Top 5 NEW Characters For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Top 5 NEW Characters For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Now I think we can all tell by now from all
the videos I’ve made that pokemon is most definitely one of if not my favorite game
franchise of all time! And with the recent updates that made pokemon
go awesome again, Pokemon Let’s Go coming to switch, and generation 8 just around the
corner there is a lot to be excited for if your a pokemon fan. BUT with all of that being said I did say
that pokemon is ONE of my favorite games of all time, meaning there are other games that
I enjoy talking about. Now dont get me wrong you wont be seeing me
switching over to any other content besides pokemon, but E3 did just come and go and a
game that for sure caught my attention is none other than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I mean if your a nintendo fan how can you
not be excited for a new smash game? And honestly I cant hold my excitement any
longer so I finally decided to break out of my shell and make a video that isn’t about
pokemon for once. And what better way to kick off this new chapter
then to talk about my top 5 new characters that I would like to see pop up in super smash
bros ultimate. Now I know Sakurai told us to “not expect
too many challengers” but that doesn’t directly mean we are not going to get any. And ever since the introduction of Cloud,
Snake, and even Ryu I think any video game character is possible to show up in this future
game. So some of the people on this list may be
a bit outlandish to you, but remember, we have cloud. And finally what I’ll be factoring into
this video is not only a reasoning for why the character should be in the game, but also
possible up down and side smash attacks, a recovery move, assist trophies and of course
the final smash. If you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave
a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s
get started 5. So coming in at number 5 we have a character
that is sure to rip and tear his way through the competition… Literally. I’m of course talking about the iconic Marine
on Mars, Doom Guy! Now I know what you might be thinking “Eryizo,
Doom Guy is WAYYY too violent to put in Smash Bros, it just wouldn’t work well!” Well I actually feel the exact opposite. I think because of how violent Doom is, it
would actually be both charming an comical to have him toned down to a more teenage kind
of violence. Also seeing him beat down a Pikachu would
be pretty frickin’ hilarious. I also believe this isn’t too much of a
pipe dream being that Bethesda now has a fantastic relationship with Nintendo, putting games
like Skyrim, Doom, and Wolfenstein 2 on their latest console. They seem to be very happy with sales and
fan reactions to the games on the system, so it would make sense for them to possibly
have him added to the roster. Now for how Doom Guy would play, I can imagine
him being a tad slower than average but packing really powerful hits. A few things they could also implement are
a brand new Doom stage along with the Runes that you collect throughout the game, giving
players access to various upgrades, such as performing grabs from a further distance with
Seek and Destroy or attracting items to you with Vacuum. For his various smashes, we have a powerful
uppercut for his Up Smash, a downward barrage of bullets for his down smash which could
be reminiscent of the original cover for Doom, and finally a devastating Double Axe Handle
to the gut for his Side Smash. I think these would keep Doom Guy’s violent
tendencies in tact while still toning it down so that it’s appropriate for the game. Next, in terms of recovery options, he would
have rocket like thrusters on his suit that would allow him to have a higher double jump,
much like the 2016 version of Doom. For an assist trophy, Doom Guy could have
one of his more iconic foes being the Revenant, which is a skeleton with a jetpack equipped
with missiles. I think this addition would definitely get
a scare out of your opponents and be pretty powerful for spreading damage. And finally for his Final Smash, what other
than the BFG 9000 could be Doom Guy’s ultimate attack? Now of course they would just have to call
it the BFG, as I don’t think Nintendo would show it’s full name, being the BIG Flipping
GUN. For how it will work, you can pretty much
keep it the same as it is in the game, being a powerful shot that chain electrocutes enemies
near each other. Now since they have to tone down the whole
not living thing, instead of the BFG exploding those hit by it, it would simply smash them
off the screen. All in all, while some think they wouldn’t
go through the effort of toning down such a violent character to fit them into their
game, I believe Nintendo and their new mindset of what games can be on their systems definitely
builds a case for the possibility of having Doom Guy join the battle. 4. So at number 4 we have a very popular, yet
perhaps less realistic choice being Banjo and Kazooie. Banjo-Kazooie has a long and sad history with
Nintendo. Rareware had formed a partnership with Nintendo
in the mid 90s to make some exclusive games for the SNES and N64, most notably the Donkey
Kong Country games and arguably one of the best 3D platformers of all time being Banjo-Kazooie. Unfortunately though, Rare was bought by Microsoft
in the early 2000s, taking away Nintendo’s rights to the IPs they didn’t create themselves. Now I can go on forever about Microsoft’s
mistreatment of Rare, but that’s not what this video is for. So on to the reason why Banjo and Kazooie
could be a possibility in Smash Ultimate, we’ve had the Head of Xbox at Microsoft,
Phil Spencer, come out and say on multiple occasions that he would be completely fine
with letting the beloved duo appear in smash. Clearly the fans want it as well, as it was
believed to be one of the most popular choices on the smash ballot for Smash 4. And again, with Nintendo’s new mindset,
which includes crossplay with Xbox, I see no reason why they wouldn’t accept Phil
Spencer’s offer. So in terms of how Banjo and Kazooie would
play you could probably just make the 2 an Echo Fighter of Duck Hunt Dog with a few minor
changes to suit the characters more. For their smash moves you could have their
Up Smash be Flap Flip, which is essentially a backflip performed in the air, Down Smash
could be Kazooie’s move of shooting eggs out of her…but. Yikes. And then finally their Side Smash could be
Beak Barge, which is a powerful charge and jab attack. For recovery the obvious option would be for
Kazooie to have an extended flying move that works similarly to how Kirby flys. For assist trophies we have Brentilda and
Gruntilda. Brentilda would definitely be a healer whereas
Gruntilda could be an obstacle that hits people with her broomstick as she flies across the
screen. And for the final smash, of course we would
need it to be a summoning of The Mighty Jinjonator, a giant Jinjo God that takes out ANYTHING
in its path. So while there IS a decent chance this won’t
happen because Banjo is no longer a Nintendo character, it’s nice to have hope; and with
the head of Xbox giving his blessing, I am certainly FILLED with it. 3. Next up we have another popular choice, one
