Sweet Victory DVD # 41617

– Sweet victory. You know, we’re in a spiritual
war, even at this time. The age-old controversy
between Satan and God has been in existence almost
from the very beginning. An important part of any
war is knowing your enemy. What does the enemy look like? What is the enemy’s
modus operandi? A law enforcement term,
M.O. you’e heard it called, which means its standard
operating procedures. What are the enemies
strengths and weaknesses? And how do your strengths
and weaknesses stack up against the enemy’s? Of course, our enemy is Satan. You know, we’re flesh and blood. Satan’s supernatural. On our own, we wouldn’t
have a chance against Satan. Is that reason for us
to fear and be afraid? No, absolutely not. You see, we’re not alone. He who’s with us is
much greater than Satan, and that’s the reason that
Satan and his fear you. Not because of your power, but because of the power of
Jesus Christ that’s in you. In the name of Jesus Christ,
you are a warrior for God. In the name of Jesus Christ,
you’re a champion for God. In the name of Jesus Christ, you’re guaranteed the
sweet, sweet victory. There are several things
that one should do to prepare for
this spiritual war. I know many of you have,
most of you, probably, have already done it. You know, there’s
an armory of God. That armory is open,
but you must visit it. You’ve got to suit up, and I can tell you this,
if you haven’t done so, Satan and his are
probably having a ball with you and your family. Consider that. There’s one thing, though,
that’s most important that you have with you when
we enter this spiritual war, and that war is
going on even today. Let’s begin our study
in Luke chapter 14. We’re gonna pick it
up with verse 25. Luke 14:25. We ask that word of wisdom in Yeshua’s precious
name as always. Father, open eyes,
open ears this day. “And there went great
multitudes with him,” the him being Jesus, of course, “and he turned, and
he said unto them.” The crowds were growing
bigger and bigger. “Jesus said, if
any man come to me “and hate not his father and
mother and wife and children “and breathren and sisters,
yea, and his own life also, “he cannot be my disciple.” Now, if ever there were a verse
that, if someone asked you, “Why do I need a
Strong’s Concordance?” This verse is a very
strong candidate for one that you
should bring up. That verse doesn’t
make any sense. You see, Moses, the law-giver, taught us that we’re supposed
to honor our mother and father and here, Jesus says, “You’ve got to hate
your mother and father.” Those of you with a
Strong’s Concordance, you know that Greek word is
(speaking foreign language), and it means to love less. Now, that I can live
with, but not hate. And you know, Jesus must
come first in your life, is what this verse is saying. I mean, above your
own very family. Jesus must come first. You wanna make sure that He is
in your war chariot with you, or you’re going to lose. “And whosoever doth not bear
his cross, and come after me, “cannot be my disciple.” Now, the Lord does not ask us
to be crucified on the Cross, as His Son, Jesus Christ, was. But the question is, are
you willing to do that? Are you willing to
bear your own cross and to die for Him,
as He died for you? And you know, in answer to that, we always should consider
life in this flesh is but a short period of time
compared to the eternity. In one point, Jesus would say, “Whosoever loses his
life will gain it, “and whoever gains his
life will lose it.” What he meant by that was,
if you mess up in the flesh, it can cost your
soul in the eternity. 28. Jesus continues. “For which of you,
intending to build a tower, “sitteth down not first,
and counteth the cost, “whether he have
sufficient to finish?” Which of you would build a house and not consider the cost? How many square
feet is it gonna be? How much concrete is it gonna
take to fill the foundation? How many two-by-fours
are we gonna need? How many two-by-sixes
are we gonna need? On a spiritual side,
you better know the cost of serving your
heavenly Father as well, and be willing to pay it. 29, “Lest haply, after he
hath laid the foundation, “and is not able to finish it, “all that behold it
begin to mock him.” A fool starts off
building a house and not knowing what
it’s gonna cost. You might get the
house halfway done and run out of money, and then
your neighbors start going, “Look at that fool. “He started to build a house “and he didn’t have
enough to finish it, “and there he is, sitting in
his living room on his couch, “and he didn’t have enough
money to even build a wall “on the front of the house.” Or maybe he didn’t put any
doors on the restrooms, and there he sits, no,
I’m not gonna go there. (congregants laugh) Verse 30. “Saying, this man began
to build,” we got that. “And was not able to finish.” Verse 31. “Or what king, going to make
