show stopping number but turn on subtitles

show stopping number but turn on subtitles

tHis Is HUmAniTies eLEveNth hoUr *sound of all female audience members falling in love* *and now the men* *update: the whole audience is now in love with Robert* look at the way he’s sitting oh lord QUIET NOW HE’S GONNA SING oH gOd it’s a sHow STOPPING nUmBEr a ReAL shOw Stopper a ShOw sToppINg NuMbEr come on something to SHOCK EM’ to bring them a-crawlin’ a BiG TiMe BoX OffiCE draw his voice is so good here I’m dying spotLIGHT those shouldersssss how can you not love this man? got a SHow sTOppiNG number for youuuu I love how confused Ted is a SHOW STOPPING NUMBER is something you die for (I’d die for you robert) a ReAL cAtchY eArWorM-y tuuunneee this is the part where Ted starts questioning his sexuality im swooning It’ll unify humanity in a THUNDERING CHORUS NO EXIT FROM THIS BROADWAY VENUEEEEE so CRASH those shiny symbols got a show stopping hymnal for you tHis SonGs PrEtty gOod Huh THAT WALK YASSSS *foot sweep* we don’t have time… FUCKING GO FOR IT Ted was honestly me during this whole song WORKING BOYZ a new musical I swear to god if ‘working boys’ isn’t Starkid’s next musical then we riot. honestly ted is such a mood oR aRE tHey… im so ready BUISNESS CALLS IM UP TO MY ASS IN SHIT *aggressively bops head* wHat Is ThIS busiNeSS MARKETS ARE CRASHING AND IM AT THE EDGE OF MY WITS I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT when ALL I WANT TO DO Is spend the day with… gReG and sTeVE and sTeWe AnD MaRK and leiGhtoN AND CHAD (most iconic line in musical history) and… ring ring the phone rings I answer it this is the best run I’ve ever seen oh hey greg *heavy breathing* im swamped… with BUSINESS *business shit I don’t understand* you can see the pain in his eyes last week feels like ages ago. just watch Ted getting hyped up in the background just you and me and steve and stu woah I just realised he forgot greg! poor greg. AND CHAD aww, it’s so cute how excited he is *dramatic stare into the distance* ALL I WANT TO DO IS SPEND THE DAY WITH STEEEVVVEEE ANNNDDDD YASSS ROBERT!!! fiVE o’CloCK cAnt CoME sooN eNouGh I can’t wait too get home to my BOYS this was the moment that I decided I was going to marry him. tHeY’ll ThrOw uS ThEIR mOneY those hips THOSE HIPS wow my ovaries just exploded Robert manion is the greatest human on this earth… thank you for coming to my ted talk. hEy HeNRy woah that means his name is Henry Hidgens that can’t be Greg he has a J on his shirt…good costume choice Jeff can it be five o’clock already? it must be… WORKING BOYS WE’RE UP TO OUR ASS IN SHIT *agressive head bops x3* WHAT IS THIS BUSINESS I feel like a proud mum right now you’re doing great sweetie! look at Corey struggling along wow that was an experience should I take this chair? wait no NOT MY TUMMY someone put Jeff back in his cage please.

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    edit honestly I'm still getting comments mentioning the Greg thing…I would change it but I'm lazy.

  2. Wait hold up- it was “Working Boys” for his musical? Oh lol I thought he said “Ric-And Boys” but I guess “Working boys” makes more sense.

  3. Okay okay so obviously Robert is the best almost human being ever, but might I say;

    Lauren you beautiful majestic masterpiece

  4. tbh this song is a perfect villain song…. if you take out the working boys part…
    a perfect senpai song if you leave it in.

  5. so im rewatching and rereading the comments to take a break from god-awful notes for world geo and i cant watch Robert for this long anymore because i might fall in love and honestly i need to not be a pan disaster right now thankyouverymcuch

  6. WHOOOO GO ROBERT MANION!!!!!! YAS!!! That kinda promised us working boys bye making this song. His voice is awesome, like awe-inspiring. I wish I got to see this.

  7. I sometimes struggle to decide whether I think that Professor Hidgens is really gay or just really likes his old friends.

  8. Robert was FEELING himself in this song. Look at the way he’s shaking his hips and shoulders. They way he threw his jacket. The way he walked so confidently. Boy’s having the time of his life and I love it

  9. When I first saw the clip of " all I want to do is spend the day with Greg, &Steve, & stew, & mark, & leighton…" I thought he just had a ton of boyfriends?? Those expressions look so emotional I assumed he was in love lmao. I haven't seen the musical yet but from what I've gathered here I was way off 😂

  10. i, a man, can confirm everyone of my gender is at least a little gay for rob. sorry boys. i dont make the rules. hes perfect.

  11. allow me to be blunt here. i want to top this man. i just turned 18 a month ago so its FUCKING LEGAL NOW. dont even come for me.

  12. just realised the starting tune for show stopping number is the same tune as the intro for bLaCk CoFfEe I’m YoUr CoFfEe GaL


  14. 2:18 I guess were rioting cuz the musical is Black Friday (for the public at least) (they had working boyz during the Black Friday livestream as a donation reward)

  15. I’ll be honest, if Paul and Jeff in general didn’t make me more gay then I was before, I think Henry did it for me, I am at primary gay. And fucking CHRIST that man have a amazing vocal range and can dance!

  16. I’m a lesbian but uh…. Robert Manion is an exception. He knows how to move them hips and shoulders ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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