Shame Triggers & Rephrasing our Astrology in the Modern Age with QueerCosmos Astrologer Colin Bedell

Shame Triggers & Rephrasing our Astrology in the Modern Age with QueerCosmos Astrologer Colin Bedell

Colin, welcome to the Astrology Hub
Podcast I am so happy you’re here I’ve been so excited about this like for
weeks so thank you so much for joining us and making your Astrology Hub debut
here today. Ah, it’s my pleasure, thank you for being here Amanda.
I’ve spoken through a few of your students and they’ve loved everything
your services have provided so I’m grateful for what you’re contributing
and it’s an honor to be here so thank you for having me. Awesome, awesome. Okay well Collin because this is our first experience with you
here I would love for you to share with the audience about your journey to
astrology how did you become an astrologer what did your path look like? Great question. So I kind of think it seized me. I really did not have a choice.
And there were many years where I actively rejected any possibility of
doing it professionally but I believe that I I found it of course during my
first Jupiter return when I was 12 years old my mother read Linda Goodman’s Sun
Signs as most New York women did, okay? She just spoke about in the house all
the time and she would always kind of give us commentary on it like, “Oh my God
my Leo husband” or “Oh my Gemini twins what am I gonna do?” ‘Cause I’m a Gemini and
a literal twin. Wow. I have a twin sister and it was just part of our vernacular. And then when I was 12 that’s when the internet came out so I started to Google
like Gemini this and that what about here and then it just seized me ever
since and I had every intention of becoming somebody who was involved in
fashion and media I went to Parsons School of Design so I was there in my
second Jupiter return when I turned 24 and then that was when I started
actually going to astrology lectures and astrology meetups because I went through
a really difficult time I think the twenties are hard for many of us
particularly in Jupiter return so astrology just became a conversation of
Solace and other astrologers were deeply helpful to me and then around that time
I started learning the principles of A Course in Miracles which is a self-study
program of universal psychotherapy and other secular systems of personal growth
like the research of dr. Bernie Brown I was I’m Swan diving at the time into
Harville Hendricks and his wife dr. Hamlin Kelly hunt a relational
psychology and then I was realizing throughout the rest of my research that
there wasn’t an enormous amount of information that centered queer
identities right and there were many websites and analyses that felt
heteronormative in nature and also there was just assumptions around planets that
me and fellow queer people just really weren’t comfortable with like we always
think of Mars as such an example and we remember reading an assessment that was
like well Mars wants dominance Mars wants this Mars wants to be and we were
like wait a minute what if Mars just wants to want and then the sign that
it’s transiting in is that which it wants and there’s no shared assumption
about whether or not it is right or wrong based on where Mars is so I sort
of queer cosmos to just have a different conversation that felt more
representative of my friends and my community and this was June 2017 two
weeks after Amanda I started my website I was
fired from my day job Wow two weeks after and then I was like oh Lord what
am I gonna do I don’t have I’m not being paid for this let me just whatever and I
just was able to apply a lot of what I knew about universal spiritual things to
my astrological career and then a few months later Cosmo contacted me they
asked me to write their weekly horoscopes and then on my last week of
unemployment from the great old state of New Jersey because that’s where my
company was at the time right I received my first literary contract so I didn’t
really have a choice it completely seized me and I’ve been doing it
consecutively for the last three years two and a half three years now and it’s
been the most exhilarating ride of my life so you have queer cosmos tell us a
little bit about queer astrology and how you see it helping what like you said
your friends and the people in your community how how has that dialogue to
help to facilitate new awareness and and inclusion and all those kinds of things
well because we we use gender archetypes around planets often and I think there
is an appropriate time and place for that but my queer constituents and my
queer clients and my queer colleagues we weren’t totally on board with that and
there are queer astrologers who are not on board with us not being a board that
– right like no not only on it’s okay but what we were just realizing was that
a lot of the compatibility analysis was very binary either more good or bad and
we were like well isn’t that interesting because most of us have the relational