that if you didn’t want to see in smash, you’d have to be pretty…HEARTLESS…(BOO
YOU STINK!) Anyways, I am talking about Sora from Kingdom
Hearts. This is definitely one of the more realistic
choices, being that we already have Cloud in Smash as well as the fact that Square Enix
is dedicating an entire division to making original switch games. They’ve also mentioned possibly taking a
look at bringing Kingdom Hearts 3 over to the system after the games are finished for
the other systems. Needless to say they’re pretty hyped up
about the switch, so it’s only natural that we would eventually see one of their most
popular franchises show up at some point in time. Now to be honest, the only amazing thing we
can do with Sora is change the different keyblades he uses in battle, similar to how shulk can
change his arts, but that’s pretty much it. He’s basically a sword fighter. For his smash attacks he could do a sort of
upward drill attack with his keyblade for his Up Smash, his Down Smash could use Donald
and his magic attacks, and lastly his Side Smash could use Goofy charging with his shield. For recovery options, he could definitely
be assisted by his up smash in addition to having a Shulk like slashing of his keyblade
to get up higher. For his assist trophies he could have Mickey
as an additional keyblade fighter and maybe some heartless to create a smokey obstacle
on screen. Now for his final smash of course we have
to use his final form from Kingdom Hearts 2. During this final smash he would now be able
to use TWO keyblades at once and I believe the best combo he could perform would be his
Final Arts attack that makes both keyblades spin around him and hit many enemies at once,
while still allowing him to move. All in all, while Sora might be yet another
sword user, the plethora of different keyblades he could have access to definitely would make
him a unique and fun character to play as and I really hope we’ll get to see him in
Smash Ultimate. 2. So far our list has only consisted of 3rd
party and rival company characters, so it’s only natural we’d have some additional Nintendo
characters joining the fight. So I have to say, this number 2 spot, ironically
enough, is not really reaching. We have The Bouncer himself, Spring Man! Nintendo’s newest IP would obviously be
a great fit for Smash that I don’t really need to elaborate on it too much, so let’s
just BOUNCE right in to how he would play…(say something Eryizo-y). First off, Spring man probably has the potential
to be the most unique fighter on this list because of those extendable arms. I can imagine that in Smash his regular punches
would probably be very light, but with the ability to extend his arms out very far he
would most definitely have the largest reach out of any smash character thus far, without
a doubt. These two things could also be implemented
in his much more powerful grabs, as that is a very prominent form of attack in ARMS. But of course there needs to be some balancing
to ensure that Spring Man isn’t broken, and the way to do that is to take direct inspiration
from ARMS and have his arms be damagable. Essentially if you have a Spring Man main
getting a little greedy with those extendable appendages, you can punish them for it by
making their arms unusable for a short period of time. Moving on, much like the inklings, Spring
Man would have his own quirk for his shield. In ARMS guarding allows you to charge your…arms
( very confusing) which allows you to temporarily deal more damage and use elemental effects
based on the arms you have equipped, so naturally that’s something I believe they should use
here. Lastly for his regular features, they could
implement one of his special abilities being that when his damage meter is high his arms
stay permanently charged which allows him to perform stronger elemental attacks. Moving on to his smashes I think a simple
uppercut would suffice for his Up Smash, having a secondary grab and throw to the ground for
his Down Smash, and a simple low jab for his side smash. For recovery, well it’s pretty obvious he
would use his arms. Being that they’re so long he would definitely
be able to escape losing a stock a bit easier than most, however if his arms happen to be
damaged and unusable this would naturally mean he wouldn’t be able to edge grab during
that time. For an assist trophy I think it has to be
the other cover mascot of the game, Ribbon Girl. Apologies to my boy Zelda who would have preferred
her as a full fledged fighter, but if they were to only pick one they would definitely
go with Spring Man over her. But who knows, maybe they’ll add them as
a pair? And finally for the final smash we can just
take inspiration from Spring Man’s Rush attack in ARMS. It’s just a fast barrage of punches with
the added elemental effects. Simple enough. So while I have not played ARMS myself, I
definitely appreciate the amazingly creative concept behind the game and think it would
only be natural to squeeze in one of their fighters into the smash family. 1. And finally at our number one spot we have
easily one of the most popular choices among gamers right now, and that is none other than
Crash Bandicoot. The original trilogy of Crash games were always
PS1 exclusives, and to some people those are really the only main series games that matters
for Crash. But then came along the N Sane trilogy. For the first year it remained a PS4 exclusive
but in March, through a Nintendo Direct, it was announced that the game would be coming
to all systems, much to everyone’s enjoyment. So now with the remastered OG Crash games
coming to the switch less than a week from now, I think the time is perfect to add this
beloved gaming icon to the most popular gaming crossover fighting game. For his Smash attacks, he would have a sort
of a somersault kick for his Up Smash, a Bellyflop for his down smash, and of course his classic
spin move for his side smash. For recovery I think using his spin attack
could definitely help get him some distance if far away from the stage, but something
more interesting would have to be a quick use of the jet pack he uses in Cortex strikes
back. Much like ROB there should definitely be a
limit and a visible way to tell if crash is low on fuel. For assist trophies we can have Aku Aku fly
around stage causing damage to opponents and perhaps even Coco Bandicoot to cause even
more mayhem. And for his final smash what I had in mind
was a tribute to the stressful Boulder Dash level. Crash would freak out and start running away
so that he can hide, meanwhile anyone on stage in the boulder’s way will be flattened or
taken out. Not only does this give a nice throwback to
the original crash games but maintains the humour we all know and love crash for. So not only do I believe that Crash has a
great chance to show up in Smash Ultimate, but thinking about how much fun he would be
to play as makes me really excited, and if any of these characters were to make the cut
I would hope it would be this crazy Bandicoot. Thank you guys so much for watching if you
guys enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section
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channel to become an Eryibro today. I know some of you guys only subscribed to
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next time.

