Sign Language Numbers Hack For Beginners- Count Up To A Billion

Sign Language Numbers Hack For Beginners- Count Up To A Billion

Hey Today I’m gonna teach you a hack How to sign numbers up to billions let’s start First I’m gonna teach you 1-10 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6 7, 8, 9, 10 easy right? I’m gonna teach you number placement, okay? Starting with hundreds, okay so one hundred, H-U-N-D-R-E-D for example 100, 200, 300 400, 500, and so on then thousands T-H-O-U-S-A-N-D Thousand for example 1,000 5,000 10,000 okay. clear? next M-I-L-L-I-O-N-S M millions millions next B-I-L-L-I-O-N-S B billions. billions okay for example 1 billion 10 billion 5 million now let’s add everything together, okay? so for example 5 billion 2 hundred million three fifty-seven thousand zero twenty-six that’s the biggest number I can think of and easy right? That’s how you sign numbers Some other examples you can practice with me small numbers, okay? two five seven two five seven two five seven eighty-one eight one eighty-one okay. I hope that was a great hack for you to learn Sign Duo OUT!

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  1. Awesome! LOVE your videos. I would LOVE to learn ASL, but there's nowhere in the area that teaches it, and I'm not the type that can learn things online… Though I have learned a few signs through the years.

  2. I'm hearing and learning ASL. I have taught myself part way. But, learning more so, I can further myself into my career path. So, thank you for creating this video.

  3. Learned this in my ASL class but still wanted to come watch and hit like 'cause I love you guys. LOL

    ALSO- I love this new video style. Immensely. Thank you sign duo, hope to see more 🙂

  4. What about money? Decimals and change. Could you do 10.37 as ten, then thirty-seven? Or, cents sign at the end?

  5. Ahh this was the topic of one of your ASL hangouts! It's super convenient having it here too 😊🤟🏼

    Edit: btw out of curiosity how is selling the car parts going? Hopefully you've gotten some good offers!

  6. Love the edits Ellen! and thank you Ryan for showing us this! You were very clear and I hope to see more of these learning videos! 🙂
    I actually love any video you guys make haha <3

  7. Great video! Thank you.

    I know this may just be more work but have you considered just doing open captions?

  8. I’m still slow at ready asl. There were a few words I missed even after slowing down the video. It would’ve been awesome if there were subtitles

  9. Thank you so much 😊 I came across your channel recently and I love it. You two are a beautiful couple. I'd been self studying ASL because as a cashier I've come across many people who sign, but I could only resort to pen and paper to communicate. And I hadn't been progressing too much by myself. Your channel is easy to understand, informative, and interesting to watch. Thank you! I learned how to count in three minutes!!! 😄

  10. This video is so clear and easy to understand! Very helpful! I thoroughly enjoyed this style video 🙂

  11. Thanks! I have a question, is it the same from one to ten to sign with the palm facing inwards or outwards ? I’ve seen both used in this video

  12. If Ryan has the time – I know he's got a busy work-life – I think he would be fantastic as a teacher online. His signing is so clear and, of course, he's a charming chap to watch. I know there a number of ASL teaching programmes on you-tube, but they don't have the very lovely accompaniment of you two as Sign Duo.

  13. I've been taught this too but never understood why: why is the numbers 1-5 back hand faces out, but any other number with a 1-5 palm out along with the other?

  14. NIce video but I fail to see any sort of "hack". I think a more useful and nice follow up video on numbers would be those that have different special signs like double digits (22,33 etc, special signs like 21, 23, 25 which is more like a "hack")

  15. I like this method. I do stress out about the fancy signs for twenty and twenty five and those numbers before one hundred. I keep forgetting 🙁 But I think just being comfortable with the basics first is more important. Thanks for this video!

  16. This video is pretty awesome 😎 I love you guys so much! You’re one of the big reasons that I’m in school to be an ASL Interpreter 🤗

  17. sorry this comment is not relevant to this video… BUT!!!
    Did you know that thedailysign has privated her ASL Music videos and quit making ASL Song Covers?
    i don't know if you follow her or not but she was being harassed by some deaf and hard of hearing people, they called her privileged for being a hearing person, as a deaf person yourself i want to hear what you have to say about it
    maybe you can make a video if you want to?
    i am really heartbroken about it, she was one of my favorite youtubers 🙁
    i am so sad i can't watch her Song Covers anymore =,(

    P.S. i am kind of new to your channel, i love your vlogs! keep it up! <3

  18. Do you have any tips for those of us who are trying to learn how to understand fingerspelling on a faster pace but gradually? I’ve only ever seen really slowed down or super fast. Just trying to get the hang of it. Thanks!

  19. This is excellent! Is there a distinction between your palms facing to you, versus away from you? For example, just signing "1," versus the 1 in "81"? Thank you!

  20. “Billions”?????!!!!!!!😅. I’m still trying to get 1-100 in muscle memory! LOL. My mind short circuited with 5,200,357,026! Thanks a lot!

  21. I work at a tee shirt store and recently had a large group of teens come in who were all deaf. i used to practice a bit of sign language back in HS. So i was hesitant to communicate but they took note and we communicated through their cell phone note app. when it came time to ring them up i signed the total, pretty confidently and it worked well. Now I want to get back into learning again to have a full conversation without hesitation.

  22. When you signed two hundred and fifty seven how come you didn’t do two “hundred” and than fifty seven. It looks like you signed 2 5 7.

  23. I wish we had a channel like yours here in Italy. I can hear but I want to learn sign so bad and the only videos I find are from 10/8 years ago. I know that every country has its own sign language so I can't really learn something from your channel but this is so good and inclusive. I wish we had a channel like yours. It would be awesome to have someone who can teach some basics to the people out here. Very very proud of you guys btw, you're amazing!

  24. Hey Ryan, I loved that video! It helped me a lot!! Are you guys still doing ASL hangouts? Greetings from Switzerland

  25. I have a question tho: if I have 2.500.257 or whatever the example was, shouldn't I sign the last part as "2-hundred-5-7"? I'm asking because in the video it was signed as "2-5-7", so I'm a bit confused. 😅

  26. I've watched so many YouTube ASL videos and I feel like I cannot retain the information. When I watch Ryan and Ellen it is easier to follow along and be able to learn sign language. I know your schedules are crazy busy but more teaching videos would be awesome 💕

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