Top 10 Needlessly Sexualized Female Movie Characters

Top 10 Needlessly Sexualized Female Movie Characters

sometimes a sexy character can add an important element to a film but sometimes we just have to ask is it really necessary [Music] welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten needlessly sexualized female movie characters for this list we’re looking at those big screen characters that were sexualized really for no reason we’re limiting our list to females as the male’s deserve their own lists if that’s a transform they’re from the Battle of Chicago I need to know how it works we’re excluding those characters that assume the classic femme fatale role as well as those characters that were intended to be extremely sexy come on Roger let’s go for a big carrot cake [Applause] number 10 Leeloo the fifth element the you sure if we were building a woman we may choose to model it after Milla Jovovich – but this isn’t weird science in this sci-fi action flick Jovovich plays Lilu one of the supreme beings in the universe may 5th Supreme Being her main two outfits consist of a series of bandages that reveals more skin than they cover up and a crop top with tight pants and suspenders that wrap around the crotch we get that you need a sexy female lead to play alongside Bruce Willis but did her character really need to strip naked in front of everyone like to take a few pictures number 9 ginger Knowles swordfish this entry makes our list for one main reason Halle Berry’s topless scene morning commute afternoon sure we’re assuming audiences weren’t complaining that they got to see Halle Berry topless but was this really the movie that she should have done it in the scene seems out of place with the rest of the film an action crime thriller about a computer hacker and critics complained that the moment was only added to give swordfish more buzz pretty shitty day so far it looks like it just got worse at least she was paid an extra five hundred grand you don’t like the situation number eight Christmas Jones the world is not enough I pulled the plutonium out of the one inside you can detonate the triggers now Bond girls are supposed to be sexy and are often overly sexualized we get that but the world is not enough goes too far with Christmas Jones don’t bother not in the rest of the event take my word for it she’s a nuclear physicist who is tasked with assisting bond on his mission to prevent a nuclear meltdown always wanted to have Christmas in tacky this character certainly could have provided more depth to the film than Bond girls of the past that is if she hadn’t been played by Denise Richards Christmas only comes once in yeah Richards who won a Razzie for her performance claimed that she liked the role because the character was brainy so isn’t it time I wrapped her present maybe they should have chosen an actress who actually fit that description and isn’t more known for being a wild thing instead [Music] number seven Luana 1 million years BC this adventure fantasy film had no intention of being historically accurate as it portrayed dinosaurs living alongside humans that may be more believable than the appearance and attire of lalana however played by the stunning Raquel Welch Luana’s raggedy clothes barely held her breasts in place and her beautiful hair and long legs make her look less like a cave woman and more like a Victoria’s Secret model if you asked today barely anyone would remember the plot of the film but the majority of people would be able to recognize the iconic pinup poster we know Andy Dufresne would by 1966 write about the time time it was getting ready to take his exams it was lovely Raquel number 6 Princess Leia Organa Star Wars Episode six Return of the Jedi I don’t know what you’re talking about Princess Leia was without a doubt everyone’s fantasy girl when the original Star Wars trilogy hit the theaters but for the first two films George Lucas focused more on developing her character than exploiting her feminine image of course he couldn’t hold out forever and we were given the famous gold bikini outfit in Return of the Jedi well this answered the prayers of every fanboy it felt like a cheap exploit of a strong female character won the film really didn’t need number five Natasha Romanov Black Widow The Avengers who are you Natasha Romanov female characters and comic books are often exploited for their sexuality and depicted with large breasts that are barely held in by skin tight leather outfits well I made a name for myself this is no different with Black Widow also known as Natasha Romanov while the Avengers did seem like they toned down her sexuality a bit from the comics they still gave her a tight leather number that seemed quite impractical for fighting aliens we also couldn’t help but notice that there are several shots throughout the film that seemed to pause on her character just a bit too long I’m in the middle of an interrogation this moron is giving me everything number four Tinkerbell Peter Pan and hook it seems like fairies have always been depicted as gorgeous females but we think that may have started with Disney’s Peter Pan sure like many of Disney’s female characters Tinkerbell has an exaggerated hourglass figure and that’s accentuated with big blue eyes and bright blond hair [Music] we draw the line at her skimpy green dress however in that it barely covers anything while they may have slightly changed the look and hook Julia Roberts still reveals a ton of leg for what’s supposed to be an innocent fairy number three Lara Croft Lara Croft Tomb Raider how woke up this morning and I just hated everything we place more of the blame on the video game industry and the filmmakers for this entry but that doesn’t make them any less guilty the lady should be modest a lady should be modest they had a chance to focus more on the intelligent and athletic side of the English archaeologist adventurer but instead cast Angelina Jolie and made her wear a skin-tight top and short shorts Jolie certainly has the acting chops to pull off a female action hero but she was relegated to eye candy for this film number two Lola bunny spacejam hi my name is Lola bunny just cuz you don’t have an obvious female lead in a film doesn’t mean you have to turn a side character into an object of sexual desire especially if that character is a bunny I’d like to try out for the team we’re looking at you Space Jam don’t ever call me doll Lola bunny is sexualized for absolutely no reason in this flick as she wears incredibly short shorts and a crop top that hangs off her body surely that can’t meet the uniform standards in the basketball rulebook plus she’s a bunny what really makes it awkward is how everyone including Michael Jordan checks her out before we unveil our number one pick here are some honorable mentions I can open one up there but I will need some help look at that disgusting display yes sir [Music] number one mikaela banes transformers you anything I’m shallow we get it Megan Fox is hot she also plays a character that’s supposed to be in high school which makes her the definition of jailbait in this film it looks like you’re your distributor caps a little loose while Michael Bay similarly over sexualizes rosie huntington-whiteley in Transformers Dark of the Moon at least her character was of legal age look at them curves elegant beautiful did mikaela banes serve any purpose other than being illegal eye candy for the audience oh god I can’t even tell you how much I’m not your little bunny remember that next time you look at the poster on your wall of her leaning over the car hood got a high-rise double pump carburetor that’s pretty impressive Sam double pump it squirts the fuel in so you can go faster oh do you agree with our list it’s all just a business who do you think is the most needlessly sexualized movie character I’ll deal with you in a minute for more exciting top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to a new world to call [Music]

