Star Wars Original Trilogy Characters: Good to Evil

Star Wars Original Trilogy Characters: Good to Evil

Star Wars is no doubt one of the most
iconic film franchises in history captivating audiences with an
intergalactic battle that rages for generations and it all started with the
original trilogy possibly one of the greatest sagas of good versus evil of
all time today we’ll be traveling to a galaxy far far away to figure out who is
one with the force and it was going straight into the
Sarlacc bed before we get started we should mention this list will be
confined to the original trilogy this includes the characters themselves and
their actions so there won’t be any talk of young Anakin and his pod racing
stunts here but if you do want to see us cover the newest trilogy the prequels
the animated series or anything else let us know and maybe we’ll give those the
good to evil treatment next all right let’s get to it I’m Brad with wicked veg
and I’m probably not your father no but this is Star Wars the original trilogy
good to evil starting off with the most good as usual we have the Jedi Master
obi-wan Kenobi a hero and teacher in his own right he’s introduced in the films
by rescuing Luke c-3po and r2d2 from a ban of Tusken Raiders with his pure
knowledge on the race now that’s the name Kenobi is trusted by Princess Leia
and the rebels so much so that they entrust him with the Death Star plans he
teaches her chosen one the ways of the force in trains him so he’s lightsaber
ready the force is what gives a Jedi is
obi-wan also saves Luke in the cantina a tree catches the wandering eyes of
wanted fugitives the first of many badass lightsaber fights Kenobi is
selfless especially when it comes to the way of the Jedi nearly everything that
he had ever done in his lifetime was to continue the legacy of the Jedi even
after its death he sacrificed himself during the final fight against Darth
Vader in order to serve as a distraction for the others to escape the grips of
the Empire without obi-wan there would be no Jedi
Master Luke Skywalker there would be no chance for the Rebel Alliance and most
importantly there’d be no hope with the silver medal for most good we have the
chosen one himself Luke Skywalker without his knowledge he makes the
decision to entrust c-3po words and convincing his caregivers to buy the r2
unit alongside him this starting him off on a journey of a lifetime he joins
c-3po in the search for the missing droid after r2d2 tries to continue on a
search for obi-wan Kenobi despite the fact that many droids are considered
replaceable in the Star Wars universe after meeting Kenobi and learning that
his aunt and uncle have been killed by the Empire he still makes a difficult
decision to leave his home planet beginning his journey to save the galaxy
I want to learn to waste the force and become a Jedi like my father showing
that even during a time of tremendous grief he still finds courage within
himself Skywalker having more than a few heroic
acts up his sleeve helps rescue Princess Leia from the Empire during the Battle
of Yavin he’s the pilot that ultimately takes out the first Death Star and
travels to both Bespin and Jabba’s palace to save his friends my head
they’re my friends I gotta help them Luke Skywalker is truly courageous in a
hero in every sense of the word he cares deeply for his friends and family
although the kiss was a little much and it’s truly essential to the Rebel
Alliance in defeating the Empire falling just behind her brother is Princess Leia
an amazing Rebel Alliance leader placing her life on the line multiple times in
order to help defeat the Empire Leia is witty smart and tactical she’s the
beginning of it all ensuring that the Death Star plans are
given to an r2 unit with a very important message attached
my own meow even after she’s captured by the Empire and threatened by grand moff
tarkin sheep doesn’t crack under the pressure and never reveals the true
location of the rebel base knowing that revealing this will surely end in their
demise in lying to the commander even while in the literal clutches of Darth
Vader she manages to super cool and even gift them a few witty remarks as
expected I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board after Leia
saved she continues her actions as a leader even leading the evacuation of
Hoth during the Imperial attack and even when her back is against the wall she
refuses to give up without a fight she attempts to go to Jabba’s palace in the
hope of rescuing Han Solo even though this plan ultimately goes south and a
bit fanservice II Princess Leia is certainly one of the best rebel leaders
with her genuine care for her people and for the greater good of the galaxy
like Luke she too is a hero in someone dedicated to doing good now we had the
Jedi Master Yoda although he played integral roles in the Clone Wars his
presence was more limited in the original trilogy
but the most important thing he does is teach Luke a much more in-depth
understanding of the force an incredibly important gift that allows him to
continuous fight against a dark side with his last bit of time on earth he
made shorts of a Phylis commitment to pass on his Jedi training and in
addition to teaching Luke very valuable life lessons before passing on just as
obi-wan did he also managed to help the rebels after his death he’s undeniably a
good being just a bit too old to fight this time around granted his advice can
be a bit cryptic at times plus he’s just a bit crazy must be all that space moss
on Dagobah next on our list is another Rebel Alliance leader Admiral Ackbar
he’s level-headed and always willing to fight alongside his team Akbar planned
the surprise assault on the battle station with Mon Mothma led an attack
against the station to the Death Star with Lando Calrissian it was an
essential commander and destroying the first Death Star not to mention he gave