war against another king, “sitteth not down
first, and consulteth “whether he be able
to, able with 10,000 “to meet him that cometh
against him with 20,000?” You know, the odds
against God’s elect are gonna be a lot
more than that. But I’ll tell you this. If it’s just you and
your heavenly Father, you’re gonna have the victory. We learn in Leviticus chapter 26 that if you do things God’s way, five of you can
put 100 to flight, and 100 of you can
put 10,000 to flight. With God, we have the victory. But you know, what king, when
he’s considering going to war, he looks and says, you know,
“How many cavalry do they have? “How many chariots
does he have?” Verse 32. “Or else, while the
other,” the other king, “is yet a great way off,
he sendeth an ambassage, “and desireth
conditions of peace.” In the spiritual war, there
are no conditions of peace. We don’t make deals, we don’t
make covenants with Satan. We rebuke him in the
name of Jesus Christ. Verse 33. “So likewise,
whosoever he be of you “that forsaketh not
all that he hath, “he cannot be my disciple.” In other words, put Jesus first. Make sure He is with you. As I said earlier,
if He’s not with you, you’re gonna lose the war. Well, what else is there? I mentioned that the
Gospel armory is open. Let’s go to Jeremiah chapter 50. Jeremiah chapter 50. An interesting chapter. God prophesies the
downfall of Babylon. He says, “I’m gonna raise
up a nation out of the north “to defeat the Babylons,”
and historically, the Persians and the
Medes accomplished that. But the most important
part of this prophecy to us is that there’s a future
bringing down of Babylon, and you could have
a role in that. In verse five and six, four, five, and six,
God says, you know, Judah and Israel
will come weeping and seeking the Lord again to
make a new covenant with Him, and that the sheep
of Israel are lost. Why? Because of their
shepherds, their pastors, teaching the traditions of men
rather than the Word of God. Let’s pick it up, Jeremiah
chapter 50, verse 17. “Israel is scattered sheep,
is a scattered sheep; “the lions,” put
for all adversaries,
“have driven him away: “first the king of Assyria
hath devoured him.” The 10 tribes, northern tribes
went into captivity first. “And the last this
Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon “hath broken his bones.” Some 200 years later,
Judah went into captivity. “Therefore thus saith
the Lord of hosts, “the God of Israel; “Behold, I will punish
the king of Babylon “and his land, as I have
punished the king of Assyria.” And the king of Babylon,
the king of Assyria both very strong
types for antichrist. “And I will bring Israel
again to his habitation.” Check this out in your Strong’s. It’s a home, like a sheep-cote. Israel was symbolized
as sheep in verse 17. “And he shall feed on
Carmel,” Carmel, Paradise, a pleasant, fruitful
place, “and Bashan,” known for its plenteous,
the size of its animals, the bulls, the large
bulls in particular. “And his soul shall be satisfied “upon mount Ephraim and Gilead.” Don’t overlook this, now. What he’s saying is, Israel
and Judah were in captivity. That means they weren’t
in the land of Israel, but God is going
to bring them home. “In those days and in
that time, saith the Lord, “the iniquity of Israel
shall be sought for, “and there shall be none.” Now, does that sound like today? No, that doesn’t sound
like today at all. We’re talking future, prophecy. “And the sins of Judah, and
they shall not be found: “for I will pardon
them whom I reserve.” The destruction of
Babylon is tied to the restoration of
Judah and Israel when Jesus returns
at the Second Advent. We’re talking future, of course. Verse 21. “Go up against the
land of Merathaim.” Merathaim, check it out,
means double rebellion. “Even against it, and against
the inhabitants of Pekod.” Pekod means visitation or
judgment against Babylon. “Waste and utterly destroy
after them, saith the Lord, “and do according to all
that I have commanded thee.” We will. “A sound of battle is in the
land, of great destruction.” Are you ready to rumble? I’ll tell you this,
it’s not a physical war. We war not against flesh
and blood, beloved. We war against the
powers that are satanic. Guns and knives will do
you no good in that battle. It is a spiritual war, and if you don’t get
that through your heads, you’re gonna miss
this lesson today. There are weapons that you need, but they’re spiritual weapons. Verse 23. “How is the hammer,”
this put for Babylon, because it crushed the earth. “Of the whole earth
cut asunder and broken. “How is Babylon become a
desolation among the nations.” What does Babylon mean? You know, it means confusion. What breaks confusion? Truth. The truth that is
our Father’s Word. Truth dispels confusion. Truth dispels falsehoods. 24, “I,” the Lord speaking,
“have laid a snare for thee, “and thou art also
