The Number One Thing You NEED to Stop Wearing to Feel Pretty

The Number One Thing You NEED to Stop Wearing to Feel Pretty

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  1. THIS is exactly what I've been needing💜💜 THANK YOU phyrra for being such an inspiration and wonderful soul 💜💜

  2. A great message, and one that I wish young women in particular would learn early on. We need to do a better job teaching younger generations to be confident and happy with themselves exactly as they are.

  3. YES. To be pretty is what's on the inside and not the outside. Nobody can be pretty when they a re burdened with unnecessary angst. Letting go of that baggage lets you shine like the freaking diamond you are. I absolutely love that you made this vid. It's a truth everyone needs to learn as early as possible.

  4. Your content on mental health and general personal reflection/care are truly inspiring and fantastic! I love these videos so much. Keep up the great content. 💖

  5. This is the absolute best thing about getting older! Not giving a fuck what people think is amazing. I wish I could have been like that in my 20s, but oh well, I guess that you have to live through that to get here.

  6. Great video, thanks a lot I really enjoyed this. I was wondering if you have any tips to put this in practice? I try not to care what ppl think but I know in my heart I just do. I don’t care about every single option
    but if I’m being honest with myself there are situations where I’ve just suffered and didn’t have to…:/

  7. I’m slowly relearning this, I used to not care but the last few years I’ve cared SO MUCH and I don’t understand what happened. But last week I decided to make a conscious effort to not care and so far so good! My stress levels are down a bit, at least. I still don’t “feel pretty”, I never have, but maybe one day.

  8. Hun, I'm gonna say this with love because I've always truly respected you and love your channel in general. So this is more constructive criticism, not hate. Can you please slow down the pace of your talking when you do your videos? I've never said anything before, but I've noticed the last yr or so specifically that you seem to almost power rush talking through a video. Almost like you have somewhere to go and you need to get this done in 5 min or you'll be late (not saying that's what's really happening, it's just what it feels like). I've actually felt myself getting anxious listening to your videos because of how fast your talking and sometimes it sounds like you're running out of air because your talking so fast so I start to feel like I'm running out of air too and it flares up my anxiety, lol. Just something I've noticed. I feel like your past videos yrs ago used to have a more chill pace. Maybe it would be helpful to practice slowing down the talking, pausing more between subjects, etc. Anyway, just some thoughts I'd mention.

    As for the video matter itself, totally agree with everything. It's sad that many times it takes aging to realize a lot of these otherwise simple things. I'm 37 and only in the last 4 or 5 yrs I've learned most of that stuff. Some tings I'm still learning. But as long as we're continuously learning that's al that matters.

  9. It took me until 50 years old to stop giving a sh*t about what other people think about me. Wish I had got there sooner! X

  10. Great video. 

    I recently got re-disowned by a family member who lashed out after I said I wasn't going to contribute to a fundraiser of theirs. So

    The "diet" that worked for me was: none of the above.

    I lost the most weight by having a heavier breakfast, light lunch, modest dinner, and (partly because I have to have some food at night) a piece of fruit with my evening meds. By regulating the time I had breakfast and meds around cat feeding times, that helped regulate hunger, and it really helped me.

  11. Sounds so easy but it's so hard. I am average looking, over weight and shy but people think I'm a b*#ch because of my face I guess. I have PTSD, anxiety/panic disorder, and a couple more things.
    I wish I could be as courageous as you are.

  12. I really dig the concept of writing “best case/worst case” scenarios to put things in perspective. A lot of confidence and anxiety issues take time and self preservation to harvest into our psyche.
    Knowing that at some point someone won’t like you, definitely seems daunting especially if you’re a people pleaser. What I’ve realized is that people may not like me bc Of something I’ve said or didn’t, and that logically makes sense. Sometimes there is no real underlying reason, and that’s totally ok too. I’ve learned that my energy and vibes may not mesh well with others, and it doesn’t make me or them bad.

    I love this so much 🖤

  13. I love you! On the note of people giving suggestions, having Fibromyalgia (and mental health issues that have been lifelong and chronic), the worst things I hear are "have you tried CBD or pot?" "It's probably your diet.", "That's just getting old." I stopped caring about what people think in my late 30's. I still have ptsd triggers, but I mostly avoid them (sadly one of my coping mechanisms seems to be agoraphobia. I just don't leave the house and avoid people. I've had anxiety as far back as I can remember.) I also agree about getting rid of toxic people. I mentioned my brother before being the cause of PTSD and yeah, I don't talk to him and avoid him. I actually have very few really close friends and I'm happy that way. It's amazing that I can see good things in other people, but I can't see those things in myself. Working on that – my therapy is constant and needed. lol It's not even maintenance because there is always something new to look at. The brain is complex and you really just have to be ready to be at the point where you just say F-it. People do like me and those that don't aren't worth the time. This is a terrific video. <3

  14. I totally agree with everything you said. I am one year older than you, I feel like so much of this thinking really became the norm for me when I entered my 40s. Its easy to think it should be so, but hard to actually internalize, especially if you are a lifetime people pleaser. For me, I think a big part of it is actually dues to aging – being closer to death age-wise, feeling more mortal, thinking about what really matters.

