Trying Joan’s raw bars + testing our compatibility // vlog #3

Trying Joan’s raw bars + testing our compatibility // vlog #3

Hello, guys Happy weekend, it’s Saturday I’m actually going to have brunch
with Joan and Christine today Oh, I called her Christine, not Dina But before that, I have to run some errands and buy a few things One of them being sweet potatoes because yesterday, So Jung went grocery shopping for us but our
mart, our supermarket, they never have sweet potatoes! So I always have to buy them
separately at another mart so I have to buy sweet potatoes and I have to buy some makeup,
especially foundation because I started tanning and my foundation
doesn’t fit my skin color anymore I came to Daiso to buy a few things This is the best You can clip your hair back when you’re washing
your hair and it doesn’t leave a mark It’s only a dollar! 1000 won I’m going to buy one more
because I want to send them to my mom too They even sell the brush cleaning packs here Only a 1000 won again I’ve also been using Daiso’s makeup puff It actually gets its job done It’s only 2000 won I don’t know, I haven’t really used the real beauty technique one so I can’t really compare the two but I’m satisfied with this one I’m currently at Nature Republic
and this is their newly released foundation I’m going to give it a try because
I’ve heard good things about it And I’m going to get the darkest tone
which is in Y23 to fit my new tan skin I hope it’s as good as they say it is It’s 18 dollars We’re going to eat at Summer Lane Cute So Joan made me raw bars Did you follow the Song of Style recipe?
– I did Dude, it’s so good Oh my god, I can’t believe she
went through the trouble to make this I’m pretty impressed at myself too
because I am never in the kitchen My mom was like watching me and
she was like “What are you doing?” and I’m like “Oh, I’m making raw bars” and she’s like “That’s so cute”
She thought it was cute that I was in the kitchen She laughed and walked away and
when I cut a piece for her, she’s like “This is actually really good” and I was like “Who is making fun of me now?” – She must have been kind of worried
– Yeah, she was worried She was walking back and forth
– So good It’s all for you, girl This is the Summer Lane Pancake
– Oh my god Look how scrumptious that looks Orchids, right? I think you
said Christine’s favorite flowers I know
– She needs to be here! I ordered the waffles salmon egg benedict Smashed avo with scrambled eggs
and sautéed mushrooms And we’re like, “Hey, we should get a pancake!” This is so much food I don’t even know where to start
– I know My cheat meal
– Oh yeah I only film my cheat meals on the weekends too Yes, I’m so happy Dude, this is so good Is that a waffle? Even better
– Oh my god And we’re going to this flower bar and coffee lab because Christine loves flowers Look at my yellow Converse, guys I’m allergic to this cafe
– You stay away I’m going to be fine This is so pretty What is this, the hibiscus mango? It looks so yummy So basic No, mine is the most basic I wanted to keep it for myself but What is that?
– You have to try this. I made the raw bars Just try a little bit Is it all for me?
– No You have to leave some for me too You tried it already?
– Yeah, so good Oh my gosh, I’m nervous. I made it Isn’t it good?
– Aren’t you proud of me? You’re sure you made this?
– Yes! You’re honest because it’s breaking apart a little bit I promise it was a lot, more… Yeah, it’s because it’s too hot so it melted Oh, it’s sweet! Dates I’ve been looking for something like this Something wooden Say hi, Christine! Our second cafe of the day We just came here because it’s so hot but yayy yellow everywhere Actually, I like this cafe (name of cafe) and there’s a little puppy Hi, puppy! Woah, it’s cool in here Peppermint or chamomile? One, two, three – Peppermint
– Chamomile What?
– Pepper or chamomile? I like both You have to choose one Chamomile Beach or mountain, one, two, three – Beach
– Mountain I don’t like hiking So far, we haven’t had the same answer Popcorn or nachos? One, two, three Popcorn I can get nachos What else? Iron Man or Captain America?
One, two, three Iron Man Sprite or Coke? One, two, three – Coke
– Sprite Gross Coke is so good Apples or bananas? One, two, three Apples But no one likes bananas though I like banana milk Banana milk! I guess I like bananas too Let’s do a lot of foods Tteokbbokki or soondae? One, two, three – Tteokbbokki
– Soondae Really? I like soondae better I like tteokbbokki This one is hard
Mango or strawberry? One, two, three – Strawberry
– Mango I love strawberry I like both Y’all like opposite, like Opposites attract I have had the same answers as
you and you but you two are just opposites Spring or fall? Fall! Okay, one, two, three Fall I swear, I’m fall I’m allergic to spring Not trying to match her answer Jjajangmyun or jjambbong? One, two, three Jjambbong I like the soup I like the garnish Oh I don’t like Seafood? I don’t… Chicken legs or breasts? One, two, three – Legs
– Breast Really? Yeah because I ate so much breast on a daily so Every time I go to like Every time I go to like a chicken place,
my friends love me because I don’t eat the drumsticks Well, wings are my favorite I like wings the best If we go to a chicken restaurant, we would be perfect Roses or sunflowers? One, two, three Sunflowers Allergic to both I’m sorry No, but like especially when the weather is warm, the allergies just come to me But if I have to choose, I like roses Roses Wine or beer? One, two, three Wine Beer Wow, finally something we agree on She totally did that
I was like why you even asking No, because you drink wine so often with us Now I expanded It was a very hot day today It was like 85 degrees She was in like a long shirt And jeans I was dying She was We had to walk a lot to find a cafe – I’m sorry
– Let me see how many steps we walked today – A lot?
– You have that? Only 7800? That’s not bad
We didn’t walk that much But it was just so hot
That was probably why it felt like more It was so hot Bye Hello Hi cuties We missed you Do you have like a name for your fans? Lavelies I know I mean for her vlog stuff Oh no, not yet Today, we came to eat dinner
at one of my favorite restaurants that I’m a regular at and they opened
up a second chain store in Sungsoo so of course, we had to come and show our support Break time ends right at 5:30 so
we got to wait like 10 more minutes It’s so pretty I love this restaurant because the owner, he’s so nice too
and he is always giving us freebies He’s so nice I’m happy for him that his restaurant
did well and he opened up a new one It was good. It was good, right, Christine? The bacon omurice? He has a new menu
He said it’s really good So hip inside I love the ceiling And this plant I’m the plant? And this flower Right here, right? I know, I saw the flower Are we drinking? Yes
-Maybe We just finished eating
It was amazing She knows the best places Like earlier, Christine and I, we went to this cafe and we’re like “Oh Ashley, have you heard of it?”
Of course she did. Why did we ask? Yeah, why did you? But the funny thing is, I went with her and I forgot Yeah, you forgot it I’m sorry
– It’s okay Alright, we had a chill night of dinner and drinks
Water for me but – I know
Time to go home Get well soon, Ashley
– Thank you Bye

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