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  1. This guy is annoying Sora could be powerful af and he could have different outfits like in the games. His move set would probably be similar to link but with magic and possibly summons

  2. Aight, I'mma just leave this here:
    1. Dante/Vergil/Nero
    2. Ryu Hayabusa
    3. Doomguy
    4. Crono
    5. Midna/Tingle
    6. Artorias/Solaire of Astora Praise Da Sun MUDAFUKA
    7. Kazuma Kiryu/Goro Majima
    8. Kratos
    9. Master Chief
    10. Sora
    11. God Hand Gene
    12. Travis Touchdown
    13. Strider Hiryu/Joe Musashi/Hotsuma/Rikimaru/Ayame
    14. Asura
    15. Amaterasu
    16. Viewtiful Joe
    17. Wonder Red
    18. Leon Kennedy/Jill Valentine/Chris-Claire Redfield/Ada Wong/Sheva Alomar/Rebecca Chambers
    19. Lara Croft
    20. Phoenix Wright
    21. Springman
    22. Rash/Zitz/Pimple
    23. Geno/Vivian/Fawful
    24. Sol Badguy/Ragna the Bloodedge
    25. Terry Bogard
    26. Heihachi Mishima
    27. Scorpion
    28. Ivy Valentine
    29. Akira Yuki
    30. Momiji
    31. Fulgore
    32. Lloyd Irving
    33. Randi
    34. Neku Sakuraba
    35. Isaac
    36. Banjo Kazooie
    37. Crash Bandicoot
    38. Spyro the Dragon
    39. Jak & Daxter
    40. Ratchet & Clank
    41. Sly Cooper
    42. Earthworm Jim
    43. Rayman
    44. Klonoa
    45. Razputin Aquato
    46. Tails/Knuckles/Amy/Shadow/Robotnik
    47. X/Zero/Sigma
    48. Big Boss/Raiden
    49. Rex & Pyra/Mythra


