Tweet-the series: (A Teen Paranormal Web Series) Episode #3 “A Paranormal Prank”

Tweet-the series: (A Teen Paranormal Web Series) Episode #3 “A Paranormal Prank”

I don’t know why they’re making me keep this on? I mean what am I suppose to do if my nose itches? (hospital sounds) Great! Really! I put that thought in my head, and now your itchin’ (yelling) A little help (hospital sounds) (Fallon gasps) (Tweet alert sound & music plays) (outdoor sounds) I find using a 32 giga-byte micro SD HD class 10 memory card works best. Yeah. I’d do the same. (sound of a gate slamming in the distance). Did you do it? Yeah! This is gonna be my best punk ever! Man, I’d kill for one of these. I told ya my Dad has some cool stuff! Yeah, but I can’t believe he let’s you use it. (boys luagh and speak in unison) Yeah, right! Here she comes! (motor sound from drone & scary music) (voice of Dalton) Come on Matty! (voice of Matty) I’m tryin’. (drone sound & scary music continue) Your sister looks kinda pissed. I thought you said she can take a joke! A camera? Uh, oh. She’s got that look again! What look? I knew it! Later, dude! Wait for me! (sound of drone flying) (scary chase music resumes & sound of drone flying) I wonder what this does? (sound of drone crashing and it sets of car alarms and dogs barking) Oooo..that does not sound good! (Alarms and dogs barking continue) (Fallon begins to whistle) (Fallon’s voice) 34, 35… (Tweet alert sound) thirty… …six No way. Ok, there’s gotta be an explanation for this. Huh. Of course. I’m such an idiot. (yelling) Nice try Jeremy! I’m on to you! I’m so stupid. Mystery solved. There. That’s better. Huh. (Tweet alert sound) (scary music plays) I’m gonna kill him. (knocking on door) Jeremy! I know what you’re doing. (from a TV in the other room) May I help you? (from TV) Nah, I’m good. Just ignore me and keep doing what you’re doing. (from TV) I am simply performing the tasks that are required of me. (from TV) in case you forgot. (Fallon) Jeremy? (from TV) Harry L. Blurkens, professional babysitter. (Fallon) Jeremy? Jeremy? (From TV)Badge number six, seven, three, four, nine, dash B. (from TV) You know, Harry. For a professional babysitter, you’re not doing too well. (clock ticking) Jeremy? I know you’re awake. Come on. (faint sound of tweet alert coming from Fallon’s bedroom) (haunting music plays) (ghostly sounds) (Tweet alert sound) Huh! Sweet baby, Jesus. I knew I wasn’t crazy.

15 thoughts on “Tweet-the series: (A Teen Paranormal Web Series) Episode #3 “A Paranormal Prank””

  1. Yes! Episode 3 is so funny and scary. All the kids are great in this and especially Taylor Blackwell as Fallon. She mixes the right amount of funny and the right amount of suspense. The music is great. It just feeds the story. 

  2. Bratty brothers, neighbors, and phones. What else can go wrong? Another great episode. Congrats to See~Worthy & the cast & crew. 

  3. Also, loved seeing Taylor Hofmann's name as an associate producer. How exciting!! Glad we could add William Butland to our Tweet Family in this episode 🙂 

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