history legacies to prove that relationships are not that simple and
queer people have been reinventing relational norms since our history and
our voices have been recorded on testimony right so chosen family fit and
how structures and relational norms like is this really the right way so we were
uncomfortable by that and there was just a lot of assumptions around just why is
it that certain planets are not comfortable when it’s not traditionally
masculine or certain planets are not comfortable if it’s traditionally
feminine because we don’t believe that the soul has a gender we don’t believe
that gender has a whole role in spirituality you can use the words
masculine feminine absolutely but it’s a benefits informed and described by the
status quo and what you know these social constructions are we have a
problem with that so that’s kind of what it’s been able to do is help us
renegotiate and reevaluate astrology from non heteronormative non binary non
misogynistic lens yeah and how does he I mean how have you seen that affect
people’s lives in your community question so what we’ve been able to do
actually is really kind of incorporate a lot of work around Mars Venus and the
moon oh I’m gonna be very deliberate about my language so I’m gonna try to
speak very slowly when you assign when you identify excuse me
with the gender assigned to you at Birth it is more than likely that you were
then socialized to express the very best of the planet that also was assigned
that gender okay so for example for you you identify as a woman I would imagine
right yes and so therefore you’re very comfortable in your moon in your
yes right yes yeah we moon in Gemini Venus in Capricorn definitely right and
so those energies were socialized because of the culture and simulation
that we live in excellent right you express the best of that now how often
are you then expressing your Mars your Sun and perhaps mercury or you’re honest
right these are energies that are socialized out of you because dominant
socialism Amanda wants you as a woman to be an emotional performance artist a
people pleaser and a perfectionist that’s the work of doctrine
yeah you know throwing these pathologies out there this has been these are the
primary social obligations of the American woman an emotional performance
artist everything is fine don’t worry right people please II and
perfectionistic Mars has absolutely no time for that
how often do we actually integrate Mars so and my client readings I can I can’t
say it and it completely gets operationalized but based on the
feedback and the conversations that we’ve had I want to call in the energy
that does not immediately identify with the planet that’s a that with the Sun
with the generous signs them at birth right so Mars Sun for people who feel
more feminine right and then Moon Venus for people who feel more masculine yeah
and there’s a lot of amazing conversations we can have around that
around self-worth around emotional safety right and just around the shared
assumptions as we said earlier like who’s to say Mars wants dominance where
do we just immediately say this is true what if Mars is just the energy of
wanting and by the way this is not me just speculating here this is the work
of Esther Perel the world’s leading couples therapist right now who speaks
on desire as owning the wanting but Mars is just that right because I want
emotional I have a Mars and detriment cancer in detriment right so guess what
I just want emotional safety I want to talk about home I want to be connected
to the people who I identify there and that makes me happy I have no issues
with emotional expression oh it’s just like can we just read out
he checked this for a minute please and I think that’s very helpful for
queer people because our identities are not a majority culture
we’re not censored so that’s what I try to do as often as I can
mmm love it : it’s great and for those of you listening to the podcast you
can’t see that awesome face he just made you need to go check us out on YouTube
so you can see he said let’s just go there because you just kind of went
there I want to talk about your your book that you just released and actually
a lot of your books but let’s talk about this because I happened to catch a very
interesting Instagram TV from you and gonna follow up one and this was really
to me the synchronicity was something I couldn’t ignore because I don’t actually
see your Instagram CDs I just happen to catch these two the first one in which
you were talking about the term detriment because Venus had just gone
into Aries and you were very passionately and eloquently speaking
about your your the challenge the the issue or challenge that you have with
the term detriment and that you don’t actually see it playing out that way
with your clients and with your community then was able to catch the
follow up video from you in which you are giving another heartfelt and