taken, O Babylon, “and thou wast not aware: thou
art found, and also caught, “because thou hast
striven against the Lord.” You strive against the
Lord, you’re going to lose. 25, “The Lord hath
opened his armory.” The armory is open,
but you have to go in. You have to suit up. “And hath brought forth the
weapons of his indignation.” Not knives and guns,
spiritual weapons. “For this is the work
of the Lord God of hosts “in the land of the Chaldeans.” Don’t let that throw
you, Chaldeans. The Babylons spoke a dialect
of the Chaldee language, so they’re often
referred to as Chaldeans. 26, “Come against her,”
referring to Babylon, “from the utmost border,
open her storehouses,” her barns, her granaries. “Cast her up as heaps.” Cast her grain
reserves up in heaps. “And destroy her utterly;
let nothing of her be left.” God imposed a
curse upon Babylon. As a result, everything in
Babylon becomes devoted. In other words, it belongs to
God and is to be destroyed. The word ban might come to mind. He put a ban on Babylon. 27, “Slay all her bullocks; “let them go down to the
slaughter: woe unto them! “For their day is come, the
time of their visitation.” Remember that word
Pekod in verse 21? It means visitation. Visitation means judgment. When does that judgment
on Babylon come? The Lord’s day. The Millennium. Come, Lord Jesus, come. “The voice of them that flee “and escape out of the land
of Babylon,” that’s you. You have escaped Babylon,
you’ve escaped confusion because you have truth. “To declare in Zion the
vengeance of the Lord our God.” We can declare that. “The vengeance of his temple.” And we’re not talking
about a temple made of stone and timbers. We’re talking about
the many-membered body. You are offended by Babylon, and God is going to take
vengeance upon Babylon because of that offense. Revelation chapter 21, what’s
the temple in the eternity? The Lord God Almighty
and the Lamb. “Call together the
archers against Babylon: “all ye that bend the bow,
camp against it round about; “let none thereof escape: “recompense her
according to her work,” referring to Babylon, “according to all that she
hath done, do unto her.” What goes around comes around. In Revelation chapter
18, verse six, it reads, “Reward her even as
she rewarded you. “And double unto her, double
according to her works, “fill her cup up double.” The cup of God’s wrath,
she gets a double portion, referring to Babylon, and
she’s going to drink it, dregs and all. “For she hath been
proud against the Lord, “against the Holy
One of Israel.” Satan’s downfall was pride. You know, Babylon almost
from the very beginning has been prideful to
our heavenly Father. When do we first read about
Babylon in God’s Word? Genesis chapter 11. The flood of Noah’s time had
just happened 200 years before. Well, what did the people do? They decided, “Well, if
there’s another flood, “we need a way to
climb up to heaven, “so we’ll build this
tower of Babylon. “In case there’s a flood, we
can create our own salvation.” Today, we have the great
whore, mystery Babylon, prideful against the Lord. “Therefore shall her,”
referring to Babylon, “young men,” put for
all her population, “fall in the streets, “and all her men of war
shall be cut off in that day, “saith the Lord.” The battle won’t last long. And you know what? If you’re on God’s side, you share in that
sweet, sweet victory. “Behold, I am against
thee, O thou most proud.” Check this out in the Hebrew. Most proud is pride, and we
see here Babylon personified as pride itself. “Saith the Lord God of
hosts: for thy day is come, “the time that I
will visit thee.” Pekod in verse 21. The judgment is here. You know, the sands in
the glass are flowing. The labor pangs grow
closer and closer. “And the most proud,” again,
pride, “shall stumble and fall, “and none shall raise him up:
and I,” the Lord speaking, “will kindle a
fire in his cities, “and it shall devour
all round about him.” You know, God promises
that the evil rudiments, the evil elements are
going to be destroyed. He is a consuming fire. Hebrews chapter 12, verse 29. “Thus saith the Lord of hosts; “The children of Israel
and the children of Judah “were oppressed together: “and all that took them
captives held them fast; “they refused to let them go.” There’s an Egyptian
you could ask about refusing to let
God’s children go. He was Pharaoh. You remember what
happened to him? The 10 plagues that God
brought against Israel. Not wise to refuse
to let His people go. “Their Redeemer,” note the
capital R, and kinsman Redeemer, “is strong; the Lord
of hosts is his name: “he shall throughly plead,”
or defend, “their cause, “that he may give rest to
the land, and disquiet.” That means to remove
peace or tranquility from the inhabitants of Babylon. 35, the spiritual weapon. “A sword is upon the Chaldeans,” against, again, the
Babylonians, “saith the Lord, “and upon the
