TERRIFYING NIGHT in HAUNTED PRISON | Scary Paranormal Investigation | Old Adelaide Gaol

TERRIFYING NIGHT in HAUNTED PRISON | Scary Paranormal Investigation | Old Adelaide Gaol

This place is so so creepy as well. They hanged prisoners here like chills you’ve had 45 executions top of the
stairs right I just had some in case you realize you were talking you help us do
you care if I come in yourself what I didn’t expect is where they came
downstairs Hello, my Cryptkeepers thank you for tuning in to Amy’s Crypt tonight I
am at lockdown to investigate the very old very haunted Adelaide Jail this
place dates back to the early 1800s and there is a lot of history here I’m going
to be working alongside with Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons who do a lot of
paranormal work here so if you guys want to come and investigate the jail for
yourself or do a ghost tour here I’m linking their details below to check out
but let’s get a move on with this episode the Old Adelaide Gaol was South
Australia’s first proper correctional facility it was operational from 1841 to
1988 and saw many hardened criminals pass through its doors during the 147
years the prison operated the facility processed some 300 thousand prisoners of
these prisoners 45 were executed by hanging on the premises yet many more
perished at the jail from murder-suicide and disease harsh conditions paired with
so many deaths have made the old ugly jail a prime location for ghosts to
dwell even before the jail was closed down both prisoners and staff claimed to
have had paranormal encounters those same type of unexplainable experiences
continue to be reported to this day with many claiming to cite shadow figures he
disembodied voices or footsteps and even reporting to be touched by something
unseen tonight we investigate some of the most haunted areas of the jail in an
attempt to document evidence of these paranormal occurrences guys I am so excited to be back at the
old ugly jail this is one of my favorite places in the world because it is in my
hometown it is a place I came as a child and for true getting these Crypt fans so
this was the very first location video I ever uploaded on YouTube my very first
youtube video I’m not going to tell you to go back and watch it because there’s
a little bit cringe-worthy but man it feels good to be back here the place is
so so creepy as well all these cells behind me and oh so cool to be here bad
guys is pop into the new building cuz this is supposed to be one of the most
haunted places here it already looks creepy this is hallway so I called the instant you walk in here
it’s like chills this fit always gives me the creeps in
here so there were actually executions that
were done in here so this is one of the few places where and they hanged
prisoners here there’s a couple of others which I’ll also show you in this
video and talk a bit more about but this one has all of the money can set up and
it’s just a really eerie sight this place is so huge this is the new wing
that we’re just in and you can just kind of look up and see how many cells there
are and then there’s so many of the old cells as well that date back to the
1800s just so many people were kept here so we’re definitely coming back to the
new building tonight probably focusing a lot of my attention to investigate here
let’s bring back some memories feed yards sure does remember that first
episode we filmed here come a long way what eighteen months ago two years ago
yeah ages oh I see so when this when he gets the
signal through that we know yeah okay we’re starting to lose life things in in
creepier there’s a lot of different sections of this jail as well a lot
supposed to be very haunted and there’s some work just some creepy creepy
stories but I mean look up there’s more cells up there too and I guess this was
all for protection so you can’t fall from that level down here do you want to
see inside a cell yeah this is just a random cell nothing special but pretty bleak it’s also super super
calm you guys like I don’t know how you would do beat up in here I guess some
are probably gets hot ass as well someone here in South Australia the excited Fitz mine it’s gonna be a good
investigation all right check out this 1800 style prison so there isn’t even a
bed this some weed havoc thing and they’ve got to sleep on my chin you back
hi Kripke Fez and welcome to the old lady I’m joined by Alison of Adelaide
haunted horizons tonight and I wasn’t raised little groups proved to do
criminal investigations here but you’ve been investigating the jail for years or
so for a long time we first came here in 2002 so not as a tour group as an actual
investigation group and we were here for over 10 years as the official
investigators of the other life jail Vicki tell me a little bit about I heard
this place building was built in 1841 it shut in 1988 and during that time I’ve
done 47 years of working life we had over 300
prisoners coming here so he had magnet we had women and we also have children
and the criminally insane Wow so but there’s a lot of stories of
ghosts and the dark side of a place like this year are there any of that releases
Dee County look I mean you’ve had 45 executions in their junk mattress and a
lot more death as well for a suicide sickness violence so at the end of the