passionate apology right because apparently and I didn’t see all the
backstory I didn’t see the back-and-forth I didn’t see any of that
but apparently you ruffled some feathers because I know having talked to hundreds
of astrologers that this is a really sensitive topic or it can be a sensitive
topic because because a lot of people really see the value in the terminology
around detriment and fall and so yeah just tell us what’s important to help to
ground the context to is that this started because I made a video around
around Venus in Aries and this was informed by a certification course that
I took with Esther Perel in finding eros it’s a continuing education finding
arrows you said correct fine it was November 2019 and I was learning
extensively about magnetism desire seduction and eros vitality life force
right taught by leading clinicians in the fields of psychodynamics of
relational sciences okay so when they were pulling these professors and
researchers they were asking them so when do you feel like others are most
drawn to their romantic partners that was the question right and they all said
something really similar they were like well we’ve noticed in the client
research that they’re most drawn to others when those people are in their
element in their life force talking about something they’re really
passionate about when they’re on stage when they’re shining in the lives of
others and or when they’re telling a funny joke at a party when they are just
lighting up everybody else so when they’re in their autonomy sovereignty
and freedom in authenticity yeah absolutely yes authenticity they didn’t
use those exact words but they’ve mentioned sovereignty freedom and
autonomy you said yes how do you think so if that is true and the question was
when are others most drawn to you Venus and it’s when we’re in presumably
Harry’s ruled considerations why the fuck is it in detriment while it’s
transiting that sign mmm-hmm food for thought for sure oh and what
and I because I never read that literature because I I just it didn’t it
didn’t sit with me not because in which literature you’re talking about like the
more traditional astrology yeah right and it just it was something I never
found myself in I just didn’t not because I do like it immediately it’s
just I never I never paid it any mind so I’m just yapping about Venus in Aries
not even realizing that there are readers and followers of mind who never
felt that that was anything to be proud of know then I recorded my video and I
said if I see one more person tell me that they don’t think that this is
something to be proud of I’m gonna get really
upset so your first video was almost like a protective video that your Mars
and cancer was feeling the people yeah and you and you wanted to give a voice
to that part of them that has maybe felt shamed or not good enough because do you
think the astrology has told them that that’s not a good placement or do you
think that they feel it’s not a good placement that’s a great question I
asked people in separate e of exchanges and the responses are varied a lot of it
the the pattern that emerged pretty extensively what that was that it was
the practitioner and the word choices that they used that’s why I made a
comment that said I don’t just agree with the theory necessarily but I take
tremendous issue with how it is applied so how do you see in an ideal world
because because well before we go there yeah you you have said to me at least
when we’re off camera and off audio that you can see the perspective of the like
you see the place for the traditional astrology so just talk to that a little
bit yes because I have noticed like for example because again I don’t know every
technique this is like traditional classical IDI is not my lane so I may be
inaccurate here but of course yes I have noticed that my mercury in Gemini helps
me yes and I have noticed mercury in virgo I know when I am in the company of
a mercury ruled person great right and I also know that only 6% of communication
is actually verbal so 94% of communication wears ago does mercury and
detriment Pisces feel like they have no place what I’m saying it’s like again I
understand and because for me I’m both end and not only but also right so I
don’t believe that these are either/or binaries but I really do believe that if
we as astrologers do not bridge spirit and science we are looking at our own
annihilation and I am absolutely convinced that if we
are not integrating the work of empirical secular research of in fact
checking our theories for accuracy we’re making a big mistake and we are harming
other people and we’re not advancing the conversation to where it needs to go so
I apologize simply because I knew where my initial critique was ill-informed I
said that Mars is only exalted and traditionally masculine science right
Capricorn is a feminine sign I didn’t know that because I never really cared