us one of our favorite memes from the original movies following the Admiral is
yet another Alliance leader mothma she’s one of the head forces in
the background they continue to make plans for the Rebel Alliance including
approving multiple strikes at Princess Leia’s request she’s an important
political figure for the Alliance but is never shown in the battlefield that’s
apid Lee as Admiral Ackbar considering her significance to the rebels
up next is a fan-favorite droid r2d2 r2 holds a lot of personality for being
such a small droid and manages to have a great deal of heroism r2d2 is destroyed
and trusted by Princess Leia to deliver the Death Star playing safely it saves
our heroes from the trash compactor as well as the wingman to Luke Skywalker
while destroying the Death Star r2 always manages to save the day with
the little things that make it overlooked in the movies while
ultimately it’s just a droid following orders and always make sure to get the
job done no matter the circumstance following our favorite droid is aunt
Beru caregiver to Luke and moisture farmer alongside her husband Owen brew
Lars is placed above her husband because she always believed in Luke and often
argue with Owen about him being able to leave the farm and finally live his life
oh and he can’t stay here forever most of his friends and gone but not far from
her is uncle Owen an earnest moisture farmer and father figure it was clear he
always cared for Luke but he was always a bit overprotective hey what are you
trying to push on us he never won in our hero to lead the farm attempting to keep
him safe from the unknown although it was clear he was protective out of his
care for the boy Luke had to be able to spread his wings and fly fly the x-wing
that is but let’s not forget the second droid in the famous duo are tus
companion c-3po well he’s a bit more vocal than r2 about
things that doesn’t necessarily make him a better droid while he never directly
harms anyone in the movies he doesn’t have a proper affinity to do things the
rebel way c-3po tends to be a bit skittish when doing anything that’s
dangerous whether it could save lives or not he tends to follow orders to a tee
without much thinking outside the box plus you can come off as just a tad bit
annoying but undeniably he’s one of the best forms of comic
relief in the movie watching him haggle with
jabba the hutt priceless wit doom next up is everyone’s favorite wookie
Chewbacca upon meeting the pair of smugglers hunt and Chewie we quickly
came to the conclusion that the two of them are rather greedy with no real
affinity for others during their travels that’s gonna cost you something extra
they take jobs from levar they want whenever they want no matter the cargo
after all to a smuggler credits or credits he has a bad temper although
most of his outrages come from places of genuine concern for him and honza’s
well-being you hear me but despite this Chewie is definitely the more
compassionate of the two often seen scolding or bargaining with Han to do
the right thing ultimately Chewbacca becomes a notable rebel hero after
rescuing Princess Leia assisting with the destruction of the Death Star and
fighting alongside the Alliance and the Millennium Falcon Chewie is undeniably
loyal and definitely the best copilot an ex Mugler could ask for
honestly you can’t not love this big furry teddy bear rightfully alongside
his co-pilot we have han Solo a charming narcissus at first with only regard for
the money he’s earned and the bouncy just above his head Solo is certainly a
complex character as we watch him transform from movie to movie into a
slightly more empathetic badass rebel hero for the same reasons as Xu he has
to to go hand in hand will have to mark their time as smugglers as a bit towards
the dark side Julian I’ll take care of this you stay here since it comes from a
place of greed disregard for other life-forms in just a
bit of illegal activity that said Han does evolve into a great character going
from selfish to hero especially in the later films working alongside the rebels
for a good cause and hey with all that charm he did manage to get the princess
to fall in love with them I love you no it’s important to note that Han ends
up as much of a hero as those we’ve listed before him but it took him a good
while to find his principles as a third ex Mugler in a row we have Lando the
administrator of Cloud City Lando’s meant to be salvation for the
heroes as they arrived on Bespin looking for refuge from the Empire hello what
have we here unbeknownst to them Lando is already hosting the Imperial forces
in a city although for what it’s worth Lando was forced to do so as he was
threatened by the destruction of his planet and his people while Han gets
taken away in carbonite c-3po gets dismantled and Leia and
Chewbacca get taken prisoner he does manage to come to terms with his
conscience and sets the prisoners free after this he does help Luke attempt to
rescue Han from Jabba the Hutt and even helps the rebellion by working with them
to destroy the imperial battle station he’s the guy with a bit of a spotted
past the Lando has clearly redeemed himself in the eyes of the force and all
honesty morality takes a pretty steep nosedive right about here next up we’ve
got a bounty hunter with a short-lived life but a long history of discourse
Greedo I mean the guys got greed in his name but seriously he’s a hunter hired
by Jabba the Hutt to kill Han Solo for that sweet sweet bounty it seems like
Greedo is just another amoral bottom-feeding bounty hunter who went
after the wrong guy and most importantly Han shot first
following our list we have one of the Mandalorian the myth the legend Boba
Fett hired by Darth Vader himself in order to take the reward for capturing
the crew of the Millennium Falcon Boba Fett is shown as cold calculated and
intricate in his work you may take captain solo to Jabba the