day some of that energy has been to remain I guess this building that you’re
standing in gets referred to as the new building although was built in 1979 or
completed it was giving the nickname new building back then it just kind of that
nickname stuck throughout the century we still call it but but this would be the
most active of all our buildings so when we were investigating this is the
building that we would always have an investigator station being here now one
of these stories you can go and look and see something at these state records
really because the guards did an oral history when this shut down and one of
the girls I met and he gave us the oral history that he had done and there is
one bit in it that was really interesting it’s about this cell at the
very end things six which is actually one of our fridge
routes of solitary confinement cells and they used to have a prisoner who if you
use those that fell there it would take five guards to get him in there kicking
and screaming so if he was on the other side he wouldn’t be quite so bothered he
didn’t want to go group over take two or three he still kick and scream but he
was absolutely terrified of that one there and they asked him eventually well
what is it about this cell that you don’t like and he said at night
Charles O’Leary who is the second one from the bottom of that list of executed
prisoners he was executed just yet Charles Amelia would come through that
outer wall stand over his bed and try and talk to it well Charles O’Leary’s
grave is just on the other side of that wall there’s an another Cemetery just
out here so and if it was just him making up things not to go into solitary
he could use an excuse for the inside yes more grazing you know but he was the
fact that that was terrible number six which is interesting
tariffs actually but Gerald came in here earlier by himself
and let’s bring it out completely by number six and some reason through a
question to me so you could get a big vibe from that so earlier today the one
at the end so you have biggest biggest memory in this whole place was just
around the corner there’s a staircase and we had to documentary makers coming
to make a documentary one night so I was on the staircase telling them all about
being God their senior so one of the things that brought us here is
paranormal team there’s the fact that people were seeing this thing
regarde upon second country up here so we came in to investigate now I was just
telling them that story when we started to hear footsteps from the country
around the corner to where we were up on the second floor there now if you heard
them now you wouldn’t just be saying this out footstep you would be going
without a doubt that is footsteps they were heavy boots you could hear the
click of the heel you could hear the squeak of freshener those would look
picked up again came to the top of the stairs I’m standing there going yes so
there were total skeptics they didn’t believe they just want to make a
documentary bad because they were blown away
well I didn’t expect this when it came down the stairs it sounds boring the
footsteps but when you’ve got something coming down the stairs
heavy footsteps boots coming down stairs but you can’t see anything there’s
nothing to see it came right between me and another divide which would be bad
you are it walked right between us the two documentary makers stepped aside
because they said they felt that director think it was coming through and
then we listened to it walking off down the hallway mind I don’t even have time
to be frightened and if someone who wanted to come and experience out adlai
gel for themselves and coming to a ghost tour or an investigation I don’t think
about that and again they can contact us either through Facebook and late ordered
horizons or website go I’m leaving all the links for a deleted horizons below
in the description as well guys alright guys I’m just standing in the front of
this lovely staircase and this is pretty much smack in the middle of the new
building it’s also where Allison heard those footsteps come down the stairs
past her so if you know that’s really cool and also because it’s so central to
everything pretty much in this building I say we kick off our investigation here
so I’m going to lay out a couple of devices and get things going
alright so just set up a couple of things fire down the hall here right in
the middle we’ve got a rem-pod setup and then on the stairs
this dude is measuring the temperature so we’re twenty four point two currently
which is like way warmer than what it feels to me but I feel like it might be
dropping I’ve also got these sensors so if they’re moved all they’ll light up
and I’ve put a couple up sources past this gated off part that we can’t access
so if there isn’t you think up there moving that’ll be kind of weird because
it’s definitely no way you can get up there I think that’s everything that
we’ve got set up Alison’s got the Ovilus on so watch that and see if any words
come through okay steamy love the hell well somebody likes
you that’s going in the blooper room alright so see if anything else comes
free that that was just like calibrating but yeah kind of interesting mainsville
yeah this is what it would have been in so they probably didn’t often say
