The Secret to Manifest Miracles (with Landria Onkka)

The Secret to Manifest Miracles (with Landria Onkka)

Welcome to Landria Onkka on YouTube here now provide the tools for you to manifest anything anything What does it take to perform a miracle? I’m going to actually share that with you in this video Every single person watching this video and Beyond can perform miracles Let’s actually define a miracle a miracle. Is that which is Extraordinary from the usual manifestation you are manifesting 24/7 It’s not something you do when you focus on something and you want something you’re manifesting all the time So this is why it’s imperative for you to focus on that which you desire because you’re always manifesting This is why so many of us are living lives that we don’t desire because we’re really not consciously Focusing on that which we we’d like to experience in our lives We’re focused on the negative or the poor me or why did this happen to me? Because we see life as a problem We see our unpleasant situations as problems and not opportunities for growth. And so we have a strainer head That’s negative and we’re projecting that story and thus the quantum field gives it right back to us. It’s a mirror, right? everything is exactly what you’re thinking and feeling there’s no delay in that by way, by the way, so there is a delay in manifesting in the material world At times but the actual power of turn your wave and a particle Happens immediately and the more you focus on that thing the more it actually turns into something material in this world Sometimes it takes time for things to align and other people and other things to be in place because we’re on linear time here the illusion of it at least All right, so let’s not get it all that complex stuff I’m sharing that with you because we believe and think that we have limitations and Therefore we’re projecting it Therefore anything that happens that is really amazing. We’re calling a miracle when that is acts what we can do anytime How does that happen? How do we perform miracles? I’m going to share one thing with you before we start that is so important for you to know you cannot perform a miracle for someone else unless They’re participating if a person is ill and they truly made a contract in advance and it’s time for them to go or maybe grandma’s ready to go and Grandma is like done and very happy and ready to you know Go on to new amazing things and no one wants grandma to go Grandma will go no matter how much you pray for grandma to stay now Grandma may make some decisions to hang around a little while longer because you’re stressing her out and she feels bad about leaving But there’s always a mutual decision. So no one can infringe on your freewill So a miracle somebody let’s just say somebody cannot manifest something for you. Especially nine times out of ten It’s not what you want at all people impose what they want another person. So Christ could not perform miracles all the time The other person had to participate in that belief the desire and on that path they had to choose that path so healing was not something that they ultimately were supposed to do or Planned on doing in advance because they were going to learn a lot from being ill or whatever It was there their lesson was then they would not be healed and that was not Christ’s just say information to know He just performed what was requested of him and the rest was up to that other party So I want to get that straight because if you’re evolving somebody else in there, there’s free will That will make our negate override that miracle that you desire to perform So we’re going past just manifesting We’re talking about something that seems like so way beyond just getting the job or getting the relationship we’re talking about spontaneous healing or You know overnight, you know Oh Financial abundance. That’s just so crazy that sort of some of the stuff that I do is is in that category It’s like come on. No one ever gets this stuff right? It’s just insane It’s not insane its quantum field and so quantum physics says mechanics says what you focus on a belief you can create so why are we not creating the big stuff the miracles the healings were not There yet We believe that that is reserved for hire people for more enlightened people for the Christ’s and the prophets and the amazing people who’ve been doing it when they’re the very ones that demonstrate it To us to let us know that we can do it and we put them on a pedestal and you know They do it and then we have to go to them for it And the only reason we can be healed is because we believe it and we believe that they’re doing it when we’re actually doing it They’re actually giving us the gift of allowing us to heal ourselves That’s it and that positive energy and whatever that they’re emanating which is very powerful can contribute to that But it doesn’t do it This is all it is. It’s absolute you Picking something Knowing it Feeling secure that you’re going to follow through with it. So if you you want a healing and You know that you are you’re not looking at that that illness as an enemy You’re not battling anymore with it. You are coming to terms with it because the more you battle something you fuel it So if you’re battling it’s it’s evil. You want to get rid of it, whatever then you are actually fueling it So a lot of people wonder why they’re not getting better Because they’re absolutely despise the the illness and they don’t understand why it was there in first place They feel like victims and so they’re still in a negative mode. So their Resistance is down. And so that that disease or whatever affliction continues to overpower The healing process because you’re really focused on how it shouldn’t be happening And this is this is true all your manifesting When you come to terms with the fact that everything is exactly the way it should be Then you will look at it and say okay I’ve got myself here. I chose this path. I was manifesting even it was unconsciously I was still the one manifesting it how did I get here? And how what do I want to do to change this? And this is a definitely a gift for me to say to myself Why is this here? I had some belief some thinking some whatever Going on That created that so that meet needs to be corrected needs and in a good way Needs to be corrected for me to go into this other space of the person that no longer deals with The struggle of any kind I want to go over here because you end struggle not because challenges stop happening But because you stop battling them So when you go to wake and state you don’t find things as problem. They’ll be uncomfortable Trust me your human being you’re still going to to not want to be uncomfortable in every area of your life But you don’t see that as an as a negative you don’t battle it anymore You see it as an opportunity or there’s always a reason and you go into it and you say okay. What does this mean? What am I supposed to do? Is there something I can correct or I’m supposed to learn from this or somebody else will benefit from this situation You will see life completely different All right. So so now you’re switching over and nothing’s a problem anymore. So now you’re going to a higher frequency guess where miracles happen higher frequencies Why do people have to die first and come back to get spontaneous healing? Anita Moorjani Go seer She died Literally came back and was healed of an incurable stage four had Tumors the size of grapefruits all over her body couldn’t even hold her head up or breathe It was I mean she was gone Stage four Her whole family was saying goodbye to her the priest everybody’s there. The priest was there but Somebody was there just to help say goodbye to her. Her family was there she had like hours to live if that She went and she came back and she found out on the other side why she was sick Why she was making herself. Ill she found out that’s exactly what’s