inhabitants of Babylon.” Those who are deceived
by antichrist. “And upon her princes,
and upon her wise men.” These wise men, magicians, soothsayers,
false prophets. “A sword is upon the
liars; and they shall dote: “a sword is upon her mighty men; “and they shall be dismayed.” What is this sword? Revelation chapter
one, verse 16. The tongue of Jesus Christ
is a two-edged sword that cuts both ways. What destroys
Babylon, confusion? Truth, the tongue, the
words of Jesus Christ, which, of course,
are the Word of God. He is the living Word. This word dote means a fool. In other words, He’s gonna
make them appear to be fools. Truth stands. “A sword is upon their horses,
and upon their chariots, “and upon all the
mingled people.” These are the
foreign mercenaries that they’ve hired
as their allies. “That are in the midst of her; “and they shall
become as women.” In other words, weak,
or in a physical war, incapable of resistance. I’ll tell you what,
I know some ladies that I woulda whole
lot rather have with me in the spiritual war that we’re
in right now, than some men. What did we learn
in Joel chapter two? The Lord says, “I’m gonna pour my Spirit out
on your sons and daughters.” That’s female gender as
well as the male gender. “And the sword is
upon her treasures, “and they shall be robbed.” They lose to those who
have been to God’s armory and have suited up. We learn more about that armory, you know where I’m
going right now. Let’s turn there with me. Ephesians chapter six. If you get to Galatians,
go a little further. If you get to Philippians,
you’ve gone too far. Go back. Ephesians chapter six, verse 10. “Finally, my brethren,
be strong in the Lord, “and in the power of his might.” Let me ask you, does
that say be strong in the power of your own might? No, that’s not where
our strength is. That’s not where our victory is. If you’re looking to yourself, I’m afraid you’re gonna
be sadly disappointed. Look to the power of the Lord. Without Him, against
Satan, we haven’t a chance. He gave us the power
over all of our enemies. Luke chapter 10,
verses 17 and 18. Don’t ever forget the most
important part of that, though. It’s in His name. In the name of Jesus Christ you have power over
all your enemies. Verse 11. “Put on the whole armor of
God,” not just part of it, “that ye may be able
to stand against “the wiles of the devil.” This word wiles, in the Greek is methodeia. You can almost hear the English
word method in methodeia, and it means deceit. You see, Satan
doesn’t take control when he comes in
as the antichrist through power of
physical weapons. Deceit is his game plan, deceit
is his method of operation. “For we wrestle,” or we war,
“not against flesh and blood, “but against principalities,
against powers, “against the rulers of
darkness of this world, “against spiritual
wickedness in high places.” Well, who are these that
are rulers of darkness? They’re our enemy, and what
is their method of operation? Hold your place, but turn with
me to Daniel chapter eight. We’re gonna bounce
around a little bit, but that’s good for you. Daniel chapter eight. We’re gonna pick it
up with verse 23. “And in the latter
time of their kingdom.” When is the latter time? We’re in the generation
of the fig tree. We’re talking about now. “When the transgressors
are come to the full.” Turn on the evening news. “A king of fierce countenance, “and understanding dark
sentences, shall stand up.” He is the ruler of darkness. He understands. In fact, does he not only
understands dark sayings, he originates dark sayings,
evil, satanic, wicked. “And his power shall be mighty,
but not by his own power.” If you have a Moffatt
Bible, mark down this verse. Moffatt translates this,
“A master of craft, “by no force of arms shall
he gain his great power.” He’s a master of deceit,
but it’s not physical power that’s going to
bring him to power. “And he shall
destroy wonderfully.” Revelation chapter
nine, verse 11. In the Hebrew language,
his name is Abaddon. In the Greek, his
name is Appolyon. Both have one
meaning, destroyer. He’s an expert at destroying. And who are we talking about? We’re talking about Christians, those who have sat and
occupied the space in a pew for years and years and years, but they’re deceived
by the antichrist. He destroys expertly. “And shall prosper,
and practice, “and shall destroy the
mighty and the holy people.” Not by war, but his deception, Satan’s method of operation. You better put on
the whole armor, or you’re not going to
be able to stand against the methodeia, the
deceit of Satan. “And through his policy
also he shall cause craft,” that’s deceit, “to
prosper in his hand; “and he shall magnify
himself in his heart.” Isaiah chapter 14,
verse 13 and 14. He exalts himself above
the stars of heaven. He exalts himself above God. 2 Thessalonians chapter
two, verse four. He exalts himself
