Sadhguru Clarifies a Questioner’s False Expectations From Shambhavi Mahamudra   Mystics of India

Sadhguru Clarifies a Questioner’s False Expectations From Shambhavi Mahamudra Mystics of India

so when I do shambhavi why am I not freaking there are various aspects to this to put it very simply is it my karma yes so is it my bad karma no it is your family’s good karma that you don’t freak in the morning it’s your neighbors good karma that you don’t freak in the morning say karma is not all individual there is also collective Karma you must understand this so if there is no experience at all I don’t think you would have carried on for two years it is just that fireworks are not happening you know what’s happening to somebody else is not happening to you that’s all the question is so as you’ve been told don’t compare yourself to anybody do not expect anything just do it it’s okay I expected nothing I am doing it and doing it and still nothing is happening if nothing happens that’s the greatest thing to happen everybody’s working towards that with little something and something in something so whether it’s shambhavi or whatever other practice that one does the practice itself is not designed towards an experience the practice is only designed to bring a certain amount of fluidity into your energies it is structured so that gradually as you practice you become more and more fluid on all levels instead of being rigid block of concrete you are becoming little more fluid maybe in one person this becomes love in another person it becomes utter blissfulness in another person it becomes screams in another person he becomes little gentler than what he is in another person he just becomes a little more sensible so how it may find expression in each person he is according to whatever is missing in his life the practice is not designed to create an experience the practice is only designed to break the barriers so that a rigid concrete block slowly becomes more and more fluid how each being finds expression depends on variety of factors to put it very simply as you put it this karmic structure what kind of karma but do not ever understand karma as is it my bad karma nothing is happening to me that’s not the point there is no such thing as good karma and bad karma if you ask me because karma is like one way of looking at karma is it’s a certain bondage it’s the only bondage another way of looking at Carmine’s it is your only Savior you’re alive only because of your karma if I take away all your karma you will be done today right now so karma is both things it’s your glue when you want to stick to something glue is a good thing when you want to get away mu is not a good thing so but those who want to stick to something karma is a good thing it’s their friend for those who want to become liberated for them karmic glue seems like an enemy so it’s just contextual it is not the nature of the Karma it is just the context in which you are looking at if you’re seeing how to bind yourself the karmic glue is good its cementing factor if you’re seeing how to liberate yourself the karmic glue looks like a binding factor because it is smeared all over you and whatever you touch it sticks to you I want you to just visualize yourself let’s say you are smeared with superglue head to toe now I want you to walk through your office your home and whatever else just see in 24 hours time you will be heap of things you will be one big heap of so many things some things that you want to stick to many things that you don’t want to stick to everything will be sticking to you because you have super glue on you so karma is that kind of super glue now when you walk through the world everything sticks to you what you want sticks to you what you don’t want sticks to you when what you don’t want becomes a large volume of things which are sticking to you then you start looking for liberation when whatever you think you want is sticking to you then at that time the thoughts of liberation does not arise in most people’s minds it takes enormous intelligence for a human being to seek liberation when everything in his life is pleasant when everything in his life is good to still seek liberation it takes a certain amount of intelligence when things have gone bad I think any fool will seek liberation there’s no question about it so right now shambhavi or Sonia it’s a tool for liberation slowly weakening the strength of the superglue so that it becomes a weak glue if you want you can pick up and stick it to yourself if you don’t want you can pull it and throw it in the bin it gives you that much freedom gradually whether you freak – you did not freak in the morning doesn’t mean anything so if you like to walk through the world freaking you can do that if you walk if you want to work to the world sober you can do that but the important thing is is your superglue becoming diluted enough so that you have a choice to choose what sticks to you and what doesn’t stick to you has that much choice risen in your life that is slowly definitely happening whether you are able to gauge it or not whether you are able to notice it or not that is definitely happening if you’re doing your sadhana regularly that is for sure happening that your superglue is no more super it is just an ordinary glue you can easily pull off things which are sticking to you now earlier when something stuck to you you could never take it off now you are able to take it off and only choose what sticks to you and for how long this is the reason why the family feels very threatened nobody is threatening them nothing is being nobody is telling them nobody is telling anybody anything about these things but suddenly super glue has become just an ordinary glue that if you choose you can stick it otherwise no just the choice threatens people just the freedom of choice threatens people anybody who is threatened by the freedom of choice is a tyrant you should not be stuck to that you have a choice and still you choose to stick that’s beautiful if you want to remove the freedom of choice then this is tyranny so this tyranny is slowly being weakened both from your n and from the whichever other end it’s coming to you above all from your n because what’s happening from outside is not the relevant thing what’s happening from within you that your glue has become a light glue that you can stick things to you by choice no more do you gather a heap of things where ever you go that for sure is happening and that’s the reason you’re doing sadhana not to disturb your neighborhood [Music] you

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