going on she was pulling in all of the guilt feelings and all the things the restrictions that she felt and From her background and everything what she should be doing and how she disappointed her parents with the decisions She made always try to make everybody happy and being confined and this is major stress on the body Because when you’re battling that you’re not feeling good about the decisions you’re making and you’re allowing Society to tell you if you’re okay or not You’re carrying around anger sometimes or Guilt or sadness or deep depression and that takes its toll on your body And so you are manifesting that you’re manifesting illness illness and then so in order to perform a miracle that has to go away So you cannot go in a miracle state if you’re still in that Frame of mind and battling that that’s why somebody can’t cure you if you’re still believing that you are Angry with your parents and you’re carrying around and this is why you are the way you are supposedly cancer comes from Built-up anger pushed back. I’m sure that’s not true of everybody, but that’s what I read about some of the experts as opposed to experts said that one of the reasons why people have cancer because there’s an imbalance it’s also it is balance an Imbalance something taking over your immune system goes down and it just takes over. That’s all it is It’s not a punishment It’s an internal imbalance of some kind and something needs to be corrected And there’s I’m sure a million other reasons why people get cancer including you know All kinds of stuff that’s going on out there in the minute the immune system goes down. It takes over So we’re not here to talk about why Why we’re talking about how? to correct this One must recognize the situation for what it is and ask yourself why you’re there in the first place Ask yourself how you can release it and know that you don’t have to live with that anymore It served its purpose no more anger. No more frustration no more victim Releasing it and sometimes going to the absolute rock bottom in your life is the only way some people release it because It’s like what else do you have to lose right? That car toll they did that. He was ready to kill himself. There was nothing else to lose The ego died that night and he went into total bliss into enlightenment Spontaneous not really. He spent a lifetime of pure suffering battling everything badly and his parents, you know struggling with all of that emotionally and his self-worth So this is the key to performing miracles when you absolutely understand that the illness is not your enemy but your gift to understand where you must change your life and releasing and letting go then your immune system will kick in and that Illness is no longer your enemy and it’s subsides. It dissolves It did its job, right and then your immune system, which is the part will view that it’s not angry anymore That is accepting that is letting go that knows that everything’s it’s it should be and even though you don’t like it There’s great lessons and involvement in that and when you see that your immune system will kick up because now you’re in a good place you’re not seeing that the the nastiness of it all you’re seeing the beauty in it as Unpleasant as that may seem There’s beauty in this Wow What can I do at this from this point forward? Can I release the anger? Can I be okay with myself? Can I love myself? Can I recognize that? Anything that’s going on in my life doesn’t have to be that way. I can change it at any moment. Why am I not? There’s something I’m believing in battling and that’s taken down my immune system and everything else So it’s not always illness a miracle could be you’re just turning your life completely around your marriage Your relationship with your kids your family Change whatever’s going on that’s creating the conflict stop Battling that no more struggle with whatever it is no more struggle with whatever it is because then you are opening yourself up to the miracle You open up to the miracle? All right, and when you open up to the miracle, you don’t need Christ standing there giving it to you You’re already receiving it. You’ve already placed the miracle request and you’re receiving it and you’re saying yes, and there’s no obstructions between you and it anymore and Then you can wake up and that skin disease will start to go away and you’ll realize wait a minute I was trying to manifest do all these things, but I was still hanging on to things that we’re blocking What is going on out there? And you can take that to the highest level we’re talking spontaneous healing and Things that disappear that people are the doctors are saying what where is it? This happens all the time. This is not unusual we call it miracles because we don’t use our manifesting powers and we just go for the little stuff and the job or the money or the Relationship and when it comes to real crisis in our life, we freaked out we go to that high level stress frequency Boom, very intense very intense blockage, you know, it’s down here So the worse it gets out there The more we go into ego and the more freaked out we get so with a little lower frequency. We get the more we’re blocking The miracle from happening and when you let go I know it’s tough to let go. I know it’s tough to let go but you can go into miracles if you take my ECourse if you go to Landry yoga calm or if you sign up here, I’m gonna put this up here right here is you can sign up for man feste anything in five steps This is a short little Manifest every day you get a new manifesting Lesson and then every week you’ll get new lessons from me If you sign up there, you’ll get an opportunity to sign up for Landry on It’s called break through fear. It’s getting five stars 100 percent of the people that have given me a rating gave me five stars. They’re breaking through The barriers and we go into one of the last lessons is living life as a miracle When you go to that state where you’re no longer afraid When you feel the fear and you don’t react to it That’s when you’re not afraid you experience it, but you’re not going into fear You learn to deal with it and say oh, wait a minute another opportunity. What is this? Oh, here’s another trigger and then I teach you how to deal with these things. And so you stop being this Freaked out person and then when stuff happens you recognize what’s going on Now you become conscious of what’s going on in your head in your heart. And so you’re quicker to correct it So your frequency keeps going up. So what happens you stop believing that you can only Manifest a button and you know you can manifest a castle because the universe doesn’t measure gold from dust Right. It doesn’t it just gives you exactly what you are focused on so when you go to that high level of manifesting advanced manifesting You can manifest anything but you have to clear out that low level frequency. And that’s the key to miracles, and so when people are in bed and they’re really ill a Lot of these people are going into that space of peace They’re already going over to the other side and they’re experiencing that pure bliss and they’re realizing There’s nothing to fear anymore. And so they’re releasing that and of them are able to go into a healing miracle because They’re at that point where they’re just letting go of everything and so they’re open to it and they accept it. That’s what’s happening I hope this makes sense If you haven’t any more questions about miracle miracles, I’m so happy to answer it because it’s a very quote. It’s quite simple But we place such an amazing name on it because it happens so infrequently Happening more and more now, though because we just don’t believe that we had the power these things you shall do and more here all gods I Didn’t say that. Somebody else did was pretty darn important your whole and perfect strong powerful. Loving harmonious and happy blessings to you my friend namaste