above all that is holy. He pretends and sits
in the temple of God as though he were God. He’s on an ego trip. “And by peace,” not war, “by
peace shall destroy many: “he shall also stand up
against the Prince of princes,” that’s Jesus Christ, “but he
shall be broken without hand.” This broken without hand, he’s not gonna be broken
by physical force, the power of an arm or a hand. He’s gonna be broken
by that two-edged sword of Revelation chapter
one, verse 16, the tongue of Jesus Christ,
the truth of God’s Word. “And the vision of the
evening and the morning.” That’s what this all
started about in verse 13, was the morning and
the evening sacrifices, when they were
gonna be taken away. “Which was told is
true: wherefore shut
thou up the vision; “for it shall be for many days.” The sands in the
glass are flowing. The labor pangs come
ever closer and closer. The many days are
ticking off, is my point. “And I Daniel fainted,
and was sick certain days; “afterward I rose up, and
did the king’s business; “and I was astonished
at the vision, but none understood it.” Why? It wasn’t time. This prophecy is for God’s
election to understand. Do you understand? I know you do. You understand that the
antichrist comes first, that he comes in peacefully
and prosperously. He offers to pay off
everyone’s bills, but the tongue of
Jesus Christ prevails, and we’re gonna be
right there with Jesus. Turn with me back to the
rest of the Gospel armor in Ephesians chapter six. I told you to hold your place,
and then I didn’t hold mine. Gonna pick it back up in
Ephesians chapter six, verse 13. “Wherefore take unto you
the whole armor of God, “that ye may be able to
withstand in the evil day,” the day of Jacob’s trouble, “and having done all, to stand.” The armory is open,
but you have to go in. You have to suit up. You’re responsible for
putting that armory on. “Stand therefore, having your
loins gird about with truth.” What is truth? God’s Word is truth. “And having on the
breastplate of righteousness.” This is justice,
doing what’s right. Verse 15. “And your feet shod
with the preparation “of the gospel of peace.” Do your homework. Study to show yourself approved, a workman that need
not be ashamed, rightly dividing
the Word of truth. “Above all,” this
is most important, “taking the shield of
faith,” that’s Jesus Christ, “wherewith ye shall
be able to quench “all the fiery darts
of the wicked.” Without Him, you
don’t have a chance. “And take the helmet
of salvation.” Yeshua, what does it mean? It means Yahweh’s Savior,
Yahweh’s salvation. “And the sword of the Spirit,
which is the word of God.” Many of you are going
to be delivered up before the antichrist. The Holy Spirit is going
to speak God’s Word, God’s truth through you. You have a part in that
destruction of Babylon, which is to say confusion. Then we share in
the sweet victory. “Praying always with all
prayer and supplication “in the Spirit, and watching.” Watch, watchmen, watch. “Thereunto with all
perseverance and supplication “for all saints.” Matthew chapter 26, verse 41. Watch and pray that you may
not enter into temptation. We’re talking about the
temptation of antichrist. So what does the
enemy look like? Let’s go to Revelations
chapter six. You talk to any
Vietnam-era veteran, and they’ll be the
first to tell you that identifying the enemy is
sometimes very difficult. You don’t know who’s
friend or who is foe. What does Satan look like? Chapter six,
Revelation, verse one. “And I saw when the Lamb
opened one of the seals, “and I heard, as it were
the noise of thunder, “one of the four beasts,”
the living creatures, the zoon and the zoi,
“saying, Come and see.” Now, what’s important for us
to understand about the seals is that they’re not in
chronological order. They’re in the
order of importance, and we’re getting
ready to learn which is the most important of the seals. Verse two. “And I saw, and
behold a white horse.” Oh, boy, the good guys
always ride white horses, don’t they? Not this time. “And he that sat
on him had a bow; “and a crown was given unto him: “and he went forth
conquering, and to conquer.” This is the fake. This is antichrist. What does he look like? He looks like what you think
Jesus Christ will look like. You know that, though. You’re not going to be deceived. Well, what about this bow? This bow, Jesus always
has the rainbow, the Shekinah glory around Him. This bow, check it
out in your Strong’s, in the Greek is (speaking
foreign language). It’s a cheap fabric imitation. But my point in bringing
you here is that Jesus, excuse me, Satan is
going to look like you think Jesus should look. Who comes on the white horse
in Revelation chapter 19? It’s Jesus Christ, and the
armies that come with Him. Is the enemy alone? Turn over to Revelation
chapter nine. We’re gonna spend
the rest of our time in the book of Revelation. Revelation chapter