Hutt he’s always warned the first on the scene to reap the rewards from his hunts
but if he doesn’t survive a lot to me after Solo in the rest of the crew are
captured by Jabba he follows to ensure their death which
doesn’t exactly go as planned for him motivated by money and enthralled by the
hunt bobafet goes down as one of the most
iconic bounty hunters of all time right down into the Sarlacc pit how do we
follow up one of the most feared bounty hunters well by the very beings that
hire him of course Jabba the Hutt he’s a glutton a gangster and just downright
disgusting and his personality seems about as revolting as his appearance he
used Han Solo’s Carbonite form as a trophy for his throne room enslaved
Princess Leia to be a form of entertainment and attempted to feed Luke
to his pet rancor and that’s only one delivery gone wrong for him Jabba only
really cares about his money and making sure his deliveries are finished even
though he did attempt to throw our heroes into the Sarlacc pit he does
provide jobs to help out the space economy like he might not provide life
insurance but do you think he provides dental now we’re falling into the truly
despicable territory for these guys there’s no money involved or insurance
just pure unadulterated evil next up on our list we have Darth Vader himself a
fan favorite villain and ruthless leader serving the Empire now here’s the thing
we ranking all these characters based on their actions behaviors and motives in
the original trilogy Anakin Skywalker’s revealed to be more complex but today
we’re judging exclusively based on the original three films he’s responsible
for capturing and torturing Leia and killing a few random empire soldiers
just for inconveniencing him he kills his former Jedi Master obi-wan Kenobi in
a lightsaber duel I find your lack of faith disturbing
it forces Lando and the trapping the Millennium Falcon’s crew for him Darth
Vader is cruel with no regard for other life-forms including his family it also
does a few other notable things such as trapping han Solo in carbonite and
severing his own son’s hand you know just just just Vader things on all he’s
succumbed to the dark side tragic very tragic that said Vader does definitely
still have a hint of good left within him he does save Luke from our most evil
character which results in his own death which is exactly what holds him about
the rest of the more evil characters one could argue that this
sacrifice and redemption should place him in a more positive spot in our list
but let’s not forget the magnitude of his evilness throughout the series and
that he severed his own son’s hand it definitely weighs him down in the
morality scale but the silver medal of evil has to go to grand moff tarkin
right when we first meet this guy he’s captured Leia and is ordering her to
spill the beans on the secret location of the rebel base and even when she
gives him exactly what he wants Tarkin destroys her home planet of
Alderaan right in front of her what a an entire planet sure Leia did lie about
the location but she gave him the information he wanted Oh destroyed it
anyway not to mention the rebel base of Yavin for ordering Leia to be executed
along with being one of the most feared Imperial leaders what a grand track
record for Tarkin who never does anything remotely good during the film’s
and says yeah the folio execution but luckily for him there’s one being who’s
much more evil than him and to no surprise to the entire galaxy our most
evil being is Emperor Palpatine the head of the entire empire with thousands of
disposable men at his beck and call he’s known as the true incarnation of evil
that is a great disturbance although we don’t see him kill a single
person in the films it’s implied that he always has someone else to do his dirty
work even as Darth Vader attempts to get a son to join their side the emperor has
other plans which include replacing Vader with Luke Skywalker going to show
that there is no one he would not betray in order to continue to rise in power he
threatens to kill Luke’s friends if he does not sacrifice himself to the dark
side it is unavoidable it is young dis while his plans
ultimately fail and he’s killed by the hands of his apprentice there’s no
mistaking that he’s truly the most evil character within the original trilogy
but what do you guys think agree with our ranking should we cover other Star
Wars movies and shows do you really want to hear about Jar Jar Binks
remember to binge are good to evil playlist where we breakdown the morality
spectrum of your favorite cartoons and movies but most importantly stay wicked

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  16. Imo Star Wars is a bad franchise to do this kind of list about. It's so black and white, all the heroes except maybe Han and Lando are just squeaky clean with no real moral failings, and the villains (except Vader in RotJ) are complete monsters with no redeeming qualities. Why is Obi-Wan any more good that Luke or Leia? None of them ever do anything evil or even mean spirited and they're all willing to sacrifice their lives to save their friends. In fact Obi-Wan's sacrifice means less than if Luke or Leia gve their lives because he knew he would return as a ghost while they wouldn't

  17. I would put Obiwan in the middle or even evil. In the prequels his whole intent was to use Anaikn which set him down the dark side. Even if we threw out the prequels… he lied to Luke about his dad and kept him in the dark only to use Anakin for the "good" of the Jedi and later when he is confronted by Luke he tells him, "Oh it depends on your point of view." Same thing with Yoda… his whole goal was to just use Luke like the Jedi did with Vader and again not tell Luke about Vader. I'll give that he more didn't try to skirt around it when he was confronted by Luke though.

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