58 thoughts on “Top 10 Needlessly Sexualized Female Movie Characters”

  1. Watchmojo needlessly sexualised characters:- Next video on playlist:- Watchmojo Top 10 Hottest Non Human female characters 🤣

  2. Natasha Romanoff does not belong in this list. Black Widow's sexuality is a tool of her trade – she uses her feminine vibes to distract and unsettle her targets and get one over them.

  3. Now let me just make one thing clear

    There is no such thing as "Needlessly Sexualized" every normal guy likes looking at hot chicks.

  4. This has to be the dumbest top 10 list in existence. What kind of brainless cuck came up with this idea? Are females not allowed to be portrayed or even BE sexy anymore?

  5. On the next episode The Top 10 Needlessly Sexualised Male Movie Characters…..

    Oh wait…… I’m guessing they won’t be making that episode.

  6. I never realized this was happening before. How could the film makers needlessly sexualize women this way. It's awful. Oops gotta go the tv commercial is over and I don't wanna miss the ending to the women's beach volleyball tournament. Love those jump serves.

  7. They need a video on needlessly sexualized male characters. 🤣🤣🤣 Prime example – Mortal Kombat 11. Get off your high horse. Why not just let things be, we all see eye candy and look lustfully. Part of being human.

  8. Well I dont agree needless but the funniest part is the Critics that bash movies and they go on to become hits needless nope they got to the movie correct

  9. The greater majority of these movies need to sexuality the girls because the plots suck & no guys will come watch them without some sexy chicks

  10. I agree with some of this list, maybe, but have never found Black Widow's costume in Avengers sexualized at all, let alone enough for a Top 10. (…Now, some comics, and the action figure I bought a few years later (for my daughter) based on them, with the ridiculous carved-in ass, are another case….)

  11. 5th Element is a bit of an odd choice. I mean she's naked at the start because she is created and didnt come with clothes (why would aliens include that?) Though yes the bandage replacement outfit is also pretty revealing so is the costumes of virtually everyone not military. A view to future fashion really that isn't terribly far off.

  12. Female jealousy, some smart women are hot and show it off because that is how women compete with each other. Strong mates create strong lines that statistically survive. Natural instinct, can't fight it no matter how many rounded wahmen some try to interject into mating. Scarlett is curvey, rebel is not.

  13. It's a bit harsh to point the finger at Peter Pan, he's an innocent young lad and a fictional character after all. I'm sure that Tinker bell was perfectly comfortable in her modest outfit and she always could have worn something else if she had wanted to, same goes for Jessica La Rabbit.

  14. First of all none of these are good movies so yo need to define “needlessly” a little more. Without Megan fox Transformers is 20 minutes about a Camaro. She wasn’t jailbait in that movie, she was 20 years old at the time of filming playing someone in high school which is typical for Hollywood.

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