nine, verse one. Is the enemy alone? “And the fifth angel sounded.” This is the fifth trump. Unless your first
name is Donald, and then you always insist
on being the first Trump. (congregants laugh) “And I saw a star fall
from heaven unto the earth: “and to him was given the
key to the bottomless pit.” Jesus tells us in Luke
chapter 10, verse 18, “I beheld Satan fall as
lightning from heaven.” “And he opened the
bottomless pit, “and there arose a smoke,”
deceit, “out of the pit, “as the smoke of
a great furnace; “and the sun and the
air were darkened “by reason of the
smoke of the pit. “And there came out of the
smoke locusts upon the earth.” The enemy is not alone. He has a locust army with him,
but they’re not real locusts. “And unto them was given power, “as the scorpions of
the earth have power.” Joel chapter two, verse 25. We learn about these locusts and the season of the locust
is a five-month period, May through September. We’re gonna learn in
another verse or two that’s how long antichrist
and his have on earth. “And it was commanded
them,” the locust, “that they should not hurt
the grass of the earth, “neither any green thing.” You see, we’re not talking
about real locusts. “Neither any tree;
but only those men “which have not the seal
of God in their foreheads.” They can’t deceive you, because you have the truth,
you have the Word of God sealed in your mind,
not in your forehead. “And to them it was given that
they should not kill them, “but they should be
tormented five months.” How long was the
flood of Noah’s time? 150 days. How long is 150 days? Five months, just
another way of saying it. That’s how long Satan has,
the flood of the end times. “And their torment was as
the torment of a scorpion, “when he striketh a man.” You see, the scorpion
takes its stomach and ingests its prey
outside of its own body, but then those digestive
juices break down the prey and turn the backbone
to mush, if you will. You know, many of
God’s children, their backbone is going
to be turned to mush by these locusts. We’re not going
to be among them. We know them, we know their
M.O., we know their plan. They can’t deceive us, because we have the seal
of God in our minds. Verse six. “And in those days
shall men seek death, “and shall not find it; “and shall desire to die, and
death shall flee from them.” Many of those that
I mentioned earlier that go to church every Sunday, they consider themselves
to be Christians. When they realize that
they’ve been deceived and worship the false Messiah, they’re gonna be praying for
mountains to fall upon them. “And the shapes of the
locusts were like unto horses “prepared unto battle; “and on their heads were as
it were crowns like gold, “and their faces were
as the faces of men.” Why were they the faces of men? They are men. “And they had hair as
the hair of women,” peaceful, in other words, “and their teeth were
as the teeth of lions.” In Joel chapter one, verse six, we learn that the locust
army has teeth like a lion’s. “And they had breastplates, “as it were
breastplates of iron, “and the sound of their wings,” the same vehicles of
Ezekiel chapter one, “was in the sound of
chariots of many horses “running to battle.” Does that sound scary to you? Are you afraid of that? “And they had tails
like unto scorpions, “and there were
stings in their tails: “and their power was to
hurt men five months.” Remember, though, they cannot harm those with
the seal of God in their mind. Verse 11. “And they had a king over them.” You need three guesses? “Which is the angel
of the bottomless pit, “whose name in the
Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, “but in the Greek tongue
hath his name Apollyon.” The destroyer. There’s another that
returns on a white horse. Turn with me to chapter 19. Revelation 19. Let’s pick it up with verse 11. “And I saw heaven opened,
and behold a white horse.” This is not the fake of
Revelation chapter six, verse one and two. “And he that sat upon him
was called Faithful and True, “and in righteousness he
doth judge and make war.” Come, Lord Jesus, come. “His eyes were as
a flame of fire, “and on his head
were many crowns.” All the crowns of the
world melted into one. “And he had a name
written, that no man knew, “but he himself.” Revelation chapter
two, verse 17. The new name written
on that white stone. “And he was clothed with a
vesture dipped in blood.” The blood of the enemy. “And his name is called
The Word of God.” You know, we end most
of our broadcasts at Shepherd’s Chapel with,
“Jesus is the living Word.” Why? Because He is the Word. John chapter one, verse one. “In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God, “and the Word,” logos
in the Greek, “was God.” “And the armies which were
in heaven followed him “upon white horses,”
the armies, I said, which were in heaven, “followed
him upon white horses, “clothed in fine linen,
