Secy Azar: Number one priority is getting more testing kits from CDC

Secy Azar: Number one priority is getting more testing kits from CDC

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  1. They should have a Total infected. Then divide it up into Dead, Recovered, and suspected Quarantined. Don't take cases off if they are recovered. Leave them in the total.

  2. It’s too late. Trump made financial cuts to the CDC, HHS that may hurt us. Our president doesn’t believe in science. Maybe he’ll believe now. The US is not ready for this.

  3. 80% of people are mildly affected. THE FAKE NEWS AND DEMS INCLUDING CHINA ARE TRYING TO CRASH THE ECONOMY REMEMBER BILL MYERS…Everyone boost your immune system vitiam C,B12,D wash hands dont TOUCH your face! Garlic is natural antibiotic and Mushrooms are also good. Watch John Campbell on YouTube he is wonderful sourse of info..You dont need the anyone to handle this for you just research and error on side of caution. If in higher risk category stay away from large gatherings…DONT WATCH FAKE NEWS

  4. Gee, what ya know, all the [red states on the map] (1:41) have Sanctuary Cities, with urine and feces covering the streets, and trash piled up in the streets, and needles, rats, and fleas…much like China's environment, when you live around [Filth], people are going get sick.
    And the Demorats want more money to fight the virus… I wonder why? # kickbacks

  5. Lol no matter what we are 2 weeks behind. People can transmit it before even showing symptoms. It takes 2 weeks to show symptoms. It’s already here already spreading.

  6. Yup, this CCP virus isn’t able to play political games or tells people in different political parties but quite good at getting people sick and even killed. We’ll have to stay cautious and well cooperate with personnel in health department and of course the Gov.

  7. I'm Kandy Sloan @TomFitton president Trump Melania Trump]clear @TomFitton said they would not comment on the phone privacy house s private @Oprah @Theresacaputo @Buddy @KimKardashian @kimguilfoyle @mike_pence @JudgeJeanine @LeoDiCaprio @TomFitton Dan Bongo Pulla Joe x o Leonardo DiCaprio? Dr Carp @TomFitton Oprah Winfrey Theresa Capito Kim Kardashian] @TomFitton protection Appears @Theresacaputo protection] @TomFitton protection ok

  8. All the hypochondriacs are freaking out. If you're healthy your good. It's the young and old people we need to protect.

  9. As far as I know the virus is airborne and contact. So, everyone should be super attentive to airborne and contact precautions. For instance, I know a lot of hospital workers that never wear their work clothes or shoes into their homes. An everyday person could use heat to disinfect clothing, shoes and other materials. It has to get hot enough though, like a steam iron. I have a garment steamer that kills everything on contact. It's a plain 1400 watt unit on wheels. It sells for around $45 or so. Make sure you wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, cover up any breaks in your skin with gloves or bandaids (like around cuticles, or cracked skin, or cuts)…treat every surface like it's infected. When you wash your hands in a public bathroom use paper towel to turn faucets off or on door handles. Wet paper towels can transmit infection through the paper towel. Airborne precaution is staying away from a source by at least 3 feet. I prefer 6'. Even someone just talking puts things into airborne mode.

  10. This should have been stopped in December 2019!! I can only hope now the people trying to cover this up all these months suffer, and their family too!! Only because they don't mind all of us dying do they!!!😷👍

  11. THOSE STUN DEMON RATS DAYS ARE # SINNERS they have all signs of such media the left overs the good lord going to punish them for all its worth and thats all they are ITS freaks from hell

  12. "We're continually monitoring the severity of their sniffles"… Annual deaths in USA from influenza are usually somewhere between 35K and 100K……..Democrats in the class, repeat after me…F E A R MONGERING.

  13. You are as ignorant as it gets,if you take the Bill Gates vaccines . This is the guy that said we need a good vaccine to decrease the population. This whole thing is a set up

  14. The virus is raging and nobody is being tested and our fake president is still having rallies. Hashtag TestTrumpForCoronavirus.

  15. Coronavirus is nothing new, just another flu type virus, it affects
    those in certain categories such as Elderly, Disabled, immune system
    diseases, etc, if you look at your Lysol and maybe store labels on
    disinfectants. it reads all of the viruses and bacterias etc, that it
    kills, and the Coronavirus is one of them, and Lysol has been around for
    many years, the media / the left now have hyped a known virus into

  16. Coronavirus is nothing new, just another flu type virus, it affects
    those in certain categories such as Elderly, Disabled, immune system
    diseases, etc, if you look at your Lysol and maybe store labels on
    disinfectants. it reads all of the viruses and bacterias etc, that it
    kills, and the Coronavirus is one of them, and Lysol has been around for
    many years, the media / the left now have hyped a known virus into

  17. People in the comment section are mostly uneducated and ignorant on this virus completely. Absolutely blissfully ignorant. Stick your head back in the sand. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry about cdc actually preventing hospitals from testing people for this unless they had contact in China only.

  18. The cdc is setting a trap for Trump. The cdc has done everything in its power to slow down testing so that the disease can spread during its long incubation period. In response to this, The US Laboratory Association has requested the FDA to allow State and local labs to perform coronavirus testing without cdc approval.

  19. In 2017, Moody’s S&P Global and Fitch Ratings issued reports warning state and local governments that their exposure to climate risk could affect their credit ratings. And municipal credit analysts and ESG fixed-income managers in firms like Invesco and AllianceBernstein are taking stock of how cities are transparently reporting these risks to factor into their credit analysis.