  15. “What other people think of you is none of your business” – this one always helps me 💗 thank you for this great video!

  16. Well said. I like you am 41 going on 42 in November, and I started to realize these things more around 40 myself. It takes a lot of effort at first, but once you practice it everyday it gets easier and easier. I know longer do, or overdue things that I feel disrespect my energy. I only have so much of it to spare, so I've learned to conserve it more by simply saying no, and not giving a reason as to why I don't want to do something. We live a big portion of our lives trying to please others when inevitably, we're trying to please that inner voice that says. "Well.. If you don't do it, than they won't like you." When on reality, they should like you regardless if you can or cannot do something for them. Friendships and relationships shouldn't be conditional, and if they are.. It's time to let it go and move on.

  17. I'm working on being better at this although I admit it isn't always easy. On a side note, peaches are delicious and I don't know if I could trust someone that doesn't like them. Kinda like I don't trust people that don't like some kind of animal….

  18. Wonderful advice. It's so easy to feel like crap when people say something that we feel has torn us down, but remembering that it's them and not you is important. I am glad you've found some people in your life that can help you shake the negativity.

  19. Thank you for making this video and saying the lovely stuff you said. It is very true🙏 After my first marriage, I knew I had to seek help, but I wasn't ready, and I couldn't afford it when I could. Yeeeeears later, I had to quit another abusive relationship (this time a job- the 3rd one of it's kind). This time I had better health insurance and a more supportive husband. I still have to figure out certain things, but it's awesome to have someone to speak with, and give feedback, who has a listening ear without bias. 🙌 Amazing the weights that are lifted off my shoulders!
    I'm also glad that seeing a therapist isn't as taboo as it used to be.
    Much love and big hugs! ❤️🤗

  20. Love your necklace and earrings! I've learned this lesson already a few years ago but I'm 37 and wish I knew this when I was younger.

  21. One of the things I am grateful for with having developed some serious medical conditions recently is that I literally don't have the energy anymore to give a fuck what others might be thinking about me. It sucks that I didn't come to that realization another way, but hey, at least my body made my mind let go of the bullshit. It really does feel like a weight was lifted permanently. It's shocking how much energy it takes to worry about others' opinions. This is such an important message.

  22. It's soooo hard to not give a shit about what people think. I've tried and i'm getting better at this. This is such a great video with some great reminders.

  23. Something I kind of figured out ( later in life than I wished I had) is that people are pretty self involved most of the time & aren't really that aware of what I'm doing. It helped with my social anxiety. And the other thing I learned was not to take the world too personally. What happens out there, what other people do & say is out of my control & most likely has nothing to do with me so getting angry about traffic or some stranger behaving rudely at the grocery store was just kinda silly. Ditto for being disappointed or angry at my loved ones behaving exactly in their character's nature–did I expect them to miraculously change into different people? We waste a lot of time/energy denying reality & being upset when the world isn't how we want it to be. ( I'm not talking about trying to improve social justice or living conditions or fighting oppression which requires being criticized & challenged) Do what makes you happy, life is too short not to. 💜💚

  24. my mom is also a highly dysfunctional toxic person too. 🙁 mothers day is hard..been working on it since 17 and still at 32 it's a rough journey learning to let her go.

  25. I'm in my 50's, and one of the best things of being this age is not giving two shits what people think of how you look. The earlier you can own this attitude, the better.

  26. Such great advice! I had to cut my mother out of my life too. I wish things were different before she passed but I'm still at peace with my decision. I hope to make better friends in the future, but currently, I have none. I'm at peace with that too. One attitude I did learn from my mother was that I'd rather be miserable by myself than surrounded by other miserable people. Btw, I'm not miserable. I'm at peace😊.

  27. This is marvelous advice! Thanks so much for this. I know you'll be helping so many people with this video, including me.

  28. I love this so much Courtney! My new year's resolution was to become a bad bitch, as funny as that sounds. My mental health has been suffering the past few years and I've noticed that my self-esteem is bad and my confidence in myself and my abilities is really low. So I've been really working on that. And so far, I've been doing really good at setting my boundaries, working for what I need, and not caring about what other people think of me. I'm saving this video to listen to during my moments of weakness. Thank you! <3

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