Robert: Okay Brandon: Optimus Prime. I bet his- his- his d*ck is hard. *both laughing* Robert: Dude that’s the intro clip. *brandon laughing* *bleep* Robert: YO! RobertIDK here with my good friend MessYourself! Brandon: Stop calling me a good friend! Robert: That’s how I do- Robert: Smash! Or! Pass, baby! Robert: The most savage game Robert: On YouTube. Robert: Do you smash?! Or do you pass?! Brandon: Or do you pass? Or do you smash? Robert: We’re playing smash or pass with a twist! Robert: Animated characters, baby! Brandon: Oooh. Robert: Look at this.. Holy! What an attractive bunch! Robert: I wanna smash. Brandon: I love hentai. Robert: I wanna smash ’em all! Robert and Pokemon theme music: Pokemon! Robert: We’re going to do this exactly like our guess the age challenge, we’re gonna Robert: Do an online list first, so that we aren’t familiar with. Robert: And then I have some pictures I’m gonna show Brandon. Robert: And see if he’d rather smash or pass. *follow along* Robert: AH! Robert: Oh my god, of course the first one is Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Robert: I’m especially good at **I have no idea ..** Brandon: Okay, lets just, list the great things about Gaston. Brandon: Smart. Funny. Good looking. Muscular. Great hair. These are Brandon: the reasons I’m gonna have to smash. Robert: OoOoOhH Brandon: I made my Brandon: Decision. I vote to smash Gaston. From Beauty and the Beast. Brandon: ORDER! ORDER IN THE COURT. Robert: Smash it baby! Brandon: Archie from Archie Comics. Brandon: I never watched this dumb ass comic! Robert: I love Archie, but I would not smash. Robert: Pass that shit! Brandon: Awwe, Brandon: Poor Archie. Now he has rejection, AND he’s ginger. Robert: Ah, that’s more like it! Robert: Optimus prime from transformers, baby! Robert: SMASH! Have you seen the dude who Robert: Who has a sexual relationship with his car..? Brandon: Yeah, he put his pp in it.. Video: Nathaniel is in a committed relationship Video: with a car he’s named Chase. Man: His body and his Man: interior and everything together just seemed to fit. Man: And I just felt an instant connection. Brandon: I would think Optimus Prime would be great in bed.. Robert: He’d be an optimal partner.. *chuckling* Robert: Okay. Brandon: Optimus Prime. I bet his- his- his d*ck is hard. *intense laughing* Robert: Dude that’s the intro clip. *more laughing* Robert: Alright, alright, lets get some bitches Robert: In here. *chuckle* Also, disclaimer, Robert: We don’t support this kind of behavior. Robert: Alright, here we go baby. WOAH DUDE! Ariel from the Little Mermaid! Robert: *immatating voice* Yo, I can’t do that! That’s illegal! *both laughing* Brandon: Yo, but them titties thoo! Brandon: YOOO! *music* Robert: Okay, lets Robert: be real here, as weird as it sounds, saying, Robert: yes to a cartoon character, Robert: A-Ariel *broken by laughter* Robert: I gotta go with the smash. *Robert laughing* Brandon: I would smash it, I would smash it all the way to the Atlantic ocean! Brandon: If you know what I’m saying. What the kind of shit is this?! Robert: BABY SIMBA? Robert: WHAT? Brandon: *blabbering* Robert: Wait wait wait wait wait.. Your main concern Robert: is that it’s a baby and not that it’s a lion. Brandon: Why is this.. Baby lion.. sexy..? Robert: Let’s read the caption, lets read the justification they have here. Video: …Wow what a great audience. Robert: Ok, so, no, pass, why would they even.. Robert: Allow us to guess this? Robert: Bonkers from Bonkers. Robert: Dude. Brandon: Whut? Robert: You would smash the HELL outta this. Brandon: Who the shit is bonkers! *robert laughing* Robert: I have Robert: No idea, but he’s the main character in Bonkers! Brandon: Yeah! Robert: Josie from Josie and the Pussycats. Robert: Now I- Brandon: Imagine a little kid getting hard on- on Bonkers. *robert bursting into laughter* Brandon: WOAH Huh HOOOO **THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEEEL** *brandon cheering* Brandon: *screech* That’s my new (*something I can’t hear*) of sexy music. Jessica Rabbit is, not only sexy- Robert: Wait, don’t talk I’m getting a call. Robert: …….Hello? Robert: ……Is this Jessica rabbit? *laughing* Video: Jessica Rabbit? Video: Is Jessica Rabbit there? Robert: Kovu Brandon: Woahhh Robert: That is some Deviant Art Robert: Type shit. *giggling* Brandon: Scar! Brother! Robert: You- Brandon: HELP ME! Robert: umm Brandon: Wait can we watch that..? Robert: No! Brandon: Please.. Robert: Fine.. Brandon: Simba, save your dad before he dies! It’s your fault! You stupid lion! Robert: Dude- Robert: I can’t do funny commentary over this.. Robert: This is way too sad. Brandon: *giggling* Brandon: Scar! Brother! Help me! Brandon: Long.. Live.. The king. *yelling* Video: Long live the king. *brandon yelling* Robert: This isn’t funny! This is so f*cking sad! Robert: You ruined this recording for me. It’s going to take a little bit before I can be funny again. *laughing* Robert: Glasses off, now we’re serious. Robert: I gathered a bunch of pictures, and I’m going to get Brandon’s opinion on them, and I’m going to give my opinion as well, Robert: THE ULTIMATE SMASH OR PASS Robert: CHALLENGE. Alright Brandon, Robert: Would you smash or would you pass..? Robert: OH SHIT Brandon: Woah Robert: So.. *giggles*Is this Jessica Rabbit? Anyways, so that’s an obvious Robert: From both of us I think Robert: Be-Because she has a great personality.. Robert: Alright, we got Belle, we got Belle Robert: from Beauty and the Beast.. Robert: Clas- Brandon: Belle’s so cuteee Robert: Classic Robert: disney princess, classic HAWT, Robert: HEARTHROB.. Uh, what do you think man? Brandon: Belle is the most adorable person ever, I don’t think I could smash that.. Robert:Ye-ah Robert: You’d have to date them, for like, a few years. Brandon: I would definitely have to Brandon: to you know put a ring on it before I can do anything Robert: absolutely Brandon: she’s a lady
like a lady, and I’ll treat her like a lady. Robert: yes Brandon: but no I would work hard Brandon: For the smash
Both: Oh Robert: baby a triple when I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs every day just to help me get large… and now that I’m grown I eat five dozen eggs so I’m probably the size
of a barge! Robert: Smash. Robert: OH NO HE’S HOTTT *laughing* Robert: Oh, that’s a good reference. Brandon: What’s this guy’s name again? Robert: squilliam fancy-son from BAND CLASS!