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  1. Beautiful message once again. Thank you so much for being here for us and helping us reset our thoughts. Reset again and again. Every time a negative thought or situation from our environment hit us. Constant reset. Thank you

  2. This is what I have been focusing on lately, so It's funny (not really) that you have a video on this. I love the synchronicity of it. I love the book by Anita Moorjani!!! I am not struggling against my illness anymore. Thank you Landria!!!

  3. What about small kids…having diabetes….they don't know anything….y this happens to them…they don't have anger on any body…

  4. Hi landria i was feeling bitter and resentful towards people in my life due to my situation. I'm learning to let go and I'm still moving forward. I wanted you to know I found my new home and im nervous yet very excited to start my new journey. THANKYOU and blessings to you always as you have helped me so much 💛🙏😊 Val

  5. Is there a way I can speak with you? I am having a really odd awakening and it was abrupt and life shattering. It is good but I just think it’s different than others in a way. Thank you.

  6. Anyone who hasn't studied the type material you present in this will think its ludicrous. I know that from my personal experiences. I've studied this type of incredible information for 13 years, and once a person experiences their own creative power, they can never look at life as they did prior to that experience. I have been looked at like I was insane after making statements about the very facts stated in this video. Learning this type information allowed me to understand biblical information like never before. Jesus tried to tell us that we have access to the same power he was using. I truly believe that only a tiny fraction of religious people in this country can warp their head around his actual teachings. I consider him to have been the first Quantum physics teacher. Great video Landria. 👌

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