because I think genders bullshit so it’s not something that I fucking you know
excuse me for cursor you can bleep it out you know it was never really
something I paid a lot of attention to so that’s what I was apologizing for and
that system of what this means for them right like great you want your
quantifier because they’re quantitative researchers right like and I spoke on
the fact that I untrained in qualitative research at Parsons School of Design a
very completely different very completely different research
methodology where we don’t believe that every pre-existing Theory is accurate we
investigate without share assumption and confirmation bias and let the data speak
for itself and when a particular pattern emerges itself as as in there and
saturates the pool we have to develop new theory and then cross-reference
pre-existing theory for accuracy that’s that’s that’s qualitative data
quantitative data is very much edie classical traditional godbless right if
you can’t measure it it doesn’t exist let’s make it measurable
that’s just not my political affiliation okay everybody welcome back and Colin
thank you so much again for the really really interesting food for thought that
you’re giving all of us here today now let’s okay so if we know that you
you have found from a psychological relational from the research that you
have done the extensive study you’ve done that maybe some of the assumptions
that are being made about what’s detriment what’s fall and what’s maybe
not so much exalted it doesn’t seem like we have so much of an issue but exulted
but maybe you do I’ll let you talk to that in a sec but and you see a place
where the traditional approaches so in an ideal world how could we marry these
in a way that doesn’t car people and shame people and make people
feel like they’re bad but also honors the tradition that is very rich in deep
and and long yeah astrology yeah great question so when they think in a perfect
world we could do is not see well first of all again no system claims a monopoly
on the truth of them a system there is no astrological method that claims will
not believe on the truth right so I’m totally ok with that and in a perfect
world what I would love to see is a space where we can have analogical
conversations that inhabit the paradox right Matt this is a Carl Carl Jung
understanding as the primary tool to understand really the richest dimension
of truth where it’s both end and not only but also right and that’s what I
would love to see is where perhaps as a quality I guess you could call me a
qualitative astrologer if I see somebody who has perhaps a Venus in Aries I may
be able to say like ok there could be some complications here related to do I
step up do I initiate I don’t know whose dynamic right and then you want to ask
yourself and isn’t that a good thing because energy of frustration and an
uncertainty is actually what stems erotic desire
hmm yes yes both right yes go ahead yeah yeah so acknowledging where the
challenge may be but then also acknowledging the gift in that challenge
yes I’m not sure that I don’t use the word
should but that both end not only but also method does justice to the nuances
and the multi-dimensional variations within the human experience yeah so I
would much rather us kind of marry the two I don’t think they need to be
diametrically opposed and also to and this was amazing and it’s what that was
brought up to me that modern astrology doesn’t have you know a completely clean
record either there’s been a lot of injustice perpetuated about relational
compatibility and Sun sign astrology only so you know we we have messes that
need to be cleaned up and I’m of the camp because there
Jupiter and Capricorn and we got a lot of like alright everybody let’s take
radical responsibility and get to work right that we can acknowledge why we’ve
missed the mark can she you know then see where other
values and traditions and techniques can be incorporated in our own and then just
hold space for both rather than having this I’m right you’re wrong shut up yeah
matter politics we’re seeing that everywhere today so it’s like words
we’re an extension of that absolutely okay Colin give us one more example I
like how you just so if I’m a client and I have another like you know
quote-unquote detriment placement how would you talk to me well it’s funny a
specific one yeah how about Mars in cancer okay great
I’m gonna do Mars in cancer because this is my native configuration and a lot of
people made me feel shame about it too so what did they say like what means
what it means you feel shameful about it you’re passive-aggressive right which
then comes up to oh am I not man enough oh right see let’s let’s let’s be
mindful of the language that then gets inspired through shame triggering and
shame projection right oh you must be passive-aggressive huh right side step
what you want motions are really hard for you and you like emotionally avoid