That’s so funny they took a real a photo of a real human like that’s a real human’s
body that’s the smash, right? Brandon: oh yeah definitely. Robert: OH NO HE’S HOT.
all right let’s go. *laughing* Brandon: Jimmy Neutron Robert: Jimmy! Brandon: tHE bEST Robert: OH BABY! Brandon: why is he old now? Robert: I don’t know but what do you think man? Brandon: It kinda looks good you know he looks like a dilf. Robert: kind of looks like me to be honest.. Brandon: yeah kinda does look like you. you’re gonna be- you’re basically Jimmy
Neutron. Video: Sodium Chloride. that’s what I said! Robert: okay next. Oh,.. girls
are like onions! Brandon: listen, Shrek okay, first off you get attracted by his pure of
masculinity but over the course of the three films, four films I should say we’ve got to known Shrek’s like compassionate and gentle side, so for those two reasons alone, you know, I would smash. Robert: Awwwww. Also, there is no way does not have a giant… Princess Fiona, what do you think? Brandon: Fiona! Robert: Shrek really lucked out when he scored this one I would say. Brandon:
yeah let’s be honest Fiona would sleep with anyone at that point you know she
just wants to be rescued from the castle. Robert: That sounds really bad, but realistically,
if you are trapped in their dragon-guarded Castle for years I think
your standards we get pretty low. Brandon: yeah exactly.
Robert: all right. Brandon: oh good sir, I like onions! Robert: oh now that- this is a smash. Brandon: Now this is a woman, this is like
she’s giving unrealistic expections *stuttering while Robert laughs* to women. When you think of a perfect
woman you can’t think of anyone else but.. Shrek. Robert: gottagofast baby what do you think
of this one. Brandon: what is going on in this picture? why is he in a sexual pose? why
is he riding a hot dog? why is that a birthday cake in the background?! Robert: I’ll
tell you what- Brandon: Why does he look so sexy? Robert: Dude, the number of like sexual sonic pictures on
the Internet is ridiculous that is a hole you do not want to go down on the
Internet you guys. and I shouldn’t have even told you it exists. okay. Dude, have
you ever had a girl look back at you in that- with that much excitement? I don’t think a
girl has ever looked at me this happy ever. Brandon: I love Texas.. how’s the Texas song go? Both: I guess deep in my heart, I’ll always be your Texas girl. Robert: I wanna go home. I wanna go home. Cool. When I’m too far from you Texas..
oh all right here we go. Oh! Music: my hot dog filter is all I need
it’s all I see, it’s all that’s in my dreams. it spins around, and it dances free but I
know one day you won’t be with me. Why does it have to be like that tell me.
I’ve been I’ve loved hot dogs since I was seven. Brandon: Dude I love this guy. Robert: dude how long have you loved hot dogs, man? Brandon: Since probably seven. Robert and the song: why does it have to be like that tell me, heaven.(I LOOKED UP LYRICS AND THATS WHAT IT SAYS IDK) I loved hot dogs since I was seven. Robert: I think deciding if
you want to smash this guy, it really depends on if that’s the only dog in the-
if that’s the only wiener in the paper. you know what I’m sayin? if I’m dealing with that it’s a little too
much. your turn. Brandon: Um.. *laughing* Brandon: he would feel great in my- ass Both: *laughing* that was smash or pass, *laughing* That was smash or pass, you guys I really hope you enjoyed that if you have any more
challenges you want to see us do and totally butcher, let us know. I love you
guys so much, thank you so much for watching as always and have a good one. Music:
the hot dog filter is all I need it’s all I see, its all that’s in my dreams. it
spins around and it dances free, but I know one day you won’t be with me why
does it have to be like that tell me, heaven, I’ve loved hot dogs since I was

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