The Time the Mormons Remade the Alphabet

The Time the Mormons Remade the Alphabet

Hey wanna play a game? What language is this? That would be French. Alright, now what language is this? That’s Chinese. Right, now what language is this? No, this isn’t any sort of fantasy or sci-fi language. That’s actually English using the Mormon invented desert alphabet. Yep, that’s right. Apparently in the 1850s the Mormons at the University of Utah decided that the Latin alphabet was for casuals and decided to make their own new writing system called the desere t alphabet in the cultural heart of America: Utah… The decision to make this writing system was primarily driven by the fact that English spelling lies somewhere on the spectrum between trash and garbage and was too difficult for immigrants to learn which hindered them in many ways, such as… and I’m just spitballing here… being unable to read the Book of Mormon. Naturally the mormons sought to rectify this issue at once. They had initially tried using a simplified spelling system with Latin letters but apparently they showed it to this one guy and he was so fucking done with Latin letters he demanded that they make a new alphabet from scratch. He was like really sick when he said this – he died only five months later. Maybe he was just sick and tired of the Latin alphabet’s bullshit and hey, who isn’t? And thus progress on the Deseret alphabet began It was designed by a committee at the University of Utah consisting of many prominent mormon figures including Brigham Young himself! However, the majority of the effort behind making the alphabet was attributed to a guy named George Darling Watt. Creation of the alphabet took two whole months you would think that in order to create an alphabet all you would need is a writing utensil in an afternoon, but I guess that’s bureaucracy for you. What was birthed was an abomination of science. Thunder crashed overhead strange lights flickered and even the very roaring wind seemed to hiss its angry denial, but to no avail… Twin Sunflower was ali–! Ah, wait, shit. I’m reading the Twin Sunflower entry from Plants vs. Zombies’ Almanac again. Because the alphabet was designed to be phonetically consistent There are some benefits to knowing it for instance the three ways to pronounce “A” in English: “Ah,” “Ayy,” and “Aah,” all have their own individual characters. So how did the alphabet fare after its creation? Well, it did see some minor use. There were some store signs and street signs that were both written in Latin and desert script… and there was a newspaper published for a short period of time… however, it never really caught on outside of Mormon circles, unsurprisingly… Many newspapers heavily criticized the alphabet but then again this was at a period of time where but then again this was at a period of time where the Mormons would be criticized for pretty much anything they did. So… eh. Ultimately the cost for promoting and maintaining the Deseret alphabet was too costly and the project was shelved as a failure. Or… Was it? Because… now you know about this alphabet you could start telling others to use it. We could revive the Deseret alphabet… and establish the State of Deseret while we’re at it! And create a new Mormon world order! We will have the heretics bow at our feet–! Uh… Okay, maybe not maybe not that last bit. But uh, you could use it as a fantasy alphabet or something. How do I end this video? Oh yeah, one quick side note: apparently there was also some guy who Made his backyard into a micronation… and for a short period of time use desert script as the official writing system in the country, but has since then departed from it. I don’t know why I didn’t bring this up. This seems to be the most interesting thing in this entire video

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  1. this is awesome. one thing I'm wondering: the YouTube algo is probably docking you exposure via Search and Recommended Videos because of the cursing. I bet if you cut that down or bleeped it out using sound effects in future videos you may get more traffic.

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