    These kids just want Crash even though he pretty much sucks, Tails or Banjo Kazooie fit the game way better

  4. they already have king k rool so it is not going to happen for crash bandicoot but they need to add shadow because it is rival city in super smash bros ultimate

  5. lol Doomguy wouldn't be that far fetched as in the recent trailers they've been killing off the veterans aka Megaman, Mario & Luigi. Maybe he can save someone like Simon failed to do

  6. Okay, I’m a diehard kingdom hearts fan, but honestly if sora is in the game only as a sword fighter clone then i probably won’t play as him. Now, if he were unique then I’d like to try him. I keep trying to think of a good way to do this, but i keep coming up with flowmotion

  7. If the Doomguy part was real:
    Me: *grabs assist trophy*
    Friend: who’s it gonna be this time?
    *revenant pops up*
    Friend whose never played Doom: OH JESUS WHAT IS THAT

  8. Wait so cloud has a giant sword and sora has a giant Key

    so sora could be a skin model of cloud or an echo fighter

  9. To be fair though, Final Fantasy games have appeared on the SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, GBA, Nintendo DS, and the Nintendo Wii. So, Cloud being in there should be no surprise.

  10. Here are My 8 Characters I Want For SSBU.
    2.Crash Bandicoot
    4.Metal Sonic
    6.Banjo and Kazooie
    7.Shovel Knight

  11. To be fair, now that Simon and Richter are part of Smash, it could happen for DOOM guy. Even better now that Eternal has given him a knife, a grapple-hook and a blink…

  12. Crash Bandicoot SHOULD be added to the roster. He's an iconic game mascot. I mean, we already got Mario, Sonic, Pacman, Link, and Pikachu. (Just to name a few).

  13. I think if he gets into smash he should be able to use his kh3 drive forms! Just imagine changing your entire moveset from just a keyblade to a hammer,then changing it into magic guns,then changing it into a shield! That would give us 4 entirely unique movesets! That would also disprove the argument that sora would just be another generic swordfighter.

    The drive forms could be activated like how shulk activates his battle modes but instead of it being limited everytime you change forms you cannot change it back immediately. You'd first have to wait for 5-10 seconds until changing forms again. This would balance him out and not constantly switch between forms.

    His dash attack could be his slide-dash attack,his ability from KH2 where he quickly closes up to an enemy.

    His down smash could be his explosion move from KH2.

    His up smash could be his new finisher from KH3 where he sticks his sword up in the air at the end.

    His side smash could be his 3 combo ground finisher from KH3 trailers where he slashes the enemy 2 times on ground before delivering a 3rd hit.

    His up-special could be his aerial sweep ability from KH2 or his air-dodge growth ability from KH2 where he stays invincible during the dodge.

    His down special could be changing the keyblade/form

    His side special could either be him throwing his weapon or using magic. The magic would be different depending on which weapom/form he uses.

    Or maybe he can use strike raid as hi neutral special or make magic his neutral special attack.

    His up aerial could be his up swing combo attack,his down aerial could be a simple down-swing attack.
    His side-aerial could be his basic finisher from KH2 and his neutral aerial attack could be his aerial spinning attack from kh2.

    There are so many possibilities since he has had many abilities throughout the franchise. I hope more people see this video #SORA4SMASH

    Oh and if he jumps off walls he could get a pink or blue aura around him that signalized flowmotion. And when he jumps off of the wall he jumps slightly higher than other characters!

    His final smash could be either trinity limit(solo like in kh2) or he could summon riku to perform his kh2 limit attack,eternal session. That'd be dope.

    That being said,the moveset you gave him was pretty bad and very unlikely since disney is chill when dealing with KH but is very protective if it includes their own OG creations.

