Similar Signs: DOCTOR and AGAIN – quick fix for ASL beginners

Similar Signs: DOCTOR and AGAIN – quick fix for ASL beginners

Hi, Friends! Today, I’m going to review
two signs that are similar. Going forward, you won’t confuse these. DOCTOR DOCTOR It’s like you’re feeling the heart beating Right there DOCTOR DOCTOR DOCTOR Also, you’ll see the sign DOCTOR
using a “D” handshape: DOCTOR. It’s the same. Some prefer the handshape “D”,
some prefer DOCTOR. Some think that with the “D” is English influencing ASL, but you will see both. DOCTOR, or DOCTOR. AGAIN Again, we have the hands in this position. Now, we start over here;
we’re not directly on top of the hand. And then we arc onto the palm. And now we’re looking at the palm —
not the wrist, the palm. AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN Okay, so *again*, we have DOCTOR, AGAIN DOCTOR AGAIN I hope that that helps! Thank you so much for watching!
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6 thoughts on “Similar Signs: DOCTOR and AGAIN – quick fix for ASL beginners”

  1. You have 96.000 subscribers. Almost 100.000!! I see you growing every day as I learn everyday signs from a different video of yours, hehe. It’s part of my morning routine 🙂

  2. Continuing with your videos long term, during and well after completing asl 101, will greatly help me hold on to the language and even build it, despite not taking more classes. Thank you so much!

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