insects where what are you talking about and you didn’t find that to be true for
yourself am i passive-aggressive you come see me I’ll give you my house
address hey baby let’s talk like what’s good for real you know no I’ve never
been past progressive absolutely not I have never felt that and that’s not an
attack on my manhood it was more just so wait a minute so I don’t know how to
have healthy boundaries so what I do is the first thing is I’m examining the
clients gender sexuality there are relational configurations and I help
them understand look Mars and cancer feels deeply emotionally erotically
charged when there is safety present in sexual experiences god forbid right so
let’s make sure that you as a Mars in cancer person oh this is general it’s
not everybody know that it would be very difficult for you to have
casual and recreational sex choose very wisely who you have sexual and intimate
experiences with and Amanda it’s like I told them that christmas is coming every
day every new oh my god thank you for telling me I felt so much shame about it
nothing yet in the queer community there is a very
hyper focus need on the form that sex takes right how long how hard how fast
how many quantity frequency above ours and cancers like no I’m looking for true
I can’t I can’t do that no shame if you can it’s just not in my comfort level so
no right and then I’ll bring in the story of the fact that all I need to do
to see Mars in cancer in action is take the six to the Bronx Zoo and notice that
in every advancement million species that survives and thrives it’s the
behavior on the adult female that is considered the most aggressive when she
senses the threat to her home and her young very true
Wow and you’re gonna tell me that Mars is detrimental cancer it’s one of the
most powerful forces in the animal kingdom whoa I have chills
oh my gosh yes mom thank you very much so that’s why I’m like everybody I
understand the quantitative measures here I get it but can we make our study
a little bit more interdisciplinary can we not surround ourselves in an echo
chamber of everybody who agrees with us and really start questioning hmm maybe
some of these considerations aren’t true and don’t do justice to incorporate the
embodiment of the human experience hmm Colin you’re such a pioneer starter
so you know what I mean that’s part of it you’re like on the edge of this
exploration and it’s really it’s really amazing and you’re very brave and to be
you know enemy you might not even know you’re making you know you’re working
hornets nest but you just handled it so well so I just I think it’s and it’s
really important conversation to be having an astrology hub obviously like
the point is to be featuring different perspectives and what we all can live
together there is a place for everything yes yeah everything and everyone yep and
and again like there are I’m sure Mars II kids
shadows and there might be Mars and hairy shadows like hello we could all
use a little emotional impulse control these days right so there’s a lot of
that too and then to back it up with the research I think the moon is in
detriment in Capricorn I want to say like I know the moon is not happy in
Capricorn I don’t know the exact qualification but one of my favorite
TEDTalks is by a clinical psychologist named dr. Joanna Davila and she
investigated skill-based models for relationship functioning and what she
was able to do is find the three successful ingredients for people’s
romantic competence and the third one was emotion regulation Wow interesting
emotion regulation which would be Mars and Capricorn Wow I mean is when I met
moon in Capricorn yeah exactly yeah that’s all I’m asking for is can we
maybe get our heads out of the astrology section and maybe watch what the hell
other people are saying because and that’s also why the greater majority the
public looks at us like what the hell are these people talking about
yeah they don’t have a grip on reality they don’t have one foot on the ground
and I just think like some of the best astrologers right now speak astrology
without even talking to ology yeah I mean absolutely and I mean but it callin
to like this is part of your role is to bring these things in so it’s great and
it doesn’t have to be everybody’s function exactly but you’re doing a good
job of bringing it to the table so that there’s lots of people who can hear it
and and and consider it and integrate it into their what they’re doing yeah that
would be lovely and listen you don’t have to agree with me you know I I’m not
trying to lead a crusade or anything like that
but I am just asking for updated references checks yeah
in fact checking for accuracy and really wondering does this line up consistently
among application ok you are already an accomplished author and you’re so young
you’ve written like all kinds of books I was in I was in Barnes & Noble the other
day I was like Colin Bedell Colin Bedell cuz I was like wow this guy I’m fired so