white and clean.” These are made up of a
lot of your relatives that have passed and gone
on to be with the Lord. You know, you’re gonna see
Jesus on that white horse leading that army. I tell you this, on a
horse not too far behind, I know a sergeant
really, really well. (congregants cheer and applaud) That’s going to be
rallying the troops. “And out of his mouth
goeth a sharp sword.” That sword we were talking
about in Jeremiah chapter 50, that two-edged sword of
truth that dispels confusion. “That with it he should
smite the nations; “and he shall rule them
with a rod of iron.” Not a babe in swaddling
clothes this time. This time, He’s going
to rule and discipline. “And he treadeth the
winepress of fierceness “and wrath of Almighty God.” That cup will be poured out. “And he hath on his vesture and
on his thigh a name written, “King of Kings and
Lord of Lords.” You can be part
of that, beloved. How? By suiting up. That armory is open,
but you have to go in. He’s not gonna do it for you. You have to go in and
take on the whole armor, that armor that allows you to stand against
the deceit of Satan. Let’s go to His throne. Yahweh, heavenly Father, we thank you for the
written Word, Father. You have a group here, Father, that wants to serve you, Father. Continue to open your
will to us, Father. Reveal what it is
that you want, Father. You have a group
here that are can-do. We will follow your command, we will follow your
instructions, Father, without question. Be with us through the
rest of this day, Father. Again, let everything that we do be to the honor and
glory of thy name, in Jesus’ Christ’s name. Amen. – [Announcer] The Mark
of the Beast on CD is our free introductory
offer to you. What is the mark of the beast? Many false teachers
would have you believe it will be a tattoo
on your forehead or a computer chip
implanted under your skin. It’s getting late in the game. You need to know what
the mark of the beast is. As it’s written in Revelation
chapter 13, verse eight, many will be deceived. Christ said in Mark 13:23, “Behold, I have foretold
you all things.” Jesus indeed told us
how not to be deceived, and Pastor Arnold
Murray takes you on a step-by-step
study of God’s Word concerning this
critical subject. The telephone call is
free, the CD is free, no shipping and handling. Just call 800-463-4645 to request your one-time,
one-her-household copy of The Mark of the Beast. You may also mail your request to Shepherd’s
Chapel, PO Box 416, Gravette, Arkansas, 72736. Don’t be deceived by Satan. – That. Jerry in Arkansas. “Is God only going
to allow 200,000 “into the Kingdom of Heaven “after He comes
back and gets us?” The Lord is returning
here to stay, Jerry. He’s not coming back to get
any of us or some of us. Acts chapter one and Revelation
21 make that very clear. I think you’re speaking
of the 200,000, thousand, and you left the
second thousand off of that, of Revelation chapter
nine, verse 16. Those were the same
that Gabriel and Michael warred against in
Daniel chapter 10. Dan in New York. “What is the pastor’s
opinion on the prophecy “God gives to David
through Nathan, “which says, I shall establish
His Kingdom for ever, “and he shall be a son
to me and I his Father. “This prophecy seems to
be talking about Christ, “but it’s clear David
and Solomon both believe “it’s talking about them.” Well, the promise is to David, and the promise was
that God would, you see, David was wanting to build
God a house, and God said, “You know, I didn’t ask you
to build me a house, David, “but I’m going to
build your house, “meaning your line
of descendants, and
it will be for ever. “There will always be someone
of your loins, descendants, “descendants to
be on the throne.” And this was fulfilled
through David’s son Nathan, not Solomon, actually. You can verify that
in Luke chapter three, in that Messiah was
born in the flesh, a descendant of David, and when He returns
at the Second Advent, He will be on the
throne for ever as King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Very important that
people understand and know the key of David. In Revelation chapter
three, verse seven, that key that opens doors
that no man can shut, and shuts doors that
no man can open. It’s the key, the key of David, that will open these Scriptures, where you can understand them, and it’s all about
knowing that Jesus Christ was a descendant of David, and that there are Kenites who claim to be of our
brother Judah, but do lie and are of the
synagogue of Satan. Patricia in Missouri. “Why do you ask God to
care for our military? “I thought the Bible teaches
He wants to save all?” Well, I ask that God
protect our military troops who are in harm’s
way around the world, because they’re
brave men and women who are protecting our
rights and freedoms. One of those freedoms
is the First Amendment, the freedom of speech,