females from hello boys good evening there is anyone in here god prisoner who
ever maybe you want to talk to us communicate please do is there anyone upstairs so are you here
tonight feel here tonight don’t even sell though you don’t want to see it you know who I am being here long enough
with so me and Jared hello sir could you do that again sir yep air pressure
change thank you can you make a noise on the stairs we
have the top of the stairs right can you tap twice sir I just heard something case you realize
you were talking yeah is there someone in number 31 that’s somebody banging this show do you care if I come in your
cell can anyone else hear bagpipes I know
that sounds insane is it going with it’s alright that I’m standing here can you
make that noise again can you prove to me that you’re still in
here I hate there’s a plane going to bed I feel like
I heard something on the roof again Kanto what’s the plan it’s like super
quest to add four guys so that’s gonna be a lot of things going ahead
I’ll just note that in my footage I’m gonna give you permission to touch me can you make a noise next to the person
that you like the most next door that’s something I thought okay thought it
sounded like it came from outside we look so because I actually will hire somebody in there anyone letting happen
you can make another stand in there I’ll go get the keys and I’ll let you out I don’t know if you’ll be able to see I just feel like I’ve seen look like the pig poem I can see the
like spiders so I just debunked this peephole there’s
actually glass in here guys so if you get it just right it looks like the
peephole is open if something reflects on it and that’s what I saw so that
makes me feel a bit better because that was super creepy to think someone’s
spying on me through that thing a couple of them do ii watch as it was called my
time duty because there are two scandal building yeah yeah they they would hear
the door handles go they would hear the people’s the little flecks yeah I could
hear keys could hear footsteps people the trouble is it residual I don’t know
because I’m going to ask that particular night for something to happen to
convince those documentary makers and it happened yeah which was show
intelligence yeah and being very aware of us residual am I so you slammed all
as you’ve done it before that’s two tons I was in here know what you came yeah try and get it out yeah you know I
felt really chilled when I closed that door and I was standing out you better
make this one for my wall if I’m letting you out okay yeah who’s us give us a name please think so could I take over your
job I was the temperature gage was going off
the blue I saw something sudden cold temperature is that what that means yeah can you give us another blue light
please we’re not interestingly that’s what
happened last time we did this and then we got the same knock at the same time
vibrations as well can you come down the sense if you’re up
there making noise we’re down here are you not there sir
why always up there you least meet us halfway I was here with a big play The Crucible
and it was an opening night we heard the media he effectively read this for
yourself as well oh yeah I have to go and get the appetizer review of the
crucible she actually states what she saw because
the audience were sitting down this way the stage was here and that’s where the
actors working at the foot of the stairs yeah and the whole time she was down
there she was seeing even I’ve seen the predator movie yes you know it’s there
but it’s yeah if you like she said that’s what it looked like she could see
what looked like a figure of a person but it was just the shimmer yeah it’s
just like looking at the predator movie it was just this shimmer at the top of
the set I mean really done something pretty good yeah it’s really good says not hating i’m brian may be a
scarer sir probably scared so rem-pod down the hallway just went
off because we shot the camera and then we were just collecting up some gear to
move and boom that guy’s often we miss it but I promise it went off guys I’m
not pretend to shut the camera off again let’s go things are better we’re gonna
go around anyway I see the hope the rem-pod took off and
it was just as we left we went into the other the a wing and then we could hear
it it’s almost like it wanted us to stay here
but I don’t know if it’s gonna go off again so we’re gonna try something a
little bit different now see you hanging in tower you tell me really clearly to
leave and I will yeah okay can you go towards that red light maybe she
murdered him in order to steal his car but I can hear something out there that
as it is so 13 is where it’s at no way thank you so much for watching Cryptkeepers I hope that you enjoyed this episode if you did please remember to
Like comment share and subscribe remember you guys can also visit the Old
Adelaide Gaol and do a paranormal investigation or ghost tour for yourself
I’ve got Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons linked below if you want to do a bit more reading
on this place head to amyscrypt.com you guys can also follow me @amyscrypt on Facebook Twitter and Instagram part 2 is coming really soon guys so
stay tuned until next time

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