tell us about your most recent book yes I’ll go in reverse order it was
Gemini by Sterling press and I was really honored to do that because I
haven’t really totally felt in pure embodiment of mine Gemini energy because
I’ve been living in my Capricorn cell iam I was if i sat in return Saturn was
activating all of my Capricorn configurations so it’s really hot it’s
right about Gemini from a different more nuanced perspective of how I believe
that mutable air right the Gemini accommodation of quality in element
speaks to the relational intelligence that’s introduced into the zodiac I
think it’s beautiful that Gemini appears as the third sign in partnership and
it’s the introduction of humanity in connection and the deeper meaning there
is that whereas social species in the absence of connection there’s always
suffering and I love that humanity appears two by two and every Gemini does
so I wrote all about that and then I wrote a book called queer cosmos that
was published last November and was all about the astrology of queer identities
and relationships and it was just such a such a thrill to research and it was
probably the biggest professional undertaking I’ve ever had but it was the
most rewarding absolutely and it really provided me with the understanding of
like relational psychology is absolutely my favorite Lane and so is personal
growth so I’m really grateful for that okay yeah how long did it take you to
write that book oh boy okay I started in December of 2018 and I
submitted the final manuscripts in May of 2019 so six months six months amazing
so you a lot of my podcast listeners know that I’m in the process of writing
a book as well right Gemini moon I am so impressed with you I’m just like wow I
mean I’ve never written a book so this is like a whole new frontier for me and
so tell us a little bit about your process like how do you do it
great questions so I’m a researcher you know I I was trained at Parsons School
of Design in qualitative and ethnographic research so I just had a
lot of fun Swan diving into the voices and me thought leaders that inspire me
one of them being for some for Moses to Perel she’s amazing she’s
outstanding and she spoke on how loneliness is the number one public
health crisis in the United States oh and by the way I’ve been to three
conferences in astrology and not one mentioned that you know Colin I’m
there’s this one I want you to continue but I just wanted to throw this in there
I’ve heard of this one study I don’t know what the source of it but what if
so what’s the number one complaint of single people I don’t know you were just
on it loneliness yeah okay so number one
complaint of single people is loneliness what’s the number one complaint of
married people loneliness yes yes so yeah I mean it’s it’s there
it’s present it’s like anus you know and it’s only more and more like if you
could get the teenagers and everything it’s I think about you know how lonely
people are feeling today and if people realize that their connection to
themselves and to each other into the universe oh how many things would be
eradicated with just that alone Amanda you are absolutely right and I think
where astrologers need to really be mindful of is that it’s almost
irresponsible of us to know the research that says the quality of our
relationships determines the quality of our lives so if I’m in a twenty 20 in
review panel and I’m hearing about the stock market and the housing climate and
this and that and we don’t even take a breath to talk about relationships
that’s irresponsible it’s irresponsible and so my practice for the book was that
when I saw Esther Perel speak on the cognitive and cardiovascular decline in
dysfunction that emerges the me in the presence of loneliness I was like oh my
god I got to write this book I got to talk about I got to do my research I
gotta talk to insurance companies and health care practitioners in
psychologists and clinicians and I want to ground this and I got to let them
know they’re not alone and here’s they get
along in the death so I found Mars in cancer what made me come alive which was
that I do not want people to feel like they’re alone I do not want people to
feel like they cannot find worthiness and relational intelligence in astrology
so that book wrote itself I just love it oh my gosh
what’s the queer cosmos okay check it out everybody okay and then Colin so
again I’m our audience I want to call her out because it was so cute how she
Janice Janice says she loves you so it just for all of you to know context I
was so excited about interviewing Colin that I asked our inner circle members
what they would like me to ask him if there was anything specific and one of
our members Janice said that she loves you and she loves your your planetary
impersonations it’s actually how you impersonate aspects so can you know one
or two for us here oh my god so what happened was this is a video I so I did