  20. Got a trending message that might be useful info:
    "Classmate's pro-nephew, graduated with a master's degree, and works in Shenzhen Hospital. He is being transferred to Wuhan to study the new pneumonia virus. He just called and asked me to tell all my relatives and friends that if a runny nose and sputum occur during a cold, it cannot be concluded that it is new-type coronavirus pneumonia. Because coronavirus pneumonia is a dry cough without runny nose, this is the simplest way to identify it. He also informed that the new type of coronary pneumonia virus is not heat-resistant and will be killed in an environment of 26-27 degrees. Therefore, drink plenty of hot water to prevent the virus. As long as the body maintains heat, eat more ginger and do more Exercise, you will not be infected with the virus. If you have a high fever, cover the quilt and drink ginger soup to increase the body's heat energy without the need for a vaccine. Eating more ginger, garlic pepper, and pepper can solve it; eat less sweet, sour, and salty, and don't go to cold weather areas. The virus will disappear completely when exposed to the sun.
    Everyone can share it and help one by one."

  21. trump is letting another couple of planes in but its okay, because vp pence is meeting all of them with new bibles at lax, thank you president trump !!!

  22. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking this will begin to push in the "socialist healthcare system for all". Am I the only one thinking this way?

  23. Imagine if these people were firefighters they would be saying things like:

    1. We got 10 firetrucks for the entire country.

    2. We have enough smoke alarms for firefighters only.

    3. The wet weather will likely take care of any fires.

  24. Trump family the biggest disease unleashed into American society. Will take generations .. to cleanse the Country From this repugnant malignant virulent family ,.

  25. I am a Trump supporter and I am sadly disappointed with the handling of of this crisis. It is like the doctors and heads of state are not ready or serious.



  27. "We've been transparent about this."
    Bans government health officials from independently disclosing data to the public without Pence's permission

  28. Travel bans?
    Australia has said it doesn't want to put travel bans on more countries. It has a pretty good chance of containing it if it closes it's borders but the government doesn't want to do that. The horse has already bolted anyway, it can be in a country for weeks before being detected. Case 0 in each country could have spread it to heaps of people before being found out. Australia is an island, no one can walk across the border here, they have to come by boat or plane. Close all ports of entry and shut down the known infection now before it turns into thousands and more.


  30. Quarantine is an old Greek term meaning '40 days away', why isn't 40 days standard quarantine? Because all these dickheads in suits care more about the stock market than human life.

  31. Yes,we do need more kits for checking virus patients but is SURE WOULD be nice if the democrats WOULD GET OFF THEIR USELESS,FINGER POINTING BUTTS and actually work bi-partisonly with Trump against this disease instead of calling it Trumpvirus.They are sick people to be a dem today.

  32. I can't help but wonder if the transmission could be by something as simple as cash could be how the person got infected with the virus. Which makes one think that paying with something other than cash is the way to go. Consider if you use your credit or debt card you can use handsanitizer after touching the key pad thus limiting the chance of becoming infected.

  33. I agree, that we should not be focused on anything else but helping the ill and protection for healthy. Praying for the ones infected. And finding out what exactly happened how, who where what why and justice

  34. So we haven't been testing people if they don't fit criteria, but if they tested people who have the "flu" they would find thousands of cases here in the US…fact they really do not want us to know….
    They are just now starting to make tests? Wake up people

  35. We believe, like the President, that this is all a big hoax, like climate change, and the moon landings, designed by Democrats to taint our wonderful, and handsome President, with the highest IQ. I’ve heard he is a real germaphobe, so if this epidemic was real, I’m sure he would be concerned. The Chinese are faking it.

  36. Everyone talkin bout difference between flu n Coronavirus, but funny things no one can tell the difference due to short of test supplies. OR, they just ignore it on purpose…

    How long this flu being goin in the States, months? How Ironic😳

  37. You guys such drama queens they doing there best it's not air born noone is dying wash u hands quit traveling out the country .it's been around Dems like causing trouble.and Scaring everyone .when they should be together and trying to deal with it

  38. A significant point is to know if the test kits lean towards false positives , which are inconvenient for people that a false positive would put in quarantine, but are not dangerous, or false negatives that would release carriers into the population. Only knowing that tendency can allow adequate evaluation of the risk involved in depending on test results. Anyone that thinks any lab procedure or test is infallible is sadly mistaken. Knowing the tendency would at least provide some education to guide decisions.

  39. Secretary of the department of health and human services, and usdoj have an illegal agreement with federal hospital insurance contractors to defraud all federal hospital insurance beneficiaries and programs since the Clinton administration. Continuing a criminal enterprise 2020.

  40. The yearly FLU kills more people BY FAR yet people are over-reacting due to hypermedia coverage.
    THEIR goal is to create a recession, nationwide panic and blame TRUMP. We all know he has absolutely no dog in this hunt, but has handled things extremely well.

  41. I could tell when our local fake NBC broadcast first started reporting "coronavirus" that they sounded suspicious.

  42. WHY did we let people from the DIAMOND PRINCESS back in the US??? After an incubation in the cruise ship? Why didn't we stop flights from China immediately?

  43. In the UK we have drive-in test stations. You drive in, open the window, follow the instructions, and have your throat and nose swabbed. Takes only a few minutes.

  44. I read that one of the US patients that was quarantined and later discharged received a bill for approx. 5000.00 dollars from the hospital. If this is the norm, who is going to seek testing and a potential quarantine if it results in thousands of dollars in fees in addition to the lost wages? Doesn't this undermine the public's willingness to come forward as early as possible? I guess this same issue applies for the coronavirus test. Are people going to have to pay for it? I think that the government should be proactive and work with insurance companies to make sure they cover 100% of the costs related to CoVid19 diagnosis and treatment including quarantines and lost wages. This crisis also highlights the vulnerability of our public health system by having millions of people with no health coverage. If it is going to cost thousands, no one is going to seek medical attention if they develop mild symptoms thus blowing an enormous hole in the containment measures.

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