Understanding God’s Character Aids Assurance

Understanding God’s Character Aids Assurance

Dear doubting believer, understanding who
God is in Christ will give you a huge boost to your assurance. God is a loving Father looking for the prodigal
son, running to him with legs of mercy, wrapping around him with arms of mercy, weeping over
him with tears of mercy, kissing him with lips of mercy, saying, “This is my son, who
was lost and is found! Let’s rejoice and be merry, and slay the fatted
calf.” God loves to receive sinners. You need to understand that, you need to understand
Micah 7:18, “He delights in mercy.” Thomas Watson said it so beautifully, “God
is just, and justice is one of God’s essential attributes.” “But the exercising of justice,” he said,
is His strange work; His familiar work is mercy. He said, “God is like a like a bee, it only
stings when it’s provoked.” He delights in mercy. Praise God that He is the true, the faithful,
the merciful, the assuring, the loving God in Christ Jesus; and ask God to show that
to you. Once you understand the character of God that
may help you a great deal.

6 thoughts on “Understanding God’s Character Aids Assurance”

  1. This is the truth. When we begin to comprehend the degree of God's love for us, His delight in mercy, we begin to have faith. My definition for faith is this: Faith is believing that God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do — and He will do it for me.

  2. I find myself going back and forth. Desires and the lord. I dont understand why God would desire a relationship with me, even though I've failed many times. I've learned much by his blessings given through his word the bible, and the church. Soo much love has poured on me through others and what his word has invested in my spirit. And yet, I find myself indulging in my desires. Granted they have been pushed back and beaten down w bit but the desire will forever linger inside. The spiritual battle is too much for my own strength soo I call upon the holy spirit in prayer. God I believe has always answered my prayers even in the darkest days, the gospel always crying out ready to set the captive free….its been I would say 15 years since I heard about the name of jesus christ. Here in iowa at a small Baptist church. They spoke about the trinity and God's mercy just as you have in this video. Amen and praise God! I gave my life the lord many times since that time, a lot of times being with other new believers or simply wanting to pray and adore our great God! Hallelujah. And as I type this I can't help but feel hope.
    My desires are simply tearing me away from the most important relationship with our creator and father. All I ask for is a spirit humbling, maturing prayer for myself. I always pray that the lord strip away my comforts and remind me of his purpose in making this clay pot. Thank you and god bless

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