a video a few years ago where I talked about how the zodiac is a chronological
inquiry and evolution and how Aries sucks a taurus gemini did that right and
i essentially like jokingly made fun of them you know from the northeast like
that’s how sure i love you know so no I was just making out do the first three
and I was like hey I’m Aries I’m here and this is what I want to take or leave
and get out of my way you’re gonna watch me make my dreams come true so I’m gonna
go super fast I’m not gonna where I’m going but at least if I’m moving then I
know that I’m going somewhere and I don’t need the plan catch me I’m on fire
watch out right and then Forrest enters and they’re like wow that person is
obnoxious really reactive and completely irresponsible I’m gonna care about
security I mean with this protecting what I don’t want to go anywhere I’m
gonna stay right here and I want my food I want good music I want sex rock and
roll let’s have a good time because if we don’t have pleasure in our lives what
do we have right and then Gemini the twins appears and says to Aries you’re
impulsive and Taurus you as well so I’m gonna go
twice as fast as you and be really problematic flip all the tables right be
light on my feet not taking myself too seriously but take life really seriously
okay be a little sophisticated a little vulgar both and I love light I love dark
we love it all let’s have a conversation sit down let’s discuss oh that’s so fun
I totally want you to do the rest of it but I know I’ve completed and we’re
probably out of time but that’s a lot of fun is then you did that on YouTube or
on Instagram I swear to god it was the funniest thing a man squirt girlfriend
of mine was like you really should do that on video and it was like no no no
no no no right I did it and within a week I had five hundred and fifty
thousand views on Facebook Wow yeah it scared the bejesus out of me I
could not yeah and that’s probably where I came from
and that was like May 2018 it was yeah Wow well it’s it’s fun and it just it
brings lightness to all of our quirkiness and how we work together so
it’s really good and it’s fun like and I think you know what I I love how you
said lightness in your Gemini moon I think the world needs lightness we need
a little bit we need that we and that’s why the Northam is moving into Gemini
because we need the air we’ve had a lot of Earth we’ve had a lot of water we’re
real concerned with materiality and emotionality now everybody needs to
lighten the hell up get over themselves I’ll learn how to relationally connect
with others and stop taking themselves so goddamn seriously mmm Colin you’re
awesome thank you so much for being on the show today and I do hope we get to
play more in the future well I could already feel it son and I also want to
say thank you for letting me I felt permission to be my whole self with you
good and I was a little nervous but I felt total permission and that’s that’s
a testament to you as an interviewer and to your platform has a resource so thank
you for making me feel like I could do that with you Thank You Colin and you
know what we have the best community we have their bears
so loving and supportive and enthusiastic so I’m sure that they all
have been grateful for your authentic your your authentic miss your unis here
today so thank you very much yes sediment is one of your students I love
her hi Simon if you can hear it thank you
beautiful shout out to cinnamon alright okay Colin where can people learn more
about you if they want to go down the rabbit hole of Colin Bedell oh jeez they
could go on career cosmos calm and they can also search me on the social media
channels there as well and on Facebook it’s just I have a personal page I
haven’t changed it I think I’ll keep it it was just my first and last name which
is in the show notes so they can look at it that way but that’s where we can stay
in touch wonderful all right thanks again so much
for being here and I cannot wait to connect with you again soon thank you

7 thoughts on “Shame Triggers & Rephrasing our Astrology in the Modern Age with QueerCosmos Astrologer Colin Bedell”

  1. Every astrologer should deeply study philosophy I think! And I love the idea of needing to be more interdisciplinary in the consideration of astrological aspects.. keeping the mind wide open and the higher mind extremely active!! ♡

  2. Wonderful Interview you two! The placements in detriment have always been a shadowy area for myself, too. With mercury in pisces I heard it all…all this negative stuff of beeing under water. I love this fresh and daring approach!

  3. I'm mars in Cancer- traditional astrology makes me feel like I may as well give up trying to find a partner. I get it! There's a lot of negativity out there about us! I am a little tyrannical when I'm on my own turf, though. I don't know if it's their fault I feel like that; or, if it's true!

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