and it allows people, maybe even when they don’t have
something intelligent to say to say it, they have
the right to say it. You know, do you think that
people who behead Christians, such as ISIS, should be saved? You know, we don’t
here at the Chapel. You also follow with,
“What is a good, “what Bible do you
recommend as a study Bible?” We recommend the
Companion Bible. If you obtain the
Companion Bible and you obtain one
from another source than Shepherd’s
Chapel’s library, make sure which
one you’re getting. There are about five
Companion Bibles. You want one by E.W. Bullinger, who was an outstanding
Christian scholar who, it’s not a commentary Bible,
but it has scholarly notes that help you and direct
you in your studies. Mark in Virginia. “I search God’s Word
to learn whether “I will go to heaven when I die. “I try to live a good life, “but am concerned about
if I will be judged “worthy enough to go to
heaven upon my demise. “I believe that Jesus
is the Son of God. “I just do not know if I am
worthy enough to go to heaven. “And teaching you can give me, “any teaching you can
give me to understand “if I will go to heaven
would be very appreciated. “May God bless you,
as you bless others.” Well, thank you for that and
God bless you as well, Mark. John chapter three, verse
16 answers your question. It tells you how to
obtain eternal life, and you said it, you
believe on Jesus Christ. And you know, Mark,
it sounds to me like you might be being a little
bit too hard on yourself. You know, none of us is worthy, but Jesus Christ was worthy
to pay the price on the Cross for our sins, but once you ask for forgiveness and you repent of your
sins, they’re gone. They’re blotted out, so don’t
continue to beat yourself up and wonder, am I
going to heaven? That’s kinda doubting
God’s ability to forgive, so be careful with that. Once you’ve been
forgiven of a sin, God doesn’t wanna hear
about it any more. That’s what blotted out means. It’s like He took an eraser and erased the sins
next to your name in the Book of Life. Eloise in Louisiana. “I was reading in Revelation
or somewhere said, “Behold, Satan has fallen
from heaven as lightning. “Now I hear he is
still in heaven. “Help me to understand.” Okay, what you heard
was when we’re studying Luke chapter 10, verse 18,
and that prophecy there by Jesus Himself, that said, “Behold, I beheld Satan
fall as lightning, “as a star from heaven,”
and that will happen. It is future. Revelation chapter 12, verse
six and the following verses tell us when that will happen, and you follow with
the second question. “If my neighbor’s
chickens get into “another person’s chicken yard “and they claim it’s theirs,
should I let them keep it? “What do you think I should do? “This is all from your viewer. “I love you all’s teaching.” Well, we’re glad you
enjoy the teaching. You know, that’s why we brand
our chickens here in Arkansas. I’m kidding, we don’t
really brand our chickens. That’s what we do with
cattle, and that way, if one gets in
with another herd, we know which one’s ours
and which one’s theirs. But I would, if I were you,
I would talk to your neighbor and see how you’re received, and if your neighbor hears you,
you’ve got your chicken back but if not, perhaps it’s
time to invest in a few posts and some chicken wire, so that you can keep
your chickens home. Darryl in Florida. “I want to know where in
the Bible it says that “Jesus was nailed to a cross.” Well, Colossians chapter two
verse 14 will get it said. The dogma of blood ordinances
were nailed to the cross right along with Jesus Christ. Psalm 22:16, prophecy of
the crucifixion states, “They pierced my
hand and my feet.” That’s prophecy
of the crucifixion
there in Psalm 22:16. I’m out of time. I love you all. Why? Because you enjoy studying
God’s Word in depth. And you know what? It makes God’s day
when He looks down and He sees you reading the
letter that He wrote to you, the Bible. We are brought to you by
your tithes and offerings. If we’ve helped you, help
us keep coming to you, won’t you do that, and
to reach out to others who are lost in this
world of darkness. One thing, most important,
though, and it’s this. You stay in His Word every day. Every day in your Father’s
Word is a good day, even with trouble. Do you know why? It’s because Jesus
is the living Word. (gentle music) – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
Word with understanding will change your life. We hope you have enjoyed
studying God’s Word here on the Shepherd’s Chapel
Family Bible Study Hour with Pastor Dennis Murray. If you would like to
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the next in-depth Bible study each weekday day
at this same time. Thank you for watching today’s
program, and God bless you. ♪ He’s got the whole
world in His hands ♪

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