TRUE astrological meaning of Simhasth Kumbh Mela: Guru (Jupiter) & Surya (Sun) in perfect alignment

TRUE astrological meaning of Simhasth Kumbh Mela: Guru (Jupiter) & Surya (Sun) in perfect alignment

True astrological meaning of Simhasta Kumbh Mela Simhasta means: the Guru is in his peak Last 3 years, from 2012 to 2015, the Guru was raising in a very peak energy. That is why, usually Kumbh Mela will come only once in 3 years That is why, usually Kumbh Mela will come only once in 3 years but just now we had Kumbh Mela in Nasik. Within 6 months the next Kumbh Mela! Why? You know—once in 300 years, Guru moves in high speed! In high energy. Other than the Surya (Sun), all the Grahas are subdued under Guru’s (Jupiter’s) influence and Surya and Guru become One—they experience Advaita. So what happens, you know, exactly all the Grahas completely support Enlightenment related knowledge, initiations, activities on the planet Earth. The whole energy supports Enlightenment related activities. That is why, within 6 months, Nasik happened just in September and October Again in March/April of this year—actually April Kumbh Mela is starting So within 6 months the Kumbh Mela is coming because Guru is in the high energy and intense movement! That is what is called Simhasta! So, this whole transition of 2012 to 2015, is reaching its climax in this Kumbh Mela And, it is very rare the Kumbh Mela comes within 6 months because it’s always once in 3 years Actually after this Kumbh Mela, next Kumbh Mela is 2019 only. 2019! Even earlier—before Nasik Kumbh Mela—it was 2013. Only then 2015 we had the next Kumbh Mela. But these 2 Kumbh Melas, why so close—within 6 months Because Guru is moving in high energy, he’s in his peak, becoming one with Surya And all other 7 Grahas are subdued! Even Rahu & Shani cannot take you away from Enlightenment in this space. Even Rahu supports you! Even Rahu cannot overpower you. That is why, for all the human beings, this is the best time to learn and work in the line of Enlightenment. Enlightenment related knowledge, initiation, classes, programs—for everything This is the best time! And Ujjain is the best space because Guru and Surya, both their energies, are intensely falling on Ujjaini. That is why I am saying, even the Sun, in Ujjaini, will not be burning you, it will be just purifying you. You will feel just the sun-rays of Ujjaini will be awakening the bliss chemistry in you. He will just be purifying you, he will not be burning you. You can experientially see, in Ujjaini; that is why, Ujjaini: right time, right space, right place! That is why Simhasta, that is why Ujjaini. Please understand, the Simhasta energy only happens every 300 hears. Only once every 300 years Kumbh Mela comes within 6 months, otherwise it is always once in 3 years. It’s a rare happening that is why this tome I am using this beautiful opportunity to awaken, and give you all this unique Enlightenment experience and the spiritual powers.

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  1. it's always sooo interesting when Swamiji shares about this planetary, cosmic stuff. really really useful astrology – he works with all the planets's energy directly!!!

  2. I just love your teachings, I'm so happy I found your videos. I'm benifiting so much. Thank you..

  3. It is so Amazing that we have a living Avatar on earth today, teaching us ancient Vedic/ Hindu tradition. Don't take it for granted 💜 Thank You Swamiji

  4. Very interesting! I have always been interested in the planets and their influences on the Earth and its Earthlings. The moon can seen clearly influencing the tides, but what influence besides gravity and solar energy do the planets broadcast? Astrology trys to answer that question, but it seems every astrologer has something different to say. It's exciting to hear a living master discuss astrology from the clarity of enlightenment and from the perspective of the original, most ancient astrological tradition. The energies are conspiring to awaken our consciousness! Don't miss Kumbh Mela!

  5. Did you know that you can get a chance to knock yourself out of this world of illusion by gifting yourself kumbh mela 21 days at Master's feet! Don't forget the fact that you actually would take a quantum leap into consciousness and the most wonderful time with the Enlightened Master. JUST PLUNGE IN TO SEE WHAT'S SPACE YOU'VE HELD IN LIFE FOR YOURSELF

  6. Just listening to Swamiji's explanation about Kumbh Mela and its astrological aspects make my bliss chemistry radiating! 🙂 It's definitely a MUST for all the true Spiritual Seekers! I will be there at the right time, right space and right energy!

  7. what a clarity..clarity in scientific field is growth of consciousness. ie cleansing of impure concept. you will find as clarity enhances, consciousness evolves to peak like Pyramid. reach the peak of equaliteral triangle sixty degree in all three angles.. amazing disclosure for enlightenment . to experience nithyananada while living in our body.

  8. So vividly Swamiji has described the significance of Simhastha kumbha and what we ll miss , if you don't go…Can't afford to Miss.. We ll be there Swamiji.. Kumbh Chalo

  9. I had no idea about any of this until I learned it from Swamiji. What an amazing spiritual culture that can continue this with such passion and devotion for thousands of years!

  10. This is probaly the most significant astrological cosmic happening in my lifetime. Having such a powerful living Incarnation as Swamiji, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, to explain and initiate all of us during the #Kumbhmela is a huge gift for all beings. Nothing is worth missing this!

  11. Hi,

    The end credits music is mesmerizing and it gives a totally different feel. Is there any way to get the full version of that music. Is the music is from any song? The last 15 seconds of the music in every video of swamiji.

  12. Swamiji, when you explained about astrological significance of Surya and Guru (Jupiter), do you mean conjunction that give immense power, or in their own houses? What about people in the world who do NOT have suitable configuration of this two bodies Sun and Jupiter. This is not going to alter anything but will lead me to understand the cause and effect of the Cosmos. Thanks I will wait for your comments.

  13. Kumbh melaa with a rare living incarnation!!! If you are born hindu or practising hinduism please dont misss this amazing oppurtunity whiich is now freeeee of cost to attend!!!! #kumbhchalo2016

  14. I am so compelled by this, my heart is speaking its' own language, this is the right thing to do. To attend would be the ultimate experience. I just know it.

  15. The importance of Simhastha Kumba Mela is very clearly explained by Swamiji. Every one should be there to take advantage of this Simhastha Kumba Mela to get enlightened. All three the Time, the Space and the Place are in favour of us facilitating us to move to the higher conscious level.

  16. The personified cosmos is going to be at kumbh mela. What is more important? Which place is more important to be in May? So blessed that I will be coming.

  17. "The whole energy supports enlightenment related activities." Thankful to be attending this Cosmic blessing in Ujjain!

  18. I can definitely say that I am already feeling the effects of the Simhasta.I have been under the influence of Rahu..a planet that takes you away from the Guru.It is GONE!! my feeling connection is maxed-out! WIth integrity..(the power of my authentic words)I am radiating my connection with SOURCE..there is NO DOUBT in that..It feels like going home! Before I would have feelings of being "in-known", now I am the knower and the KNOWN.I am so ready to my ultimate download from my Master,Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji! I'm leaving for the 21 free program in Ujjain,MAHA Dev's home, next week.I will come back and share my knowledge and experiences! Thank-you so much ,my Master for this privilege…its just getting better and better!

  19. it is the great time and space suppirting you to come out of all your karmas that stop u from acheieving abundant wealth, happy relationships and yogic health in life.. use this opportunity and get liberation and achievements of life.. pkease don't suffer in life by postponding or thinking soo much, your life is a gift for u..

  20. கும்பமேளா உலகின் மிகப்பெரிய ஆத்மீக திருவிழா

  21. This Simhastha Kumbh Mela was an amazing time with Swamiji and the whole raw experience of Hinduism! <3

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