonants. You can remember letters in a such way:
The first group contains 5 letters which are easy to learn А [a] О [o] К [k] М [m] Т [t] Read the examples The second group contains seven letters which look like English ones but have different
sounds: В [v] С [s] Е [ye] У [oo] Н [n] Х [h] Р [r] Be very careful with these ones, because they are not the same in English. And here Use your imagination, write something,
draw something, anything that will help you to remember this sound. Let’s practice В [v] С [s] Е [ye] У [oo] Н [n] Х [h] Р [r] And now your turn. Read the examples The third group contains thirteen letters which look like unfamiliar but have familiar sounds Б [b] Д [d] Ф [f] Я [ya] И [ee] П [p] Л[l] Г [g] Й [y] boy Э [e] Ё[yo] Ю [you] З [z] The last group contains 8 letters which take longer to learn Only Russian letters Consonants Ж=S (pleasure) Ц=TS Ч=CH Ш=SH
Щ=SHCH (sheep) vowels Ы=I (bit)
signs Ь=soft Ъ=hard Read the examples Ж=S (pleasure) Ц=TS Ч=CH Ш=SH
Щ=SHCH (sheep) Write all of them down and then just when
you’re having a break for lunch, keep writing the words, you will remember the alphabet
in no time. Keep practicing! See you!

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  1. Madam, thank you for posting. I am Indian and keen to learn Russian. Also, I will be contacting you through e-mail. Regards. Da

  2. Hello!! Thank you for your Russian language course.
    I was looking for some good contents to start to learn Russian effectively. Here you are!!
    How often do you post a new lesson?
    Love from Haiti.

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