  14. I’d personally like to see:
    Octolings (Splatoon-Inkling Echo)
    Rundas (Metroid)
    Lanky Kong (DK64)
    DoomSlayer (DooM 2016)
    Ken (Street Fighter-RyunEcho)

  15. I'm starting to think everyone watched GameSxplains trial for bandana Dee and accepted. His stupid ideas as gospel

  16. Heres all the fighter appears in smash sorry if is not in ordre
    Link (breath of the Wild form)
    Donkey Kong
    Captain Falcon
    Ice Climbers
    Zelda (between World form)
    Link enfant
    Ganondorf (ocarina form)
    Méta Knight
    King Dedede
    Diddy Kong
    Pokémon trainer
    Zero suit Samus
    Toon Link
    Rosalina et Luma
    WiiFit trainer
    Little Mac
    зDark Pit (echo of Pit)
    Mii Fighter
    Mii Gunner
    Mii Swordfighter
    зLucina (echo of Marth)
    Bowser jr
    Duck Hunt
    зDaisy (echo of Peach)
    Simon Beltmont
    Ritcher Beltmont
    зChrom (echo of Roy)
    зDark Samus (echo of Samus)
    King K Rool
    з Ken (echo of Ryu)
    Plant piranha
    And theres note but he not show yet

  17. Why assume crash or spyro or sora. I used to think it was about iconic characters but after the plant i know what the next characters are going to be.
    1. Super mario block
    2. Dirt
    3. Super mario finish flag
    4. Virtual boy and
    5. Super mario ☁ cloud.
    My point is don't expect so much, true fans wont get their wish. There are more idiots on the ballet putting stupid shit like plant and dirt. I have 1% hope that we will see crash, master chief, assassins creed, rayman. They have more iconic players as the upcoming assistant trophies then the new characters. Im not mad just disappointed.

  18. And it's a good thing that King K. Rool, Ken, Incineroar, Inkling boy and Inkling girl, Isabelle and Daisy and Simon Belmont and Ricter Belmont and Dark Samus and Ridley and Pirrana Plant are new characters and actually Pirrana Plant is the first DLC am I right? Yeah I am. And then so far the new confirmed DLC characters are Joker from Persona 5 and Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden and Steve and Alex from Minecraft and Doom Guy and maybe Master Chief as well from Halo but actually some of the mentioned new characters might be deconfirmed

  19. 10 – Rex & Pyra/Mythra – 52***
    9 – Shovel Knight – 53**
    8 – Crash Bandicoot – 65*x6
    7 – Isaac – 67**
    6 – Decidueye – 68**
    5 – Dixie Kong – 68***
    4 – Waluigi – 79***
    3 – Bandanna Dee – 93*x10
    Skull Kid

    The Zelda reps in Smash Bros. need a change up. He's the one to do it.
    He is obviously can disappear and play as puppets(you won't get hurt during it.only the puppets will.up to 4 at once),use the harp(or lyre)to put people to sleep,you can turn invisible or warp,the final smash(bring down the moon)makes others float slowly in the air,and being light,fast,quick attacking, and high jumping,all he needs is power.oh wait,the majora's mask.

    Ghirahim is the central antagonist of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is an immensely powerful Demon Lord born from Demise's sword. He aims to capture Zelda, the reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia, and use her to free his master, Demise the Demon King.
    His design is fun, he's got personality to spare, and he could have an insanely fun moveset. Easily the biggest missed opportunity of Smash 4. He's not unlikely to be included at this point, though, which is tragic.
    But who knows?! Maybe He’ll would be in super smash bros: Ultimate.

  20. My top 5:
    1) Zizou Olympia – The Legend of The Dark Witch
    2) Travis Touchdown -No More Heroes
    3) Gunvolt – Gunvolt
    4) Zack and Wiki – Zack and Wiki
    5) Dante – Devil May Cry

  21. Whenever I hear "Smash Bros newcomer", the first thing that comes to my mind is a new Pokemon. Here are the newcomers I want from each Gen:
    Farfetch'd, Smeargle, Breloom, Garchomp, Krookodile, Hawlucha, and Kommo-O. However, the non-Pokemon newcomers I want are:
    Heihachi, Black Mage, Hsien-Ko, Scorpion, Blanka, Vector The Crocodile, Koopa (If Piranha Plant made it in, why not Koopa?), Bomberman (I know he's already an Assist Trophy, but I can't say the same for those who still want Waluigi), Sandbag, and Master Hand.

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